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Sales Advisor | London, OH | Mar 1, 2020
Worst work environment I have ever experienced
I have joined the company whit high expectations and drive to progress. I wanted to work hard and learn to quickly grow within the business. Instead, I have quickly grew tired of the constant work and pressure i was put under without no reason. My contract was part time but I was constantly requested to go over my time as lack of staff or managerial organisation. I often found my self multiple tasking due to this issue, serving customers, dealing with complaints, clearing the shop and the list goes on. This caused enormous pressure. Team leaders and floor managers are clueless and extremely rude. They often lack of communication and punish staff that are not in fault. The most disgusting part is that they believe that they are better than you. The workplace culture is better when managers are not around. I suffered and witnessed bullying whilst i was there by some senior managers as they constantly and unfairly talk to you in a way that would kill all your happiness and motivation. The working hours are ridiculous, part-timers are requested to adjust their lives for the company, requesting different start/finish hours every day. Bad life/work balance caused me trouble to consolidate personal time even though I was only working 4 hours/day. Physically very exhausting expected to work as machine and paid very little for it. I do not recommend H&M for people that want to progress in their carriers as sales advisers or someone who wants to gain experience...more
Sales Associate | Plainfield, IN | Sep 24, 2019
I'd never work here again!
I would never go back to this company! They show a lot of favoritism inside the company because of the management. It is true that they prefer to promote internally, but if you are not a favorite of one of the managers at your location you will never progress or learn anything new. In other words theirs no REAL opportunity to do so. Theres a lot of pettiness that circulated between the managerial team and associates. The actual work activities are incredibly simple and repetitive, but it can get quite easy to get overworked because more often than not managers don't help the associates and usually locations are understaffed. When your the only associate closing the store with no help from the manager it can be very frustrating to have to run back and forth from the fitting room to the register to try and get all the running done and garment care the store so you can leave on time! I also worked their during the "racism monkey" scandal so that could've been a factor of the understaffing. Though internally the companies employees didn't seem to care at all and wasn't talked about after the second day. The only upside I had at this job was the tight knit group of associates that was there because majority of us had opened the location together! We became very close because of that. This could also be a downside for new employees sometimes because they could get intimidated by the friendships that were already formed and thriving with very confident and hopeful indiv...more
Sales Representative | Murray, UT | Jul 13, 2018
Things could be much better.
I've been with the company 3 years on the 19th, I've enjoyed working with H&M but things have gone down the hole lately. Between 3 GM's two were great while the third doesn't realize his words, actions, and attitude are awful. He thinks he is giving constructive feedback but its quite hurtful and rude. The company itself is incredible and wonderful but the managment is terrible. Things could be better if the managers and staff above the sales associates. There is far too much favoritism going on in this company that it brings it down all together. If this problem is fixed then I can guarentee things would be better for sure. Although the typical day is alright, doing the same thing over and over again becomes quite exhausting and boring, you grow tired of repeating the same duties as well. Working at H&M has taught me a great deal of teamwork and being able to give and take feedback, they've helped me grow and work on my customer service, and my ability to handle harsh situations. The work culture has all around been quite friendly and postive for me the last 3 wonderful years being there. The hardest past of the job is dealing with upset customers and or not having enough people on the floor to help with duties during a day's shift. The best part and most enjoyable thing about H&M is their way of being a family. Though there are many things that need worked on, I've always loved and cared for those people I've worked with.
ProsThe discounts
ConsStore managers
Sales Advisor | Seattle, WA | Jun 20, 2019
No ethics to speak of with this company
Fast fashion with faster management policies. I can honestly say I’d have been happy to work there if I didn’t see some serious discrimination and very weird separation of coworkers by department. If you had any mental illness issues In your personal life or at work you’d Immediately have your hours cut and you won’t be considered for any promotions. The managers have some of the worst professionalism only further made worse by the organization of the management team. You’ll be given poor hours and don’t be surprised if the “competitive pay” is minimum wage or a few cents above. Your experience won’t matter in negotiating pay. I had years or sales experience and even intro management experience but I couldn’t even get more than 50 cents above the minimum! Their ethics are just for show and none of them are shown to employees. The only good benefit is the paid holidays and maybe the discount? Considering the quality the discount is more what should be the base price. I noticed a lot of company rule violations including couples working together, preferential scheduling, and separating people into departments based on looks/orientation/gender and seemingly out of a need to keep someone in or out of a clique. If you’re not a favorite you will not get a fair shot and you will lose out on promotions to people that have been around half as long but very close friends with the manager.
Sales Advisor | Dedham, MA | Sep 29, 2019
My review is 100% accurate
One of the worst retail job experiences I’ve ever had. The management staff is terrible. Favoritism is a big issue. Management loves to pick and chose who they like to enforce the rules on. They say everyone has to have weekend and closing availability but don’t hold everyone to that. There are people I worked an entire year with and never once did they close. Never once did they give up there weekend like some of us had to. Majority of the weekends out of the month I never had to myself. Not even at least one day out of the weekend. On top of closing 3 out of 5 days during the week days. The scheduling if awful and even after you speak up they still do not care. And that’s with most things within the company. Your voice means nothing there. You might as well talk to a brick wall. Cause the managers aren’t listening when you speak. They let the sales associates do anything because they are so desperate for workers. The amount of call outs and no call no shows a week let alone in one day is beyond me. Overall it’s such a terrible company to work for. If you feel like doing everything, working many nights with one other person, being told you have no drive after picking up the slack for other almost every shift because nobody shows up than this is the perfect company to work at.
ProsClocking out on my last shift
ConsWorking there overall
Department Manager | Lubbock, TX | Apr 30, 2019
Horrible district management in Texas great health benefits and vacation time (not worth the trouble for the unprofessional behavior they practice )
It’s unfortunate that such a large company with strong values gets deteriorated by egotistical, rude, immature and irresponsible district members. The district specifically in Texas has clear diversity and inclusion opportunities even though the state is populated practically by 70% minorities. Not one of the district team members is a minority. District member belittle and show significant lack of accountability and constantly search for a loop hole to blame someone else when it comes to their behaviors or lack of action to address opportunities that they can help remedy. There’s a lack of respectable communication and a significant disenchantment conveyed with having to engage with store level employees unless you’re white. I would never recommend anyone to this company based off of the clear racial bias that is practiced by the district team of Texas. All their management staff quite within 8 months in the Lubbock location based off of the lack of respect and the lack of practice of the H&M values. They can recite them verbatim but can not practice them.
ProsGreat vacation benefits and cost of health care
ConsHorrible district management and racism
Sales Associate | Miami, FL | Mar 12, 2019
first days are awesome until yoy get to know people well
Working there you would need to learn things fast(even tho sometimes they will put people that just got there,6 months,to start training new employees or they will put you with someone that dont even make an effort to teach you anything because they "dont have time for it"),there's a lot of favoritism going on especially with the managers/store manager(and if they dont like you they will do anything to make you quit/pettiness), a lot of gossiping, everyone is dating everyone or talking bad about someone, a lot of grown ups acting as kids, some people wont do their job so you would need to do it yourself or else you cant leave and the customers dont care at all about your job(if you clean a section in front of them they will still go there and mess it up all over again). The meetings were fun,they would buy food for everyone,on your birthday you can have that day off,you have 15 mn for lunch as a part timer,some managers are really there to help you and listen to you,they have good values(but sometimes they dont follow it),you have a 25% off as your discount,sometimes they give shout-outs for doing a good job,flexible hours,for a pt its $12(depends on what you told them you wanted as your salary)
Pros25%off discount, flexible hours
Conspoor management, drama/gossip/backstabbing
Sales Associate | Castle Rock, CO | Apr 4, 2019
As far as retail goes, great place to work.
Despite the often crazy holiday hours, bored routine and muscle cramps from standing so much, H&M does a good job at trying to keep employees satisfied. This was the only retail job that made me feel like I had opportunity for growth. There were good benefits like healthcare and pto. When I first started here management was really great and I liked the department I worked in, I was encouraged to help with merchandising and I had a lot of fun with my co workers. Yet, towards the end I became extremely frustrated with management not listening to employees and making unfulfilled promises. I started to feel less like I was being given an opportunity to grow and more like I was being taken advantage of. They promise promotion yet the competition for part time employees to move to full time got out of hand. I wanted and expressed interest in a higher position, because I was constantly doing the work required, yet I was not being considered for the position or being paid what I should have been. I ended up moving and wanting to transfer but this process proved more difficult then it ever should have been so I gave up and left the company. Despite wanting to leave on better terms I enjoyed my time here and would still recommend the job to anyone considering.
Sales Advisor | Manhattan, NY | Jun 20, 2019
Don't work here long term
I worked Part Time as a Sales Associate and it was not a great experience for the following reasons (this also includes what I've seen done to other employees): - Not being properly trained - Management unwilling to help - Management also not believing employees or blaming them for things out of their control - They pay wasn't very good at the time, some people have been there for 10+ years and made the same as new employees - No consistency in enforcing rules and policy The employees were all very nice and helpful because they understand what it's like to be new and to be a sales associate. The managers (not all of them) seemed to be purposely ignorant to the needs and aspects of others jobs. Ex: I was placed in the women's fitting room and women's sections being by far the largest, we had lots of people coming in and out. Swimsuits were on sale in the Winter for the Summer months (mostly tourist and foreigners visiting bought them) so women tried them on, fine. However, some women were taking out the protective sticker and trying them on without underwear on... that's disgusting and I did NOT want to touch strangers drawers. I told a manger and they allowed it to continue and basically told me to suck it up...
ProsEmployee Discount on clothes
ConsManagement, Pay, Consistency, Training
Sales Associate | New Jersey | Feb 23, 2019
It was a nice part timer
Being young & doing this job it was nice. Would I say it’s a forever job no and depending on which store you work at H&M can be pretty smooth sailing. Management was decent and understanding and the overall environment was pretty pleasant as far as coworkers and management goes.(of course little dramas between coworkers but we were a team and stuck together in the end. Which is something I LOVED) Customers were well customers you had the good ones and bad ones and down right awful ones. Depending on which Manager I was working they would for the most part stand by what you said but sometimes the manager would side with the wrong and lying customers and make you feel stupid. Stealing is common in H&M and that’s every location. Raises are decent and pay overall was decent for a retail store. Clean environment. Lovely discount. Work life balance was pretty good and fair. Management will work with your schedule. Promotions I have seen people promoted from within which was nice but I have also seen people who have worked there years and still in the same position. It’s a good college job or just starting job but it’s NOT a forever thing.
ProsDecent pay, worklife balance, breaks
ConsCustomers can be, Promotions

Questions And Answers about H&M

What is the interview process like at H&M?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
Applied and was asked to attend a group interview with in a week. The interview was interesting, had to give presentations on cutsomer servise and how we would respond in certain circumstances. Note: they take note of how you interact with others getting interviewed, be nice and confident! The interview was a friday and I heard back the next tuesday that I got the job
Answered Mar 18, 2020
3 sometimes 2 interviews
Answered Oct 8, 2019
How long does it take for h&m to contact you back?
Asked Jun 12, 2016
I applied online, and was automatically rejected the next day. I had the experience but I'm not sure what they were looking for.
Answered Sep 25, 2018
Had a group interview along with a 1-1 interview on the same day. Was told a reply would take up to 2 weeks however I got a phone call the next day with the job offer!!
Answered Jul 20, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make H&M a better place to work?
Asked Feb 15, 2018
To be honest nothing
Answered Mar 26, 2020
I would pay attention to the POV manual so things could run smoothly.
Answered Mar 22, 2020
How old do I have to be to work here?
Asked Sep 29, 2016
A freshers can apply?
Answered Mar 27, 2018
18 years old
Answered Mar 4, 2018
How are the working hours at H&M?
Asked Feb 7, 2017
Health insurance, Pet Insurance, 401k options. There are some benefits that are solely for full timers
Answered May 14, 2018
I used to work 8 hours a day
Answered May 14, 2018