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Overall Reviews at KFC

Crew Member | Geneva, AL | May 14, 2019
The closest thing to slave labor that a company can get away with.
I worked for KFC for a whopping 2 weeks. It quickly became evident that if I was putting effort into my work, that was all of the effort in the entire shift. Not only was it a tight knit group of friends that ran the restaurant, but if you were not in their little circle, you were treated like trash. I would be forced to clock out at 10:30 P.M. and would still be working at 12:30 P.M. almost every night. If you did not clock out yourself at 10:30, the manager would do it for you. I was berated for taking a few extra seconds with a customer to make sure I had the right order and even for cleaning "unnecessary" spots in the store. There are plastic trays that hold popcorn chicken and chicken strips, and below them in the metal rack there would be crumbs and grease that built up. I had to scrape this out and then was chastised for spending time on something that "didn't have to be cleaned". The hours were terrible (30+ a week even though I was 17 and in school). I got sick one day and vomited in the parking lot. I was then told that I had to get a doctors notice if I wanted to keep my job. I had to pay over a grand in medical fees (Emergency Room because if i didn't supply papers from that night I would be fired) to keep a 7.25/hr job. It was, altogether: terrible people, a disgusting workplace, slightly abusive, extremely stressful, and most of all not in any way, shape, or form a place I would not condemn anyone on this planet to work at.
Pros1 hour break
ConsTerrible Management; Low Pay, Forced to Work for No Pay, Stressful, No Teamwork, Depressing.
Shift Manager | Greenwood, IN | Oct 9, 2018
Fun friendly work environment
Working at kfc taught me to believe in myself and to take pride in what i do. In order for me to have a good reliable productive crew i had to lead by example. Anywhere you go in any type of work environment where it takes a whole crew to get a job done. You have to be an excellent leader for your people and lead by example and check your feelings at the door. I would always tell my guys that i would never ever have you do something that i myself wouldnt do. I would be right there with them working like crazy until our shift was complete. It takes a special person to be a good leader. A lot of people work with friends and family and thats how favorites are formed which soon after turn into the week links. All my people knew they had to keep their feelings at the door because when it was time to work we are all equals here to get this job done. I had a three strike rule. If you make me repeat myself three times in the same day and you know that you are screwing up or being lazy. Well then it was time for you to go because im not gonna let you get paid for doing your job half way. My motto was if im gonna do my job and then have to turn around and do your job too. Then whats the point in even having you here i will either do it myself or i had a few people that i would offer some extra hours too. I had no problem sending people home. I have worked with friends and a boyfriend and if anything i was probably harder on them.
ProsDiscount on food and a super fun place to work
ConsThey breaks were short and they didnt offer to many incentives
Fast Food Attendant | Wethersfield, CT | Jun 3, 2019
Spiritless and Disorderedly
I entered with optimism and left relieved that I quit -Worst management system to date -Minimum wage to the penny -No livable/partially livable wage -Abhorrent hours -Packing and kitchen area is often filthy -A training regimen hardly exists -Most of the routines are disorganized -Ant infestation near the windows -Deadened environment -No employee diversity -Forced on-the-spot overtime -Interviews are useless because management decides what you get even if it doesn't work for you I am not speaking for every KFC, but this one is just among the worst in CT. A typical work day is often dull and sluggish. On fast days, something always seem to go wrong, be it the register freezing, the employees at the packing line being too slow, running out of food, wrong orders, etc. The hardest part of the job is being told to do something one way, only to be corrected by another employee, it was so disarranged. The few things I enjoyed about the job were having some laughs with some of the more extroverted customers and the free lunch. It's not normal for me to leave a review, but I felt the need to leave one for this job because what's been happening in this establishment is concerning and repulsive. All in all, if you want a part-time job in which you work less than 18 hours a week for taxed minimum wage, this is likely a good fit.
ProsOne free lunch, friendly employees, longer than average breaks, outgoing customers
ConsAll the reasons listed in the review
Team Member | Oklahoma | Oct 11, 2018
Most unsafe working conditions I've ever dealt with
*Franchisee Store, under Ampex* Management had just taken over not too long before my employment, and it was obvious the new one should be replaced as well. Ridiculous scheduling, constant turnover of other employees without a proper hiring ratio to combat it, and the working conditions themselves were deplorable. An inch of standing water that was mixed with old grease and cleaning supplies always permeated the entire back kitchen, and soaked through our shoes throughout the shifts. Anyone with non-slip shoes would be in constant danger of slipping and falling, and when the problem would be brought to the manager's attention, the team member would be blamed for "not having proper attire," even though OSHA regulations require employers to provide shoes specific for the job. Myself and many other coworkers were constantly burned, bruised, or receiving rashes from the nasty water. This had an effect on everyone's work morale, and it was evident to customers that something at the store wasn't right. Locally, we were known as the "rude" store because of this. I would not work here again, even if it was my only option. I do NOT recommend anyone working under Ampex brands, nor at a KFC if you can help it.
ProsOne free $5 meal a shift, decent hours
ConsSafety conditions, management, no breaks (though they're supposed to be offered)
Restaurant Staff | Grove City, OH | Jan 10, 2019
Mixed up, unorganized and stressful
KFC , other than serving foods that aren't exactly healthy for consumers, has a poor way of training team members on the importance of working together in an environment where the public is involved. Most days when i was there, co-workers seemed to either engage in social media,private text messages or personal games with each other, or they would work against each other instead of with each other in the effort of making the restaurant a place people would be happy to visit. The staff that worked front of the kitchen would many times play on their phones and engage in conversations (loudly) that are not acceptable in most work environments, instead of focusing on the guests who were left waiting. Other times they would go off into groups of 2 or 3 , finding faults against someone else that was on the "team" causing division. Many times customers would come into the establishment hungry and ready for a nice hot meal and have to stand at the counter or in an increasingly long line hoping someone would take their order or finding out that we did not have the specific items they wanted for their meal ready.
Cons"team members" were more like that on a playground or combat field, Some days all they wanted to do was play, other days they seemed out for each others blood and bringing personal life into the work place
Assistant Manager | Roanoke, VA | Apr 21, 2018
Needs work
KFC stared off for me a decent place to work, but after about 4 months of working there I saw that it was not all it was sought out to be. I was moved to the Williamson Rd. Store and it was so chaotic. The general manager was always "out sick" for weeks even months at a time, my other assistant manager wasn't helping the situation either and was moved to another store, so where's that leave me well I had 3 workers to help me up front 1 cook and 1 dishwasher plus me that's a total of 5 people and me being the manager I had to do everything even the general managers job. This situation became very stressful on my. I had no proper training on how to do any of the truck inventory so that we could keep stock I didn't have the Authority to hire people and when I kept asking for more help none was given. We are talking about a very busy business here I mean weekends would bring thousands of dollars in on weekends and I was stuck short handed and also very upset customers because we couldn't go fast enough for them. So just was physically impossible with that amount of business. I ask for the GM position and was promised it within the week or I'd walk, let's just say i wouldn't have to make this review today if it happened.
ProsFree lunch and dinner, great pay/overtime.
ConsLong hours, no family time, very bad upper management, call-in on days off even if it's only one day
CSTM | California | Jan 19, 2019
A good place to start / get work experience but that’s it
It’s a good place to start when if you haven’t had a job before. Orders, prices and other tasks are relatively easy to learn but this isn’t a place you would want to stay longer than a year at. Most people don’t stay that long anyways. While they really good about being flexible with hours, it was never for sure how many you would get every week. It walways seemed like people were coming and going, they were constantly having to train new people, which can be pretty annoying. They always would say the were “trying to be fair” when it came to giving hours to the new people which usually meant people who had been there longer were going to be short hours. You have to buy your own lunch, so you might as well bring your own in. In the handbook it’s says you get a 50% discount worth up to 7$ but they only give you the one worth up to 3$. At the one I worked at they only had one row of lockers (and these lockers didn’t have locks) so if you got there later in the day it was virtually impossible to get one. The one day I had to call out sick they didn’t let me use my sick hours even though I know I had plenty of hours to cover the shift. BOTTOM LINE — This place is good for work experience ONLY.
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsHad to buy your own lunch, Didn’t get to use sick hours, Never had a set amount of hours, Lack of communication, etc
Team Member | United States | Nov 14, 2018
Stressful and unprofessional work place.
A typical work day for me as a cashier was to clock in at 10:00 am, sweep, mop wipe off tables and counters, restock lobby and front counter, check and/or clean and restock restrooms, take the empty bags of tea out of the tea dispensers and replace them with new bags and freshly made sweet tea and unsweet tea, check and/or pick up trash in parking lot and drive-thru, scrub side walk just outside of the store, count register drawer, sign onto the register, make sure the line is restocked, make sure there are biscuits and other sides ready to serve all before 10:30 am which is opening time for the store. If a truck had come that morning I'd help put up the products that were just dropped off while watching the register and check to make sure that there are still enough biscuits and other sides on the line. Most of the time I'd have to leave my register to make orders for the customers who had alredy ordered. A lot of times i wasn't able to have my lunch break and thats not even including the times where i was "asked" to stay late at work to cover for someone who were either late or didn't show up at all. Sometimes i've even had to work from 10:00am to closing which was 10:pm on week days and 11:00pm on weekends. Working at KFC was the most stressful experience by far while doing any kind of work.
Cashier | Prescott Valley, AZ | Aug 6, 2018
Beat you with a stick type modivation
At the Prescott Valley location I worked for a total of 4 days. It was the worse job experience of my life. For background sake please note that i was the WAN manager for a multi national steel company. I retired from that job and moved to Prescott Valley, AZ. I was looking for a part time job that might be different and fun. It was different I'll say that, but it was anything but fun. Those I worked with were mostly younger and quite nice. However, the General Manager took the word "general" to ridiculous extremes. He demanded we call him "sir" and thank him for absolutely everything. He was the most pure example of what is known as 2nd wave management. This means he motivated employees with threats and constant streams of negative comments. During my review he and the poor young woman he was "mentoring Athad only negitive things to say aboyut my performance. It ended with his saying I was incapable of working in the fast food industry. Since that time I worked at another fast food place and and my performance was considered great by both the manager and the owner. If you want to experience humiliation than please by all means work there.
Prosfree lunch
ConsOver sized staff due to management inefficiency, negative encouragement, dirty cooking area
Team Member | Spokane, WA | Sep 18, 2019
Not a productive work place poor management
For me a typical day at work was full of anxiety and fear of doing things wrong because one of the managers was very mean. Though my experience at KFC has been bad I have learned to heighten my patience and listening skills. The work culture is pretty face-paced, and quite stressful at times. The hardest part of the job tho was dealing with one of the managers. She was always negative and just made coming to work a hard thing. The most enjoyable part of working though was even Though I had some problems with that one manager I really enjoyed putting smiles on customers faces when taking their orders! I always pride myself in being positive because at the end of the day you never know what someone is dealing with, and just smiling or being kind to someone can change their outlook on that day, or the rest of their lives. Overall I would not recommend KFC to any young person as myself. Not only is the management poor but also the work environment was too much for me to handle, and caused unnecessary stress and anxiety which was very unnecessary. I had a very good experience with all the other coworkers, I had no problem with them. They were very kind, and patient with me when I needed help fulfilling various tasks.
ProsFree lunch
ConsPoor management

Questions And Answers about KFC

How are the working hours at KFC?
Asked Jun 29, 2016
Minimum hours is 10 which is disgusting. My hours started at 22-34 hours per week and after 4 months of hard work for a terrible manager he LOWERED my hours to 10 a week for 5 months. For london, that is NOT enough money to live off!
Answered Mar 9, 2020
8 working hours
Answered Dec 11, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at KFC? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
You get hired right away if its what they era looking for
Answered Dec 11, 2019
You get hired right away if what they are looking for
Answered Dec 11, 2019
How did you get your first interview at KFC?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Los llamé y de ahí fue una pequeña entrevista por teléfono y me citaron al día siguiente para la entrevista
Answered Jul 11, 2019
I applied and I got a call back 2 days later
Answered Jun 28, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at KFC?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Simply if I was legal to work with ID and bank account and if I've worked in customer service before then told me what to write and sign in the contract. 3 days later I was given my uniform to start
Answered Mar 9, 2020
Because. I. feel. like. I. have. the. knowledge. and. the. speed. and. time. and availability. to. do. the. right. job. and. satisfy. the. customer.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of KFC about how to improve it?
Asked Feb 18, 2017
I will keep it clean all the time
Answered Feb 20, 2020
He can communicate with other businesses all the time
Answered Aug 25, 2019