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Overall Reviews at Indeed

Business Analyst | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 7, 2020
This company helped launch my career
When I first got hired at Indeed, I was in the second half of my 20s. I had several jobs at various companies before just trying to find something that would stick. Indeed was the first company that I felt had the support systems in place, like training, process and product documentation for my role, and other mechanisms in place so help nurture my development. I was among the first dozen hires at the Scottsdale location and experienced the growing footprint of the Scottsdale office on the rest of the company from the Customer Success and Sales organizations. As others have mentioned. The culture did change over the 3 years that I was with Indeed, as things normally do once the buzz has worn down. The office scaled up quickly, and the culture did not scale with it. However, I do feel it was growing pains of the office/company as its methods in achieving business success were being adjusted to adapt to market opportunities. I do not believe it is because the company was beginning to sour. I had 3 different roles (2 promotions) during my time with Indeed. I was always encouraged by management to develop in ways that was catered to my style, as long as I kept up with my core responsibilities. I have gotten to work closely with so many great and talented people all around the world in various business functions and have been in a handful of the offices worldwide. It astonished me how the Indeed brand spanned across the globe. When visiting other offices, it still felt lik
ProsMature company with many supporting teams (Training, Communication, IT, Business Operations, etc.), Beautiful Office Space(s), Work/Life Balance, Collaboration
ConsAdvancement opportunity to business units not primarily operating in your office/city
Customer Success Manager | New York, NY | Aug 24, 2018
Workplace Culture was cause for celebration. Management was cause for departure.
This was a job, a paycheck. Not a career. Trying to work with AEs and management severely negatively impacted my mental health. Most of my coworkers were very mediocre with poor work ethic and little common knowledge. This made it very difficult to work with them. Luckily, they were decent people, but I often self-isolated to destress. Management is filled with people who are prematurely promoted simply because they've been there a few years. I had multiple managers there and have had a few jobs in my career. I can say that Indeed was some of the poorer management I've experienced in my working life. I've never encountered such nefariously calculated and negatively charged people in my life. The workplace culture; however, was awesome. Very relaxed. I would say, too relaxed at times. It will continue to be this company's saving grace: when it comes to morale and overlooking the slighted compensation received for the labor performed. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was working with the clients. They provided laughable stories and memories to share with teammates. Often, they truly appreciate your assistance and that gratitude was something I rarely experience with co-workers. Clients also taught me a lot about cooperating with people. The job however was very simple. By my second month, I could do the job with my eyes closed and found myself looking for another job. It was easy money in a big way, but management made the role unnecessarily stressful and cause to leav
Prosfree lunches, 401K, overtime, enrichment programs and personal development
Consmanagement, sales reps, compensation
Account Executive | Stamford, CT | Jan 25, 2019
Great first sales job...BUT
Pros: You learn the core basics of selling/cold calling which in turn builds confidence for any future job. During the first year they invest heavily in Sales Training via Indeeds own internal Sales Training team and Dale Carnegie Training. Coming out of college this experience can be very beneficial down the road. Also I met some great people here who've become close friends. Cons: You WILL BE micro-managed here. The amount of reports that are generated by some Team Directors and Senior Directors at this company is mind blowing. 90% of these reports have absolutely no benefit to growing sales numbers. In addition to this, a large group of Directors and Sr. Directors care more about the amount of calls you make (minimum of 60-85 per day) than the deals you bring in. You could have a great day of bringing in a major deal or multiple deals, but if you didn't hit your "call metrics" for that day either your Director will pull you aside OR your Sr. Director will say something. If that happens too often, you're written up. It is common to see tenured/successful sales reps be pulled aside if they miss the call metric minimum despite having hit their quotas in advance. They'll pull out reports showing data that has zero bearing to your day and make you do calls. Prepare to be micromanaged, very little creativity allowed in this job. The position does not allow you to do research and find new prospects either. This is done for you through a flawed system where you'r
ProsGreat people, benefits, compensation potential, internal/external training
ConsMicro-Management, Poor Management, Lack of creativity
Account Executive | New York, NY | Apr 26, 2019
Good day to day, with non-ignorable flaws in management
Overall my experience at Indeed was mostly very positive. I learned enough to launch a sales career having no experience coming in, the "culture"'/benefits/perks were unbeatable. I really enjoyed the actual day to day of what I did in working with clients and selling a good product. Also the training was really strong and thorough. If you're considering working here: Know that you'll probably like it in most day-to-day ways, but there will be a good chance you hate your manager, depending who you get put with, and a good chance that you'll feel like you're constantly working against yourself trying to hit quota as hurdles are thrown in front of you about how you're measured and the rules keep changing. What ultimately led me to leave Indeed was them going through what I can only describe as a "dark period" where no one was performing well, morale was extremely low as quotas were made pretty unattainable and all the rules of the game changed on how we're attaining our bonus pay *which is 60% our income*. Constant shifting of 'sell this product today and that one tomorrow', and 'oh now sell something that's a one-time fee, but we're going to hold you accountable as if that's recurring upsellable revenue' was common. The business deliberately ignored when anyone would question "well how are we supposed to actually do it that way when this and this and this are in our way?" The upper management needs to learn that if they screw over the sales reps, the reps will always
Prosfree breakfast, fun events, open PTO, casual dresscode, nice office
ConsConstantly shifting expectations, immature managers
Client Services Specialist | San Mateo, CA | Jul 28, 2017
Growth Opportunities Lacking & Poor Office Morale-- But There are Snacks!
If you are the type of person to be distracted by perks such as snacks and monthly happy hours, Indeed is the place for you. When I first started, I had a genuine love for Indeed's mission and I believed that our company had its employees/clients/job seekers best interests at heart. For example, the work/life balance at Indeed is great, and there's healthcare coverage! The maternity leave here is awesome, and there are some outreach efforts to impact our surrounding community. There is also a portal dedicated to internal mobility-- but the reality of internal growth opportunities is less promising than presented. If you're not in one of the main office branches, you can't expect any personal development or career openings for further growth. Additionally, you may have a Manager/Director who will tell you that your feedback is valuable, but will in turn negate any feedback you share; no matter how tactfully you’ve presented it. In some instances, feedback given has been used to negatively impact employees during quarterly reviews. This kind of gaslighting is disappointing, but it's what you can expect if you plan to work in the San Mateo office. Further, there is blatant favoritism amongst Managers/Directors, even to the point of promoting less experienced Indeed employees to senior positions. Given how political the office culture is, it's starting to resemble high school as opposed to a professional working environment. Managers will often be involved in conversatio
ProsHealthcare, Maternity Leave, 401k
ConsUnlimited PTO has strings attached, bureaucracy, blatant favoritism, unprofessional work environment
Client Services Specialist | San Mateo, CA | Jul 6, 2017
On the surface this company appears to have it all but the reality does not live up to it's potential
Pros: I really enjoyed my colleagues, they were all really great people to work along side.(Please note, almost 50% of CS San Mateo has left Indeed within the last 3 months, this turnover should be telling) Many snacks, free food for breakfast daily and for lunch once a week. Wii U in the office, Mario Kart. Depending on where you are coming from, Indeed can be a great place to build your skill set. If you hone in on certain aspects of the role, you will become much more marketable in the Bay Area after working for Indeed. Convenient location right off of 101 and 92. Cons: Favoritism is the biggest issue the San Mateo office has. Certain people get more support and resources then others. This is fine sometimes, but everyday it gets old quick. It really depletes from the culture, and when the wrong people are promoted, it looks like this favoritism is actually driving the direction of the company culture. Indeed says its a company interested in feedback from employees, but this is not actually the case. Expect gas lighting, and expect to be a "yes man" and nothing else. Not only will your feedback go unheard, it can often count against you later. General processes are also ill communicated between management and teams. There is almost no advancement within the San Mateo office because there are only two departments that sit there. While Indeed will tell you that it cares about your career and your advancement within the company, I have seen a very
ProsFree food. Gaming systems in the office. Decent comp and benefits.
ConsManagement. Inclusive culture.
Account Executive | New York, NY | Apr 25, 2013
Great product, company with potential, terrible leadership in sales organization
The only thing that management cares about is the number of calls that you make everyday. They could care less if you are closing a lot of business or being creative to get to decision makers. Management's lack of leadership ability creates a terrible work environment for the sales reps and the turnover is horrendous. In the beginning of every quarter, you can expect at least 5-10 people to quit. Morale is extremely low for the sales reps, but the other other departments seem to be happy. They promise you big things when you are interviewing, but the fact of the matter is that once you come on board as a sales rep with Indeed, you will be looking for a new job with the 6 months - 1 year. You will either be a disgruntled employee or they will force you out because of their aggressive quotas and micromanagement. Overall sales projections seem to be totally false. Indeed was bought by a Japanese company based on these projections, and I am sure they are regretting how much they paid. It seems that this is why things have changed so much and they force a lot of people out. It cannot always be the sales reps fault. Eventually, you need to put the blame on the people who are "leading (managing??)" the sales efforts. The people that were promoted to director internally are the people that have a bright future there. They are hard working and deserve to be where they are. Hiring Directors/Sr. Directors from outside organizations has proven to be a disaster (with a few exceptions).
Prosyou will work with great people that are hard working but disgruntled and become unmotivated, stocked fridge with a lot of food/beer, constant "happy hours" to mask the low morale
Consmanagement, directors are there to micromanage and basically be "stat-checkers" (for lack of better terms), management brings no creative value to the company, sales reps do all of the work while getting belittled, one sr. director in particular has no idea what he is doing and should be fired
Account Executive | New York, NY | Oct 5, 2019
Know What you’re getting into...
Most of the people (Sales Team Members) here are great. Unfortunately, there is minimal transparency, and continuous contradictions from Senior Leadership. People get promoted who are not qualified to be in Managerial positions, and will force you to train their new hires, then take the credit. They will also take credit for YOUR achievements, even if they had absolutely nothing to do with it. Lots of politics. That is not to say that there aren’t good Directors here; there are, but they are far outweighed by those who were never made for management. You may be offered a “Promotion” from an “Acquisition” Team to a “Growth” Team, but need to make your decision in 10-minutes, with insane pressure from Management. Oh, and it’s not really a “Promotion.” (You won’t find that out until you accept) It’s basically just a slightly better bonus structure and a title change. Too bad you didn’t have time to assess your “Promotion.” You’ll be given someone else’s “Book of Business,” and be prepared to be put on a Performance Plan if you don’t meet Quota your 1st 2-Quarters. Unfortunately for Indeed, Discrimination is real here. If your manager doesn’t like you, they will put in serious work to force you to quit (Or at least make you want to because of blatant attacks against you and singling you out), regardless of whether or not you are consistently exceeding quota. Good luck complaining, even if you follow the “HR-Chain.” They’ll just tell you to, “Stop being emotional,” and
ProsFree food, mostly good people, fun events
ConsEverything else. Bad management. Sub-Par C-Suite.
Account Executive | San Mateo, CA | Aug 8, 2013
Glad it's over
I will start by saying that I am writing this review to help others, I am fortunate enough to have a good amount of savings going into this role but for those that aren’t prepared to take a financial hit beware and stay away. I am a Sales Professional who has been in industry for 10 years, what I was promised going in is nothing remotely close to what the actual role provides. This job is risky, some who have weathered the storm have seen success but at the cost of monotony, and never knowing what will happen the next quarter. Two questions to ask in the interview to get a better idea of what you’re getting into. What does the turnover look like, and how many Account Executives hit 90% of their quota. The honest answer should look like this, we have at least one person leave every week and about 50% of the employees succeed. Turnover is such an issue, Sales Directors can’t manage the business because more than half of their time is dedicated to interviews. Most are super motivated to start but that quickly turns around as you get an understanding of the business. This is what you will face in a role as an Account Executive, you will work with a team where everyone hates what they do because the job is robotic, and unfruitful. Prospecting for good leads is impossible, everything that is worth your time is taken, people are fighting each other for prospects, just a sad and toxic environment. You are required to make 60+ calls a day which is easy until the
ProsFree snacks and beer to help you gain the indeed 15, Indeed is great at hiring young talented people.
ConsEverything else
Senior Account Executive | New York, NY | Oct 4, 2019
Mind numbing work on an uneven playing field
I worked as an account executive in the NYC office for 4 years. While its great to have a fancy office and tons of amenities, it doesn't make up for how cut throat the environment is and how unfairly leads and opportunities are distributed. When I first started, sales people were pitted against one another and stole leads from their peers which caused a lot of ill sentiment to say the least. They moved to a closed book of business which meant that over the last 2 years I was there I was expected to make 60 or more calls a day to a client base of about 160 people. We were told that we would get new leads but never did. Our quotas, however, always went up considerably each quarter and its a well known fact that no one in the company, even the directors, can transparently discuss how quotas are generated. The closed book system is also complete luck of the draw. Some people got books of business with accounts so massive (these accounts weren't even sold by the reps who owned them, they just happen to be spending that way when they inherited them) that they carried them through each quarter without having to do much work at all while others had to scratch and claw to hit quota or at least get to the minimum to receive a quarterly bonus. Your experience will also completely hinge on who your director is. Lots of favoritism here and if you and your director don't get along its impossible not to feel like you're coming to a toxic work environment every day. I out performed
Proslarge earning potential and food, thats literally it
Conssee above

Questions And Answers about Indeed

"What is the best way to get an interview?"
Asked May 11, 2016
Indeed #1 Company of the Year Trusted valued reliable sources
Answered Apr 7, 2021
Live interview with the area of my experience is the best for me
Answered Mar 19, 2019
What is the interview process like at Indeed?
Asked Jan 3, 2018
It is pretty good and they just trying to make sure that we are good pet sitters and will take good care of the little pups and kittens.
Answered Oct 12, 2020
A bit tedious, but important so you can find the perfect job for you.
Answered Aug 27, 2020
What is the best part of working at Indeed?
Asked Dec 25, 2019
Answered Nov 19, 2020
Indeed Working in bravery honor loyalty sacrifice day in and day out on the frontlines of commitment during these uncertain times. In that on 10/19 @8:19 p.m. from Cleveland Ohio a representative provided immediate response to inquiry for job search Very professional driven in integrity marketing pride for the company and position. In these times people are working diligently behind the scenes providing top of the line services Indeed Trusted and Valued
Answered Oct 19, 2020
What is a typical day like for you at Indeed?
Asked May 1, 2020
Any day at all
Answered Mar 3, 2021
Difficult to say, as a typical day will vary from team to team! Check out our #insideindeed playlist on Youtube to learn more about the various teams and offices and what it's like to work there:
Answered Sep 22, 2020
Does Indeed offer internships for college students?
Asked Mar 6, 2017
Hi there! We do offer internships and a number of graduate programmes in some of our offices. Please check out our university careers page to find out more! Thanks!
Answered Nov 4, 2019
Yes. There are summer interns.
Answered Nov 3, 2019