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Overall Reviews at Holiday Inn

Housekeeper | Saratoga Springs, NY | Sep 26, 2019
Avoid like the plague
Work/Life Balance - It's a typical 9 to 5 job. Hours get cut when business slows down. Days off may vary unless you have it worked out before hiring. Compensation/Benefits: The hotel was just bought and the new owners wasted no time slashing benefits. Instead of guaranteed time off, It takes about a month and a half of full-time work in order to work up enough hours to get a day off. I've seen other stuff slashed across the board as well (Supplies being taken out of rooms, Constantly low on supplies we need because they aren't ordering it). Pretty much anyway to cut corners, they will do it. And not a single one of us has seen a raiser and I honestly don't expect one either. Job Security/Advancement: There is no advancement. They play favouritism and generally pick friends to promote rather than picking someone who actually works hard and does a good job. As for job security, If you show you are reliable and can actually do the job, You'll have no problems keeping it. Management: You could go to them with any problem and I'd be willing to bet money that it gets ignored. They don't care until it gets them in trouble. Then they will step up and say hey, this problem that you brought to my attention a dozen times is now an issue because I got yelled at for it. It's a freaking joke. Job Culture: With new owners comes new responsibilities. They expect everyone to go above and beyond despite slashing benefits and giving no raises. Kind of hard to care when they pay a fr...more
Receptionist | Manhattan, KS | Nov 16, 2018
Poor New Management
The hotel has had some recent renovations and the renovations are on-going which is improving the property overall. The owners of the property are absolutely fantastic and they would often stop by and interact with staff which makes you feel at home. Original management was strong and respected. New turnover in management was handled poorly. Existing policies were done away with that had been effective in creating a strong group of employees that got work done efficiently. Encouraging team members to have more confidence and a more outgoing attitude in a front of house, first impression, face of the company position was discouraged because everyone does things differently. Several team members thoroughly disrespected the dress code, handbook, and general rules. New management stayed behind the scenes choosing to lead by electronic communication rather than leading by example. Previous management led the team by being a part of the team and understood the needs and struggles of the job because they often did the job. The lack of respect for the rules due to poor new management was a common day to day happening. Employees that were hired for specific shifts were shuffled without necessity. Schedules would be sent out, then posted differently or modified and sent back out and employees were expected to find a way to make a way to make the new schedule work. With the previous management I would have said 5 stars but the new management tanked the experience completely in my opinio...more
ProsRegulars are amazing & Meeting new guests was great
ConsPoor New Management
Room Attendant | Johnstown, PA | Mar 7, 2020
Rough place to work.
Terrible pay for the amount of work you do and the amount of stress the supervisors put on you. There is no such thing as work/life balance because there is no set time for you to get off of work, so forget making plans to do anything after work. You could work anything from an 8 hour shift to a 15 hour shift on any given day. It all depends on what is going on in the downtown area and when the supervisors want to relieve you. For a housekeeper, 12-15 hour shifts are hard on your feet, your back, your shoulders. The hotel double books for large events, leaving housekeeping staff to scramble to flip all the rooms in a single day and you're not allowed to leave until they say you're done. They get mad when they have to pitch in and strip rooms because the housekeeping staff is small. No matter how good you are at your job, it doesn't matter because of the room audits. They "have to find something wrong" with the rooms housekeeping cleans. Which leaves you feeling like you're never going to get it right, ever. They have unrealistic expectations of what their housekeeping staff can physically achieve in a day. One supervisor gets really nasty when talking to you, the other talks horribly about workers behind their back.They don't communicate very well with their staff at all. The supervisors only concern is their own job security. It's not a very welcoming or comfortable environment to work in. It's actually incredibly stressful and after awhile, it gets really hard to find the m...more
General Manager | Caryville, TN | Sep 24, 2018
Great Work Place
This company is a great place to work. Its can be fast paced so you need to be able to be on your toes when its needed. The customer service here is impeccable as we have won awards for that. We want each guest that stays here to feel like they are the most important person here because really they are. A day in my job consists of answering emails, answering calls and messages. Making sure that we have our team huddle for the day and that we discuss what we need to do in each dept thru the day. Going over my Managers reports and seeing where we are at this year compared to last year. making sure all reviews get answered. Going over in breakfast and speaking to guests, making sure they enjoyed their stay and if something was wrong fixing it and trying to improve where we dropped the ball. I work front desk some days so i have to make sure i balance both and give them the attention they need. I inspect at least 3 rooms per day to make sure that everyone is doing what is needed and the guests will love their room. I want the employees here to be at ease and want to work here and do a great job when they are here. so i would never ask them to do anything that i havent. I include them and ask their opinion on things so that way they feel important and feel like they have a say in some things. Also i believe that is is very important to lead by example. The hardest part of this job is sometimes not feeling like i get everything done that needs to be done in a work day. The best ...more
Prosmeeting new people, having a great team, great workplace enviroment
Consnot every guest leaves happy
Front Desk Agent | Clearwater, FL | Jan 1, 2019
Never work here!
When I first sat down for the interview I felt things were normal, there was a healthy amount of smiles and the usual nervous laughter one may have during an interview. However I was asked if I had any "mental health issues" which impede my work. I said No. Regardless of what the answer is, the person had no right to ask me this. I got the job and found out within the first week, how many times the person interviewing me lied about. They lied about everything there was to the job, even who they were. I was under the impression I was being interviewed by the sales manager, however it was actually the owner of the company. The owner would regularly come after the manager would leave, which was always before 4pm and the owner would make whomever was working sign on to the computer and make multiple changes. This included double booking rooms which were already sold but were unoccupied. The rooms were unoccupied due to the stay being a longer term contract between the hotel and another unnamed group. This other group would constantly run into issues with the hotel due to the manager and owner's constant miscommunication and the owners deliberate actions to claim money in which they wouldn't have to claim to the government. It wasn't long after confronting a manager about this, I was let go from this job. I made attempts to ask why I was just taken off the schedule without any notice, previous written warnings or anything. I still have not received an answer due to th...more
Front Desk Clerk/Night Auditor | Salina, KS | Aug 18, 2019
beautiful hotel but employees were not attentive to all of the customer needs more staff needed to be hired
I was put with boring non comphrehensible employees who had other matters to take care of other then concentrating on their job duties. all where slow paced and non functioning as good employees should be. example when asked a question i would get a sigh then slow yes or no instead of a direct answer with a description. Staff was non supportive. management was also descriptive but never clarified a question which made you have more questions then trying to get things done you couldn't because your question never got answered. the question by the employee needs to be descriptive so that management can make a decision Management also needs to give written notice to the changes being made so that the staff can follow along. everything was designed to make people go crazy because of how the layout was developed. Training that was introduced was for a foreign hotel not an American hotel. the language was not formulated for all to understand. test were not descriptive to follow the right manner for all to learn from. Service at the hotel needed better efficientcy with more class A members. Housekeeping was not understanding the importance of routine cleaning. Training was the worst i have ever seen. Everyone assumed management was going to do it and management assumed that staff was going to do it. Rules were changed but the staff was not informed of new changes. nothing was written on how to do a step by step procedure.
Front Office Manager | Marlborough, MA | Jun 8, 2019
No Teamwork and No appreciation for guests
* Lack of amenities for guests. Small business center, pool that needs repairs, gym that needs updating and always smells bad, restaurant that does not have breakfast included for guests unless they choose to have it included(this is very confusing for the guest and provides many bad guest reviews) Hotel is in need of repairs and condition is getting worse. Work hours: I had worked for up to a month straight..multiple times. This was never appreciated or recognized. Being salary, I felt as though I was being taken advantage of. While that may be, had I just been thanked for the time that was being put in I would have not been so upset about the situation. Most managers were great, but there were a few that do not communicate well with other managers and creates hostility and separation in departments. Grown middle aged people, acting like toddlers. Our jobs as managers are to collaborate and show leadership, this does not stand true for some. Culture is based around revenue. Guest experience seems to not matter to all managers at hotel or the owners. The guest should be focus. There is no incentive for our guests other than their welcome to the hotel and hopeful followup call after check in(not being staffed enough causes welcome calls to not be done) Regarding my own job responsibilities; stressful but rewarding. IF you can appreciate and respect your team members they will work hard for you. Enjoy my job and having a leadership role. A fore mentioned it...more
Receptionist | Hanover, MD | Oct 31, 2019
It was...interesting
giving this place 3 stars because of my co-workers and my experiences-otherwise a 2 or 2.5 would be more accurate. working here i learned a lot about people (both customers and staff), which even though it was tough sometimes i feel as though i grew as a person and i thank this job for that. other than that working there longer than 6 months-1 year is a waste of life. if you end up working here i recommend you learn as much as possible and go to a better hotel to work. NO benefits! Low pay! when you are unhappy about things at work they will give you pizza and wings and call it a day instead for working with a valuable employee. do not expect much fair advancement-all about politics not about the work you do. have a degree in this field and worked there for years, got along with everyone including most customers, knew my work inside and out and they "we were extremely disappointed" that i asked for a raise!?? really? Not a lot of work life balance ( had to miss a lot of weddings, reunions, baby showers etc.), thought it would be worth it:( again, if you are just looking for extra cash, kinda easy job (you will have tough weeks though), cool co-workers and do not care or testing the waters in the hotel industry. apply...but if your like me, hard working, really care about having a career in the hotel industry do NOT stay longer than 1 year unless the offer you something worthwhile (which they won't). use this place for the experience and get out of dodge! there are MUCH MUCH M...more
Front Desk Agent | Michigan | Jan 3, 2020
They expect everything and offer nothing.
I worked for Holiday Inn for over 9 years. I do not recommend it despite the length of time I worked there. It took me a long time to get out of this industry as I thought I could make it a career. You only move up if someone dies or quits. Expect to be able to work all 3 shifts in a week, work doubles with no or little notice, do not expect raises or any sort of vacation time. They expect the world for minimum wage. There are no benefits (other than a possible lousy discount at other Holiday Inn's). Guests are often abusive and threatening because they know if they do that they'll get whatever they want as a bribe to not call corporate and complain because the Heartbeat scores are everything. Guests often lie to management and corporate especially with post stay surveys. Jobs are threatened and the guest rear end cycle begins anew. Corporate demands more and more every month. The corporate culture is "You have no personal or professional problems, only the guests and their problems matter." This is an industry that does not care about it's employees one bit. I honestly don't know how this industry keeps operating. It's exploitative of employees and heartless. They want heads in beds and nothing else. It's so bad it doesn't matter if that guest threatened to stab you the night before, the guests are welcomed back every time with open arms. It is not an healthy physical or mental environment. I wasted many years in this industry, don't make my mistake.
Front Desk Agent | Stillwater, OK | Jun 21, 2019
Toxic work environment, poor management.
I worked at a Holiday Inn & Suites as a Front Desk Rep. Froml the beginning the place was a mess. The day I started, the GM & Sales Manager were fired & they left the place in shambles. There was no consistent training at all, I just got told to follow the steps in a notebook. The new GM was a tyrant, who had favorites that she doted on, leaving everyone else to figure out things themselves. There were never enough housekeepers, the head housekeeper was completely unprofessional and later got fired for getting all the housekeepers to quit one day, in order to protest the treatment that the head housekeeper was getting! So, the rooms were never ready by check-in, and they were not cleaned to standard. This caused everyone a lot of stress, customers were often angry & they would take it out on the front desk. The managers would come and go as pleased, when they were there, they refused to take phone calls or help deal with guests who requested to speak to them. Everyday was a nightmare because you never knew what you would be walking into & nobody took responsibility for anything or offered to help. I would never consider working in hospitality again. To sum it up, the job, managers & staff were unprofessional, toxic people, the pay was poor, there were no benefits & no training.
ProsMeeting interesting guests was fun
ConsNo breaks, must stand all shift, outdated & difficult computer system

Questions And Answers about Holiday Inn

How did you get your first interview at Holiday Inn?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
I got the job by filling an application out and then the GM at the time asked one question, can you start tomorrow. Of course I said yes. I was there for five years, started out housekeeping and promoted my way up to AGM after 5years. I loved it for the first few years, when the GMs actually cared and were leaders. But the last 2 years were awful when a corporate management compliant took over and only cared about numbers and not the people.
Answered Oct 18, 2019
Applied through Indeed, was called in for an interview within days. Had one interview that week that entailed speaking with the AGM and GM. Was called with job offer same day. They were very eager to have me start within the next day or two, despite knowing that it was not possible for me. I should have paid more attention to their desperate manner.
Answered Sep 10, 2019
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Holiday Inn?
Asked Nov 7, 2016
Cut hrs down to 25- 30 per week.
Answered Sep 10, 2019
60-65 hours a week.
Answered Sep 7, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Holiday Inn?
Asked Nov 7, 2016
At my location, it was dealing with unstable & unhelpful management, constantly being short-staffed and working at ‘scramble to get the basic job done’ level. Having an inconsistent schedule given to you at the last minute possible every week. Being thrown into your position with little to no formal training. All this led to problems that affected the guests satisfaction, so employees were constantly trying to put out fires while completing their daily duties, without any help from management. No recognition for good work, only criticism.
Answered Sep 10, 2019
Coworkers had consistent no call no shows
Answered Jul 20, 2019
How often do raises occur at Holiday Inn?
Asked Oct 4, 2016
RARE been there 3 years and haven’t reached a dollar over my starting pay
Answered Mar 20, 2019
Every six months
Answered Mar 13, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Holiday Inn about how to improve it?
Asked Jan 5, 2017
I would make sure that the GM and AGM were actually qualified and not glorified dictators. I would also have a qualified maintenance person that could actually do things instead of “putting a bandaid on things “. Also, I would do a thorough background check on all employees. Along with a drug test. Also, uniforms are a must and should be provided at no cost to employees.
Answered Dec 20, 2019
In rural areas like South Carolina and Georgia pay your staff members more. I know some housekeepers and front desk who've backed their companies for over a decade and still making below $12 an hour.
Answered Oct 23, 2019