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Overall Reviews at Honda

Customer Service Representative | Decatur, AL | Dec 3, 2019
Good company
Very good place to work. The main problem is being on pure commission. Rich for one week, broke the other three weeks out of a month. But that's the car biz
Mechanical Engineer | East Liberty, OH | Jun 22, 2018
just a job not a career
limited growth opportunities, with ever changing roles and responsibilities. a good place to start your career, but don't stay too long. work hours are way to long.
Prosthe people are good
Consperformance is based on how well people like you
Service Coordinator | Roswell, GA | May 9, 2019
Productive Service Department Free lunch on Saturday
The staff is wonderful from the Director of Operations to the valet personnel.The only concern is promoting within the company something they really don't do.Employees that have work there at least should have 1st priority to open positions. Business needs are important as well, it is a changing environment.
ProsFree Lunches every Saturday
ConsPromote with in company
Training Specialist | Torrance, CA | Feb 18, 2020
Productive, Bilingual (English & Spanish) required, fun, learning experience
I enjoyed my position at American Honda Export Technical Training Department. I obtained and learned another field I was not familiar with. I was a contractor thru an agency and left due to no growth opportunity to join American Honda as an associate. I applied for jobs I qualified for and never received a response from HR. I was not able to get a raise in over 21/2 years. i had to move on.
ProsRelaxed environment
ConsNo room for growth as a contractor
Systems Project Manager | Torrance, CA | Jan 27, 2020
Fast-moving, diverse IT structure
Too many cliques within the management structure but a very good place to work, I enjoyed my time there but worked under a managerial tyrant who was counting down to retirement and had no desire to develop his direct reports. There were some knowledgeable, innovative people within the company and I'm proud to have worked there. But the company underwent a massive culture change around 2008 due to an unwritten rule that the associates offloaded all work onto the large contractor workforce onsite. This culture change forced early retirement on many laggards who were just taking up space. I was able to expand my technical knowledge while at Honda being a consultant and I'm grateful for the opportunity.
Retail Sales Associate | Tacoma, WA | Aug 28, 2019
Fun work place
Have stressful busy times and then there are relaxed calm days. Just depends on the Month of the year it is. Honda usually stays very busy!!! Your on the go and moving alot. Not much time for sitting down.
ProsGreat Pay if its busy
ConsWork life balance and pay can be harsh
Service Associate | Lincoln, AL | Feb 11, 2019
Good place
Good place to work and make good money and to build a career really not had work just about getting your his completed and Moving on it can be stressful but overall ok job
Inventory Specialist | Bremen, GA | Jun 4, 2018
No Room for Advancement
I feel I have maxed out my potential at Honda I would love to grow, and train in various areas. While the people are friendly only certain ones advance.
ProsPaid weekly
Team Coordinator | Greensburg, IN | Feb 29, 2020
A good company overall
Honda has its own culture that recognizes the virtues of diversity and inclusion. That said, the factory is in a small town and has a large number of local employees who "don't recognize the virtues of diversity and inclusion." This is most apparent in floor management. Pay and benefits are good, though it takes 5 years to reach full pay rate.
ProsGreat healthcare and paid shutdown time
ConsHuman Resources department treats employees like disposable drones
Assembler | Lincoln, AL | Jan 2, 2020
You can make a lot of money
You can make a lot of money working for Honda with good benefits but you absolutely will not have a life and if you ever want to advance you got to be in the click. After 5 years your body will start breaking down and after 10 years they will start looking for a reason to get rid of you so I don't have to pay you the good benefits anymore

Questions And Answers about Honda

How do you feel about going to work each day at Honda?
Asked Jan 22, 2017
When going to honda i feel likev crooks treat employees horrible...cheat customers and salesman.. ended up getting sick with depression..diabetes..prostate..and they fired me because i was sick...nice family dealership...disgusting...Honda cars boston..Everett ma.
Answered Aug 13, 2019
My dealership leaders suck but I guess I like selling cars and it close to home so I stay other then ask the salesman before going to apply how work is.
Answered May 20, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Honda? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
The process of getting hire was not too long. The interview is a lot harder to by pass the managers.
Answered Oct 24, 2018
Depends on the individual and their performance. Also what job your doing, contractors for maintenance 6 months. Must have a 2yr degree or 5 plus years work experience that can be validated. Production workers through a temp service 1-2 years and both of these are based strongly and stringently on attendance, performance, quality of work which I can't emphasize enough.
Answered Sep 20, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Honda a better place to work?
Asked Jan 27, 2018
I would hire from outside the upper management from other car companies they are stuck in a rut this is the way we have done it for 35 years no need to change the management team needs to inspire the associates instead of putting more checklists and paperwork to do their jobs its not just the bottom line.
Answered May 28, 2019
I would focus on associate development, to allow associates with all the tools and knowledge about the company to be successful.
Answered Mar 6, 2019
How long does it take when hired in as a temporary to a permanent status.
Asked Dec 27, 2016
Its literally a lottery. They randomly "pull names out of a hat", so to speak. Unless, of course,you have "connections " . We had a person in the area next to mine who had been there 15 years as a temp.
Answered Mar 13, 2019
It usually takes 2 years to get a permanent job
Answered Oct 15, 2018
What benefits does Honda offer?
Asked Jan 4, 2017
Dental insurance 401k plan health insurance
Answered Mar 22, 2019
Amazing health benefits
Answered Dec 18, 2018