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Help Desk Analyst | Montvale, NJ | Jun 13, 2019
Excellent place for upwards mobility.However the company is not concerned about contractors in NJ
Contractors in KTECH NJ are not offered the chance to join the firm as associates. For some reason be it incentives or what have you, St. Louis seems to be their priority. While I was with the firm I saw hard working contractors with tons or experience and who could have done wonders for the firm being let go after a very suspicios 2 year limit. This dilutes the knowledge base and they have to constantly train new contractors. This only occurs in NJ. St. Louis seems to have an unlimmited budget alloted as people start there as contractors and suddenly are brought in as FTEs( Full Time Employees ) regardless of seniority, Once you are in the sky is the limit. People get promoted quickly for whatever reason. However again, this only happens in their secondary location in St. Louis. So if you want to move to the MidWest please feel free. If you are in the NY/NJ area strap on for two years of no benefits , PTO , anything. You will NOT get anywhere and you will be given a nice bye bye after you put in your time, sweat and tears, Watch others advance because of where they live. This is a very very unfair and irrational system. If you can get in as an actual associate consider yourself extremely lucky.
ProsJob security
ConsExtremely hard to get in as an associate, unless you happen to live in a certain area where budget is allocated
Service Manager | Philadelphia, PA | Jul 9, 2019
Good Pay and benefits but Not a team
I came into KPMG already on a client engagement. Finished that engagement with a client that gave me high marks for my work and dedication. I used my PMP certification to get assigned to new engagements in different industries. My engagements were with global clients. Most of my work days were remote. I was working with project teams that were spread across Europe, North and South America, and Asia-Pacific. There were some evening and early morning meetings but it was nice to have flexible time at home. I was able to pick up knowledge of these industries through self-learning. I also continued with additional certifications obtained on my own.
ProsAs an experienced hire I was happy with the pay and benefits.
ConsThe internal environment is very competitive, As an outsider I did not have an internal network, I found it difficult to obtain approval for external educational opportunities, The directors I worked with guarded information, When I tried to start a conversation to learn about the industry I was told not to worry about that, There were no team building activities or team recognition on the project, Even though the client extended my support by more than two years I received no sales credit.
Senior Administrative Assistant | Knoxville, TN | Oct 8, 2018
The staff and management were exceptionally rude and disrespectful
A typical day at work was answering phone calls, directing clients to the appropriate auditor or associate staff, provide administrative assistance by composing invoices, meeting minutes, letters, time and expense reporting, composing and coordinating travel arrangements and meetings. I did not learn much because the staff spent most of their days at client sites working on their books but when they were in the office that is when I was provided administrative tasks. The workplace culture was extremely competitive and therefore created a hostile environment. Not only were the auditors very disrespectful to me, the management did nothing to improve their treatment of me and allowed it to continue. He himself was not very respectful to me. The hardest part of the job was pleasing the staff. They are very high maintenance, unappreciative and display an entitlement attitude. The most enjoyable part of my job was having the opportunity to make arrangements for the office to participate in community events and show their interest in helping others.
Fiscaliste (H/F) | Alger, OH | Mar 2, 2020
milieu évolutif et culture d entreprise
Le réseau KPMG, leader mondial des services intellectuels, a développé en Algérie une équipe pluridisciplinaire dédiée au marché algérien, composée de conseils juridiques et fiscaux, d’auditeurs financiers et de conseils en management et en transactions. Il y a également associé les services de nos équipes de juristes. Fort de cette expérience acquise auprès d’entreprises algériennes et de filiales d’entreprises françaises et étrangères implantées en Algérie, KPMG a développé une très bonne connaissance de l’environnement juridique, fiscal, économique et financier algérien. Sa pratique s’appuie sur des expériences sectorielles fortes dans de nombreuses activités : technologies, télécommunications, banques, assurances, services financiers et immobiliers, industrie pharmaceutique. KPMG Algérie bénéficie en outre de l’appui constant et régulier des équipes de PwC en France , qui lui apportent un savoir faire et une expérience plus étendus, conformes aux normes de qualité de la firme au niveau international.
Audit Associate | Houston, TX | Aug 16, 2018
Great for what it was - a solid career launching job
I started at KPMG with at least 25 other new college graduates from my university. I stayed 4 years, and was the last of those 25 to leave. The job is very intense and takes a LOT of your personal time - but you know that going in. I am and always will be extremely grateful for the opportunities KPMG offered me. I learned more in those 4 years than I can imagine and the fact that I did that hard work has opened many doors for me going forward. It gave other employers a clear message about my capabilities and a confidence in the training I received. That being said, the lifestyle and pace was not sustainable for me (many nights working past midnight, many weekends at the office). The job worked well when I was single - but as a married woman and mother, other priorities took precedence (as they should have). My long term goal was always to work in non-profit, which I left KPMG to do.
ProsIncredible training, strong benefits, strong pay, huge plus to have on your resume
ConsWorking hours, intense pressure to meet deadlines
Director of Strategy | Chicago, IL | Oct 31, 2019
Valuable Brand - Terrible Management
The Strategy Advisory at KPMG has many talented individuals and a great reputation in the marketplace. Yet, it seems as if the firm is undergoing constant turmoil. Re-organizations and strategic shifts are constant but they never achieve anything from a practical standpoint besides confusing the professionals. These always involve lots of complicated but meaningless frameworks, several hours of senior executives speaking jibberish and a shiny new object to distract from the underperformance/failure of the last big initiative. The firm also seems to jump from scandal to scandal, which results in lots of new policies aimed at the professional staff, required trainings & compliance certifications and an endless torrent of e-mails. Both of these "tendencies" ignore the real problem - poor management with no accountability. Until KPMG realizes and addresses this in a meaningful way, both work satisfaction and financial results will continue to decline.
Principal | Alexandria, VA | Jan 23, 2019
Daily Duties
Manage documents in support of the business and financial environment. Developed Financial Operations Handbook Prioritizes processes into assessable units, assesses risks and tests controls, evaluates supporting documentation, and identifies weaknesses and deficiencies Define and design an audit ready environment, develops and documents solutions to resolve deficiencies, identifies resources. Implement corrective actions, and defines validation procedures that will be performed to determine whether corrective action successfully remediated the deficiency. Evaluates corrective action effectiveness through testing and determine whether it can assert itself as audit ready. Participated in numerous group luncheons and enjoyed the variety of food during working hours. Enjoyed holiday celebrations with the team.
ProsTeam work support and recognition
ConsPeer appraisals for recognition of team members prior to end of year
Chief Information Officer | Dallas, TX | Oct 7, 2018
Good for those looking to advance their career
KPMG has provided me great learning opportunities and accelerated my career path in the time that I've been here. They have good benefits and do their best to make sure employees feel welcomed as much as possible. My team has taught me quite a bit what it means to be a consultant and have great business acumen. They push me to take on more responsibility and have helped me build credibility with our clients. However, this job is not a walk in the park. As is true with other consulting gigs, the workload is demanding and you need to be your number one advocate when it comes to taking personal time, leave, etc. It is also not a job where you can generally have a set schedule - also something to be expected when you are in a client-facing delivery role. If you are able to effectively manage your time and the expectation that your team and clients will have of you and your work, I highly recommend KPMG and their advisory services.
Development Manager | Woodcliff Lake, NJ | May 31, 2018
Good managing with solution architecture and hands on development
During my typical workday, I am responsible for overseeing my teams as they progress on various development life cycle as true agile model. I check in and help them with any issues they may be having such as doing mock-ups or understanding or explaning business requriments or solution architect. I keep in touch with business and stake holders, update them on our progress and make sure they are satisfied with the development progress. Along with the latest technology, architecture solutions, teamwork work experience about the value – and challenges – of working with others. Time management and organization of work when it comes to managing time and keeping up with multiple priorities. Problem solving skills Enjoy the challenges and like to learn any new technology the most
ProsGood in problem solving, Solution architecture, manager and hands on development
Senior Associate Consultant | Houston, TX | Aug 17, 2019
Great opportunities to advance, no work-life balance whatsoever
If you work in Advisory chances are you travel. And travel usually means you do it Monday through Thursday every week. There are nice perks from that as you get to keep your points from hotel and airline rewards programs. But if you have a life at home you can only live it on the weekends. That said, it is a great firm to advance year to year. I learned new skills and received a reasonable pay increase every year. Some years it was very generous. The structure is helpful for career advancement. You have an internal manager who is responsible for making sure you stay utilized and advocating for your advancement. Day to day you'd report to a different manager on your engagement. If you are interested in trying something different you network around the firm and work with your internal manager to find the kind of project that suits your professional goals.

Questions And Answers about KPMG

Why did you leave your job at KPMG?
Asked Mar 25, 2017
Absolutely horrendous work life balance. There was no balance. It was literally all work and no life. No time for spouse. No time for kids. No time for personal health. Definitely no time for hobbies. Also, a very demoralizing and depressing culture and working atmosphere. People are not afraid of throwing you under the bus. Managers will happily do it to their in-charges time after time. Pay was not even close to being acceptable for the hours and stress of the job. In the end, I wasn’t giving any time to my family. Whenever I had a few moments to talk with my wife it would be about work because it got to the point where I couldn’t think of anything except work. It consumed me. I didn’t spend hardly any time at all with my first daughter for the first year of her life. Let alone me not having any time to support my wife during her pregnancy. My wife told me I didn’t even seem like a person anymore. Finally my wife said, “You will find a new job.” There was no “or else” or ultimatum. Just something that I will do. Period. I looked at what KPMG had made me become in just 2 years and was surprised. I was a complete workaholic. Before KPMG I had vowed never to become a workaholic and to always put my family first. Within two years I was completely consumed by work and didn’t have a relationship with either my wife or my daughter. So I got a new job that has good work life balance. My family and I are so much happier now. Do not go into KPMG thinking you can be there for your family or that you won’t become a workaholic. You most definitely will become a workaholic and will not have time for your family.
Answered Dec 10, 2018
Horrible management within the engagement management coordinator (EMC) department. No support-micromanagers! Find somewhere else to work!
Answered Aug 20, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at KPMG?
Asked Jan 13, 2017
Philadelphia office has such a negative work environment! It is pure misery going into the office every day! HR is extremely unprofessional and finance and accounting needs a complete overhaul!
Answered Sep 30, 2018
Micromanagers-very depressing atmosphere-alot of unhappy people
Answered Aug 20, 2018
If you were to leave KPMG, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
Tired of poor management-felt harassed and disappointed every day-i have never worked in such a negative environment!
Answered Sep 30, 2018
Too much politics from top to bottom level. Mangers working from years are still managing people like 1980, but this is not the case with the whole company. It varies from team to team. Most of the times ppl are insecure about the job.
Answered Sep 4, 2018
What would you suggest KPMG management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 25, 2017
Stop the micro managing-we are all adults yet we are treated like 5 year olds. Worst management i have ever worked for! Ernst & Young much better!!
Answered Sep 30, 2018
Add new folks in technical departments. Implement new work environment and methodologies. Need to come out of old era and treat like a Big 4.
Answered Sep 4, 2018
What are the hours for a typical work day?
Asked Aug 30, 2016
It will depend on your client load and your role. During busy season do not expect to work any less than 12 hours per day. Expect to work every Saturday (probably a full day). And expect to work some Sundays. That’s busy season at its best. It will most likely be worse than that. If you are an in-charge/senior associate it will likely be closer to 15 hours per day plus a full day every Saturday if you want a chance of having Sunday free. This was my schedule for 6 months straight. Non busy season hours: still expect to work upwards of 50 per week especially if you are an in-charge. One tip: don’t every buy into the 4/10s schedule that some managers/in-charges will try to talk you into during the summer. Inevitably you will always end up working a full day on the Friday anyway. All of that is the billable hours. Expect even more non-billable time. Travel time, extra curricular events that management always wants you to attend, etc.
Answered Dec 10, 2018
If you are in IT, its total of 9 hours , from 8/9 to 5/6.
Answered Sep 4, 2018