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Retail Sales Associate | Aberdeen, SD | Oct 21, 2019
Workplace and workshop located together
Based in Aberdeen but worked in Kuwait also. Rotational work when overseas but normal 8 till 5 working hours when in Aberdeen onshore. Position fell through due ton the Oil and Gas crash inn 2014/2015.
Human Resources Representative | Duncan, OK | Dec 17, 2019
Halliburton is a good company to work for while you are there. Good pay and benefits and opportunities to cross train in your department. But the market limits job security.
Journeyman Electrician | Colony, WY | Nov 13, 2019
Not for me
Job was like any ups and downs in the end not for me. Very large amount of overtime and on call 6+ mons a year. Company has policies at my location that allow for straight pay on overtime hours.
Business Development Manager | Houston, TX | Oct 4, 2019
A nice place to work at
Workplace Culture was great. A tpical day at work was never the same. Diverse Management.Promotes community and wor kplace commradere. Room for growth and advancement. Tuition reimbursement is a great program.
ProsBreaks, Work, Life, Balance
Senior Test Engineer | Houston, TX | Apr 1, 2020
Excellent Campus Excellent Projects
"great benefits great career path for growth "good benefits and better starting pay compared to previous years "Long hours often in remote areas" "Less work life balance personal relationship
Controls Engineer | Denver, CO | Mar 29, 2020
I dont want to evaluate
The company was fine to work for. The management doesn't care about your personal life and you need to be able to handle the insane amount of politics that go on.
Técnico/a en mantenimiento | Venezuela, PR | Sep 26, 2019
Exelente ambiente de trabajo. . Planificacion, recursos, medio ambiente y seguridad son unas de las prioridades que halliburton cumple en 100%
Trabajar en Halliburton es otro nivel ya que como empresa es exigente en sus procesos y standares los cuales hay que cumplirlos en su totalidad .
ProsBeneficios al personal, a la familia, recursos, y trabajas con equipos confiables y de alta calidad para el cumplimiento de las operaciones.
ConsEn ocaciones deben elegir a quien colocan a gerenciar un departamento o PSL.
Service Coordinator | Angola, IN | Nov 27, 2018
I worked rotational 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off, I learned testing tools and completion tools
I did spend 19 years working at Halliburton it was passed like one week, its a great company I learned alot and the workplace culture is high standars.
Manufacturing Manager | Fort Worth, TX | Aug 12, 2018
Halliburton review
My time with Halliburton was from 1978 -2000 so this review is dated. Please consider this old information. The typical work days were work focused rather than multi meeting driven. I learned the fundamentals of the entire manufacturing process over a 22 year period. I learned management and leadership skills. I learned real team work where the team pulled together to make it happen. Management was still in the good ole boy stage back in my early years but I saw the transformation to a much higher level of management style in the 90's. The work place culture was more of a family than a job. We were close and took care of each other. I think the best part of the job and time was the actual social environment the employees enjoyed together. The manufacturing plant was delivering equipment as planned and we were good at it.
Prosprofit sharing plan
Consadvancement was hard to achieve back then but has improved over time.
Senior Operator | El Reno, OK | Feb 13, 2020
Could have been so much more with better leadership
Politics plays a big part of your role here. Coworkers made the job enjoyable. Supervisors and upper management were, more often than not, not concerned about their employees safety or finances unless you were a friend or if there was punishment issued for such reckless behavior. Hard work and knowledge did not get you very far if you were not part of the group outside of work. Drove good employees that exceeded expectations at one point of their career to begin to underperform and do the minimum required work or to quit.

Questions And Answers about Halliburton

How are the working hours at Halliburton?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
8 hour one days
Answered Oct 19, 2018
As long as it takes because i know it will take care of me i have so much knowledge and cant use it. Being unemployed
Answered Apr 8, 2018
How did you get your first interview at Halliburton?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
I applied online the beginning of May and they contacted me 2 months later at the beginning of July for a phone interview. They flew me out for an in-person interview at the end of August and the next day they called with good news but it took another month before I was sent an offer. After accepting the job offer in September it has taken another month for relocation. I will start my job mid October which means the hiring process took 6 months from application to my first day.
Answered Oct 3, 2019
Family told me about posttion. Applied online. Went to open interview. Interviewer said they will be calling me for 2nd interview within the week.
Answered Jan 30, 2019
What benefits does Halliburton offer?
Asked Jun 30, 2016
How much is per deim they pay per day ?
Answered May 14, 2018
Just working their you never have toworry aboutnot having peace of
Answered Apr 8, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Halliburton?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Enhancement of the oïl production
Answered Sep 3, 2018
It will depend on your managers, supervisors, and co-workers on the environment. The culture is also defined by the leadership which you can either have great or nightmare levels.
Answered Jun 10, 2018
Do they hire people with a felony on their record.
Asked Nov 21, 2016
Halliburton will not hire you if you have a felony of any kind that is less than 7 years old. That is...7 Years from the date of conviction. I tried to talk to hr about my felony of 5 years and she was like "don't talk to me criminal"!!! They will hire greenies who have no experience and will only last a month but won't hire a experienced, hard working, proven in the oil field felon.
Answered Nov 19, 2018
Yes they will hire you as long as you're willing to work.
Answered Jul 25, 2018