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Overall Reviews at Gucci

Customer Service Representative | Bronx, NY | May 2, 2019
Probably the worst ever
Why are all these thugs hanging out in here? I still can explain this. First, they go to a gas station, and now they go here to blab about some stuff they did today.
ProsA lifestyle
ConsUnfair environment
Customer Service Representative | Beverly Hills, CA | Jul 20, 2018
Great place to work if u fit in
I was hired as a temp and I did love working there. I had no problem fitting in there although they did go through alot of temps in my time here. Managers were very lax and food was provided pretty often at the Rodeo Dr flagship
ConsDown time
Director | New York, NY | Jul 16, 2018
Great Team Collabaration
- Fostered a team collaboration environment - Product is innovative - A great culture for employees - Corporate teams are supportive of the stores - Employee compensation is good
ProsA good employee discount program
Loss Prevention Officer | Las Vegas, NV | Nov 16, 2019
Horrible management don't trust them. They will lie straight to your face, won't back you up, and won't support you in anyway to help you do your job. They let their favorites get away with anything while reprimanding other people for the same infraction. Lots of favouritism and unless you become a favorite this is not a good environment to work in.
Training Manager | New York, NY | Sep 6, 2018
Up beat and solid
Overall, Gucci is going through major changes and those who can handle it, can do extremely well. It can be stressful but what fashion brand isn't. The product is fantastic and keeps you motivated. My only complaint is some old mangement need to turn.
ProsGreat discount but it's limited in Americas
ConsLong hours
Service Coordinator | King of Prussia, PA | Apr 15, 2019
Loved my Job, But THEN
The management system is very backwards & upside down. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing because the company is a global company with lots of employees & various locations. They do not value their employees, they place under experienced managers in their locations & each manager has their own "take" on how they will run the store. If one disagrees with management, we're instructed to call Human Resources. HR, I have found out, is on the side of the manager & the company, NOT the employee. HR reports back to your manager, your manager then calls you "out" on why you reached out to HR & goes into retaliation mode against the employee, with no help at all from HR or district managers or anyone higher up. Their all about the money & how much you are making money for their store without a care about what & how these managers are disrespecting their employees, no one cares. The hours are terrible as well, there is no life/work balance, for the managers take weekends & holidays off when they are needed the most & problems arise like they always do with customers having various issues & there's no one to turn to, call the mangers they do not answer nor text back, it's frustrating & impeded my job drastically. Then when the managers do return, it's the employee's fault for not doing this that, this is after the fact that the managers were not present nor did they respond when that employee reached out for guidance for resolution. Really terrible sadly to say, to...more
ProsHealth care plan
Consdisorganized management, required to work weekends & holidays, long hours, thankless, not paid enough, raises are an annual fifty cent joke, no employee recognition
Service Coordinator | California | Jul 26, 2018
good place to grow roots
overall enjoyed working there. there is a cool assistant manager, but a horrific operations manager. back of house crew is the best and the sale people are nice
Seasonal Associate | Manhasset, NY | Aug 15, 2018
Exciting, fast paced job in Fashion
Although it was seasonal sales, I Absolutely loved working here. The store manger is so professional, kind and fair. Gucci is fabulous inside and out.
Prosamazing manager
Consnot full time
Connections Coordinator | Aventura, FL | Jul 13, 2019
keeps you busy, even on slow days theres always something to do. The brand really cares for the you as a customer and as an associate. Managers are very understanding as well as the associates.
ProsFree lunches, Great insurance, and fun work contests
Consno extra breaks like a 10 min break.
Connections Coordinator | Woodbury, NY | May 24, 2019
Dramatic Workplace
You have to make sure you watch every step that you take and make sure to always look behind you. Be tactical and be wise in every decision you make walking into the job

Questions And Answers about Gucci

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Gucci?
Asked Aug 26, 2017
Dont apply not a good work environment
Answered Nov 24, 2019
Do your best job. Customers service and if you are sales person be the best
Answered Jan 10, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Gucci about how to improve it?
Asked Jan 30, 2017
Here's a brilliant idea... show your BoH staff some appreciation. How is it that the people that do the most, and have the most potential for your company, are the most under paid? Sales get fat commissions, management gets a bonus if the store does well, and your BoH staff gets more stress, more to do during the day, and the same pay. Example: Have all of your BoH staff not show up one day and see how well your store does. Next, have your sales staff not show up on a different day and compare sales. I bet the day the sales staff doesnt show up is the day that has better sales. The reason for this is because sales associates have become reliant on everyone else doing all the work for them. At the same time, there isn't anyone else to do the job of the BoH staff. But they can just as easily go to the floor and smile while they say, "Hello, welcome to Gucci, what size do you need?" Mind you, most companies are the same in the regard that they act like the BoH is the core of the company while doing absolutely nothing to make them feel like their work is as equal as that of a sales associate. But I have never felt the divide between the value of a sales associate and a BoH person so much as I did during my time here.
Answered Jun 20, 2019
Improve work life balance. We are humans not robots.
Answered Mar 18, 2019
What are some tips for doing well in the interview?
Asked Mar 30, 2017
Eyes to Eyes Contacts , deep knowledge about the products and welcome the customer, with a smile and available and create a relationship so that you always come back to Gucci.
Answered Aug 8, 2018
Eye to eye contact, respond frankly, smile, be calmed, shake hands firmly.
Answered Jan 6, 2018
What is the typical pay of a Sales Assistant?
Asked Jun 18, 2018
15or18 per hour and commission on sales and goals achieved
Answered Aug 8, 2018
$15 per hour or minimum wage for the position. Gucci uses their name to lure potential employees and pays the least amount possible.
Answered Jun 25, 2018
Do you have uniform
Asked Apr 30, 2018
Yes you receive a full uniform.
Answered Feb 8, 2020
No uniforms are needed as they want you to style yourself in the workplace.
Answered Oct 16, 2019