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Customer Success Manager | Austin, TX | Feb 5, 2020
Looks can be deceiving.
Working at Indeed is a very double edge sword. On one hand you get to have a lot of flexibility and perks. On the other you truly are stalling your career growth by staying any longer than a year. The Client Success Manager role - or Dedicated Client Success Specialist to Indeed; is truly getting the raw end of the deal. The company pays them way under industry standards by far. Our CEO actually just stated if you want money; they encourage you to look elsewhere (what a man) meaning he is aware they aren't being competitive and welcomes his workers to look elsewhere. - Makes you feel valued as an employee right? The new Hire agency team is also getting the raw end of the deal as well. They are basically a staffing firm but don't get the monetary benefits of one. AKA they aren't being compensated correctly. Just an hourly rate with some performance bonuses - when in actuality if you go to a staffing firm outside - you can make a base and a hefty bonus for reaching your target fill rates. Don't get me started on the sales team at Indeed. POOR SOULS. They have an incredible low base; and need to hit their numbers to even make ends meat. When they are hitting their numbers their quotas get raised (with no good rhyme or reason) so they can't hit it. The HIRE team and Sales team are pitted together and the Client Success Specialists (to be honest) are left in the middle. Client Success is left with confusing tasks; running around on projects that don't amount to anythi...more
ProsUnlimted PTO you can abuse, Tech experience
ConsUnderpaid, Rare growth opps., politics, Shady practices
Account Executive | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 31, 2020
Unbelievably micromanaged
If you think you're a great salesperson, this job isn't for you. If you want your momentum disrupted, and want to be micromanaged by every Director and the Senior Director every (literal) hour throughout the day, this will certainly be your dream job. In the beginning you're told that you're simply hired on your sales ability, yet in the day to day work, it feels like you're completely incompetent and unable to make decisions on your own no matter what you do. To put things in perspective, I had more freedom in middle school than I do at this office. This level of micromanagement naturally leads to productivity issues and has drastically lowered employee morale, which is exactly what you will experience working in the Scottsdale office. The sales floor is quiet to the point where you can hear a pen drop on the floor. That's how unmotivated the sales team is here and that's due to one thing: Management. There's not much motivation to sell and utilize your existing abilities in the role. When I started, this office was under different leadership and that is now very apparent. Nearly two years ago, the Scottsdale office had great perks, amazing Directors, and nothing but potential. As the company grows, upper management seems to be consistently changing things without any transparency and there is very little room for advancement, and neglect to respond to any feedback that is given. If this is your first sales role, this may be a good start for you, however, I have to ...more
Senior Account Executive | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 12, 2020
A Cry for Help
Pros: Amazing colleagues, amenities trump most workspaces and pay is better than most in the valley (was).. Cons: The sales floor used to be a buzz of activity with celebrations and sales left and right with meaningful solutions for our clients. However, those are of the past where now is a desolate floor where you could hear a pin drop. The senior leadership in Scottsdale and upper-management in New York have made the job a predatory landscape in a matter of 2 months. Leaving to mass firings and senior reps, and top performers leaving in a heartbeat. The push to be a Fortune 500 has left most of the company's values to the wayside. A new product emerged within the company and it was forced upon us, the account executives, to be the BDRs for the product with an inadequate compensation structure. It's being shoved down SMBs throats with costs that are inappropriate for businesses of that size and the reps being put on plans if the numbers are not obtained. Quotas are starting to become unattainable with zero insight on how they are created although it's been asked to expose this from the reps. There are TWO CRMs being used with duplication of the same records to be inputted taking up time. The hyper-growth of hiring QoQ is starting to reflect in reps books were worked through accounts appear more and more leading to dead-ends, but the same quotas expected. In the end, the sales leg has flipped a 180 in the wrong direction in a matter of a year with a grim outlo...more
Client Onboarding Strategist | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 23, 2018
They grew too fast. Daily frustration with moving targets and no strategy on how to reach them. 4-5 departments contacting the same leads with the exact same sales pitches. I swear they are A/B testing the teams against each other. Very stressful. Constant gossip. Any experienced sales manager left and they were open about why they left so disappointed. It's not sales. Client Onboarding Strategist is a retention role at best. We sell pay per click advertising. There's no time to actually help the small businesses because metrics are all that matter. This is voiced openly by the department. In order to get bonuses themselves, management simply said to 'just roll with it'. This job consists of finding the loopholes and keeping them quiet. The US market isn't the top priority of this Japanese company. I might recommend the headquarters doing anything but sales. Or do Acquisition Sales which is the actual sales department. The future is 50/50 in my opinion. They will stop forcing irrelevant metrics to be the only priority or they will turn into the typical call center with lower and lower standards. An excellent benefits package with all the bells and whistles. Colorful and fun office parties. Well equipped facilities. But I genuinely feel bad about the treatment of the small businesses and how savagely we prey on them. Indeed wants its employee's next job to be with Indeed, too. Unfortunately most of us want that but are lining up plan B as the truth is exposed. The ...more
ProsBenefits, great people, parties
ConsDisservice to paying customers, sleazy sales
Sales Intern | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 25, 2019
Cares about employees, work/life balance, culture
Great management, mentorship, and overall culture! A very youthful, casual vibe. I love how they have team meetings every morning discussing goals. The communication is excellent. It seems if you excel, you can get promoted very quickly. I love how the sales people are not drilling people out of money. They would rather someone not spend at all than spend money on a campaign or product that will not perform. Calls are "warm calls" (members of our free section, goal to make them spend.) The memes and ping chats keep things interesting. The open office environment is refreshing. I thought my first sales experience would be in an old office, cubicles, and I would be drilled with metrics. They seem to give the autonomy, and coach, but also allow for your own unique process. Managers are out of this world. I cannot even believe that my first professional experience was with a company so amazing. My recommendation for interns is to not lose hope. Someone you spoke with the first week may come back a month later and purchase! It takes patience and time. With team outings and free food, it is a great college summer experience. The only downside is that somedays are slower than others. They want to see if you can keep a good attitude with your book (older accounts, no new leads) the whole summer. If you are die hard for indeed and sales, just stick with it. You will close a deal (:
Talent Reviewer | Austin, TX | Jul 3, 2019
Fun workplace with some hangups
A typical day at work for my team looked like eating free breakfast, working for a few hours at our desks, maybe having a morning meeting in a conference room before lunch, having lunch in a crowded cafeteria, completing work in the afternoon, and then heading home. I learned a lot of soft skills but was not in a position to be offered hard skills over a long period of time. The workplace culture is great on the surface but a lot of people who have been with indeed for over 6 months complain about the "politics" within leadership and often look for other jobs due to mismanagement. The hardest part of the job is the repetitiveness, however, we get to see our hard work in beneficial data over time, making it a little bit better. The most enjoyable part of the job was making friends and definitely enjoying the perks from the position - team building days, happy hours, the Christmas party, etc.. There are many benefits from working for this company but of course, you have to take the good with the bad.
ProsFree food, casual work attire, laid back atmosphere, work from home options, flexibility, wonderful supervisor
Conscrowded cafeteria, short of parking space, leadership seemed short-sighted, management overlooked some employees to favor others, oddly competitive work environment that didn't foster many advancement opportunities, boys club among lower-level leadership
Customer Success Manager | Austin, TX | Feb 4, 2020
Get in; Get out that's what its all about
Indeed is not what it used to be or is promised. Indeed has grown out of control and can no longer truly keep up with it. While I loved the role I originally signed up for; it was quickly re-orged multiple times and more work added, but no extra PAY. The title that is held by the client success team is in actuality not an industry-standard title; which makes them paying their Client Success Managers AKA Dedicated Success Specialists so low. Sure they have great perks and benefits, but it's all there to shield the shady doings they have going on like the lack of compensation for their workers. They implemented a pay ban; to stunt your $$ growth while at the company; had a hiring freeze because they grew so quickly and couldn't sustain it. Have had major flaws within their new HIRE program that pits Account Executives against HIRE and vis versa. They know about the lack of pay since so many people just left the company to go do the same job and almost double their salary, but since they have good branding they do not care. Everyones replaceable. My advice is to get your foot in the door in tech with this job. Enjoy the lax culture and lack of work ethic from 80% of the workers. Then once you are ready to get paid correctly, leave and double your salary for doing the same job.
Data Specialist | Austin, TX | Jun 10, 2019
Pretty Awful...but I was a Contract Worker
I was really excited to work at Indeed, and the permanent employees were great - but the team I was on still gives me nightmares. Granted, I was not a permanent employee, but the person who was supposed to be my Manager never spoke to me except for the 3 minute phone interview and the moment I turned in my badge to him at the end of my notice. The person who he gave the leadership to was a temp like me - and she either didn't show up or barked at us when we asked questions. It was kind of answer to one of my questions, she Slacked, "What's a ISP?" She had no knowledge of data nor had the software experience that most of us had. None of us had training when we started...we stumbled our way through each day and none of us were doing the same thing. We were told they expected us to just "figure it out on our own." How do you figure something out in Data when you don't know the parameters? I befriended several people who were not Contract, and they told me that it really depends on the team the employee is on. So, cross your fingers that you get a good team. If you don't, just know that it isn't you. Some teams are just like Lord of the Flies.
ProsFree Lunch, Snacks, Indeed Permanents were super nice
ConsNo leadership or direction on my team
IT Support | Cedar Park, TX | Mar 23, 2019
Great Place to work, but is growing rapidly and has a more reactive approach.
Indeed provide great incentives to ensure a good work life balance and a fun environment. I've had the ability to grow a lot within my role which has given me opportunities with other teams within Indeed. The flaws of this company is management, compensation, and growth. Management can often times be lacking in various departments regarding growth and accurate assessments of its staff for internal positions. Compensation in various roles is often not adequate for the amount of workload that is placed on teams that support the infrastructure globally. Often times, people will leave Indeed to seek better compensation and may return to Indeed to get the compensation they are deserved. Growth at Indeed is happening rapidly, and often times our leadership has a reactive approach to addressing concerns versus a proactive approach. This often causes strain on teams and delivery of incomplete solutions. Overall, the job is good if you choose not to focus on those concern, but if these things do concern you, then you may enjoy the environment less than you are frustrated with its lack of organization.
Account Executive | Scottsdale, AZ | May 10, 2018
New and Developing Office
I don't have much to say about the company since the office I worked in was at its infancy stages when I was brought on board. However, there was several pros and cons to the office and company. Everyday was a surprise whether it was a company-wide change or a new implamentation we are late being informed about or simply some new direction the company is choosing to go; it was hardly consistent. The workplace was all new and developing, so no judgements there, although it was good to have an office space that was so open and spacious. The hardest part of the job was the constant updates and "improvements" that forced employees to "figure out" how to make things work, or forget things learned in training that were "important" only until instructed otherwise. It was almost like the job title was continuously being altered and builded onto from the day initial training was complete. Overall, this isnt the most professional sales job for me, an experienced sale executive, but it does warrant the potential to, depending on the variables of the universe, generate some decent income.
ProsBenefits, Incentives, Location
ConsManagement, Company Consistancy, Job security

Questions And Answers about Indeed

"What is the best way to get an interview?"
Asked May 11, 2016
Live interview with the area of my experience is the best for me
Answered Mar 19, 2019
Referral. They hire mostly off of referrals and internally.
Answered Aug 26, 2018
How is the food in the different offices?
Asked Aug 2, 2016
Very good compny
Answered Oct 11, 2018
Varies from office to office. Seems to be based of how the local manager picks the vendors
Answered Aug 7, 2018
What is the interview process like?
Asked Jan 3, 2018
It was professional
Answered Jan 21, 2020
After applying online, I had to take a test, then do some interviews with various people
Answered Dec 5, 2019
Does Indeed offer internships for college students?
Asked Mar 6, 2017
Hi there! We do offer internships and a number of graduate programmes in some of our offices. Please check out our university careers page to find out more! Thanks!
Answered Nov 4, 2019
Yes. There are summer interns.
Answered Nov 3, 2019
What is the Tokyo office of Indeed like?
Asked Feb 20, 2017
Hi there. Why don't you check out this Inside Indeed video of our new Toyko office opening Thanks!
Answered Jan 24, 2020
Hi there. Employees at Indeed are paid on a set date, usually at the end of the month. Thanks!
Answered Jan 24, 2020