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Overall Reviews at J.B. Hunt

Driver | Sturtevant, WI | Oct 24, 2018
1st Rate company operating from the seat of their pants
All drivers know every company will tell you what you want to hear to get the driver hired onto their company. Well, it's no different at J.B. Hunt. From recruiters to upper mgmt. mid- management, and lower management. Including planners and fleet managers. Once your in-the company, everything changes. Expect their "Fleet Managers & Planners" to talk down to you. Expect those two groups of "Company" employees to raise their voices up over yours to put you down. Expect your office manger to stand by their office employees. After all.., you are just a driver and easily replaceable. Stay out of the office! Office personnel are not your friends, regardless of the sweet innocence presented. It's a "Cut - Throat" position. Driver against driver, fleet manager against fleet manager, and planner against planner. Being a driver, you will need to fight for trips/runs, fight for miles, and altimately fight for your income. Make no mistake, say something negative against any office employee and watch your income drop in half. The only enjoyable part of working for this company is; once your in your assigned truck...YOU GET TO LEAVE!!!
ProsRound Table Meetings result in free lunch.
ConsToo much of a struggle to acheive a regular weekly income.
Driver | Lansing, MI | Sep 19, 2019
Honest loyal truck company
I'm a dedicated company driver for j.b I got nothing bad to say about them they go over n beyond for their driver's I'm actually a human n not a number or driver. Family and safety is their main priority if I got kept out longer then planned they gave me a extra day to be home I do alot of off account work for them but the key is U GOTTA WANT THE MILES AND MONEY they will not push to do it so if u don't make good money honestly it's on you j.b has so much freight to move it's unbelievable FIRSY REAL HONEST REAL TRUCKING COMPANY THAT STANDS BY THE CONTRACT I SIGNED u show them u wanna make money man ur all good to go just don't lie and always be safe no matter what j.b hunt will fit ur career far as a professional truck driver. J.b hunt runs off a unique system that I love all u have to do is follow them I'm not a operator and I can easily break 1,500 or more a week YES U DO NEED TO HAUL BUT ITS WORK IT MY CONTRACT SAYS OUT FOR 5 DAYS HOME 2 and wow they didn't lie about that I choose when I wanna do weeks at a time or not Best comapy I ever come across....Dedicated & Regional runs pays the best to me keep that in mind
ProsFree stuff and lots of money to be in your pocket
ConsHome time varies depending on the driver and what account your on
Remaining Anonymous | Iowa | Aug 11, 2018
Very Poor
I do not recommend working for JB Hunt for various reasons. The pay is quite low for the stress and amount of chaotic work you have, and the antagonistic manners you get from management. You only get 12 days paid off per year including sick time. The 401K plan grows very slowly. The medical and eye health benefits are very poor, and prescription coverage is hard to afford with the low pay. Management often communicates with you as though you have no experience that relates to your job, and you often feel unintelligent by their comments. I felt as if in my interview I was praised for my history and given the job based on things I've excelled at, and once I started the job you begin getting treated almost as if you were the most unqualified candidate there was. It is unfortunate, but the environment is unrealistic and stressful and the management has no care to improve it despite the turnover. The only good thing the company had was it's strong support for drivers at corporate center - something society in general lacks. Unfortunately my field office did not follow that idea.
ProsDriver support
ConsPay, Benefits, Management, Stress Level, Work Environment
Commercial Driver | Sumner, WA | Jan 9, 2019
Great place to learn
JB Hunt has an excellent introduction to the company and training for those who need it. You are supported every step of the way from driving to the use of the computing systems. A typical day starts at the dispatch office to get assignments and from there you go to your truck to do your daily pre-trip and log onto the computer system on the truck. After that, you take an empty trailer to the customer and take the customers loaded trailer to the rail yard. At the rail yard, you would pick up a loaded trailer for a customer and do it all again in reverse order. Direct management is supportive and helpful as long as you follow the rules and safety procedures. The workplace culture is not stressful at all and everyone is friendly. If you're a driver you'll be busy and need to be a quick pace when doing your job. The hardest part of the job is the long day, 10 to 12 hours sometimes and that takes away from home time. The most enjoyable part is that you have an office with a window view, get to drive to different places and be outdoors.
ProsThe training, the supportive staff and management
ConsThe pay is not hourly, it's performance based. The long hours
Company Driver | Lowell, AR | Aug 5, 2019
Will cap company drivers at $800 a week when possible.
Mechanics will break stuff for giggles, others will save your bacon. Very difficult system to figure out what and how you are getting paid other than what People Net confirms you got paid for (you get a check, not much else in writing). Peope Net is not as good as Qualcom, if you are out of a truck too long they will slip seat you or put you in a sardine rental car to go recover someone's mess. Promise to rotate equipment every 200K, nope. Spent most of the time pulling heavy stuff in and out of PA and or everyone's favorite i40 corridor. Automatic brake system mandated due to company safety record (and it does not always work and play well with ABS/Traction systems if the previous driver had a lead foot). Will make you go out one week and come back to terminal for a pm even though you were there a week early before (and wait in line for a couple days at your home). Hardly change the oil so expect a lot of DEF regenerating and their trucks are fairly loud when it happens. Trucks are no idle, no apu. Some yards so clustered you may have to move two or three just to get one out.
ConsManagement, respect, NE
Truck Driver | Joliet, IL | Oct 26, 2019
Friendly and knowledgeable management team.
Typical day is running an outbound load to a customer. Pick up a load from a vendor and head back to town. Repeat that process once more before going home or taking additional loads. They pay hub miles and some locations that are shorter runs will pay an additional rate on top of your mileage. Intermodal prefers using the OBC to communicate with management. Dedicated accounts prefer a phone call to management as they don't check OBC messages as regularly. Safety goals are team goals with some rewards for drivers. The most difficult part of running intermodal is looking for containers. It's always nice when we are allowed to get a container from CZ in Cicero, IL. Dedicated is a little bit different. Most complaints about dedicated stem from the customers/vendors we have to deal with that take 4 hours to load in some cases. Those customers/vendors are few and far between but it should be noted. My favorite part about being attached to J.B. Hunt is the team culture. Being in the office in the morning or afternoon is one of my favorite parts of the day. I just love interacting with the people in the office.
Area Manager | Virginia | Feb 27, 2020
Salary's are below scale for my position and beware bonus system
The company pays on the low end of the scale for the position I held. Part of there pitch is a bonus that they sell as production driven. Two consecutive years in a row the company overachieved and produced record financials. Senor management rather than pay out the large bonuses that they promised at the beginning of the year (in writing) changed the program after the fact and reduced the bonuses to literally pennies on the dollar. Over 20 years with this company I have seen this "Bait and Switch" more times that I can remember. The medical benefits they offer are also a very poor value for the premiums charged. They do however have a cafeteria style system which gives you choices. The rank and file workers are dedicated and amazing people, many of there middle management however are textbook examples of what you don't want in a manager. If your a driver its a great place to be, be careful as a manager however. They seek out college grads looking for that "First Job". Grads, Do yourself a favor and take a few less thousand a year and find a job somewhere else.
Regional Driver | Tannersville, PA | Apr 26, 2019
Your Pretty much a monkey behind the wheel.
Well first of all as with any company in the trucking industry, it seems like The recruiters will tell you anything you want to hear just to get you in the door, and then lo and behold, and go figure, that’s not the job description at all. Constant harassing dispatchers, dispatchers seem to get off on making you feel small, and they’re always negative. I can’t stand when the company portrays some type of family environment when it is not at all. You’re just another number you’re a monkey behind the steering wheel. The trucks are only governed for 65 mph, pretty humiliating on the road. And forget about ever calling in sick, they make it nearly impossible for you to return to work. But that’s another story I really don’t want to get into. If you don’t mind just being another monkey behind the wheel or just another number, then this might be the job for you. I guess it depends upon the person. The pay was great the benefits are great and the paid time off is great but it doesn’t seem worth all the aggravation.
ProsPay, benefits, and PTO
ConsManagement, dispatcher’s, to many work hours for the money
Truck Driver | United States | Aug 29, 2019
A means to a paycheck.
The only thing you need to know about JBH is that EVERYTHING is the drivers fault. Truck breakdown, traffic, paperwork - all on the driver, the company is infallible. Their on-board computer/camera monitoring is oppressive - adds nothing but stress to driving. The automatic braking system resulted in two near collisions. Their mandatory training programs are painfully generic and often huge wastes of time (ie if you work solely in Florida, you still need to complete Colorado Mountain training) - however, at least you get paid for it. Any joy you get from the job will hinge solely on your account manager, if that person is good then your job will be good, if theyre horrible then your job will be twice as horrible. That being said, as a DCS driver i had a dedicated route which was a nice routine. I also never had a conflict over pay - any discrepancy was resolved by the next paycheck, which in trucking may be the only shinning attribute this company has.
ProsReliable and higher than average pay
ConsIn their mind, compared to the computer, the driver is without question the weakest part of the truck.
Manager | Lowell, AR | Feb 7, 2019
Supports American veterans, not American workers
This company hauls American freight with non American equipment. Truck driving company that's corporate headquarters does not have parking for trucks and trailers. The terminals outside of corporate are where the drivers are taken care of. The terminals, trucks, and trailers are cleaned by an outside vendor whose employees are undocumented workers, making less than minimum wage and not required to be drug tested. The driver managers are college graduates that have never even been in a truck. These managers will tell seasoned drivers how to drive, with no prior experience or knowledge of the open road. Bonus plans are set up yearly, but employees are not paid off of information released to the public. Videos are made to help driver managers understand a drivers life. Apps have been made to try and limit the amount of communications between you and your manger.
ProsLong hours, underpaid, no work/life balance, working an entire day to pay for benefits
ConsIf you do not plan on moving to Arkansas, your jobs advancements will be limited

Questions And Answers about J.B. Hunt

Why did you leave your job at J.B. Hunt?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
Great culture! Enjoyed coming to work every morning! Management from very top down are caring people and want to support employees to help them grow! Only reason I left was pay.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
Inconsistent hours and pay. You do t k ow when you are getting off until you get off. And since the day can range anywhere from 6-12 hours, it makes it impossible to plan anything during the week without taking a whlle day off. Pay was done by mileage and a set price per installation, which can be good or bad. You can make good money when work is heavy and you get good efficient routes. If not and you get a light or inefficient route you will work the same hours for less that half the pay of a good day.
Answered Oct 17, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make J.B. Hunt a better place to work?
Asked Nov 8, 2019
I would close them down and shut the doors
Answered Mar 20, 2020
Flexibility, compassion, understanding, willingness to listen and learn from others that may bring experiences to the table.
Answered Mar 17, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at J.B. Hunt?
Asked Nov 10, 2018
You will get paid well. But you will have to work hard for it.
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Be careful, then work at your own risk.
Answered Dec 22, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at J.B. Hunt?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
I was promised 1500 dollars a week and now I cannot get the miles or the experience I need with the dispatchers just like any other company promises you the world and does not deliver I have done it for almost 2 months but can't seem to hold down the pay it is always less than $1,000 a week so I will have to move on. To anybody else that will start with JB Hunt if they don't do what they promised then it's time to leave so irritating.
Answered Mar 29, 2018
If you are at the corporate offices the culture is professional but fairly laid back. They have cut a lot of bad managers in the past 5 years. If you are outside of Arkansas your culture is totally reliant on your VP and regional managers. Some of them seem to work 60 hours/week to avoid their families so they expect you to reciprocate. There is little training, most is trial by fire. Makes for a stressful breaking in period. All that being said, I think most of corporate America is exactly the same or far worse.
Answered Aug 3, 2017
I have a criminal background can I work for job hunt
Asked Dec 19, 2016
They will hire you, then fire you after peak season... Spit you out like a piece of used gum.........
Answered Apr 7, 2018
It depends on the charge and how long ago it happened. It's not a deal breaker and every person is considered. Worth a try.
Answered Jan 1, 2018