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Overall Reviews at Hooters

Server | Melrose Park, IL | Aug 15, 2019
Fast paced and fun environment to work in!
I learned a lot on how to be efficient with time managing and my communication skills improved DRASTICALLY! The hardest part of the job was standing on your feet the whole shift.
Fry Cook | Arlington, TX | May 18, 2019
it was ok
it was OK i had the job temporarily and had fun while it lasted,i wouldn't recommend the job unless you are looking for a temporary job or are looking to become a manager.
Construction Superintendent | Atlanta, GA | Dec 6, 2018
Fun and lively pace to work
This employer is great for young people looking to learn in a fun environment while earning a good living. Overall its a respected company with good values.
Customer Service Representative | Slidell, LA | May 9, 2018
Very stressful, poorly managed, coworkers were the only reason I stayed
A typical day was never typical. There was constant drama and inconsistency among management, an extreme amount of favoritism, just a total mess. Management was disrespectful
Bartender | Tampa, FL | Mar 24, 2020
Easy job to earn money
The staff was super friendly and made it enjoyable to come in. Making money is easy however you need to have great customer service skills, as well as a great attitude.
Promotional Manager | Midlothian, VA | Jul 29, 2019
Fun, up-beat work environment
Face-paced, fun work environment. Ability to make good money in tips. No paid time off and calling in sick is very frowned upon. Not a good job if you have a family. The quality of management can be questionable.
Cashier | Lawrenceville, GA | Jun 3, 2018
Fun environment
Make good money but you do have to put in effort to make good money. Great atmosphere and great customers. You have chances to move up in the company and have the opportunity to travel.
Assistant Manager | Toledo, OH | Jun 9, 2019
Hooters makes you happy!!!
From the moment you open the door to the moment it is closed for the evening, it is never a dull moment. Sports bar environment with beautiful waitresses and amazing food. We air special sporting events not offered on normal cable, big draw for UFC fanatics.
Prosgreat food, fun atmosphere
Conslate hours, sometimes slow lulls during the week
Bartender | Los Angeles, CA | May 21, 2019
I love hooters.
I have nothing negative to say about Hooters as a company, however, the clientele wasn't ideal. Hooters is hands down, the best, most amazing job I have ever had because you weren't just a server or a bartender, you were also a promo model and you would be paid to go to events across Southern California and promote Hooters. I went to Comic-Con, the X-Games, in Los Angeles for free, just to stand there and look pretty and take pictures with guests. I went to golf tournaments, I participated in Bikini contests and was even given the opportunity to apply for a month in the Hooters Calendar. It was high-paced, great money, and fun to work at. The only downfall I will say, was having to accept the fact you were being looked at as a piece of meat for your entire shift. Men were the dominating clientele there, and some weren't very nice to you. They treated you like a piece of meat and you kind of had to swallow your pride and accept it, knowing deep down in your heart that it wasn't true. But once you wear that uniform, you can't tell them otherwise. Another problem I had was the whole make-up ordeal. If you weren't wearing enough make-up or changed your appearance because you gained a few pounds, they'd either tell you to go in the back and put more make up on or suspend you from your position until you lost the weight. However, they have all legality to do so because you're hired as a model, not a server, and you sign a contract agreeing to if you change anything about your a...more
ConsYou are a piece of meat
Certified Trainer | The Woodlands, TX | Oct 17, 2018
Good place to work
There weren't any benefits, but the pay was good until management changed! I liked the uniform and the management makes a good effort to make sure you are comfortable, and no creepy customers hit on you.
Prosfun work environment, discounted food
Consno benefits

Questions And Answers about Hooters

What happens after your second interview with the general manager?
Asked Jun 21, 2017
I was hired on the spot as well but left that place like It was on fire! Disgusting
Answered Dec 23, 2018
I was hired on the spot
Answered Aug 11, 2017
What is the dress code like?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
Hooters girls wear Monday, wed, Thursday, sat, Sunday orange and white. Tuesday is a military camp outfit. Friday is black uniform. Bartenders always wear black
Answered Feb 6, 2018
Tight short shorts, tight tank top, nude tights, white high socks, and white sneakers
Answered Jan 2, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Hooters a better place to work?
Asked Feb 6, 2018
Give the control back to the management
Answered Jan 3, 2020
Change Happy Hours.
Answered Dec 11, 2019
How old do you have to be? Is this a 18 or older job.
Asked Oct 13, 2016
18 to work there. 21 to bartender depending on state laws
Answered Feb 6, 2018
You have to be 18 or older to work in the kitchen 21 or older to work on the bar
Answered Aug 20, 2017
What is the interview process like at Hooters?
Asked Aug 10, 2016
Skill assessment
Answered Oct 11, 2018
In my experience, there are 3 parts. Part one is an assessment. This is to see if you have intrigued & sparked curiosity with the assistant manager. If you pass, he/she will inform you that they will set up an interview with the General Manager. This step is inevitable and occurs when you have come in for an application Mon-Fri between the hours of 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Part two is a called back for an official interview. Smile! Be Confident! Be Yourself! I know this sounds cliche but this goes along way. If you are successful, you will be asked about coming back again at a certain time. This is great news as it means you've got the job, but there is just one more thing they want to check before verbally telling you... Part three. Congrats, you've made it! Now it's time to try on the uniform to see if you're comfortable in it. If you are, then take a celebratory selfie, because you're a Hooters Girl! NOW remember this is my personal experience. Sometimes girls get the jackpot and get hired on the spot. I'd like to believe this happens when locations are in high demand, but who really knows. I hope this was helpful! Good Luck!
Answered Sep 25, 2017