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3.7Work-Life Balance
2.9Pay & Benefits
3.1Job Security & Advancement
Chicago Illinois, United States
11 to 50
$5M to $25M (USD)

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IGA Reviews

Overall Reviews at IGA

Agente telefónico/a | Zona, WV | Feb 9, 2020
Esta institución IGA es una empresa muy responsable y cuidadosa en lo que es el material con el que se trabaja.
En IGA, he aprendido mucho sobre nueva experiencia y el puesto que obtuve. Me he esforzado mucho por poner en práctica lo que he estudiado y lo que me han enseñado.
Gas Station Attendant | Glasgow, KY | Feb 28, 2020
They are no longer there it is a shell now. Learned how to deal with customers and inventory along with stocking and counting your drawer and depositing money. Being able to deal with the customers who were escalated or how to form a calm environment
Cashier | United States | Feb 25, 2020
Typical day at work
It was a decent job. The money was not the greatest but they worked with my schedule. They was all so friendly. The management was friendly and was not rude at all.
Supervisor/a | Chula Vista, CA | Jun 6, 2018
No recomiendo trabajar en IGA
No tienen nada de beneficios explotan a los trabajadores
ConsExplotan a los trabajadores
Closer | Clay City, KY | Dec 28, 2019
Not Recommended.
This company is a joke. If you enjoy horrible managers that have been there for 30+ years and think they are the most wonderful thing in the world because they’ve set a world record for how long they’re willing to make minimum wage, this may be the place for you.
Lead Cashier | Wendell, NC | Mar 11, 2020
Productive and fun place to work
This place is no longer in business. However when i was there it was a fun and exciting place to work. There was never a dull moment and you always met someone knew.
Deli Associate | Shelter Island, NY | Jul 16, 2019
It was great summer experience for me. When I was working IGA ı got a lot of experiences about other culture. I got cook and present experiences. I had beed preparing all kind of sandwiches in Deli. I was so enjoyable.
Cashier | Florence, SC | Apr 14, 2020
Kjs Market
Great work environment. I only got to experience some of it in my high school years but overall what i did experience while working there was a great & unforgettable opportunity.
Cashier | Versailles, IN | Feb 4, 2020
The people there are very nice and understanding.
A typical day at work would be fairly busy. I learned how to work the cash register. The management is very nice and understanding. They are very accepting of other cultures.
Manager | Dublin, PA | Jan 26, 2020
Laid back, a good job for someone with little experience.
IGA was my first real job where others started to depend on me to perform to the best of my ability. As a manager I had to watch over cashiers and provide customer service. Occasionally I would be called upon to help other employees with their tasks if a rush of customers was in progress. After leaving IGA when it came time for me to leave home for school, I retained fond memories of this work place and when I am home I have no problem stopping in to say hello to former co-workers.

Questions And Answers about IGA

Do you have to take a drug test before working for IGA?
Asked Jun 4, 2017
The iga i work at they drug test me every two weeks and it's in georgia
Answered Dec 9, 2019
In Owensboro Kentucky you have to take a drug test
Answered Apr 29, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at IGA? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Sep 8, 2016
I have to apply three times which took a couple of months before I got a call back. Then you come in sit down with manager he'll ask questions then tell you to bring your license in the next day. The day you bring your license in is the day you get your shirt. Then you have to do three days of training.
Answered Jan 4, 2018
Typically in a week or two. There are no steps really on getting hired. Knowing an employee at the store will help the employment process.
Answered Dec 11, 2017
How did you feel about telling people you worked at IGA?
Asked Oct 13, 2016
I felt good telling people about working at IGA,
Answered Jan 5, 2018
I have no problem with this.
Answered Nov 29, 2017
What benefits does IGA offer?
Asked Aug 25, 2016
You do not get any benefits no longer how long you have worked there.
Answered Jan 4, 2018
There weren't any benefits to working here. Just adding experience to your resume.
Answered Dec 14, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at IGA?
Asked Sep 8, 2016
Do you have any transportation? What is you skills? How many hours are you looking for?
Answered Dec 14, 2017
What position was I looking for?
Answered Nov 29, 2017