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Corporate Officer, Gold Hill Square, 1st Floor, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560068
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Hinduja Global Solutions Reviews

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Overall Reviews at Hinduja Global Solutions

Social Media Specialist | Peoria, IL | Aug 22, 2018
Harsh in the wrong ways.
If you're looking for job double standards, this is the workplace for you. The Constant change in policy for those on the floor will give you whiplash. If you're working in one of the Social Media accounts it is very strict in terms of what you can do. They will likely assign you to a media account that has a large quota but nothing to respond to as all the posts are negative. The workplace environment is silent. There's a stiffness. You are not allowed to use anything other than Pandora, Lunch breaks are 30 minutes while your other breaks are about 10 - 15 minutes. No writing utensils, no wandering about your desk. If you do not meet the quota (Which is evaluated every 2 weeks) You are put on probation and will be terminated if you do not reach this quota. What you can reply to is very limited. You will not reach your quota. if you are less than a second late from your breaks (Using the Bathroom, you walk slowly, etc) You will receive a warning. If you're up to three you're fired. The Management does not abide by their own policies. 1.) No food of any type is allowed at the desk. The only acceptions being Hard Candy or Gum. (If you cannot eat hard candy or gum, well that's too bad. Fruit Snacks? nope. Trail Mix for those eating healthy? Nope.) The Managers would walk in every day and each has a bag of Chipotle at their desks. Drinks with open tops are also not allowed. 2.) No writing utensils are allowed at the desks. At first, we were allowe...more
ProsThe chairs were slightly comfortable
ConsShort Breaks, Hostile, Manager Favoritism
Customer Service Representative | Peoria, IL | Sep 1, 2018
A decent place to work / a good place to reestablish work history
There is constant changes & high turnover at HGS. The attendance policy changed for the second time since starting which gets depressing at times. I enjoy my job & am grateful that they hired me. Depends on the client you work for but wish the starting pay was hire as I am on the lower paying scale. There was a lot to learn in training & we received a long period of training. We get paid by the minute but when you use PTO for an appointment its only used in hourly increments. Holidays we are closed the only way you get paid for them is you have to work 4 -10 hour days that week & have to be on time the day after the holiday or you receive no holiday pay. Your schedules are determined by a department in India break & lunch schedules are always inconsistent. We had a food truck that we had to pay for our own meal but most everyone was late coming back from lunch due to the long line but it counted against you. A lot of pressure is put on you for certification & keeping your call times & after call numbers low but have teammates always trying to giving good advice. Only issue is you get sloppy notes or no notes on an account. Whatever client you work on there is an up sale that you are required to do on each call even if it doesn't refer to the call. If you are not a multitasker this will be a hard job. If you have to use the restroom before your breaks or lunch it counts against you unless you have a doctors note.I have awesome Team Leaders who want us to succeed & are help...more
ProsOccasional Free lunches, movie nights, Postivity Wednesdays Encourging Team Leaders & Coworkers, Lockers to store your cell phone (you provide the padlock).
ConsConstant changes of policies, Client expectations of staff, unneccessary upsales, inconsistent break/lunch schedules, holding your bladder until your break unless you have a doctor note, family members working on the same client, Needing to increase the time expectation for handle & wrap up times.
Entry level job if you have no bills or need money to survive
Pay is sad w/little room for advancement. What advancement you can get will quickly be taken away when you're moved to a new department and have to start again at ground up. This happens because HGS over-hires since there is a large employee turnover rate. People drop like flies especially during training. This company hires like crazy but then not enough people quit as they probably anticipated (lol) so then they have to skip groups of people around from department to department every couple of months to compensate for over-hiring. This happened multiple times while I was there and I worked there less than a year... The most you can begin w/is $12 but it's not often that people start at max. Most departments start off at $10 or $11/hr during training (note: $11/hr departments have the highest call volumes and usually require Spanish fluency) which lasts several months then go up to $10.50 after training. You'll get a raise after 6 months, the max being 26 cents. You do the math, it's not great. PTO is even worse. For every 80 hours worked you get 2 hours of PTO. You can request time off 48 hours in advance but you of course won't get paid, and when you don't request time in advance you will get what is called an occurrence, and you can only have 4 every 6 months. Most of the management is nice enough but unreliable and really inconsistent. Rules and policies change every few weeks and you'll only know after you've been coached for breaking a new rule that no one told y...more
Customer Service Representative | El Paso, TX | May 22, 2019
Pros and Cons
Pro You can work at home. Cons 1.No Overtime 2. They can V time you (V time means they send you home) 3.Told by the operations manager not to call the help desk do to the employee from the help desk lying to me and being rude. 4. The supervisor line is often to busy and good luck getting a hold of a tl. 5. We only have two-tier tech support employees. ( good luck waiting with out pay) 6. They lie for example you are told by Human Resources that you will get paid for the time you are out. (READ THE POLICY AS THIS IS A LIE) 7. They count on you not reading the employee manual they will pay up to a max 3 hours and anytime you spend with supervisors and making calls about the issues. 8 . Keep your own payroll log as there are mistakes. It is not my job to double check someone else and you can see your hours worked on your home pc. 9. Cover your butt recently I had tech issues I was out for 6 days I will not get paid as much as I was told by hr and it was a pain I had to prove I did not have packet loss and still the company refuses to see it. I take pictures of errors and I may also record conversations, If something is put in chat I copy it and post it in notes. Had I not covered my but I would have been fired also since we only have two tech support agents not being paid if it takes them two days to get back to you is not fair. 10. Privacy Violations my new tl stated her kid unplugged her internet. This is a violation of the company's privacy rules bu...more
Customer Service Representative | Peoria, IL | Oct 13, 2018
Former Employee
I worked there for over 9 years. In that time I capped out at the max of 11.50 an hour for CSR's. You get a "bonus" each year after you are capped out, but it doesn't compound, so basically if you were to receive for instance a .50 cent raise at another job, then a year later you get another .50 cents that's compounding. Not HGS. If you meet all of your yearly requirements you may get 200 or 240 a year total, lets say you were lucky enough to get a 300 dollar bonus. It averages about .25 cents an hour. Unless you expect to kiss up to your team lead, 9 times out of 10 you will be stuck as a representative unless you're friends or related to someone who is in the upper management. My last account I was on, I had to train my supervisor to know how to do my job. I applied for positions to move up multiple times throughout my tenure and was always given the excuse that I didn't have enough experience. The only way to get the experience was for your bosses to let you off of the phone to do extra stuff, and if you're actually good at your job or you don't suck up to them; that won't happen. If you have a decent client, thats great, but most of the time the good clients are on the accounts that the callers just suck. If you have a decent account where the caller's aren't jerks, then typically the clients are unrealistic. If you do luck out and get promoted, depending on the account, the clients can take your job away overnight. There is an account where if the client doesn't like you...more
ProsGreat health/vision/dental benefits, paid vacation, half hour lunch, 15 minute breaks
Consunrealistic expectations, unable to advance, callers rude, expendable; no job security.
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Feb 16, 2020
Save Yourself
Looking to be surrounded by pretentious management with ‘beat around the bush’ tactics? Does Holier Than Thou Upper Hand direction get you where you need to be in your career life? If complete lack of security, an environment in which places YOU (yeah, you rockstar) in the middle of what you could only assume is a poor season of the Young and the Restless, and unreliability in those whom occupy the leadership rolls surrounding you, motivate you in a positive manner in which allows you to adapt and grow as an employee? Do you thrive off empty promises and find opportunity in empty promises? HGS should be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY, then! This was not a seasonal job and I was to have a position at HGS whether the client remained the same or if transitions had to be experienced - the job security was a promise the moment I stepped into my role as an employee at HGS. A year later, being told the client was disbanding its contract with HGS, my team and I were also told to HAVE NO FEAR for there were a total of 130 of us and 120 jobs to be filled- to make a long story short, a WOPPING 50% of the team was kept, not to mention there was A DEADLINE in which we were ensured we’d be keeping our positions until (while being placed elsewhere in the company of course) in which abruptly was no longer in the picture and waves of lay-offs began. This deadline included a RETENTION BONUS from the client, read that again..RETENTION bonus, for staying with HGS until that time AT LEAST. This is how secur...more
Trainer | Peoria, IL | Sep 20, 2018
Why I love my job
I have worked at HGS for almost 6 years, in that time frame I have went from a CSR to a Trainer. I've been very lucky learn from a leadership staff who has guided me along the way and built me up so that I can keep growing with in the company. I like coming to work to see what challenges I can overcome each day and the personal growth I have seen within myself has been very rewarding. Is the job the easiest? No not by a long shot, however I have learned to tackle each obstacle and grow from it. Each day I learn something new about myself and those who work around me. I represent a great client who cares about the representatives that support their brand. I look forward to my future at HGS. The pay is not the best especially when some fast food locations pay the same thing starting out. Vacation time is up to you to earn and I'm proud that I'm in control of how much vacation time I earn so I feel blessed to know if I need two weeks off in a year for some occasion I can make that my goal to make sure I earn that time off. Another great feature with this company is you may start one account and after 6 months if you feel that account is not for you, you can apply at other accounts. That is how I found the account that was for me.
ProsFlexible hours
ConsPay Ranges
Customer Service Representative | Jacksonville, FL | May 7, 2020
Worst job I’ve had
I was only there for a little bit past the 90 day mark there, and I worked hard, fast and very efficiently for the company, and I also had a lot of knowledge of how to do the job correctly. I mainly stayed because they paid well for a bilingual worker; very low pay for others though. One day I was put into a breakout room and told I wasn’t a good fit for the company and I was asked to sign off; all this in the matter of about 30 seconds. This was done by both my Direct supervisor and the Operations manager. I remember I was told that this company never fires people as if they ever close up an account, they will move those people to a different one. This was a complete lie. Overtime was cancelled for everybody a few weeks back, and they began giving people mandatory tine off, which could be anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours per day. Then one day, we were all told we’ll have private meetings with our supervisor and one by one people began leaving the room after the meeting, when it was my turn I found out the reason. Worst management, I had about 5 supervisor in these past three months and all of them always sounded stressed and didn’t seem to want to help.
Customer Service Representative | Peoria, IL | Jul 12, 2019
Good place to work if its your only option.
My time at HGS was a learning experience to say the least. My particular position involved talking to customers about a payment application. The people you will talk to is a mixed bag, so be ready to provide excellent customer service to the worst of people. The pay you receive is decent, however you should always double check to make sure they pay you correctly. If you are sick often, it is best to avoid this company. They will NOT budge with you on attendance, even if you provide written proof from a medical specialist. The company offers good benefits, however you must be employed for a year before you are able to utilize the majority of them. This includes situations like having to take a leave of absence, accidents that force you to miss work will not be excused. Closing remarks: If you absolutely cant find another job, then this is a good place to work until you do.
ProsFun coworkers, good management, paid time off, decent benefits, flexible schedule
ConsStressful, underpaid for the job, not clear on duties or responsiblities when applying, strict and unfair attendance policy
Customer Service Representative | South Point, OH | Jan 23, 2020
Lies, Racism, Pure deception
To keep it short, this is a company that only values people who are ''minorities''. In short, if you're a caucasian, you will not be hired here. I was under the impression that I had a job, and was prasied during the interview, only to be told ''we only have positions available for those with medical background''. She then proceeded to tell me that she ''wished'' she had a place to put me, because my test scores were superb. This is an utter lie, as she had two young black females in the testing area, neither one had medical experience or background as she asked them the same question. I feel my time was wasted, and I was lied to. Ultimately, if I were black I would have got the job hands down. This is affirmative action for you, over 15 years customer service experience in several fields, including pharmacy, and I was not even given a chance to learn. This company hires uneducated people with bias, to bring in more uneducated people with bias. Stay far away, and do not waste your time.
ProsNot being hired, that's a pro.
ConsDo not work here, I'm serious. You wont be given a fair chance.

Questions And Answers about Hinduja Global Solutions

What is the work environment and culture like at Hinduja Global Solutions?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
We pride ourselves on being a people company. We help people, and follow that through to the workplace. We offer lots of opportunities to get involved in site and community activities too. Our Facebook page is packed full of photos so you can get a good idea of what type of company we are.
Answered May 21, 2019
It will be good for work and it is very comfortable
Answered Mar 1, 2019
How do you feel about going to work each day at Hinduja Global Solutions?
Asked Oct 2, 2016
We pride ourselves on being a people company. We help people, and follow that through to the workplace. We offer lots of opportunities to get involved in site and community activities too. Our Facebook page is packed full of photos so you can get a good idea of what type of company we are.
Answered May 21, 2019
HATED everything about it.
Answered Mar 30, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Hinduja Global Solutions about how to improve it?
Asked Sep 23, 2016
We are an open company that promotes a two-way conversation at all levels of the organization to help communications and business improvements. Please email us at talk2us @teamhgs.com to further the two-way conversation.
Answered May 21, 2019
Replaced management and hr.. the company needs to hire people that know how to treat with respect.!
Answered Dec 30, 2018
How often do raises occur at Hinduja Global Solutions?
Asked Dec 14, 2016
All hourly call center and fulfillment employees will be reviewed in conjunction with their hire date. Employees are reviewed after 6 months of hire, their 1 year anniversary and then every 6 months after that. Raises may or may not coincide with ‘reviews’ based on performance/behavior criteria met. HGS strives to maintain open communication with employees on a day/day basis and during review processes.
Answered May 21, 2019
We also receive bonuses and not commission.
Answered Jan 6, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Hinduja Global Solutions a better place to work?
Asked Apr 5, 2018
Make sure that everyone is comfortable
Answered May 14, 2020
Finish training properly, recruit qualified employees that want to work to make training to production a smoother transaction. More floor support in general
Answered Mar 24, 2020