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Overall Reviews at Honeywell

Executive Assistant to Vice President | Golden Valley, MN | Feb 15, 2020
Very supportive environment
Great place at the time to work! The people were great to work with and there was respect for all people. The working conditions needed improvement but the people made up for any defects.
Technical Program Manager | Boyne City, MI | Jan 5, 2020
Terrible Culture
Where careers go to die. DO NOT WORK HERE! You will eventually want to cut yourself and bleed out. Very bad culture to work in and top management is terrible
Senior System Engineer | Tucson, AZ | Oct 16, 2019
Bad idea
No staff meeting whatsoever. Processes are undocumented but kept in the heads of a few who are rude. No job training. You need to guess. Hardware testing is so badly written it gets hopped around like a hot potato since the execution keeps failing. Component calibration or calibration check prior to a flight is non-existent. No FDA presence. Today I am terrified to fly
Machine Operator | Chester, VA | Nov 14, 2019
Postitive fun good learning experience
Productive very competitive, the work place and people were team players a lot of positive engery the ability to train others and become a good leader
Certified Trainer | Louisville, KY | Nov 23, 2019
Operation Support
I learned so much working for Honeywell. Great work place, friendly people and management was very compassionate and empathetic to associates. I'm military spouse so I wasn't looking forward to to moved.
Digital Marketer | Morris Plains, NJ | Jan 21, 2020
Excellent Company
Working at Honeywell is an all consuming experience. Not for the faint fo heart. This is a global firm and be prepared to take calls from home in the evenings and weekends.
Production Supervisor | South Bend, IN | Jan 18, 2020
Terrible work enviornment
Little to no help from upper management in running your department. UAW workers are disrespectful, combative, and have extremely poor work ethic. Conditions are filthy and the hours are extremely long. I sincerely recommend that you do not work here.
Financial Controller | Aguadilla, PR | Oct 10, 2019
Excellent and professional co-workers and management in general
Great place to work. Good balance of challenges vs support. Great professionalism and overall culture. Benefits are very attractive too. Would definitely consider going back.
Assembly Technician | Clearwater, FL | Mar 31, 2020
Great work life balance
I am going through some tough times, and they have worked with me tremendously. I am eternally grateful for the flexibility. There is no way I could have done it working for a company that doesn't value its workers the way this one does.
Senior Manufacturing Engineer | Richardson, TX | Mar 13, 2020
Great Place to Work and Learn
Blessed to work with great minds who were always eager to cooperate to get the job done and make improvements. It made me eager to return to work every Monday, and motivated me to make things better for anyone my actions touched.

Questions And Answers about Honeywell

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Honeywell a better place to work?
Asked Feb 21, 2018
Fire all supervisors and replace with leads.
Answered Feb 28, 2020
Pay your suppliers on time. Invest in your trained staff. A system that drives away customers and great workers. They would rather just have "Bodies" doing repetitive work. Too many useless meetings They use their laborers to do administration duties keeping them from "Manufacturing" products. "Organized Chaos" Way to many planners. Loosing orders and customers daily
Answered Jan 30, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Honeywell?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Everything revolve around corporate dollar.Meeting daily, weekly and Monthly and yearly goals while losing customers and not attracting any new customers to fill the shoes of the lost customers in the meantime making the employees of certain divisions to be the money maker with no support of the sales department. Requiring the workforce to work 10 to 12 hours a day plus weekends and if you ask for the time off if it is mandatory you are required to use pto or vacation time even on weekend days or you get written up and told you can lose your job if you accumulate your points in the year. Also supervisors and upper management refused to work anymore than 40 to 45 hours was like a dictatorship no respect to the employees doing the work all about the corporate dollar.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Fear culture plain and simple. Your boss lives in fear of their boss and it cascades up. You’re micromanaged to death where you start to question your own abilities. It’s not a performance driven culture by a long shot. CEO makes statements about hating NJ on open calls.
Answered Jan 21, 2020
How were you notified of job offer (phone call, email)?
Asked Aug 24, 2016
After interview I sent email thanking for interview. Recruiter responded that they will get back with me and never did. A simple yes or no would be great. Very unprofessional.
Answered Dec 31, 2019
Email if you call the plant they would not give you a answer
Answered Jul 27, 2019
What benefits does Honeywell offer?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Nothing till you get hired ...they make temps work a lot save them on ot pay for full time people
Answered Jul 27, 2019
2 weeks vacation, and terrible insurance (High Deductible Health Plan). High premiums, high deductibles, and at the last employee survey, only 38% had anything positive to say about the insurance plan. The reply from HR was that Honeywell was "leading the way" in these rates and coverages, and other F100 companies were following. So, they think they are right by not providing good insurance. And, the employees hate it. Most use their spouses insurance to stay off of the Honeywell plan, but that's not an option for everyone.
Answered Aug 3, 2017
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Honeywell?
Asked Jun 1, 2018
Depends but is mostly 10 to 12 hours plus 8 to 10 on Saturdays some months was mandatory 12 hours a day for 6 days (Monday thru Saturday) and Sunday every other 8 hours. Some days even went to 13 or 14 hours because management refused to come in early and ended up doing meetings late after time off and waiting around for management to appear and do the meetings.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
10-12 a day and the expectation is that you are available on weekends and on vacation
Answered Oct 3, 2019