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HC-One Limited Southgate House Archer Street Darlington County Durham DL3 6AH Please note this is the Support Office address.
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Healthcare Assistant | West, TX | Apr 21, 2020
Great place to work
I've been working for HC-one for less than a year . You get class room training along with online training and assessments. The first week or so I shadowed 2 work colleagues until I had my manual handling completed . The care home I work in I cannot fault , from day one I have been made welcome and feel like part of the team . I get on well with all staff members and they have been there to help me every step of the way to get to where I am today . With the current coronavirus situation we are really pulling together to keep our residents safe , the managers are regularly having meetings with us keeping us updated on any information and are showing their support to us . I enjoy the work I do and it is very rewarding working with the residents. The only down side is the pay which is minimum wage I think all care workers should get at least the national living wage especially at the moment when we are putting ourselves at risk with coronavirus. And like many others are trying to support our own families.
Care Assistant | Earth, TX | Jun 20, 2018
Be unkind care company
Minimum wage working night shift, loads of paper work to fill out, no over time incentive for new staff. Not informed of any staff benefits if any at all, always short staffed especially on nights, worked like slaves, and expected to do several things at once. HC one pay no over time rate, no weekend rate, no incentives, meals hit and miss on night shift, heard staff meals may be stopped all together. Most residents lovely, but staff being run ragged. HC one are taking advantage of kind caring hard working staff, they are a very unkind company, who appear to be kind only on paper to residents, and staff. Feeling a very under valued care worker by this money grabbing company. Hardest part being rushed off my feet Enjoyable part finishing work at end of shift
ProsFriendly bunch to work with, some lovely residents
Conslong hours no breaks especially on nights
Nurse | Brookdale, SC | Nov 1, 2019
Terrible company to work for
Management don’t care about the residents only about filling the beds and making money, they are not interested if there is staff shortage just expect staff to get on with it, the manager would never offer to help and spends more time outside smoking. You never get time to have a break even though breaks are unpaid. The quality of the food is awful and they wonder why residents lose weight. You learn not to complain because there’s no point and you would be labelled trouble causer, management only show an interest when an inspection is due, you would almost believe they actually cared then. I would avoid HC-One at all cost as a staff member and resident.the most enjoyable part of the job is meeting some lovely residents and knowing at least you have tried to make a difference.
Catering Manager | Lancashire, DE | Dec 4, 2019
the most awfull place to work
i have worked in care homes and hospitals over the past 25 years as a chef i must say i have never worked for a company like h c one the management of this care home are all bent do not care about there staff forcing staff to work long hours very under staffed due to the homes bad management complete cover ups very large turn over of staff not interested in waste costing the lots company lots of money wasted money if you report a serious heath and safety issue above your manger head because they don’t care the you are bullied constantly and extreme accusations are made about you that are untrue
Home Manager | Scotland, SD | Sep 13, 2019
Enormous pressure from above
Appear to be a caring company at first glance but you quickly realise this is a front. Constant demands from Head Office, very unrealistic targets and no real support or training. Staff very undervalued and poor rate of pay. Corporate bullying at its worst, I have never been made to feel so useless at work. For a company that likes to think of itself as "the kind care company" they fall very short of the mark. Avoid at all costs
ProsSome of the Staff in the home were really lovely
ConsArea managers and above demanding and unsupportive
Housekeeper | Scotland, SD | Apr 3, 2019
Enjoy alot of things about the job
While there are downsides to working for this company the same can be said for just about all care homes, I get on with everyone and find all staff approachable, I do feel under paid and at times pushed to the max but its not a place that you can sit and do nothing, some room for improvement but on a whole if you want to work hard and as a team I definitely get it in my job.
ProsWorking with residents and getting to comunicate with people you wouldnt normally get to.
ConsUnder paid, and not as quick to get new staff when needed
Director Personal Assistant | Darlington, SC | Oct 25, 2018
A great place to be!
This is my first time working within the care industry and I'm really enjoying it. The company are focused on providing the very best in 'kind' care to their Residents and Relatives, which is a given, however they also ensure that the happiness and job satisfaction of their employees is paramount. Happy worker, happy workplace. The support office is innovative and encourages career progression through all sectors of the departments.
ProsGreat career progression opportunities.
Chef | White Rose, KY | Sep 6, 2019
Low pay, low cost menu
A really nice home, but really stressed care staff. Minimum wage for qualified Chef and a cheap menu. Lovely residents, a real shame that they're not looked after properly. High staff turnover due to poor wage and high stress level. Disinterested management and a really rubbish higher management. Put up with it for six months, earned 2 pounds an hour more now, doing the same job elsewhere
Caregiver | Wiltshire, TN | Nov 20, 2018
Would not recommend this company to work for or put a loved one in to be looked after some of the staff are ok some shouldn't be allowed to care for the residents cause the just don't care you are expected to work like robots when short staffed which is everyday you are expected to do everything glad I have left now to a better company.
Assistant Manager | United States | Dec 13, 2019
A company that buys care homes and strips staff and is not kind
The home I worked at was a lovely place that was sold to HC-one. Standards dropped. Staff levels slashed. the company put profit before residents. The company has bribed staff to do reviews with a prize draw!!!!
ConsShort staffed, support team no support. Money before residents

Questions And Answers about HC One

What advice would you give the CEO of HC One about how to improve it?
Asked Mar 9, 2017
Get the management to learn some manners disgraceful
Answered Mar 8, 2020
Listen to our issues.
Answered Jan 13, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make HC One a better place to work?
Asked Mar 9, 2017
I would listen to !my staff
Answered Sep 29, 2017
Hire more staff so you can sit down and chat with the residents as their lonely. I'd be depressed in there.
Answered Jul 3, 2017
How do you feel about going to work each day at HC One?
Asked Oct 25, 2018
Answered Jan 13, 2020
Sad and furstrated.
Answered Aug 4, 2019
What is the interview process like at HC One?
Asked Feb 15, 2019
Easy and stress free, they hire anyone that’s desperate enough to work for this company
Answered May 14, 2019
Ridiculous. Promises of carear and advancement. Never happened.
Answered Feb 15, 2019
What is HC One sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Feb 15, 2019
You can do better
Answered Dec 13, 2019
None. If you go sick you are rung up to find out why. Had to work with serious pain because manager didn't believe me.
Answered Feb 15, 2019