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Putter | Oklahoma City, OK | Aug 16, 2018
Working in a Warehouse is hard on your body/mind, not a hard job
The warehouse has busy and slow seasons. Busy season you work a LOT of hours and get a LOT of overtime (50+ a week). Slow season you barely make 30 hours a week. Personally, it's not hard work for what you do, but working in a warehouse is hard on your body/mind. You do have scheduled breaks, but depending on which building you are in and which managers you have you may not hear the call, so I encourage you have a watch on you and know what time your breaks are. I would suggest that this is short-term job, not a long-term career unless you are that special person that gets the promotions. If you decide to apply, take care of yourself and your health over what your management stresses over you. Their focus is to get the job done, it doesn't matter who does it or how it gets done as long as it gets done in the time they say it will get done. So, take care of your health first and protect yourself. The most enjoyable part is seeing your paycheck with 20+ hours of overtime pay. The biggest draw back is the condition you have to work in and getting use to it. I worked in the warehouse for a year and had to leave due to an injury that was out of my control and my management was very manipulative in trying to push me out so because I am just labored that became a problem. This was my experience, which is why I say take care of your health for your benefit and protect yourself because bottom line, you are expendable to a big company like Hobby Lobby. Aside from th...more
ProsOvertime during busy season
ConsHardly get hours during slow season/ A LOT of GLITTER
Department Manager | York, PA | Jul 27, 2018
Time for Some Improvement
Please start putting peg counts on your layouts! Doesn't make sense for ALL of your stores to take the time to count them hundreds of times, instead of corporate doing it once on the layout, especially in seasonal.... time and payroll saved! Measure twice, cut once! Trucks being on time would be nice change instead of constantly (for years now) having to add an extra closing night to department leads schedules and finding out the day before. Making a scheduled 2 to 3 night closes for department leads into 3 or 4 nights every week, taking away more time with our kids and family. You are looked on differently if you don't change your schedule to the trucks.... My family comes first, not just on Sunday's. An extra 53 days ( 53 truck days in a year) away from them is unacceptable on top of other days you are asked to close instead of open. If you would use pallets on all your truck freight and/ or organize your truck by department and shrink wrap it on pallets think of how much time and payroll you would save. It can get very HOT in the summer and extremely cold in the winter on your trucks, even with fans blowing in there. Having to lift every single box is hard, unhealthy, and unnecessary. Start thinking outside the box and onto the pallets. Some of your boxes are packed so heavy they can barely be lifted and others have one or even no items in them. This could be a 20 minute process with 2 to 3 employees with pallet jacks and the right organization, instead of an ho...more
ProsGreat Pay, Benefits
Department Head | Bloomington, MN | Nov 11, 2019
Know your products and their locations, and be prepared to work your butt off.
When you're working in a Hobby Lobby store, one of the biggest tools you'll want and need in your arsenal is knowing where everything is. There are a TON of different items, especially when it comes to arts & crafts and home decor (which is what their stores are all about), so knowing about each item and where they're located in the store will make your day less stressful (it will also help if you walk the customer over to where the item(s) are located). Knowing your store's inventory will be especially helpful during your time at the register (most of the employees HAVE to know how to run the register) given that they type in the item's price and department. That's right, they don't scan ANYTHING (with the exception of fabric patterns and coupons), so you need to really know your items (also there are people that like to swap the price labels, so watch out for that and use your head). When you're working part-time, it can get tough (since you'll be more likely to get called up to back up at the registers); if you get promoted to full-time, however, you better prepare yourself for an upgrade in workload (the increase in pay makes it worth it). Truck days and ordering days will be the main days that are the most stressful (especially since ordering days will affect how truck days go), making Saturday the other stressful day (Hobby Lobby stores are closed on Sundays, so Saturdays are mixed with projects and making the store look the best it can be). Every day there's a project ...more
Cashier | Rochester, MN | May 22, 2018
Inconsistent work environment(products, locations, employees, management, responsibilities)
I would start out sweeping the entire store halfway through the day. After finishing sweeping/scraping things off the floor I would swap out garbage throughout the store and grab all the recycling. Afterwards I would clean the restrooms to the best of my abilities and time allotment. Some nights I left the store much cleaner than others due to either lack of cleaning supplies or the crew all leaving up to an hour(or more) before the intended time. After the store closed I was exclusively cleaning the bathrooms or mopping the floor. The amount of time I would have to do both those tasks ranged from 10 minutes to 90 minutes and very often you would not be told how long you would have to do so until the nightly meeting, at which point, no real adjustments could be made to compensate for what still needed to be done. Inconceivably disgusting bathrooms, even worse than food service. Night after night, cleaning the bathroom stalls gives one a sense of vast-intellect stemming from the fact they can simply flush a toilet. Also employees are expected to remember things they were told maybe once. Were you ever responsible for that task? No, but you should be able to recite the one method that one manager told you once that one time when you started and never once needed to do for over a year. If you want a consistency of any kind from your workplace, i'd look elsewhere. The most enjoyable parts of the job by far were the walks home. Inconsistent teaching methods across all managers, di...more
ProsWell lit store, employee discount of 15%, kinder customers in general, Sunday is always off
ConsAbsolutely over-the-top stressful for the image the store tries to convey, customers taking advantage of employees/hounding them for discounts
Department Head | Everett, WA | Jul 20, 2019
Friendly employees make all the difference
I've worked at 2 different hobby lobby stores and friendly employees make the work environment so much better. My last location was very stressful and I was often coming home mentally drained, frazzled and exhausted. None of this was due to my fellow employees, but it was due to the people who came into the store. Our location was across the street from a rehabilitation center. We always had drug addicts and thieves coming into our store so the majority of the time was spent alerting management to recognizable faces on repeat customers who have been asked to leave. We had police officers who would rotate out as security for our store because the thefts, loiterers and drug addicts who were entering the store was so bad and out of control. I ran the Floral department at the front of the store and often dealt with people hiding out in my aisles, trying to shove product down their pants, in their purse or shove a needle in their veins. I've found needle caps in the floral tubes while dusting the floral stem displays as well as used needles in the wedding bouquets. Ever since the first used needle, zoning my department took more time to do because I was fearful of sticking my hand into an uncapped needle. We've had homeless addicts use the restroom outside of the entrance to the store and found people shaving their faces and washing their undergarments in the sink. I loved working there and I miss the connections I made, but the attitude towards many of the thefts were lax and th...more
Sales Associate | Glen Allen, VA | Jan 20, 2019
Good management is the key to a successful store
When I was first hired for this company I was excited that God had answered my prayers and gave me the opportunity to work for this company where I loved to shop. But be careful what you pray for. I soon found out that although this company markets itself on being a Christian company it doesn't seem to put much effort into making sure that employees are being treated in a Christian way. Employees are not valued for their hard work but chastised for not having completely open availability. Managers want you to work beyond your scheduled shifts no matter what you have going on in your personal life. As a part-time employee, I have been talked down to, the phone hung up in my face, and ignored when requesting support in getting an area of the store covered at the end of my shift forcing me to work past my scheduled shift. The managers were rude, disrespectful, non-supportive to the hard-working staff members, unorganized, extremely cliquish, and could care less if you get a break or not. I know that the store's sales suffered due to management's failure to hire enough staff and then their refusal to get in the trenches with the employees to make sure the customers were taken care of and the stock was out on the floor. The store constantly has boxes on the floor all over the store with unprocessed stock creating many safety hazards for customers and employees. I have been in retail management most of my adult life, 15 years or more, and have never encountered such a disaster as ...more
Proshard working employees
Conslack of management support
Department Head | Grandville, MI | Dec 4, 2019
Ideal for the workaholic; Stressful environment, keeps you VERY busy
There is hardly any downtime. I run my butt off. I have no problem walking 15000+ steps a day, and that's just in a 8 hour shift, not counting overtime and having to stay late to complete projects. I learned a lot about merchandising, store sets, how to order to keep enough stock on hand serve the customer base, etc. Management varied. Some managers really tried to help their employees grow, but most did nothing. Once they had a good employee, they held onto them and didn't allow them to be promoted for fear of losing them to another store. Turnover was constant in my store. The full-time employees stayed, but only because where else can you get a full time job that has Sundays off and doesn't require a degree? But part-timers were in and out like a revolving door, mostly because they realized the only way to advance to full-time was if a previous full-time position was emptied and they weren't willing to wait for that to happen. Because most departments are only staffed by one full-time person, the job can be very stressful. If you want your department to look good, you will take any opportunity for overtime in order to meet expectations. Unfortunately, unless the manager is great at budgeting, there usually isn't any payroll for overtime. And that gets extremely frustrating, because your'e expected to get all these projects done, while not being given the time to do them. I think the most enjoyable part of the job is the opportunity to be creative. I personal...more
Framer | Montgomery, AL | Jan 13, 2019
Management at store level
Several years ago I asked the then manager to be considered for a full time position as a department head in a different department to include assistant manager, the managers response was "all right". Some 5 weeks later a new assistant was appointed without me being told that a position was open. A year or so later the Framing Manager became open and I and another person was told that the District Manager would come and interview us, didn't happen. Two or three days later we are told that they had hired somebody from a different store. It appeared the "good ol' boy" network was working. During this period I also had my National Guard duties and a deployment. Let's move to more recent times and a new manager. I retired from the military a year ago. During that time the new Framing Manager has scheduled themselves to close once! This same individual is constanly on their cell phone, downplays their mistakes, emphasizes others, etc. An assistant manager position became open, I asked the manager how to let someone know I was interested, the response was "You just did." Sure enough, a couple of weeks later someone was hired from another store. Hobby Lobby has the right to hire whomever they want to for their leadership positions, but the lack of courtesy displayed for employees that want to move up, or disregarding employees that aren't doing their jobs causing others to pick up their slack leads to a less than desirable work atmosphere. Hobby Lobby as a company is a great compan...more
ConsSee review
Department Head | Rock Hill, SC | May 27, 2019
Caring work family and great benefits
You usually start part time and can work your way into full time should a position open up. It's very difficult to go farther because there are a limited number of assistant managers and store managers are recruited by the corporate office. Department heads have a lot of responsibility- must maintain the cleanliness of their departments, order the items, stock the items, recover before leaving every day, and update back tags- all while performing other tasks such as pushing out seasonal items and running a register as a backup cashier. The work environment is amazing! The employees welcomed me with open arms and we have numerous "potluck" lunches to for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and people moving on to better things. A lot of the employees even hang out outside of work. The managers are willing to work with you for family emergencies and extraneous circumstances, helping shift your schedule and applying PPTO. The benefits for full time employees are amazing! The insurance offered covers a lot of things, including dental, and I was able to add my spouse to the plan. Whenever I need help with insurance, I'm always able to call and speak to a representative specifically for our company with the insurance. Cuts down on the waiting time on hold. Altogether, working here is a great job with great benefits but you have to be willing to work hard and stay late sometimes to get the job done. You're not going to get a lot of overtime working here, but you can make so...more
ProsBenefits, Good Environment, Flexible
ConsStay late, hard to get into management
Framer | Novi, MI | Mar 6, 2020
Poor management
The main reason I accepted the part time framing position and the low pay is because I was told that I would be moved to full time after working there for a few months, which never happened. The year I was there, only 2 people were moved to full time. The way they keep you there is by saying that if you do “a little better” then in a few months we will talk again. As soon as you make the tiniest mistake, it starts all over again. When I first started working at Hobby Lobby, the manager made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal to request time off. The only thing is that it has to be three weeks in advance. There is also no extra pay for working on holidays. There was no communication with management unless you did something wrong which came without a warning. You will be asked to come in on your days off regularly, and they will schedule you to work most Saturdays, which they tell you they won’t do. There is a high turnover, so they have to hire new cashiers all the time. The whole store organization doesn’t make sense and there is no labeling or signs for the departments so you are constantly showing customers where things are and it’s hard to get anything done. The company is old fashioned when it comes to keeping up with technology which makes it extremely hard on the employees who have to run around and find items in the store and hope there is a price sticker on it. They don’t use scanners. Their only saving grace is the other employees who work there. Everyone is great ...more

Questions And Answers about Hobby Lobby

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Hobby Lobby a better place to work?
Asked Aug 28, 2018
Pay part-timers more
Answered Mar 10, 2020
The district manager would be taught to listen to the employees, cause the one we have is really rude. Have anonymous survey for employees..also fire the manager is taking pictures of employees without their knowledge..he have a manager that does that at our store
Answered Mar 6, 2020
What is the policy of how late can the managers keep you at work?
Asked Jul 14, 2016
At my store in Tennessee, we cannot be kept past 11:59 due to an incident where employees were kept after 1am and had to be back as early as 6-7am the next morning, which did not settle well with upper management.( which seems ridiculous to be there almost 6 hours after closing with no breaks or lunches, especially for those that only got a 15 minute break to begin with) If you are under 18, it is against the law to be out on the road after 10pm, or at least in TN. So there is also that. Our managers will get in big time trouble if a minor clocks out at even 10:01! Hope this helps!
Answered Oct 27, 2019
The latest I've stayed is 1am. November to December it's not uncommon to stay until 11pm.
Answered Oct 18, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Hobby Lobby?
Asked Aug 2, 2018
Be aware that the ads for employment are generally misleading. After taking a math test, and sitting for over an hour I was finally interviewed. The interviewer read off a list of canned questions. It was only at the end of the interview that it was revealed that they are only looking for temporary set up people at this time. Several people sitting close enough to hear got up and left. We talked outside and they felt the same way. Misleading.
Answered Feb 25, 2020
Don’t be nervous and bring your best. This is an entry level job and the interview will be no sweat!
Answered Feb 25, 2020
"What is the company culture like?"
Asked May 1, 2016
I have personally talked to these Hobby lobby drivers. Never not one time have I found a happy one. No joking. Most are miserable.
Answered Mar 1, 2019
In my experience the challenges you face frequently will be rude customers, customer theft, limited hours of work days through out the week, one day training as cashier, memorizing sales ads for that week, having to manually type prices or sales into the machine making lines back up and customers get angry on their wait, and staying long time after hours in prepping for store the next day when the store is messy. As far as the perks and great things about this job in my experience I love working with a team of people all goal oriented and who are fun to work with, customers that were nice and thanked us for our services, manager is very understanding when it came to sick days and or vacation times and ever task that is asked of you is simple and easy to learn with time.
Answered Feb 12, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Hobby Lobby?
Asked Jun 14, 2016
62% of businesses have invested in preventing workplace harassment and bullying. This is not one of them. Not only does the culture promote bullying, you will not last if you refuse to join in. This company has so much potential with the growth it is experiencing but it refuses to adapt to the 21st century and relize that it is an employee market and not an employers market. The turnover in management says it all
Answered Sep 20, 2019
Some stores are great to work at, others not. It all seems to be dependent on the store manager. Lack of leadership, favoritism, being reactive instead of proactive, NO advancement opportunity, go to making this store not the best place to work. A lot of people would leave if they couls afford it.
Answered Jan 28, 2019