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IOS AND MAC+ CHAT ADVISOR | Remote | Sep 10, 2019
Good for an entry level job
I worked on the Apple project work from home chat position. I started in iOS support, then moved to MAC and eventually became a tier 2 Senior Advisor. The GOOD: pay is very good for the position. They start you at around 14 per hour, then after 90 days, a $500 hiring bonus (you only get about 275, but that's on the IRS). When you move to MAC, you get a dollar raise, then another .50 when you move to tier 2. If you are struggling, management is very good about providing extra training time, and mentorship with an experienced Advisor to observe how they work. They also give you plenty of leadership opportunities, which helps with moving up. The company constantly asks for feedback from employees, and seems to actually respond to that feedback. After a year, you get 5 paid days off a year, and you can request unpaid days off. They also allow you to post your shift, and if someone takes it, you get that day off. So scheduling is fairly flexible. The BAD: one of your metrics is customer surveys. Surveys are pass/fail. Anything neutral or below is a failure. If the customer leaves a bad Advisor survey because they're mad at the store, or even accidentally selects "very dissatisfied" when their comments indicate that they were happy, it still counts against the Advisor. Apple will not allow ANY surveys to be thrown out. If you have 3 months in a row of less than 85% on surveys, you get fired. This isn't Kelly's fault, but an Apple requirement, but still unfair. ...more
Prospay, training
Consbenefits, work/life balance
Technical Support | Columbus, OH | Dec 22, 2018
Stress inducing work for little benefit.
I have worked for apple for about a year and the job in itself is not that difficult, the difficult part are the customer's and apple ever changing procedures. I work from home and the only thing I dislike is how it can become isolating and you have to get out more during the time. I have learned mainly how to speak to customer's and people better over the phone and how to troubleshoot more effectively, the best thing this job teaches is critical thinking about complex issues. Management One thing I dislike about apple is how their management is run, I do not dislike the managers themselves because they are doing their job, I dislike how there is no empathy for advisers, if a customer acts disrespectful or they do not follow the instructions during troubleshooting, you are held responsible due to not "gaining agreement." The hardest part of this job. The worst part of this job by far are CSAT or Customer surveys, do not let apple or any company through apple fool you. If you follow the procedure or even fix the customer's issue but fail to fix something outside of your department, or the customer failed to tell you of another issue you can be held liable for being let go from apple. If a customer gives you a bad survey for following apple compliance and security protocol, the customer is always right and you will be coached about "positioning," when of course there is no way around certain "features" used by apple. Customer surveys are what cause the...more
ProsWorking from home, tech support skills
ConsEverything else.
Tier 1 Agent | Georgia | Jul 19, 2018
The Truth about working from home for Kelly Services
A typical day at work consist of answering calls throughout the day for customer who want a refund or to cancel a subscription. Something I learned is that Kelly services will change your schedule for you if the hours you are logged in does not match the amount of time you were on the phones. but majority of the time is because of technical difficulties that im not on the phones and I still get penalized for it it. Management isn't terrible just not the greatest. Workplace culture; you work in the computability of your own home. The hardest part of the job is not having a set schedule you are only allotted one weekend day off and your schedule can change weekly from the times you go into to work each day. and the pay is not all that great. if I was living at home with my mom still it would be fine because I would have no bills to pay but I live on my own and have to make things work with the income I am receiving and not only that but I think I get paid less than anyone else because the website says that you make from 13-15 dollars an hour I make 12.75 not really a huge difference. Oh and not to mention my checks were perfectly fine and I was getting a bonus for what I have no idea but it appeared on my checks and it was 40 dollars more and out of no where it just stopped so im curious to know why it has stopped and where was it originally coming from. because if you are like myself you budget and plan things out according good luck with that working for Kelly connect be...more
Prosworking from home
Consnot enough pay
IT Support | Orlando, FL | Mar 13, 2020
Great Place for Entry-Level Techs
I started here as an entry-level technician. Prior to this, I never had the formal title of a technician. I had another job title and took on IT responsibilities because it's what I love to do. My recruiter at Kelly Services made the process very easy for me. The phone interview with the staffing company was very relaxed. I did not know it was an interview until the end of the call. When it was determined that I was a good candidate, he provided me more details on the client hiring. My recruiter broke everything down and answered all of my questions. He even sent out an email detailing what to wear, what to bring, and some good sample questions to ask if you cannot think of any. His tips helped me do so well in the interview, I was offered the job two hours after I walked out of my interview. Now, I am wrapping up my first assignment as an IT technician. I enjoyed my time here and am so excited to see what's next. Like every company there are challenges. But, if you love what you do and the environment you are in, then the challenges are minute compared to everything else. Challenges include rude customers, getting to know the software, knowing how the ticketing system works. While you're learning the ropes, you're also thrown into a fast paced call-center environment. The client I am working in has no dresscode. As long as you are not dressed inappropriately, you're fine. (I have walked in with sweatpants and a t-shirt). Management is easy to talk to and ...more
ProsOccasional Free Lunches, No dress code (depending on client), good pay, medical insurance, and learning skills as you start your career.
ConsTemporary assignments, Contracts can be terminated at any time.
Substitute Teacher | Brooksville, FL | Mar 15, 2019
Very flexible but horrible pay for the job we have to do
I have worked at Kelly Services as a substitute teacher for almost 3 years, I have grown to like the kids and familiar faces but sometimes the kids are nasty and down right disrespectful and so rude. There is more yelling and trying to control the class than teaching, if you are expecting to have fun teaching and to be able to be silly and nice while teaching, then don't bother.. you have to be very tough to have any type of peace in the classroom. Which is not very enjoyable for me at all. Sometimes you will have a class that does not have a teacher and has had a different substitute teacher for a series of months and the class is completely out of control because of the lack of order and constant change, and it is a nightmare. Also, some classes that are posted are ESE and they are not labeled ESE because the school knows no one will accept it. The ESE classes with the behavior issues are NOT worth even $10 an hour, I hope no one gets stuck in one that they did not sign up for because you will be hit, scratched, bit, sworn at, kicked, basically beaten up. Again, there are sweet kids and wonderful classes which make me love my job. You have to go through the job for a while to know which posts might be ESE to avoid (for your own sanity and safety) not all ESE classes are dangerous, but the EBD deinitely are, and they are not labeled EBD. Either way, the job is definitely not worth 8.10 an hour, though they just raised it to 8.45 for new laws or something? STILL not enough. Y...more
ProsFlexible, Sweet kids
ConsLow pay, rude kids, rowdy classes
Tier 1 Agent | Remote | Oct 13, 2019
It’s NOT the worst company
This is a temp agency, we work on a project providing tech support for one of the richest retailers across the globe. We’re UNDERPAID, no weekly incentives to balance out monthly expenses. Kelly sells you on unlimited overtime (not the case we’re limited to 12hrs daily and 60weekly IF the retailer releases a trashy update that causes their customers a tone of issues). If not you’re screwed and come up short Each and EVERY week. Living paycheck to paycheck. So🙋🏼‍♀️ sacrifice my health working two full time jobs. I’ll explain our discount in layman’s term. Retail Price Series 3 watch gps+cellular $299 our cost $293, must I say more? Oh did I mention (we happen to be the largest vendor of this corporate giant) 🤷🏼‍♀️ but someone doesn’t care. There’s so many startup issues and disconnects with our main time tracking system which causes weekly ongoing pay issues. Representatives are scared to keep complaining about their CHECK because it’s the only job they have. Scared to file a lawsuit for the same reason stated above. 🙅🏼‍♀️ sick days, 🙅🏼‍♀️ accumulation of unpaid time off days, we do however get five PTO days that can’t be used anywhere close to peak season, within peak or other times where they’ve given too much time off. Also they might approve 2of5 days as if you’re planning a spring cleaning vacation of your home💆🏼‍♀️ No consecutive days off although (fri/sat) No way to communicate directly via phone with their HR. Believe Me (in my best Don...more
Vivint Temporary Worker | Orem, UT | Jan 10, 2019
Fast-paced, monotonous, free drinks and a good life experience.
A typical day of work consisted of a long morning drive, checking into the warehouse, and doing assembly line style work. We either updated older devices or checked devices that had been returned to us. The work was very monotonous with little to no variation from day to day. We had two fifteen minute breaks during the day and one 1/2 hour break for lunch. They gave us unlimited free sodas, cocoa and drinks from the drink machines. The break room was comfortable, had a food court, pool table and foos-ball table and allowed us to mingle with other departments in the building. Our managers would encourage us to move as quickly as possible and not talk too much if it slowed us down. Often unexpectedly large shipments would come in and we would be pressured to work longer hours and faster to try and keep up. About half of the employees were temporary, and the rest were dedicated to staying at the company long-term. A lot of the job was informal organization of the workplace and coordinating with coworkers on shipments and organization. Although many of my coworkers enjoyed their work, I felt overwhelmed by the speed and strict organization. I prefer creative, flexible work and found this job to be very difficult because of it. The management was very on top of things and helpful to us, and encouraged us to work hard. Occasionally we would relax a little more and the manager would have push-up competitions between some the military-headed coworkers. I learned many good organizatio...more
ProsFree drinks, good management, diverse coworkers.
ConsFar from home, strict schedule, monotonous work.
Substitute Teacher | New Albany, IN | Aug 14, 2019
Supervising students at all times. Providing classwork, leading, getting students to adhere to rules. Writing summaries of day's activities
The typical day was supervising students all the time. Usually there was a lesson plan to follow, but not always. I am a very experienced certified teacher, so I did not learn much except to see how various schools operate. Management left lots to be desired in some places. They kinda have the view that you can be used, to the point that makes no sense, and that any problems in these troubled school is some how a lack in your skill.They weren't all that humane. The hardest part of the job is that being a substitute, the students try to get over on you. Also there is the issue that you can't go to the rest room on your own schedule or leave the students for any reason, including seeking help if a student is out of control (if you don't have phones or other communication devices in the room). Often, you can't even go to a different place to eat lunch. If there is a place, usually you have to drop students off at cafeteria and be back in 20 minutes to pick them up. If the "teacher's lounge" is a place you can eat and take a break, but will only have about 10 minutes after the walk to the lounge, and going to the rest room.Different school have different rules, as to if you much accompany student to gym or to the play ground, which can be a VERY long walk., and if you have to supervise them or lead these activities. The enjoyable part is working with the students, especially if you go to the same school and classes repeatedly or do a long-term assignment, li...more
ProsI have never been in a school that gave you anything free.
ConsPoor breaks, most of time. Can't often go to rest room, on your own cycle.
Technical Support Advisor | Harlingen, TX | Dec 2, 2019
Not What I Expected
This job wasn't hard per se, but there were other challenges surrounding the job which contributed to my being not so successful. At the time of my initial hiring: I was told I'd start at the end of July, be a phone based employee handling customer support, and work either 1st or 2nd shift. However, my start date was pushed back about three weeks or so, and I was told that per demand I would be a text based employee, assisting with technical support, and working 3rd shift. Despite these numerous incongruencies, I went forward with the job. I found myself struggling to explain via text these technical issues/solutions to customers, most of whom lived across the globe and spoke English as their second or possibly third language. Because the only metric of importance to the company is customer satisfaction surveys, I soon found myself on administrative probation based on poor survey results. Upon sitting down one on one with my various superiors, and being shadowed for two weeks by senior staff members, as well as reviewing previous chats that resulted in poor surveys, it was determined that the results were just bad luck and I had been doing most, if not everything, as well as I possibly could per protocol. Once again I was allowed to operate at full capacity, and we would just hope for better results. About the same time I was removed from this probationary period, the company whose project I worked under launched new software and released two new devices which proved problem-...more
Customer Service Representative | Sarasota, FL | Dec 3, 2019
Was excellent years ago, things seem to have changed
The Sarasota office of Kelly was at one time a vibrant, energized place with a staff that was efficient and professional and got you jobs and good pay. They kept in touch and were enthusiastic about finding you work. They were also courteous and friendly. What's changed. Well, there's a new manager who, when I met her seemed efficient enough, and she offered me a job on the spot that was starting in a week and a half. As a courtesy, I sent her an email later that afternoon to thank her, re-confirm I would take the assignment and although I worked for them many times before, asked if she needed any additional info from me. I also mentioned I would look for her email regarding start time location and other details of the job. I never received a response. Finally on Friday, one business day before the job was to start, having received no information about the assignment, I called the office and this manager answered. She told me the client had cancelled the work order earlier in the week. I was not informed, and I know, if I hadn't called she would not have called me. She offered up an excuse, but it only takes two minutes to make a call. I had stopped looking for other work because of this pending assignment and it was irresponsible and unprofessional, in my opinion, to not inform me of the assignment cancellation. I called back two weeks later to tell them I was available for work and was treated to a terse response from someone who had always been professional an...more

Questions And Answers about Kelly Services

What is the work environment and culture like at Kelly Services?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Terrible!! Lack of professionalism and respect. After 2 1/2 years as an internal recruiter, the hiring of 1 bad person trickled down to the hiring of a husband that became the informant to his wife the manager of those they didnt like by way of creating false stories that lead to the firing of certain people. The hiring of the sales rep for the Nashville office became a very close friend to this manager and her family which resulted in favortism and a struggle for other sales professionals to reach goals or feel welcome in the organization. She would start confrontations in the office as well as talk terrible about others she works with. When manager asked for private HR statements she would then share them with that specific sales rep and you became a target in the office. When reported to HR about this and being bullied they did nothing to protect the innocent. This person stills works in the Nashville office and thinks shes all that!
Answered Feb 17, 2020
Flexible, opportunity driven, skills, success, learning and teaching, exploration, career oriented, development and growth, encouragement, professionalism,
Answered Aug 15, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Kelly Services?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
A posting I saw on
Answered Apr 15, 2019
My first interview may have been over 50 years ago.
Answered Jan 2, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Kelly Services?
Asked Jun 8, 2016
There was no interview
Answered Mar 22, 2018
They ask about your resume, tell you about the position and pay that’s not negotiable. They asked me “ how do you delete an app” “ how do you turn on WiFi” “ how do you remove an app from a folder” ” what was my favorite app and browser” He asked “what would be most difficult for you on the job and why did I want the job. “
Answered Dec 27, 2017
How are the working hours at Kelly Services?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
The majority of the positions offered with Kelly Education Services are first shift. Also, there is flexibility with scheduling as well as job location.
Answered Jul 23, 2018
Easy, allowed to work whenever you want.
Answered May 22, 2018
What method is used for drug testing? Hair or Urine?
Asked Jul 22, 2016
In Duval County (Jacksonville,FL) there was no drug test!
Answered Nov 12, 2018
Salvia I had to rub it all in my mouth
Answered Oct 12, 2017