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Overall Reviews at Keller Williams Realty

Salesperson | Temecula, CA | Jul 9, 2018
Very poor support
Without a doubt a company the preys on new agents to spend money on products and services that are of no value to becoming a successful real estate salesperson. I was fortunate enough to close several transactions in the 10 months I was there and every closing was filled with compliance misinformation and charges that were not accurate (BOLD training) and were paid in full. I was told by a veteran agent at KW who said "the surest way to get a agent to to not pay them what they are owed". So true and I'm now hanging my license with another broker. If you getting your real estate license or are looking after passing the state exam, do yourself and family a favor and ask about all cost associated with KW including desk fees etc. You will find that you can get better commission splits without a sponsor payee requirement that is your money going to another agent and you do have to have a sponsor as part of their agreement. I'm running out of space so I'll end by saying I learned from the incompetence and lack of support and have moved on. Good Luck!!
ProsFree Wednesday Lunch provided by contractors
ConsCompliance Incompetence and cut throat culture
Realtor | Austin, TX | Apr 25, 2019
Fast-paced, competitive environment which offers the same tools for success to everybody
Keller Williams offers a dynamic, fast paced collaborative environment which makes it possible for every Real Estate Agent to be highly productive. The training is second to none, which is something I really appreciate having spent more than 2 decades in the military. The work is simple but not must be self-motivated to succeed and follow the well-established, proven systems that KW has developed, and success will follow without fail. You must lead-generate...the hardest part of the Real Estate Agent life. The management, team leaders, coaches, and staff are always willing to help and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. The collaborative environment, excellent training, community involvement, and camaraderie make KW a great place to work!
ProsUnlimited opportunity for revenue. Training, Work environment, Knowledgeable staff
ConsLead generation is the responsibility of the agent, Monthly fees can be steep for some agents. The split, cost to work under KW, is sometimes viewed as too much.
Realtor | Houston, TX | Sep 26, 2019
Its as good as you make it.
I didn't find Real Estate to be my thing but i still can appreciate this company for the opportunity it has provided me. At this job you will be working for yourself so you get what you put into it. If you invest a lot and are smart about it, expect great things. Keller Williams is a great place to leverage your sales skills and get good training and generally advice. The only negative thing i can say about this job is you may be seeking advice on how to perform the job properly so that you don't end up wasting your clients money and a common response is "fake it until you make it". It just seems very ignorant and is extremely irresponsible. I just want to know how to actually perform my job so i can genuinely be confident. If somebody tells you "fake it until you make it" look for someone else for advice because that's just lazy. Overall great place to work though, you just need to get over the hurdle of not knowing what you are doing.
ProsA very very great community, beautiful offices, very pleasant people.
ConsCan be difficult to self motivate or learn what you're actually doing.
Licensed Realtor | Pasadena, CA | Nov 20, 2018
Innovative, technically-advanced, Agent-focused real estate brokerage that is #1 in units & volume and focused on training.
I've been affiliated with KW since getting into real estate 4.5 years ago, and was recruited to work for and, subsequently to lead one of the top teams in our Market Center. The office was incredibly supportive of my efforts to clearly identify and push through my goals, provided a lot of opportunities for in-person training in the office, throughout our region, and at 2 company-wide events each year, as well as myriad conference call and webinars opportunities, and an abundance of online training materials. I expected real estate to be a fiercely competitive industry, and found KW Agents to be incredibly collaborative, always quick to share what was working for them, and to offer it up for you to incorporate into your business plan.
Proscollaborative work environment, focused on helping you define and achieve success
Conslack of clarity on the steps involved in my hiring process, environment more informal than the corporate world I came from
Real Estate Agent | Naples, FL | Jan 16, 2019
It Depends Entirely on Who the REALTOR Is
This review is as an admin, not as a REALTOR. KW definitely has potential to be a great place to work. Unfortunately, it all depends on whom you are working for. If you end up with someone consistent and considerate, you could have the job of a lifetime. If you end up with someone inconsistent, it's a miserable experience. Unfortunately, there are far more people you DON'T want to work for than those you do want to work for. Don't let that deter you from applying, though. Just know during the interview process that you're dealing with a salesman. They know how to put on a show to appear like good people, even if they are utterly selfish in reality. Keller Williams as a whole, though, has laid out an excellent framework. Like I said, don't let this keep you from applying, just be on your guard as you meet your potential boss.
ProsBest training in the industry, some free lunches, superb bonus opportunities
ConsHighly greedy and superficial atmosphere, your work environment and growth opportunities depend entirely on your boss's actions.
Realtor | Akron, OH | Aug 11, 2018
God, Family and Business
I value the mission of Keller Williams: God, Family and Business. That resonates with me. As a single parent I need some flexibility and as a realtor I am in charge of my schedule and KW promotes my job / life balance. I shouldn't miss my children's school events. There will only be one 3rd grade Holiday concert for your kid, right? Real estate is what you put into it. Clients don't come to you. You must brand yourself. There is quite a lot of start up cost, and not a lot of income your first year (possible two) but as you build your client base and word of mouth gets out and your friends tell others, you will be doing well. Current climate at my office is like a family. While we each are competing for houses to sell - there is a sense of collaboration among us if you have a question, more experienced realtors will give guidance .Management is supportive. They are more focused on recruitment than retention, but when available are great supporters.
ProsHelpful, family feeling, experienced and educated input
ConsExcessive start up costs and low income first year
Realtor | Franklin, TN | Mar 18, 2019
Keller Williams Realty review
Working as part of the Keller Williams Realty team required independent motivation to keep up with training, marketing and networking for clients, and keeping up with monthly, quarterly and yearly fees. A typical day at work for me was looking through contacts and networking through the community for prospective sellers and buyers. I learned to continue networking and looking for leads even though there would be days or weeks without any prospects. Management for this office was good, and the productivity team was ready and available to answer questions that I had. Everyone was always friendly and courteous in the office. The hardest part of this job was being able to afford the monthly, quarterly and yearly realtor license fees. The best part of this job was when I was able to sell a home to a client and know that I helped her find a comfortable place to live that she really enjoyed.
ProsExciting sales job with flexible hours
ConsHard to make good income when starting as a new realtor
Real Estate Agent | Arlington, TX | May 14, 2018
Average Office - very expensive to join
They offered a lot of education. Went from 200 agents when I joined to 600 agents when I left. Didn't hardly know anyone. The management does a poor job of handling that many agents. The receptionist is rarely there to answer the phone. Sometimes would take days before upper management would call or text back. But there were fun times when the vendors would bring lunch and prizes to tell us about new products they've incorporated. Or give classes on continuing education were we got credit. They did offer some really good marketing classes. They offered us 2 conference rooms to meet our clients when we were writing offers or signing contracts. Like many other real estate offices, we too would take a day to give back to the community. That's the best of all.
ProsRed day, Education, Marketing Resources and website
ConsToo many agents for management to handle, receptionist being away from phones, very expensive and some of the educational classes charged high fees.
Administrative Associate | Rhode Island | May 15, 2019
Very competitive and stressful environment.
Any real estate company will offer a competitive and stressful environment. Some days I had a large checklist of tasks to complete, while others were rather slow and boring. I learned many incredible skills at Keller Williams that I will carry forever. I learned how to work effectively and quickly under a limited time frame. I also learned how to organize tasks based on time frames, and the importance of the task. I learned the basics of drawing up contracts and dealing with contracts containing very personal information and large sums of money. I am now very knowledge on the real estate market. Working as an administrator to an agent, I was responsible for marketing this agent to potential clients to gain leads. I ran several social media accounts, and several marketing campaigns. I planned several client appreciation events. I was also introduced to an abundance of client database systems.
Inside Sales Representative | Fremont, CA | Jan 27, 2019
Fun, Challenging, Yet Awesome Growth Opportunity
Keller Williams and in particular The Medford Real Estate team is a great organization to work for. I loved the company's mission and the detailed organized strategic plan they emphasize for growth and development. I learned how to become more strategic with Lead Generation and learned an effective strategic plan as to developing and managing your business pipeline for maximum results. I loved the fun yet competitive culture and how Keller Williams gives everyone the training, tools, and resources to become effective in your craft. Although I realized that Real Estate was not my calling I'm truly grateful for the the knowledge, experience and professional sales that has catapulted me into my next career.
ProsTeam Lunches, Lead Generation Skills, Creative Marketing Strategies, Customer Satisfaction and Retention services
ConsHealthcare, Commission only

Questions And Answers about Keller Williams Realty

What is the interview process like at Keller Williams Realty?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
One of the best employers to hire the best employees!
Answered Sep 1, 2019
Dont drink the koolaid. Two month interview process? For a clerical job? Their rating system is quite impersonal and they give you the run around and make you wait way too long for a response.
Answered Jun 25, 2019
Does Keller Williams offer good training for a new licensee? Also, do they have ongoing training such as seminars or meetings for their sales agents?
Asked May 23, 2017
Best in the industry and all the support and tools to be successful in the business. Best of the Best!!!
Answered Jul 8, 2019
No training for new license. They do offer seminars and meetings for sales agents.
Answered May 10, 2019
Can you work from home at all?
Asked Jun 15, 2017
Yes.Most people in the business work from home.
Answered Dec 5, 2018
Yes you can
Answered Nov 25, 2018
How often do raises occur at Keller Williams Realty?
Asked Jan 20, 2017
Increases in income are self-incorporated in my individual desire or drive to meet or surpass designated goals.
Answered Feb 9, 2018
Never, it is commission based
Answered Jan 22, 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at Keller Williams Realty?
Asked Jan 20, 2017
Medium Paced
Answered Jul 23, 2019
The pace of work is completely dependent upon the amount of effort one puts forth.
Answered Apr 1, 2019