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Food Manager | Virginia | Nov 8, 2018
Staffing and lack of support from upper mgmt make HT a difficult place to work
Despite HT's growth rate in the competitive DC area, a lack of leadership from upper mgmt and an immense understaffing problem due to (I guess) the high income areas in which they are located has caused HT to become a workplace in which they make it almost impossible to succeed. The pay is marginally better than industry standards (think: Food Lion, Safeway, Weis, Giant, and even Wegmans) but not as exceptional as say Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or even Aldi. Marginally better doesn't cut it for the amount of work required/expected as a store-level category manager. Hiring process is the most ridiculous I've ever seen, sometimes taking up to 2 months to hire for simple PT clerk jobs. Despite immense growth rates, poor staffing decisions will ultimately do this company in. I was essentially required to work 50+ hours on a week to week basis as labor hours were continuously cut from my schedule despite the store posting enormous proit lines year after year. WHat this company simply doesnt understand is sometimes more labor = more profits. Stocking,, prepping, and providing valuable customer service are all things that require PEOPLE do do them, not just one or two guys working 55 hours oweekly. It;s simply an unsustainable business practice that chases away FT employees that make you money rather than wasting it. And I'm not just talking about myself, as I have been more than loyal and patient to the company despite seeing so many good employees walk out the doors for the last ...more
ProsCompetitive pay, career advancement, job security, can be a relaxed workplace at times
ConsPoor life-work balance, Dysfunctional upper mgmt, doesnt react to change in industry quick enough, poor staffing decisions/policies
Department Manager | Purcellville, VA | Feb 1, 2020
You don't matter.
They do not offer enough hours to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. If my crew is constantly running to keep up with the pace they will get burnt out and either slow down or quit. The good employees you have quit, because they can't keep up. The slow employees don't care because they see it as impossible to keep up so they don't try. The store director thinks you're stupid and lazy, which he makes a point to tell you passive aggressively. He also complains about issues while simultaneously making them worse, usually as a form of punishment for not staying more than 1 hour past your time to get off work. Meanwhile, he spends most of his day in the office despite the front end being in poor shape or departments struggling to keep up after a callout. He just doesnt care. When people quit they refuse to hire more people until the crew is in shambles then they open up applications, but at that point it takes bare minimum a month to hire someone. Assuming people apply because this store has such a bad reputation. It's impossible to move up because management refuses to help you because they would have to find a replacement for you that won't immediately quit. For the same reason they won't transfer you either. I live almost an hour away from my work but I'm forced to stay here because I live within a 50 mile radius. I dont mind working hard, but my work is constantly being undone and after weeks of stressful shifts with absurd amounts of overtime the de...more
Deli Associate | Fort Mill, SC | Sep 26, 2019
Harassment, terrible HR and management, stress, but hey good benefits?
I worked there for a year. One year. I liked the job. I liked the original management I was hired by. Then about 2 or 3 months in we lost our department manager. Then the store manager. People started quitting out of deli. I had one new assistant who came in tell me "You dont DESERVE to work in this deli. why dont you go be a cashier or something else" in a VERY condescending tone. This is when i started being in contact with their HR. HR did. NOTHING. not even when i sent texts and photos showing that the assistant was terrible. Like she stacked raw dripping chicken boxes with our prepped items or sub items making the excuse its all bagged anyway. She left but things only got worse with only one assistant running the whole deli. The fellow employees started feeling they could air grievances and accuse eachother behind the counter. Talk about sex and confront others on the topic even if they were uncomfortable. I embarrass easy and they did it when customers were around so id break down in tears. I always got in trouble if i ever tried to fight back on this verbally. So i continued to contact HR and talk to management. But eventually. I just couldnt take it anymore. They finally got back in a new deli manager and assistant. But the people were still talking behind their backs and taunting and causing a toxic environment till the point even nice people were growling at eachother. I had planned on putting a two week in, but by the time I reached manager on duty I just quit. I...more
Supervisor | Charlotte, NC | Sep 25, 2018
A Company That Lost Its Way
Harris Teeter has been a demanding place to work for years. Hours were managed too tightly, forcing management and workers to work a pace that was unnatural for human beings. However, that was tempered by a company that hired lots college-educated and/or highly experienced personnel and, then, paid them reasonably well. It was a difficult tradeoff, but one many folks made. It's a strong plus to be able to work with bright, highly qualified co-workers. It was also a big plus that the company pushed for top-notch customer service. Unfortunately, when Kroger purchased the company, the hours cutting kept getting more and more severe and the new hires coming in were poorly paid and rarely qualified. Really strong employees started to gradually leave as the economy improved from the Great Recession. Still the hours cutting kept coming. Worse, the Kroger appointed executives demanded more and more from store level employees. Responsibilities kept increasing. Hours kept being cut. As the situation worsened, the top executives seemed to be more and more out of touch. They refused to see that customers viewed Harris Teeter as a premium grocery store - one of clean stores with associates to help you. I guess the short-term demands of Wall Street took root. Unfortunately, it was obvious to those who worked in the stores that the customers were starting to slip away. Once very loyal, the company's customers realized that the stores were not adequately staffed or as clean as...more
ConsInsane time pressures - beyond any level of reason, top management that could care less about store level employees
Customer Service Representative | Matthews, NC | Feb 20, 2019
Good for Entry Level work
As a Customer Service Representative, I primarily worked the Mid-day to Close shift. Some of my tasks included but were not limited to counting tills, allocating cashiers and baggers to best utilize the available time for retrieving shopping carts from the parking lot, and cleaning the each register station to provide a spotless and sanitary environment for each customer upon completion of their shopping visit. When the store was coming up on closing, I had to pull tills, count the office, pull produce items that need refrigeration, and other tasks for closing the store to create a streamline front end for the opening shift to arrive to. The downside to the location is management. Not in a derogatory sense to their work however. The Store Manager, Assistant Managers, and some Department Managers are moved from store to store rather frequently. During my time there in the first 3 years, I went through 3 different Customer Service Managers. As for Store Managers, I went through 2. Management is always equated to sub-par at the location I worked at due to management not having enough time to figure things out. My favorite manager, (who had an infectious work ethic that just naturally boosted everyones morale) was there four a period of 5 months. In month 3, he had figured out how to communicate with his peers and sub-ordinates in a manner where he could create one of the most efficient work enviroments I had seen in the store in a while. After his 5th month, he was moved to a...more
ProsGood Entry level Work Experience, adequate breaks and lunch time, great place to develop soft skills with customers.
ConsManagement is cycled frequently, low manning to save costs, inability to complete all tasks at hand without going into overtime.
Personal Shopper | Charlottesville, VA | Jun 7, 2019
Horrrible place to work
I was hired as a Personal Shopper. I worked there for 2 months. I was not told in any of my three interviews that I would have to endure working as a cashier at the front end for training, or for how long. In my two months, I then spent only 6 hours total in the Personal Shopping arena - always being told I have to train at the front end. The management team was horrible and disengaged from interaction with the staff. The hours were long and demanding. Repetitive motions made my back hurt and when I went home could do nothing else. Life - work - balance was a NO.Two of the managers in particular were extremely immature. I cut my finger once and asked for a bandaid. The manager on duty came back to tell me there were none (REALLY IN A GROCERY STORE THERE ARE NO BANDAIDS). That cut has left a scar three months after the fact. I walked out - it was the most horrible job I have ever had. There was absolutely no culture involved and the staff were the MOST UNFRIENDLY. No one smiled LET ALONE GREETED YOU WITH A HELLO OR HOW ARE YOU; they just reported for their myopic duty. Harris Teeter was suppose to be the best - but I have never experienced in my entire career such poor management and culture developed within a Retail Environment. At the front end - most of the time we never had a bagger. The front end is time based productivity - without a bagger and lifting such heavy objects from awkward positions the job was really physically painful. Once I asked for a bre...more
Consbreaks were too short - 15 minutes, lunch was too short 30 minutes. Always told, "Well you don't have to take your break".
Cart Attendant | Charlotte, NC | Feb 26, 2019
worst place to work
from day one harris teeter has been terrible. when i got hired i was given a start date. had to wait a week for background check. when i called to check on it i was put on hold for over 50 minutes before i hung up and called back. the manager i talked to didn't know about any offer of employment even though the person who interviewed me talked to her about the wage. called back later to talk to someone else and was told background check cleared and setup drug test. they told me the drug test would be back by tuesday a day before i was set to start. so i called that tuesday and was told the person who could see the drug test results was off that day. so called back and talked to the person who interviewed me and was told the drug test came back clean to come the next day for paperwork. when i got there at the time i was told they weren't ready for me. then the manager who was sitting with me while i was filling out paperwork was on her phone the whole time. then while filling out the tax forms she leaves for 20 to 30 minutes. so i did get that done she then writes my schedule 10-4 so the next day i go in at 10 like was told and the one who wrote the schedule says she thought she put 10:30 so i showed her the time she wrote. put me in a room with computer for 6 hours of watching videos was never told about 15 minute break so didn't take one. the next day i shadowed a bagger and it went smooth because that manger wasn't there. on sunday i go in and was give the option of on my ...more
Prosclose by
Deli Associate | Greenville, NC | Aug 19, 2018
Working in the deli can become stressful!
Working for Harris Teeter is better than working for a fast food restaurant for sure. A typical day in the deli involved cutting meats and cheeses, making hot foods, subs and taking orders for pastries and party platters. Management of the store did not do much but talk to people and open the garbage chute for closers. Some benefits of working deli is that we get paid more the most people in the store (8.50 compared to the 7.75 of cashiers and personal shoppers in Greenville NC.) Another benefit was that we could sample some ofbthe meats and cheeses, along with hot foods and pastries. Department managers rarely got customers because they were doing "invetory" all day. Depending on the season work can be either fast or slow and customers can pile on you especially during popular seasonal times. I generally liked my coworkers. Some of coworkers were lazy and would not show up to work at all or would shop on the clock. Because of this, sometimes it would be only one person closing or getting all the customers, which can get tiresome especially when customers want multiple things. Hours were good at first but then they dwindled during the summer months. I would always work weekends even though I said that I could work anytime. The worst part of the job is making subs! You can litteraly be making subs for 20 minutes and have a line of people who want regular products waiting because 2 people need to make 10 subs for someone! Another thing that was annoying was that you have ...more
ProsGood pay, decent hours in fall and winter, lazy mamagement
ConsForced lunches, hours low during certain spring and summer.
Customer Service Manager | Boone, NC | Jan 23, 2020
Get ready to sacrifice your time, energy, happiness, and sanity
I went into the company as an assistant customer service manager with the belief that this would be my career. During the interviews they make you believe that the company wants the best for their workers; with the promise of good pay and flexible hours. It wasn't long until I realized that they will say anything to get you in the door, and then not even bat their eyes when you are unhappy with something. In Harris Teeter they will put any and all of their employees through living h3ll to satisfy even a single customer. They expect so much out of you and then will never have your back or support you in your times of need. This is a place where you will get scheduled 10+ days in a row and then have to beg and plead to have two days off in a row to do something with your life. The schedule is always changing week to week so you can never plan anything for yourself; you will just have to accept the death of your social life. Not only will you work an absurd amount of days in a row, but each shift will be at different times; one day you will close at 10pm and then be expected to come in at 6am the next day. The other employees there are some of the most two-faced people I have ever met in my life, making it impossible to talk them and get advice on how to handle certain situations. Upper management is a complete joke and will never hear you out when you sit down with them and try to work on improving the culture of the store. This place was a complete waste of time, and has left ...more
Meat Carver | Charleston, SC | Mar 18, 2019
Stressful place to work.
Harris Teeter is a great place to get your groceries and the associates are great people. But, working there you would see that even with the benefits and okay pay they prioritize the customer over the employee. I understand that in some situations but not all. They will ask way too much of you and give you little. I will not say all managers are bad but there are many that don't see eye to eye with the associates. They will reprimand you for small things even if you are new to the company and you are trying to learn. If a manager does not like you there is nothing you can do about it. Harris Teeter was a great place to work for about a month or two until I got written up for telling a customer that we do not cut boneless chicken breast in half. I have worked in many different meat departments and I have never been asked to cut one in half. I am new to this company and didn't know any better so a verbal warning would have been okay. I would understand and learn more about what to do and not do. I was yelled at and written up. That stopped me from advancing in the company. Even though I was a Meat Cutter at other grocery stores I would have had to go into their cutting program and I was okay with that. But, after that, I had to wait another term to go into the program. I still have not gotten into the program and am no longer looking to do so. My whole view of the company and the managers changed. I have been with the company for over a year now and am looking to ...more
ConsWork/Life Balance, Management, Job Culture, Job Advancement

Questions And Answers about Harris Teeter

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Harris Teeter? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
Between my drug test and the call about coming and doing my onboarding, it was 2 weeks. Then after I was sent an email saying to come to do my new hire paperwork where the date given as the 21st (I received it on the 28th - a week later!) I went and was immediately met by a woman who informed me in a not so friendly way that I'm "not supposed to be here". (fun to hear from a 70-year-old who was talking like you would expect the mean cheerleaders in an early 2000's movie or like in Mean Girls with the "You can't sit with us"). It was not enjoyable, and onboarding was going to be "in the next 3 weeks or so". To sum it up, highly unenjoyable - at least at the location I applied at - and takes forever with there being so much drama that it isn't worth it.
Answered Mar 30, 2019
It really depends on the position you were hired for and the training it requires. It’s not a super long process and you get paid for it. A good thing to keep in mind when you work for Harris Teeter is that we are all a team! So it’s good to be familiar with the different aspects of the store.
Answered Aug 9, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Harris Teeter a better place to work?
Asked Nov 10, 2016
Eliminate coupons
Answered Mar 16, 2020
Need diversity in management. White male privilege dominates upper levels of management and operates like the notorious good old boys clubs of yesteryear.
Answered Mar 1, 2020
When does third shirt start and end?
Asked Feb 2, 2016
8 pm for selectors finish time is when orders are done. Less you work in Greensboro they do total where you can get a set amount of times and you can leave early if you want.
Answered Jan 12, 2019
For stocking at my store it was between the hours of 9pm to 7am generally.
Answered Dec 8, 2018
Does Harris teeter hold back a week ? Do you get paid weekly ?
Asked Jan 2, 2017
Harris teeter always wants to f me over I don’t get paid sometimes for the shifts I work I worked 10hrs 1 week and didn’t get paid for that. Strickland road Harris teeter
Answered Mar 30, 2020
You get paid every tuesday
Answered Jul 10, 2019
What is starting pay for cashier?
Asked Feb 26, 2017
$9/hr Charlotte, NC
Answered Mar 9, 2020
I started at $9! im in concord nc
Answered Dec 20, 2019