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Overall Reviews at HelloFresh

Production Worker | Phoenix, AZ | May 25, 2022
Do not start as a temp
There are ups and downs to this job like any other job. The pay is decent but not really enough to live off of. Some of the employees are filthy, leaving their hairnets, face masks, and gloves all over the place. There is one water cooler on the production floor. They time how long you are in the bathroom when it takes several minutes to walk to the bathroom, take your gear off, go to the bathroom, put clean hairnets on, sanitize your hands, put gloves and smock back on, and then walk back to your line. It’s a twenty minute process, minimum. Management doesn’t care about their employees and only see people as a way to produce as much product possible, with zero regard as to whether or not the goals are actually feasible. They will tell you that you’re not expected to meet goals on day one however if you’re in assembly, the leads and managers will literally walk up and down the line barking orders and yelling even the newest of employees that they’re going too slow as opposed to jumping on the lines to help push production along. There are no trainers. When you start the leads/managers just tell people where to go and expect people to know what they’re doing right off the bat. If you do decide to work here, absolutely do NOT go through a temp agency. They will tell you that once you hit the required amount of hours that the conversion process to HelloFresh occurs automatically. It does not. There are individuals who have been there since the facility has opened who have been p
ProsOccasionally they will bring food for employees
ConsTwo thirty minutes lunches, excessive yelling at people to speed up, poor Human Resources department, awful communication, poor training, work most major holidays
Brand Ambassador | Cleveland, OH | Apr 21, 2019
Unrealistic expectations with little to no training provided
I thought that this was going to be a great opportunity that would eventually turn into a long lasting career with HelloFresh. However the longer I stayed, the more miserable it got. First off having to attend 3 pointless meetings a week going over basically the same material over and over again with no learning benefit or consideration to the feedback given by employees. The manager would shoot down any idea/problem you were having in the field and chalk it up to you needing to “try harder”. Then she would assign you to shifts based on your previous weeks sales performance. While I get this was a performance based job, the product was almost impossible to sell at the awful locations she would send you to over and over again (malls, gyms we repeatedly went to, etc.). She never gave any decent shifts where it would be easier to sell the products to the ones who struggled the week before, therefore breaking down their confidence in the field. Then they would be punished. First time you hit less than 7 sales a week you were given a final notice. Second time you hit less than 7 you would be fired. She said it was company policy, however I think it was a scare tactic because the office was doing so poorly. So instead of putting her employees in situations where they would succeed she would make it more difficult for them thus causing employees to quit. She also took in no consideration to people having a life outside of this job. Scheduling employees for 12-13 hour day
ProsDiscount on product, health, dental and vision benefits
ConsManager, unrealistic sales quotas for locations assigned, favorites played with employees, unsupportive manager and upper management
Brand Ambassador | Tempe, AZ | Oct 31, 2019
Pro would be that you have the potential to go to different expos and events for free (where you make the most money) and benefits if you work FULL time and gas reimbursement (based on full/part time status not mileage). Lot more Cons. First of all, work life balance is horrible. I found my self exhausted and lack of energy and enthusiasm to work. No set schedule means having to work insanely early in the mornings to midnight or later even. When working full time you have very little time for yourself. So if you have a family, I strongly suggest you look for a different opportunity. Second, you have to drive throughout all of phoenix and outside of Phoenix like Buckeye, Glendale or Tucson without your knowledge. They do not take into consideration where the employees live and how far the event is from their location. Sometimes events that were held down the street from me where given to another and would make me drive over an hour (not including traffic) and a half to another event. Most of the time the gas reimbursement was not close enough to even cover my gas that was spent. Next, many meetings that did not teach the employees how to make sales but instead fake scenarios that never happened on the field. They do not base promotions on people who deserve them but more on people who make the most sales thus leading to poor management. Would work long hours outside in the heat/rain and they do not accommodate you. They do not provide water or food when working over 8 or even
Warehouse Associate | Irving, TX | Dec 28, 2021
If you like a positive fun work environment and like to be around positive helpful people- THEN THIS IS NOT THE JOB FOR YOU
The pay is OK- the benefits are awesome. It’s is physically draining and can be emotionally exhausting- there are 2 managers in production that care so if your not on there shift- GOOD LUCK. The line leads scream and yell at you all night, so don’t try helping anyone cause that’s not acceptable, if you try to go above and beyond, you are instantly HATED. Most employees are nice and friendly, but most managers look down on you for asking questions, they treat you like your in prison, and no one is willing to let you grow and develop. HR is a joke- if you don’t get paid they make it your fault, they are mean and don’t want you to bother them. The email line they give you is never answered. and by all means- do not try to point out a problem, because you are the issue suddenly not the real problem. There is NO TRAINING whatsoever, but you are expected to know what you are doing. If you work with leads and become good at what you do, they expect you to work their line every time and if you don’t, we’ll you can’t go back to that line. The line leads don’t know how to lead, they only know how to dictate (there are a few nice ones) I think I’ve only been told thank you 2 times in 4 months. If you want to work here my suggestion is, don’t try to help anyone, don’t try and excel, keep your head down, learn how to stand still and not mess up, don’t approach managers unless it’s absolutely necessary, and don’t try to learn something new, you will become the outcast. THIS LOCATION NEEDS
ProsSometimes they bring lunch, Good Benefits, most fellow associates are nice and helpful
ConsAll but a small handful of leaders and managers are mean and rude, not helpful and not what I would call a leader at all.
Production Worker | Newnan, GA | Jun 18, 2021
Easy job / Easy money
The job is really easy. Extremely cold though. Not very organized. I assumed because it’s still a pretty new warehouse. People walk off the line daily. Which leaves others to pick up the slack. Some come back hours later and some don’t come back until the next day. They don’t get penalized for waking off the line/job! You can come to work 20-30 minutes early but they make you stand in a line to clock in. You will be bunched up in the break room and hall way. You’ll sweat standing in line waiting to get into the production area. The wait can range from 20 minutes or more because, they hold the line until 6:50. Once 6:50 come u can clock in but u may not clock in until after 7 which technically make you late. They let 10 people in at time. So prepare to sweat and to clock in late. Easy way of folks getting sick! You’re not allowed to wear nails or nail polish. I understand the nails but not the polish. You were gloves and don’t see anyone’s hand. Your not allowed to touch anything if you don’t have on gloves. There’s a person that stands at the door sometimes and check for piercings, watches, polish & nails. Certain people get in and certain people get turned around. Everyone should get turned around including leads.You’ll never get use to the cold. Wear layers of clothing to stay warm. You can work overtime up to 60 hours a weeks. Wednesday’s are horrible and unorganized. Majority of the warehouse is sent home because there’s not work. You stand around a lot and production is
ProsEasy job
ConsVery Unorganized
Brand Ambassador | Tempe, AZ | Aug 9, 2018
You spend more than you make
DO NOT WORK HERE!!! At first the job sounds great. They promise you and tell you tons of lies so you want the job. In reality you’re going to the same malls and gyms every day and see the same people who do not want the food. The gym managers will even question on why you show up because they get customer complaints about you because you are there so much. You have to go to meetings for 3 hours 3 times a week and they are never useful. You sit at the meeting as you are told how to talk to the customer in scenarios that never happen. You told play and practice talking to the customers too. If you make tons of sales you get to go to expos (everyone knows that’s the only place you make good sales at). Do not be surprised with people quitting a lot. Terrible retention. Don’t take this job if you go to college, they will not work with your school schedule and suggest you quit school instead. Also be prepared to be in an environment where you will be watched like a hawk. The manager sends the favorite employees to check up on you to see how your sales pitch is, number of sales and how you’re doing. If you say anything “wrong” you’re called into the office and get in trouble. OH & the main point. You get a “gas stipen”. You get $30-$50 a week for gas. Be prepared to spend $100 a week & not get more than $30 back. You’ll be sent to Mesa in the AM and then out to Goodyear right after. Oh & they don’t I’ve you a discount on the box. Plus it’s cheaper for customers to order off Facebook
ProsFreebies at Expos
ConsYou’ll make mediocre pay & be stressed to the max
Senior Brand Ambassador | Houston, TX | Nov 9, 2020
If you don't hustle, you will suffer.
It's been some time since I worked at Hello Fresh as a brand ambassador. I was hired by a manager who lasted for about a month after hiring me. We were left in a transitional period for a couple of months until they promoted a new manager from another city. Overall, the team was a good team, however TONS of turnover made it really hard to have a solid core group. Over time, that core group started to change to reflect the attitude and ambition of the new manager, as expected, however, those whose goals and aspirations didn't entirely align with the manager's were starting to be seen as "negative". I have a strategic style of thinking, always looking for areas of improvement. The culture of the company was such that expressing an area of improvement could easily be misunderstood as a "negative attitude". Perhaps that's on me for not expressing myself in a more productive way, but I was still disappointed that it seemed like the respect and affirmations were only made to those who were obtaining the high numbers, regardless of how they were obtained. When I expressed dissatisfaction of some of the unethical practices I was seeing, I was told that the only way it would be dealt with would be if I named people, which I was not willing to do. Anyway, the discount on food was amazing, the product was great, the friendships made were cherished, but overall I just wasn't the best fit for the company. Thankful for my time there, taught me a lot about how to hustle and that I needed n
ProsDiscount on food, insurance from day 1, meeting new people all the time
Conslack of control of territory, income instability, reverence for those who have quantity over quality sales
Production Worker | Phoenix, AZ | May 24, 2022
Unsupportive of disabilities, incompetent management.
Being a production worker seems like a fairly easy job, especially for the pay. It's not worth it. Conceptually, the job IS easy, but if you're trying for the goals the management pushes incessantly, it becomes grueling. Replenishing the lines is backbreaking work, even when you're lifting properly, although you don't usually have time to do that. Managers will walk down the line, yelling for people to speed up/push the ready button. There's currently no motivation to go faster, although that's supposed to change with a manager-led incentive program, giving hellofresh merch or tech to employees the managers decide they like. The program is slated to be used for only the employees the managers like, since it's based off of opinions instead of the numbers of boxes/bags done on the line. I have POTS and chronic anemia, so lifting, crouching and leaning are all difficult for long periods. They don't offer any solution except to "not work as hard" which directly contradicts what the line leads told me afterwards. Additionally, the recipe bags have similar enough colors that some are almost indistinguishable from each other to colorblind people. (I know two at HF currently.) As a last complaint, hellofresh has no gender neutral bathroom, and no clear policy on which bathroom nonbinary or trans people should use. I avoided using the bathroom unless I was sure most people were gone from the bathrooms, and then got told off for being late because of it.
ProsGood insurance, decent pay for the area
Consshort breaks, no/few accomodations, bad management
Production Associate | Newnan, GA | Oct 8, 2021
It all depends on what you’re looking for
The night shift is very relaxed in that sometimes people don’t wear gloves, they use their phone while on the line, a lot of people aren’t wearing COVID PPE. There’s not a lot of communication, so you have to be proactive to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. Not everyone works with urgency, and sometimes the line is held up, and you’re left waiting without being told what the issue is or when it should be resolved. Some jobs are much harder than others. Most of the production associates are warm and welcoming. They are willing to offer advice/help you get acclimated. Line leads are a toss up; some are great, some have poor management styles. The “rules” seem to change depending on who in charge is working that day. You have to be comfortable getting told something one night and then getting told you’re doing it wrong the next night. There were certain production associates who never seemed to be doing work, and I noticed they were the friendliest with the Line Leads/Managers. I quit after two weeks because I have a moderate disability, and ultimately, my body couldn’t get use to the cold. If you are comfortable doing repetitive tasks in a cold environment while not being effected by whether or not other people are doing their work, this might be the job for you. If my situation wasn’t what it is, I would have stayed longer, although, it’s too disorganized for me to have continued long term.
ProsFriendly coworkers, Good product discounts
ConsHR is unresponsive, Seems somewhat inefficient, Covid protocols are not enforced, Inconsistent management styles
Brand Ambassador | Columbus, OH | Apr 5, 2018
Toxic Management, Great Product to sell
Direct sales with Hello Fresh is still basically a start up business, and as with most start ups, there are growing pains. The office we were placed in Downtown has no parking and what is available is very expensive. Meetings are at 10am and then work hours are typically from 3pm-9pm, leading to no work life balance. Those that are promoted are generally personal friends with the head manager and have little to no sales experience and zero management experience. You are not given encouragement to grow, only punishment for under performing. The office has had EXTREMELY high turnover- over 100%, and has only been open 6 months. That is due largely to the schedule, which is only given out three days in advance, and the toxic culture. The product itself as great and Hello Fresh as a whole is a wonderful company with many big things on the horizon. The local direct sales offices, however, offer a thankless, low paying job, where people are promoted to their highest level of incompetence. It is best for millennials, but unfortunately, few millenials have the sales and cooking experience needed to truly shine.
ProsPros: Great opportunity to network and explore your city while on the job, great discount on a fantastic product, excellent health insurance benefits from Day 1 and 401K from Day 90
Conslow pay, no scheduling in advance, no work life balance, toxic culture, no commuter benefits, expensive parking

Questions And Answers about HelloFresh

What is the best part of working at HelloFresh?
Asked Dec 4, 2019
being myself with others and complying with my detailed job duties except for management that is so disorganized they defeat the purpose of being and having a title because they say that we don’t have a specific position we don’t have a title it’s difficult to comply with every day changes literally every day changes
Answered Jul 1, 2022
Answered Jun 30, 2022
How often do you get a raise at HelloFresh?
Asked Jun 15, 2021
Every 3 months
Answered Sep 25, 2022
Every year
Answered Sep 19, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at HelloFresh?
Asked Apr 30, 2020
Answered Sep 24, 2022
It’s a great day at hello fresh it’s keeps you busy and gives you a chance to meet people from all over
Answered Sep 23, 2022
What benefits does HelloFresh offer?
Asked Aug 9, 2018
Medical, Sick Time, PTO
Answered Sep 27, 2022
A lot of good benefits 401(k) life insurance dental insurance
Answered Sep 26, 2022
What is the promotion process like at HelloFresh?
Asked Feb 2, 2022
Answered Sep 23, 2022
Answered Sep 21, 2022