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Overall Reviews at IHOP

Host/Server | Dallas, TX | Oct 16, 2018
I don't really recommend it unless you already like serving.
Very fast-paced work environment and a lot of work to do. As a hostess, I had no break and worked from 8 am to roughly 3-4 pm and had to wait for management to let me off. Management was nice and often did their best to work with schedules, having a lot of staff on hand, however you do have to work holidays as a requirement of the job, and weekends. It was a lot of work, more than the current job I have, for less pay and it was difficult to get a raise. Just doesn't cover the cost of living unless you are a server in the early morning or night and can make up your rent in tips. For some reason the cooks at night and during the evening were always very slow and often got orders wrong. All of the really excellent cooks were reserved for morning, however since I had an afternoon-evening shift serving and it was already a sort of slow shift, I went home with maybe 30$ a night because of fairly angry customers who didn't like how long it took to get a simple plate of pancakes. I didn't work night shifts, but I can only imagine that it's still about the same quality. It was so difficult arguing with the cooks. Even though I was evening shift, it would always get busy just before I was able to leave as well, so be prepared to stay way later on your shift than you're expecting, helping out the night shift servers and cleaning up before you leave, standing on your feet for sometimes 8-12 hours at a time. They took away our employee discount the first Christmas I worked...more
ProsThe food is ok, and they are willing to work with your schedule most of the time.
ConsNo employee discount, very stressful long hours of work on your feet with no break, can't leave until a manager allows you to, dealing with unruly customers
Dishwasher | Sierra Vista, AZ | Sep 30, 2019
Stressful, yet it was a learning experience
IHOP is a OK place to work. I did enjoy my co-workers because they are some of the hardest working people that I met I gotten along with them. Typical on a busy day, I mainly stayed where the Dishwasher was at and focused on cleaning dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment (ex. pans, machine parts, etc..) On a slow day, I would be tasked to clean the bathrooms and replace any toiletry items, mop/sweep the floor, and clean the outside of the building. The workplace itself is stressful because it is a restaurant, but there was a stereo that was playing music and the workers often cracked jokes between one another and made it enjoyable. Of course some people were vulgar in language and people smoked outside, but in all it was a OK place. The hardest part of the job is learning to work at a very fast pace, but also being efficient and diligent. Otherwise, dirty dishes will stack up and will not be clean and sanitary. You also have to manage what tasks are more important such as deciding if you should clean a tray full of utensils or focus on getting more plates/bowls cleaned and where you have to put kitchen equipment at. Management was good when I first started, about 4 to 5 months in, there was rumors of an internal conflict between the General Manager and Assistant Manager. It was soon that it became clear that there was a conflict. I was also not making enough money as well since there was multiple times that I was schedule to work only two--four hours a week and would...more
Server | Baton Rouge, LA | Aug 25, 2019
Raw, REAL, review here!! It's basically slave labor, fueled by greed.
I worked at the IHOP in Baton Rouge off College Drive for a whopping $2 a hour. Folks when I say you literally live off of tips I'm not joking. If they don't tip, you won't eat that night. All but three employees (myself included) wanted to do their job correctly (and I definitely understand why because of the pay and extreme work overload) however if another or all the employees do that then it puts to much pressure on the few employees that do try to do their job correctly. Each employee is Required to roll a ENTIRE box (large size) of silverware every. single. day. But you can only do it after you are done with your shift. Sure they pay you the $2/hr to do it but it literally took me 3 hours to finish, along with every other server (that I saw) but one. Myself and pretty much every employee pay this Mexican lady in the kitchen $10 to do it everyday. I was essentially paying IHOP to allow me to fold silverware. The male manager was a nice guy. I also liked a few of the other waitresses but I mostly just felt sorry for them. The ones with the real low self-esteem issues had been there for years putting up with that inequality, financial abuse, and employee abuse. After seeing no change for the better in sight, I quit. After less then a month working there. Best decision I ever made. Ladies and gentlemen you deserve better and deserve to work for a company that does not pay you as if you are a slave! Every good worker deserves equal pay. It's the law. Apparently IHOP has...more
Assistant Manager | Amarillo, TX | Oct 7, 2018
Typical workday was go in at 8pm work till 6am. Review the sales for the day. Food Safety log and set up my position chart for the shift. Coach my team aka Ally Rallys Asst with any employees needs from seating Guest to Serving them their drink orders etc. I learned the tip system. I learned the Fullservice aspect of this industry. I learned how to be a better manager than I was when I first walked into IHOP. Management was Great!! My General Manager taught me everything there is to know about IHOP and about Managing an IHOP so well that I can walk into any IHOP in the World and start Managing it with no training what so ever. At the IHOP in San Antonio I was showing the General Manager how to do inventory because she was new. Great Place..infact the Best Company have ever worked for in my 30yrs in this industry!! Having to leave my family on Thanksgiving and Christmas because you are required to work ALL Holidays But the pay was GREAT I bought my 2012 Challnger on Bonus Checks Alone!! Serving the Guest. That's the reward The guest are the most impotent people in any Restaurant. They are the reason why we are there. The reason we have jobs. If I can wow a guest beyond their expectation and they leave beyond satisfied I get every excited about that. I love people. I have a knack for public relations. More Companies need to be like ACG/TEXAS Their Motto is "Hire Right,Train Right and Treat Right" I love ACG/TEXAS
ProsGreat place to work. Very Professional, Excellent Training and Opportunity for advancement.
ConsRequired to work ALL HOLIDAYS including Thanksgiving and Christmas
Server/Cashier | Clermont, FL | Dec 29, 2018
A cutthroat environment, and constant bickering.
Worst restaurant experience ever. I have worked in MANY restaurants over the years, and in all my years serving and bartending I have never seen the level of child like behavior from restaurant employees, cooks, and managers like I have seen in this particular location. Hired around the holidays probably to pick up "slack" as a normal day (even after three weeks) was a section of two tables. There is a huge lack of respect amongst employees, and perhaps the kitchen plays a huge part in this. The galley is entirely way too small, one drink station, (no space to set drinks once made) and too many employees working on busy days. Many daily cook/food errors contributing to much unnecessary time spent in kitchen, and unnecessary comments made from cooks to servers and vice versa. No hostess working on most days contributes to a free-for-all for tables, employee arguments, and confusion for guests at hostess stand. Hostess and guest walk outs common due to server remarks, and no proper hostess training. My serving trainer was amazing, or I probably would have quit my first week. Another FYI....... I inquired about picking up evening shifts at my interview, and was told each manager only hires for "their" shifts that it would not be possible, and to top EVERYTHING, I received two old used shirts on my hire date.... in ragedy shape.....and neither fit properly. This restaurant at this location is CONSTANTLY hiring because of these issues....no money to be made here, and too mu...more
Prosdiscounted meals
Constoo many to list
Server | Lake Stevens, WA | Apr 6, 2019
Stressful, but it works
I usually don't leave reviews, but I will make an exception. I've worked at the Lake Stevens location since we opened, and at first it was okay. Busy, but manageable. Then one manager quit, and we were given a new one, she quit also, and then we were finally given one last manager. First impression was good, and she's a good person in general, but managing not so much. I was bullied, trash talked, and constantly being pushed to more than I was capable of simply because she could because she's "manager." I would cover two peoples sections, and it still wasn't good enough for her. She clearly has her favorites. Yet other servers wouldn't even do their side work, roll silverware, or clean tables and they would get a "free to go" pass and never be confronted. Yet when I do all my work, I'm always expected of much more, and I can't even catch a break. Speaking of breaks, I didn't get those either. My manager would get mad at me for not taking my breaks, and I would reply with the fact that I wasn't able to because I was continued to be sat tables and told not to leave until they were finished. The whole restaurant is a mess, we have a 68% overall rating. Nothing is organized, we don't have enough cooks to handle a Saturday morning because they all quit. It was good at first, but clearly something went wrong, and I'm not going to be involved in that. Oh side note, I was forced to use a payroll card to receive my paychecks on, and when I confronted the manager if that was even...more
ProsNot much
Host/Hostess | Miller, SD | Jul 23, 2019
At work was always good, I had my days but the overall experience of just working and being with people that i like working with was great. Having this job taught me people skills and team work skills, I’m so use to being independent and working with myself that I learned how to work with a team and work on people skills. The management there was great for the first year I got hired in and then one of our managers left and the management just got out of control but overall I like working, I was happy for the most part even though I had my days my coworkers still gave me support. The culture there was different but I liked working with my coworkers, they were more of of a family to me so I enjoyed being there every time I had to work. But the hardest part about that job was trying to get my managers to do what I needed them to do and they would be so busy. Or they wouldn’t be nowhere to find so it was hard especially when I needed them the most. But the most enjoyable part of my job was coming to my job to work with the people I worked with, I loved being around them and I enjoyed working with people who treated me like I was there own so it was fun to go to work and make them smile because I’m there. Also the customers was the most enjoyable part of me working, I formed bonds with my customers and I made them happy when I just smiled or asked them how there day was. I open myself up to possibilities and opportunities for people to see that I am a hardworking , careful person...more
Line Cook | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Jul 31, 2019
iHOP? Welcome to iHELL.
This location’s management is completely incapable of running the store. I worked there for 8 months as a line cook, learned every menu item in no time with very little training, and later as a Crew Chief I trained many pitiful excuses for cooks they hired, constantly picked up their slack with grace, and was never bumped from my starting $10/h. You don’t get breaks unless their labor is high and you don’t get an out time, it could be 9 hours or 18.I’ve had paperwork shoved in my face, was depended upon for all of the dirty work, and I took everything they threw at me. I’ve literally had dead food and mistakes made by other employees thrown at me. Horrifying quality meals are carelessly sent out to guests with manager approval just to keep up numbers on a check time, and when it comes out both raw and burnt, they just offer a discount and threaten our wages and advancement over it later. Oh, and management was aware that I was being sexually harassed by multiple employees. They promoted one, and let him continue until they fired me so that nobody found out the manager with a pregnant girlfriend was creeping on cooks and servers on and off the clock...and I guess to let him continue embezzling and using the outdoor utility closet as his personal “office”. Consult all of the camera footage. I’ve been heavily disrespected as a woman and as a human in this place. With that being said, don’t work at the Wilkes Barre IHOP, there are much better things out there for you.
Server | Viera, FL | Aug 18, 2019
A very disorganized place to work. You have no clue who is running the show during service.
I was excited about the opening of IHOP at its new Viera location. I got the job and went through training, which was very unorganized. By the time we opened we had major problems with getting food out, guests walking out and the list goes on. What really was dissapointing is how NOT HANDS ON THE MANAGERS ARE. They are MIA when we get busy and tell you that you need to be faster. Just keep in mind there are no bussers and food runners. Also hosts are allowed to tripple and quadruple seat you and it wouldn't be an issue, but they will skip seating you, slam other servers and then slam you with tables which is unnecessary. Management is left up to a few choice server, so the real mmanagers can sit in the office during peak times. Your section and side work is determined by a few choice servers and it's always never fair cause they definitely take care of there buddies first. The only managers that cared where the temporary manager that came to help open the place, but they are all gone. I walked out of my shift cause I new if I brought anything up to management they wouldn't care, so why bother. I never even got a phone call to see why I walked out. They just assume your the issue.
ConsLess than 50% discount, Managment is not there for you, They want to hang with the servers rather than manage the servers, Unorganized, Too many servers on the floor to make money.
General Manager | Asheville, NC | Oct 5, 2018
Great way to make money as a Server
Great way to make money as a server, the manager program leaves something to be desired. Managers are not adequately trained nor do they receive adequate support. Employees undermine at every chance often going over managers head without following chain of command, often spreading information untrue to get their way when told no. It's understandable should the manager not meet the need; in the past the owner would direct the employee directly to manager. This is no longer the case. The GM's in each store know that their boss is a pushover and feed his male ego to get what they want, this was actually stated to me, but I don't roll that way. Accept me as I am or not at all. I made more money at IHOP as a server then any other restaurant. I have nothing but the highest respect for the owners and the family, but unfortunately was not adequately supported as a manager, did not receive the GM training as needed to meet SOP and was terminated on my day off for employees not doing their job when corporate came. As a GM I understand my responsibilities and understand that at times I too am wrong, but when being met with resistance by employees not getting their way, pill poppers with authority who lie it is hard to be successful without the right support.
ProsFree meal each shift, Ability to make good money as a server
ConsInadequate management training

Questions And Answers about IHOP

If you were in charge, what would you do to make IHOP a better place to work?
Asked Oct 23, 2017
Care my employees
Answered Feb 26, 2020
Listen to employees and be a more open and understanding manager
Answered Feb 9, 2020
Do they drug test?
Asked Jun 1, 2017
No they don't. Most employees that work there are drug addicts.
Answered Dec 4, 2019
Only if they have reason to think they should
Answered Oct 7, 2019
What is the interview process like at IHOP?
Asked Jun 21, 2016
The absolute worst hiring process I have ever been through. Unorganized, managers have no respect for your time, and the training was nonexistent. Walk away while you can
Answered Dec 6, 2019
Came in sat about 5 minutes, went in the far back and had the interview. Manager than said let me get the GM n had a 2nd interview on the spot. Was asked if I had experience with past restaurants. Reliable transportation, my availability to work nights, mornings and holidays. Very simple. Definitely know if you get the job before you leave.
Answered Nov 3, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at IHOP?
Asked Jan 19, 2018
Don't expect any breaks anytime soon and eat food at at Pacific time
Answered Mar 2, 2020
Don’t work there
Answered Feb 26, 2020
Why did you leave your job at IHOP?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I have been going through the same B S at IHOP I have never experienced such unprofessional work environment from my other IHOP.
Answered Jan 5, 2020
Verbal harassment from the cooks they have no respect for servers
Answered May 3, 2019