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Risk and Compliance Investigator | Schaumburg, IL | Oct 15, 2018
Was a great company to work for before it restructured under O4G. Now its basically working for Walmart but with really good insurance.
When I first started years ago Ikea had an excellent job culture. People were actively trained and promoted from within, the benefits were amazing (insurance even for part time, paid maternity and paternity), and the culture was positive, including paid volunteer opportunities and rewards for meeting goals. While all this is still true for the rest of the world, the north american stores have restructured under a program called o4g. Many long time loyal employees were screwed in the process, such as having their previous positions eliminated and transferred to jobs which may or may not align with their talent, and salary caps were instituted and enforced, meaning employees were forced to take pay cuts despite having perforned their jobs and received excellent reviews. To encourage hiring new employees were compensated at a higher level then employees who had been doing the same job for years, that really helped morale soar. Meanwhile customers still wait 2 hours to get ahold of customer service by phone, only to not have their issue resolved for literally months, and customers in store cant find any Active Sellers to assist them with ordering products because they are all default cashiers instead. Hiring from within went out the window, when my department needed a new lead not one of my five coworkers with years of experience in the department and previous management experience were even offered an interview, or even told what area needed improvement for promotion. ...more
ProsGood insurance, paid maternity and paterniy leave
ConsLow morale, low advancement potential
Service Associate | Stoughton, MA | Jul 23, 2018
Productive and Fast pace environment that makes employees feel good about themselves
In the morning, employees must clock in and report to their departments. In the area where i work which was the full service, customers have their orders in from the beginning of the week and they have a specific time of what and how many pieces they need and when they want it by. The pieces can be found by letters and numbers and since IKEA was a huge place sometimes you have to ask other employees from different departments to find pieces to an order. Some orders are small such as a chair, some orders are big such as a table or a bed set. Most days are very long but fast pace to make up time. I have learned that sometimes your going to mess up on a order and that's fine because IKEA is such a huge environment. IKEA is a very rare place that people all over the states come together to find what they need so sometimes it's overwhelming.You learn that a lot of people are going to question some of the IKEA products and sometimes you don't have the answers towards them but there's always an employee who knows more so it's always good to ask questions yourself. The management are very fair but yet strict. they're very understanding all together because they make employees feel good about themselves. The workplace culture is very overwhelming so your first couple of days of working you're going to get lost but employees from different departments are always there to help. The hardest part of the job was to find all the pieces in a time limit pace especially for an impatient custom...more
Prosunderstanding employees, flexible hours and fast pace enivironment
Consseparate pieces to order, time limit orders, impatient customers
Active Selling Co-worker | New Jersey | Jul 15, 2018
Great place to work if you're amongst the favored.
IKEA US offers fantastic benefits and competitive pay, but lack in the areas of work/life balance and overall growth and development. While officially frowned upon, favoritism exists and depending on your individual store may be more or less of a problem: each store is different, but generally you are not promoted and do not advance in your career unless you're amongst the favorites. Traditionally known for low turn over and high promotion within, IKEA US in recent years has continued to experience increased turnover rates and, again, depending on your store, values outside candidates over internal talent time and time again. Often times openings will be posted internally first, giving false hope to existing co-workers that they have a chance to grow with the company, just to have the position given to someone outside of the company. The recent reorganization of IKEA US that took place in 2017 is no help to this either. It was a reorganization that was heavily talked about and "prepared" for, but was carried out horribly in only one phase which has resulted in the highest turnover rates and lowest sales in years. The company refuses to invest its time in training and education for its co-workers which results in many people not knowing how to do their job nor what other people in the building do either. This translates to not being able to adequately helping the customer, learning everything as you do it, poor memory retention, lack of product knowledge, and overall lack of c...more
ProsGreat benefits, competitive pay
Conslack of training, poor work/life balance
Customer Service Representative | Schaumburg, IL | Jul 2, 2018
Corporate Restructuring Doomed Everyone.
When I started at ikea, it was a great company. The pay was good for the time, the hours were flexible, your managers were your friends, and the benefits were outstanding. In the last two years, however, the company underwent an "organization for growth." Basically, they thought that combining jobs into one title would benefit the company. What it really meant was they'd give multiple jobs to an individual for the same pay. For example, as a customer service coworker, I am expected to know how to work in Front line cash, restaurant cash, returns, home delivery, furniture handout, manage online orders, resolve customer complaints, load vehicles, and answer phone calls from our "call center," because they don't know anything. Thats 9 jobs that one coworker should be expected to know. In addition, the pay is inconsistent. One coworker who got hired a few months ago received a starting pay that's $2 more than people who have been with the company for over 5 years. This easily lowers coworkers morale, and causes many to quit. Many of us also have an issue with the company's belief of balancing life at home and work. Because of the new demanding scheduling, most coworkers are too stressed to relax at home. We get scheduled 8 hour shifts to close only to have to come back 8-10 hours later to open. This doesn't always work when some of us either drive over an hour to get to work, Uber, or take the bus. This company is incredibly short staffed as it is, and it is doin...more
ConsInconsistent pay for experienced coworkers, management does not exist, overworked.
Cashier/Sales | Atlanta, GA | Jan 16, 2019
IKEA has not been a descent place to work for quite sometime
There is no real on the job training, you are expected to shadow fellow coworkers and absorb whatever info you can with no manuals or other resources to aide you. There is too much gray area in almost everything and everywhere you look, allowing too much room for error and possibly, termination. You are constantly working next to unqualified lazy coworkers because IKEA doesn't feel the need to hire "good people", just "available bodies". The morale amongst the coworkers has plummeted tremendously and the customer reviews are no better. Changes are constantly being made without a substantial amount of planning, thought or clarity from the store manager. The hardest part of the job was not having any concrete idea of what to do on a daily basis to help the store become a better place to shop. Great ideas from coworkers were never praised or rewarded. They were usually frowned upon and later incorporated into the work life. As part time (25-35) hours, you are to have completely OPEN availability, as if you have no life or family to take care of. A staff of 10 coworkers are now being forced to take on the task of 25 coworkers for low pay. IKEA refuses to replenish the help that is needed. they also refuse to pay a proper wage knowing that the cost of living in Atlanta has risen greatly. The most enjoyable part of the job used to be the ability to work with an awesome crew of people but sadly they all left the company feeling slighted by the direction IKEA is now headed.
ProsDecent benefits
ConsToo long to list
Customer Service Representative | Philadelphia, PA | Aug 27, 2018
Fun & Understanding Workplace
I enjoyed my brief time with IKEA and I actually consider it the best retail job I've ever had. However, that schedule was the one thing that I hated. It seemed like priority for consistent days off was given to part-timers despite the fact that I was practically full-time. And if you aren't available for Saturdays, they either won't hire you or they will squeeze in whatever amount of hours they can. That aside, all of the managers in my department and all of my co-workers were fantastic. Zero complaints there. Though I didn't sign up for it, the benefits package looked amazing. Many of the amenities available for employees are fantastic, too. Like the quiet room, an ironing board, ample locker space, a shower, etc. The majority of meals are only $3 (breakfast is $1, fancier options like salmon or ribs are $4~5) and the staff has a separate menu that changes daily from the restaurant in order to give you plenty of options. On high traffic days during peak seasons, they'll have free catered meals. For the anniversary, we received gift cards and meal tickets. Basically, if you have a TRULY open schedule and do not care about what days/hours you work, then it may be a perfect fit for you. There's also tons of positions you can move around to if you don't like where you're currently stationed and/or just want to try something new. Good luck!
ProsDecent pay, great benefits, cheap/free meals, pleasant atmosphere, good management
ConsThe schedule was too inconsistent and unforgiving, Saturdays are highly prioritized
Merchandiser | East Palo Alto, CA | Aug 7, 2019
A culture that encourages best work habits and promotes diversity
A typical work day is arriving before 7:00am to attend to locker room personal needs and adjustments. Clock in 5 minutes before or precisely at 7:00am. Get work assignment for the day. Sign out scanning and communication equipment. Tour the facility to collect go-back items and stray product. Meet as a team (usually 4 co-workers). Sort product and restock in all zones. Clean zones, including breaking down product display cardboard waste and disposing it in the loading dock cardboard compacter. Repeat process in any special zones and/or sections assigned by the Merchandising Basics Lead. Attend to frequent, immediate customer concerns about product location, availability and price. The management teams are pleasant to work with and demand a high level of extensive daily duties performance. The workplace is inclusive of many different types of people and personal expression. The culture encourages fairness. The company promotes environmental awareness. The hardest part of the job is keeping up with the physically fast and demanding pace while still being willing and able to meet customer concerns. The turnover rate at the HL1 and HL2 Merch Basics level is high. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the positive visible improvements our crew has effected. Personally, I thrive on the best direct customer service that I can provide to encourage customer satisfaction and company sales goals.
Customer Specialist | Robinson Township, PA | May 13, 2019
Company Culture Is Great
IKEA has great company culture. However, the pay is extremely low. I make 10.60 hourly. Starbucks employees make more than that. Chik-fil- a employees make more than that. Also, even though you get benefits even if you work part time, it’s not worth it because your pay will be so low. Most people only work here because they want the benefits. I work 27 hours this week and and will only gross about 286 dollars. That’s for one week of working sporadic hours. They offer 3 dollar employee meals which comes with a lot of food. That’s pretty nice! They have a nice break room with coffee and cappuccino. The customer service end of it is very laid back. Managers are very organized and kind. However, it seems as though they can’t keep employees. The bistro at the front of the store is closed because they can’t keep employees to work it. Food service is constantly hiring because people quit. I see a lot of people who have worked there for a long time but they haven’t moved up, just moved to different departments. I also noticed that they hired a manager who wasn’t working with the company before. So they definitely don’t always hire within. Weekends are extremely busy. Some days during the week can be busy but others are extremely slow.
Pros3 dollar lunch, nice break room/lounge, free uniform, flexible schedule, laid back management, nice coworkers
ConsLow pay, no real pathway for advancement.
Sales Associate | Carson, CA | May 8, 2019
They don't know what they're doing
IKEA lacks communication and the managers don't know what they're doing so you can't ask for help. New hires get two days of training and are expected to know everything and get in trouble if they don't. The new system doesn't work and they hire too many people that they can't afford therefore hours are scarce. They try to fluff it up and make it seem like it's a great place to work at first but the true colors of IKEA come out and the co-workers are left to suffer until they're picked off by management one by one. If the impossible sales goals aren't being met they will put the blame on co-workers putting even more unnecessary stress on them when they were barely trained to sell. Ikea used to be a wonderful place to work at but now they're struggling to make money and it shows. All the people who have been there for a long time have now gone and all the new people who are coming in don't know what they're getting themselves into. Here's a WARNING to all of those who wish to work at IKEA: if you would just like to go in and make quick money and not take it seriously this is the place for you. However, if you're looking for a place to grow in the company and be taken seriously look elsewhere because IKEA will not acknowledge your hard work or efforts.
ProsThe co-workers are cool
ConsIt's a sinking ship and they'll throw anyone overboard to keep it afloat.
Customer Service Representative | Fishers, IN | Dec 9, 2018
Can be super stressful but still an okay place to work.
A typical day can range from extremely slow to so busy you don't have time to breathe, let alone take a break. IKEA is BIG on their culture and values but they were not at my store, I think maybe because it was new but everyone was learning together and I did like that about it. But, if there was a medical emergency, Serious medical issue or other life threatening issue, they put policy before the person and that wasn't okay what so ever. I did learn how to deal with it and work with it. I do love my co-workers and who I was around. You get close with them and managers too when there isn't many employees left. I thought I had thick skin before working here but now I have steel as skin. I'd get sworn at everyday, have things thrown at me, for literally no reason at. Or because of a policy I had no control over. I did love the department I worked in, even if the people weren't the nicest. It allowed me to use my brain more and I'm the type of person that needs to keep learning. I've relocated since but I do miss my store and co-workers so much. It's true you don't know how good you have it until it's gone. The store has a lot to work out but it's a baby and like normal babies they don't know everything at first.
ProsHealth Benefits, How getting PTO time worked, the other co-workers I worked with
ConsNot helpful with medical needs always.

Questions And Answers about IKEA

What kind of drug test do they do?
Asked Apr 20, 2017
They did an urine test
Answered Dec 14, 2019
No if you failed a drug test you weren't hired
Answered Dec 14, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of IKEA about how to improve it?
Asked Apr 2, 2017
How more meetings about the business to let people know what's going on
Answered Dec 14, 2019
I think 04G is not working. We are losing a lot of our good workers old and new. They bring these new hires in and theres no training. Leaders leave that to the coworkers which i think is wrong especially when you have leaders that really does nothing. Also what happen to if a coworker call in way ahead of their scheduled shift..why cant another coworker be called to see if they can work that shift. Some times u are left alone from call offs and no help from your leaders. Lets rethink 04G!!
Answered Aug 31, 2019
Does ikea employees get paid weekly or bi-weekly?
Asked Dec 30, 2016
Danville Plant got paid bi weekly
Answered Dec 14, 2019
It might depend on what state you are in. In Ohio, it is bi-weekly. But in parts of New Your, it is weekly. I wonder what Massachusetts pay period is?
Answered Apr 20, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make IKEA a better place to work?
Asked Apr 2, 2018
Offer training work class for employees who may want to learn a specality department
Answered Jan 7, 2020
Do more work activities with coworkers
Answered Dec 14, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at IKEA?
Asked Nov 19, 2016
Overwhelming customer numbers
Answered Jan 8, 2020
No stress is my passion as a customer service
Answered May 16, 2019