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Customer Assistant | Manchester, NH | Oct 11, 2019
unsocial hours, boredom and lack of opportunity to progress
To be fair by industry standards, not a bad company to work for. Aviation is still a very sexist industry. THe culture in Jet2 is no exception, but they're not quite as bad as their competitors in the industry. Having said that, I was a woman* doing what is very much seen as man's work, in baggage sorting hall, it was lonely and boring most of the time. Some of the guys were great, others very immature and hard to work alongside, lots of loud, bawdy and raucous male banter, and some language that I found offensive, aside from swearing, though it certainly is irritating listening to someone using the F word every fifth word or so. I was doing work for people who left school with no or few qualifications, so is to be expected to some extent, realistically. The management and supervisors were quite aware of the issues with some of the guys, but felt obliged to tolerate it, because it's hard to recruit enough staff willing to work around the clock, doing boring low skilled work for not much more than the minimum wage, who don't have a criminal record so serious they can't get an airport pass *I now live as a transgender woman having started with Jet2 as a man. This was handled reasonably well, but it is still stressful being myself in such a male-dominated environment. I felt I was stuck in a dead-end and the working hours were preventing me getting enough sleep, it's stressful enough being a trans woman without this, so decided to leave.
Technical Engineer | Yorkshire, VA | Jan 28, 2019
Great people, poor management
Great people and departments try to work together but too much of management butting heads and shouting to work effectively. Open office is great, but not when trying to review technical documentation!
Shipper | Swedesboro, NJ | Jun 21, 2018
decent job
its a lot of walking. however it is a great job. it was a very productive warehouse. i did very much enjoy working at this warehouse. very fast paced.

Questions And Answers about and Jet2holidays

How are the working hours at and Jet2holidays?
Asked Oct 11, 2019
Very unsocial, I missed out on a lot of things thanks to having to work. 12 hour shifts are so exhausting one after the other, you meet yourself coming back. Weekends off are rare, split shifts were introduced, an unpaid 2 hour break, basically, which naturally caused a lot of complaints.
Answered Oct 11, 2019
What is the interview process like at and Jet2holidays?
Asked Oct 11, 2019
Standard online pre assessment followed by telephone interview.
Answered Oct 11, 2019