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Senior Executive Assistant | Santa Ana, CA | Nov 28, 2018
Different Culture
Different companies have different cultures. It has been a struggle not just for me but for most to try to embrace the J & J "self-service" culture. We have lost a lot of productivity with the self-service culture at J & J. I am embarrassed for our new hires that come in. They do not get an orientation from our HR department. Their day one is literally to sit at their computer and on board themselves. It has been a difficult transition for current employees and it has been even more difficult for new employees coming on board. As a large company such as this, I would've expected more help from management and other departments such as IT, and HR but it is non-existent. In general, time is spent by employees trying to find answers and solutions to the problems and getting in touch with a human than we are being productive. We are getting less done by chasing down someone who can help us as opposed to being more productive associates for the company. Being a self-service company is not a cost savings.
ProsGood benefits, discounts on company products
ConsNo human beings to talk to, little to no training on processes, non-existent on boarding for new hires
R&D Engineer | Fort Washington, PA | Nov 8, 2019
Excellent culture based company
• Initiate and execute testing as per test methods and protocols to meet required deadlines. • Execute qualification tests contained in protocols for equipment qualification. • Report results to/with Package Engineers in a timely fashion with possible recommendations for modifications or enhancements. • Participates in department wide monthly GxP audits delegated by management. • Utilize document repository system CONNECT to author and approve protocols. • Work within ETQ Symphony to create, modify and review change controls, investigations and CAPA. • Management of studies and logbooks (retrieval, uploading, scanning and reconciliation) in accordance to the SOP. • Support testing at contract packaging facilities. • Perform routine backup operations ensuring data files are successfully backed up to the appropriate location. • Support in maintenance and calibration or lab equipment and instruments. • Communicates with upper management when documents/forms are due by providing latest version to be reviewed and signed prior to advancing in EDM
Recruiter | Tampa, FL | Jul 19, 2019
Disappointing Leadership
J&J HR has had constant re-orgs and lay-offs for many years especially within Talent Acquisition. Constant changes to reporting structures and processes. Big emphasis on outsourcing as much as possible as quickly as possible to Manila for cost savings. Poor communication every step of the way. Extremely disappointed with the TA management in Tampa. They were totally disconnected from the reality of life in the trenches. A lot of favoritism, politics, uneven workloads (so great work/life balance for some and unmanageable for others), and unrealistic and ever-changing goals. I was part of a big lay-off along with 30+ others 2 years after the "grand opening" of the Global Services site in Tampa (after they outsourced as much as they could, and as quickly as they could, to Manila). We were very disenchanted with how leadership handled the whole process, especially considering we were technically part of HR. Several of those who got laid off self-relocated to Tampa for what they thought would be a long and exciting career. Proceed with caution.
Lead Engineer | Raynham, MA | Mar 30, 2020
Good culture. Opportunties for advancement across many product disciplines and to take on different roles and responsibilities
Mastering the ability to communicate across business/franchise units is beneficial to visibility and thus advancement. Much Information resides in various silos and in different forms, databases, likely due to M&A activity and legacy databases. J&J encourages people to continually learn and develop new processes, methods, and treatments but you need to carve out the time yourself, which usually means a heavier workload and time commitment. Working conditions are good but like many larger corporations, politics interfered with strategic business decisions. Upper management needs to do a better job of cascading down goals and objectives to ensure they are aligned and tied to all associates across the organization. Company could benefit from rolling out, and providing better visibility to, advanced management training and leadership skills and how this training can be lead to more opportunities within the company.
R&D Engineer | Milpitas, CA | Jan 14, 2019
J&J Surgical Vision needs culture overhaul
There are still smart people at JJSV, but there has been a general egress of the best minds to startups. Benefits are great and its a company with a pension! J&J is supportive of new parents and work/life balance, but this particular division has a culture problem... too many cancelled projects, cutting corners on products destined for use on humans. Excellence has taken a backseat to meeting deadlines, which I believe is the real reason for the death stench in the building. How proud can you on that team? Let me reiterate that there are some great people there, trying to keep standards high, but without dedication to an agreed upon schedule and transparency of the details of that schedule division-wide, it will continue to disappoint. Don't get me started on the Credo.
ProsGood pay, freedom to work independently, benefits, work/life balance, flexible hours
ConsBroken communication between middle management and individual contributors, silo'ed departments-very little collaboration, stalled pipeline creating apathy
Business Analyst | Santa Ana, CA | Nov 6, 2018
Collaborative work environment with team members that are savvy and respectful and work together to achieve success
The most enjoyable part of the job is the culture of J&J and to be able to develop trustworthy relationships at work in a safe work environment. The J&J team works collaboratively and every colleague is a valuable asset to the team. We all work proactively and creativity and we constantly improve communication, the way we work with teams from overseas and other location. If there is conflict at work, we work through to get everyone in sync again. We encourage everyone to collaborate with that area of expertise through lessons learned sessions. During crunch times, we listen to management, who is well trained and follow J&J management high standards and methodology to bring the people and the project to success. The hardest part of the job is when the communication is not clear. I have learned that if we work together, we accomplish great things and, everyone win!
ProsGood Team environment
ConsProject timeline is not always realistic.
Staff Engineer | Cincinnati, OH | Sep 16, 2019
Good place to work overall, but lost sight of its Crefo
I had a mixed experience with J&J. I had very good/great management for the majority of the time, but for a significant number of years the management was lacking ... and I think it was due in part that there was little oversight of the managers by their bosses, the directors. It resulted in a wide range in capability. There was very little consistency in the overall approach and level of understanding of department needs and direction between one manager and the next. J&J is great at talking a good story, as they try to follow their excellent CREDO (which is s statement laid out by one of the founders - basically a statement on company ethical values , how they treat patients, doctors, suppliers, employees, community and the environment. In my tenor there, I found that the actual practices only followed the CREDO when it would benefit the company’s bottom line (I.e. $$) As companies go, though, they are as solid as any I am aware of, and more so than many.
ProsGood pay
ConsWide Variability in management
Quality Assurance Manager | Irvine, CA | Sep 7, 2018
Productive and Fulfilling work
Enjoyed my time working with Johnson and Johnson. If not for a relocation and my want to try a new career path, I would have stayed. I recommend this employer to anyone who has a drive and want to serve patients and their communities. Work is what you make it, it can be enjoyable and fun or painstaking and hard. It's a choice. The opportunities I had working for this company cannot be counted, I made the most of it and gained invaluable experience and friendships. Con section explanation: Corporate blame game/politics (Seems to be everywhere not just JnJ): I was able to overcome it by refusing to involve myself in finger pointing focusing more on solutions but it was sadly quite pervasive with external departments blaming each other instead of working as a team to find solutions.
ProsGreat Benefits, Decent pay (for my area it was comfortable but most other places it would of been very good), liked my manager - he was fair and respectful
ConsCorporate blame game/politics
Senior Engineering Technician | Jacksonville, FL | Nov 14, 2019
Credo with a grain of salt
Good place to work at night if you want a night shift job. All of the other coworkers get along great, however, upper management can care less about you. One of the managers even had the nerve to tell us in a meeting that "military experience doesn't count" as prior work experience and they want better trained people. Huge slap in the face considering more than half were military veterans. The work isn't too difficult if you pay attention. Even the worst technicians on the floor stick around so don't be afraid of losing your job due to performance once you're in the door. However, even if you have a personal issue, they will not hesitate to let you go if you call out too much (even with sick time available). Management (except one manager) is very unempathetic to other employees personal problems. If you want to move up, you have to learn politics. I have seen more qualified people get passed up on due to incorrect affiliations within the workplace. Benefits and bonuses are good.
Senior Scientist | Lititz, PA | Jun 2, 2019
A typical day at work can have multiple schedule changes. Communication is lacking, especially from first shift to off shifts. Management is either defeated and defensive, or trying to coast to retirement. The workplace culture is toxic in quality; management does not communicate changes very well, then accuses analysts of being unable to do their jobs correctly. Repeated meetings making veiled threats about our jobs and how bad our performance is just further demotivates people. The people I work with are hard workers and there is some sense of teamwork among the analysts. We try to look out for each other. The job allows you to learn a lot of different techniques and laboratory instrumentation, so you get a good foundation for working anywhere else. You are expected to be flexible in your role, so you definitely get the opportunity to have a variety of tasks in your day.
ProsGood co-workers, challenging work
ConsBad management, cuts in quality funding, terrible computers

Questions And Answers about Johnson & Johnson

Why did you leave your job at Johnson & Johnson?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Because the manager is truly not qualified to be in his position. He has been protected for years because his Dad was a previous high ranking VP. Nothing will ever be done because of the politics and allegiance to keep him in that position. He truly lacks any skills that are conducive in sales He relies on each rep for guidance, and has a horrible vindictive tone.He is very make chauvinistic too! This may betheiy thing that could stop him, if someone wanted to take it to task! He has mental health issues that require medication, and that’s fine, however, he is not always on task with his meds. This creAtes anxiety and an OCD type of management. In other words he can drive you crazy. Just because his former Dad and several others think he needs to be In the company because that’s what he knew all his life, is wrong. He is a wonderful man with greAt skills of accounting., but very poor management skills. JNJ needs to put the right people with the right set of job skills in those positions. It’s truly the fleecing of JNJ! I’m sure he will remain, unless JNJ gets sued! Sad!
Answered May 24, 2019
Mid-1996, I left Vistakon to seek a full-time opportunity at Anheuser Bush- Budweiser Brewery Company. Because, Vistakon was taking long process for potential employment. Six years, as a Jim King's employee without full benefits and profit shares, I worked 50 hours a week in the manufacture operations. From filling machine to packaging in the manufacturing processes I had obtained every positions.
Answered Feb 21, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Johnson & Johnson? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 4, 2016
Over all 30 days or less: I applied through the recruiter, the week of 8/9/19. Called me Monday 8/12/19. Scheduled a tour for 8/14/19. Emails started; including many attachments. Necessary reading of 100+ pages. Proof of comprehension on all documents read by using an e signature to comply. An application, and then two sections of an I9. Everything required then completion, took 3 weeks. Less or more time; depends on you and how well you communicate with your recruiter. Have items necessary for New Hire. EXAMPLES: STATE ISSUED ID, SSN OR PASSPORTS to verify your identity.
Answered Sep 8, 2019
3 years 8 Months
Answered Feb 8, 2018
How often do raises occur at Johnson & Johnson?
Asked Mar 28, 2017
Annually during your yearly evaluation.
Answered Feb 19, 2019
Yearly 2-3%
Answered Jan 14, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Johnson & Johnson?
Asked Aug 19, 2016
Be yourself...
Answered Jan 23, 2018
How long it take get interview
Answered Nov 16, 2017
How did you get your first interview at Johnson & Johnson?
Asked Jan 29, 2018
Recruiting co
Answered Jul 30, 2019
Contacted by J and J after 11 mos with earhlinkt
Answered Mar 28, 2019