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Sucker | Ohio | Oct 13, 2019
The Narcissist of self employment.
They lure you in by saying, nothing but good things. They give you ample job opportunity, claiming they'll pay "AS SOON AS THE JOB IS DONE" then when it comes time to, they find every reason not to. I worked a total of 3 batches (jobs). Then they tell me in order to get paid I need to do 5 batches to even be applicable for "instant" pay. But instead I'll have to wait til a particular date. fair enough. I'll wait til the arbitrary "pay day" to get my check. Then that day comes, still no pay. Ok? After spending an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with a representative. TWO DIFFERENT TIMES. I find out, I will be paid nothing, because I'm required to have bags with their logo. Which theyll "graciously" supply, at the cost of the entirety of what I earned. So after 3 jobs, they're final payment was for $2.36 for about 6 hours of my time, and of course haven't seen the first "tip" I was the customer. They kept that too. They're only intention is to use desperate people, seeking employment and using them until, they can't squeeze anymore energy from them. Then lead them to believe it's their own fault because they didn't use their bags. This is an evil, EVIL, corporation, who's only intent is to use your time and energy for their gain. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!
ConsTheyre not gonna pay you, and if they do, its peanuts.
| Atlanta, GA | Jan 17, 2019
Great place to work if you are in upper management
Pros: Free Healthcar for permanent employees Stocked kitchen Cool building Cons: Low pay, especially for the current cost of living. Poor communication about policies, processes, updates. New company so no structure. Last minute with important information if it is shared. No parking at the building for some employees so company gets parking far away which adds about 20-30 minutes to overall time each way. They don't tell you until you are starting but that should be said during the offer phase. Cut throat about lateness but office is in a high traffic area, in the city with the worst traffic so it's out of your control alot. You'd have to aim for an hour early to be there on time everyday despite traffic which would mean a 13 hour day depending on where you live. The pay isn't good so most don't live in midtown or the surrounding wealthy areas. They are bringing in mostly temps and I've temped before but they emphasize that temps are not a part of the team. So you feel unvalued. Some vagueness around what it takes to become perm. Management doesn't have people skills. There are 2 higher ups that are cordial. The others, unless you are important, your greeting in the hall goes unresponded to which feels Invisible.
Contractor | Minnesota | Jun 4, 2019
Instacart is a scam & should be investigated
I have had numerous issues of unfair practices within the shopper app and have always, without exception, received zero support from anyone at Instacart. I have had waitlisted hours taken from me for no reason and when I notified them, they offered no assistance. I am not even sure if who I was chatting with was an actual person or not. The idea is great and very convenient for customers but the people behind this operation are corrupt. I have a strong feeling that there will be more to come of their unethical business practices, as time goes on and more regulations develop, that will force them to conform into a business that actually looks out for their workers’ best interests. Until then, I strongly advise anyone considering working for Instacart to think again. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that the wages are abysmal at best! You’ll see, once you get going. They pay next to nothing!! One thing is for sure though, those at the top are making a killing from this model!! Unfortunately though, it comes at everyone else’s expense!
ProsFlexible hours, nothing else
ConsLow wages, complete absence of support from management or anyone else within the company.
Store Shopper | Austin, TX | Mar 7, 2020
Prepare for long drives and a hefty gas bill
Instacart used to be a good job. Bonuses and tips along with flexible hours meant that once I got schedule priority, I was my own boss (to a degree). However, when the zone spread to easily more than 30 miles, often sending me from one end to another and no compensation for the distance to the store, I got wary. Yet, I continued. Then they changed the tip system and customers started seeing $5 as "recommended" and thus "fair" for $300+ orders. My car would be filled to the absolute brim like a 3D jigsaw storage puzzle. I would refuel my little Honda Civic every two days because of the distance (full to empty). Then came the taxes. They don't tell you about the taxes. They don't warn you about being a "small business owner" in the eyes of the US Government. I've never lost so much money running myself ragged (even hauling during Hurricane Harvey). Do your research before considering starting this job. If it doesn't break your body, it will break your hope for savings. Just another in the slew of gig economy jobs.
ProsYou pick your hours.
ConsNo benefits, long distances, poor tip system
Slave | San Diego, CA | Jan 16, 2020
These guys Know how to kick him a man when hes down
When I 1st started working with insta cart it was amazing I loved working with these guys the pay was fair and the hours were free flexible then I started to notice a decrease. My later found that the tips that I was Getting word added into my pay not my tips. I found out that insta cart had started to retaliate against the shoppers when we got upset about our tips and the pay are getting lower and lower. I've put up with a lot from this company driving many hours working all day for $20 watching The shady things that insta cart was doing. I noticed that the customers were paying anywhere between 10 and 20% more per items that we were shopping for him for they were paying way more for the delivery fee than they were paying us they wanted us to make positive sure that the customer never got the receipts ever and the sad thing is they're the ones making money and everyone else is losing and every time we ask for a little bit of deigneth I fairness or equal pay equal respect they just take us down another peg and it's ridiculous and it needs to stop
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Renton, WA | Aug 19, 2019
Instacart from a cashier point of view
I cashier at a local grocery store and I have found that most Instacart reps are some of the rudest arrogant offish individuals I have ever come across. They are 100 times worse than your worst customer of the day and ten times more of a jerk hole than your nasty customer for the day. I don't know what it is about alcohol sales but more than 90% of the reps refuse to show id for them selves and 90% of the resp refuse to provide id for the customer that they are purchasing for. It is illegal for us to do clear enter. We have to have a legit id to enter other wise it's our job on the line. This is getting old. They become childish and their customer service does a 360 degree turn and all of a sudden become total jerk holes. I am a professional hard working cashier and I hate to say it but I'm sick of Instacart because of the reps being so nasty rude to the cashiers on a regular basis. While most of the reps start out friendly they eventually turn into jerk holes after about six months due to the nature of the grocery industry.
In-Store Consumer Rep | Round Rock, TX | Aug 6, 2019
It's advertised as being flexible in job hours and it's actually not. Once you tell them a schedule you expected to stay that same all the time. When in actuality you applied for this job because of idea of flexibility. When you try to change you hours of availability you will get penalized by recieving less hours the next few weeks. The pay in the Austin, Texas area is based off minimum wage which is $7.50/ hr. The unfortunate side to this is that if the person who is ordering doesn't tip with-in the app and its in cash to the driver then you dont get any of that tip. Once you reach a speed plateau you constantly recieve emails of "motivational messages" for you to go faster. There comes a time and a limit that all people have due to age, weight and overall physical ability. But, it seems that for the management if you can't go faster your hours get limited until you either quit, get fired or laid off. The idea of the service is a great service but with the competition paying their employee's more could be an issue for Instacart in the long run.
Personal Shopper | Muncie, IN | Jan 3, 2020
You must keep 20 hours or more
Once you start out, you get first dibbs on hours. You are priority. Priority hours are avaliable for choosing for the week sunday at 9:30 am. After your initial 3 weeks, if you dont have a combined amount of hours for those 3 weeks, you do not have priority any more, and you may not choose hours until wednesday, at 9:30. However, most of the time, those avaliable hours arent avaliable by the time wednesday comes around and you get to pick hours. the only hours left for the following week are hours priority people didnt want. So it may be 2 hours for 1 day next week. Now, they have added an option for waitlists. If you didnt get hours, you can be put on a wait list, and if any priority people cancel, the next in line gets those hours. I can say, even being on the app right at 9:30, those hours are gone almost immediately, and i mean within 3 minutes. So its literally a fight for hours. If you want this job, plan 20 hours a week, EVERY WEEK, so you keep priority status. Once you loose it, it is NOT easy to get back.
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Jul 19, 2019
loud, smelled of excessive tobacco smoke, stressful environment
You are hired as a digital slave where you are timed by the minute for every day at work and breaks. The company was too cheap to allow a one hour lunch and two breaks. It had two 1/2 hr 'lunches' and no breaks. Two days off in a row was unheard of for the digital slaves. The result is high turnover jobs. If these factors were changed, it would make for a happier work force that would stay longer. Customer service is not based on how well you help the customers or shoppers, but nit-picking metrics and classifying calls according to the ikb. Great place to work if you have neck tattoos or have a poor appearance. They will hire anybody which is a real benefit for people that have a hard time getting a job. It is a bonus if you like loud music blaring and smoke cigarettes excessively. If you don't smoke and or like loud noise - stay away.
Delivery Driver | Excelsior, MN | Mar 1, 2020
Great part-time job
This job is good. As a single mom, I have the flexibility to work around my daughter's school hours. I can pick up jobs in the evenings or weekends if needed. My only complaints are that you have to realistically drive about 150 miles in a day. The jobs are spread out, the pay averages about $10-16/hr. Some people don't tip. The tips are what you live on. I've had jobs where you shop and only get paid $7 to shop and deliver...not worth it. But you can choose which jobs you want to take. They dont always give you a realistic time to complete your shopping like at cosco. Cosco isnt like cub foods. Some stores give you the aisle number and others like cosco and hyvee, you have to search to find stuff and things arent always in logical places so it wastes time. . With occasional jobs that pay $20-30+ . You need a trolly for some business jobs, and it can wreck your shocks from all the weight.

Questions And Answers about Instacart

If you were to leave Instacart, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Answer for people who are complaining about the distance .if it's a double or triple batch you don't have to take all three of them ,you can split it up and say I only want to take one or two or just one and just deal with the amount that you're going to get if you're going to cry about the distance. and and if you really like the order.pick it up and then give it back to the system a couple times I guarantee you it'll climb off the $25 or $30 and then you'll take it, but remember somebody else is watching it and they may be quicker at it. and by the way every time they upgrade this system your phone has to be upgraded most of the time is purchase a new one. Like every year you might be replacing your phone. No matter what phone they put out eventually they cannot handle the amount of work that these things go through so you wear em out and then you have to get a new one so save your money fools
Answered Mar 9, 2020
Okay the problem with these crybaby that were making huge amount of money and now to making little money is because now instacart is giving them the correct amount and they don't like it. what you do is you don't pick the first ones that come out you let it sit and wait and wait. they're going to get bigger and even if you pick them send them back to them so when they come back on the menu it'll be higher amount. I can still make between 350 and 450 part-time by accepting the big Bashas with one delivery or with two. Most of the batches that I've been getting are $20 and over. You just have to be patient and don't go running out at the first one you see waiting is the name of the game. If there isn't anybody picking up the shopping for deliveries then they have to raise the amount and if you do pick it up but it's not enough money throw it back into the system. The system will automatically raise the amount. I've been at this for three years in 3 years I've always made between 350 to $400 part time between 20 to 25 batches a week. those of you that are recommending other people to not stay with them are complete idiots. There's ways and there's money to be made in this company. You can make a lot more money with instacart than you can with ubereats doordash or any other other food delivery company. I should know I did them all, and instacart still pulls out on the lead. mostly the fault has to do with instacart they lower the amount of pay to the shoppers so now the Shoppers walked out on them so now we have to bite the bullet and do the shopping. But in reality we don't have too. we can sit back and wait until they raised it enough for us to go out and shop for them it. and it's enough people do that eventually don't have to change don't have to give us more money or raise the money for the Shoppers again so we can go back to making real money.
Answered Mar 9, 2020
How many hours do you have to work to get about $300?
Asked Oct 25, 2016
It solely depends upon what area you’re in and how fast you are. I usually work 6-9 hours and make $300 if not more.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
$416.67. Worked The whole week. 23 batches
Answered Feb 9, 2020
What would you suggest Instacart management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Better support for us that are out there shopping and delivering. Leave communication open to customer until we close it, or let us go back and view the previous orders for a certain amount of time. I accidentally swiped that I had completed the delivery when I hadn't. I could not get back to the order to get the address again, customer was frustrated as well as I after sitting on hold for support for 2 1/2 hours I finally got his address again and delivered about 4 hours later. I requested instacart give him a $10.00 refund which they did. Do not let the Customer change their Tip amount unless it is to give more. Not fair when they can say they are tipping $10-20 just to get us to take the order and then change it after delivery. Make the prescription delivery test viewable on a computer - not phone. If we do accept a double or triple batch. Make the route for the deliveries more efficient for us. I have been sitting on hold via text for about an hour right now which is how I ended up here. Do you have openings or part-time at home customer support? Let me know.
Answered Mar 28, 2020
Pay more and pay by the mileage and reimburse the drivers for the gas.
Answered Mar 9, 2020
How does instacart pay employees? A check or direct deposit? Do they get paid weekly?
Asked May 9, 2016
You can cashout the same day by direct deposit without your tips by paying 0.50. Or get paid every Wednesday direct deposit. Its a great part-time job check it out
Answered Aug 14, 2019
Direct deposit
Answered Jun 20, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Instacart a better place to work?
Asked Nov 12, 2017
Benefits, Health coverage, dental coverage, vision coverage. And an occasional gas card as a gift for doing a good job. Even a bonus every once in a while for doing a good job.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Change the pay method. 0.10cent per Lbs on every item above 10Lbs Each deliveries will be $5. Meaning triple batch will be AUTOMATICALLY $15 besides tips and mileage.
Answered Mar 12, 2020