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Overall Reviews at IBM

Human Resources Business Partner | United States | Dec 18, 2019
The people at IBM are great!
The people at IBM are enjoyable to work with and within the IBM Technical Community you will find an underlying passion for the work done that would be difficult to match elsewhere.
Head of Project Management | West Virginia | Oct 12, 2019
Great environment to work
IBM has a culture of innovation, collaboration, diversity, and integrity. Awesome benefits and company events often. I actually like this company, but the compensation is horrible for a global company.
Senior Operations Manager | Cambridge, MA | Jan 2, 2020
I was hired in 1990 and had excellent career advancement over the years
I lead large global engineering and IT organizations. IBM has great people and culture as well as great benefits. There is a very big focus on diversity in addition to keeping skills current. IBM is a great company to work at.
Identity Manager | Columbia, MO | Nov 12, 2019
The ping pong table is not worth it
High paced stressful environment where scope creep is chronic and outdated management fight new rising business practices. Train you to be AGILE, but implementation is against policy.
Operations Associate | Raleigh, NC | Jan 13, 2020
Great Manager who created an environment conducive to learning and success of the team members
I had a great department to be a part of. Great team work. IBM culture, however, often leaves employees fearful of layoffs. There is not a sense of security among the employees. My manager did an excellent job of helping to ease those fears and making sure every employee was recognized, and appreciated.
Program Director | Research Triangle Park, NC | Dec 20, 2019
Great Environment
IBM is a great place to work. I had great managers who were very good mentors. IBM was dedicated to making sure their employees got educational training to keep their skills up.
Sales Leader | Houston, TX | Oct 6, 2019
Review Summary
IBM is a place of constant change and growth. You need to manage your career there and it is a bit like running for an office at the same time you are doing your job... It is very important to network.
Delivery Manager | Minneapolis, MN | Mar 31, 2020
It is a strong and has tons of wonderful people both Global and Local whom work for them.
It was a interesting, educational sharing and most worked well as a team to achieve common goals for our Clients and interests for us for our careers.
Systems Administrator | Dubuque, IA | Dec 29, 2019
Computer environment
Location relevant pay and above average benefits. Team environment aids to improve performance. Interactive employee events are common. Positive community outreach programs.
Global Project Manager | New York, NY | Jan 16, 2020
Excellent people
Work culture is collaborative and energetic. Client base is undeserved to to lack of available resources. Brand growth has unfortunately not kept pace or matured in line with competitive landscape

Questions And Answers about IBM

On average, how many hours do you work a day at IBM?
Asked Jan 10, 2017
It depends. On the days leading up to a go-live or just after during hypercare during and after a major rollout, you may work a lot more hours than usual. But, in my experience, on average 10 hours/day is about right. However, if traveling to work, Friday and Monday may be less but usually not less than 8 hours per day, regardless of when your work day starts. But, your PM is often happy to make those decisions for you. No stress!
Answered Jul 28, 2019
I worked 8 hours per day.
Answered Feb 20, 2019
Why did you leave your job at IBM?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
The contract ended.
Answered Feb 20, 2019
Growing my career sacirty
Answered Jul 23, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at IBM? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
I started 2 weeks after my interview
Answered Aug 8, 2018
3 interviews
Answered Jun 8, 2018
How often do raises occur at IBM?
Asked Jan 23, 2017
You must have review each year, and then compared objective between results and targets ... you range was 3 .. perhaps 2 % and up to objectives or big promotion with 10 % ... in this case your performance is 2 or excellent 1! ... big facturation scoring or new contracts status 3 passed over 2 in a sale times ... or suggestion with big interest by the company status ... security 🚨 or new system intelligent response ! Yet by the way ...
Answered Apr 21, 2018
I was raise one a year ! And all year since 13 years ago ... great satisfaction between my staff and objectives ... I been moved 6 times
Answered Apr 21, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at IBM?
Asked Jan 10, 2017
Are you a drone who can blindly follow upper management directives despite the fact that you know they are immoral? Do you mind if we don't give you a raise year after year? Are you happy with no bonuses.
Answered Nov 19, 2018
Basic call center questions
Answered May 27, 2018