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Koch Foods, Corporate Office 1300 W. Higgins Rd. Suite 100 Park Ridge, IL 60068
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Koch Foods Reviews

Popular JobsLaborerProduction WorkerAssemblerDebonerForklift OperatorSanitation WorkerMaintenance TechnicianLive HangerGraderPackerQuality Assurance AnalystCutterMachine OperatorQuality Assurance TechnicianProcessorLine LeadHuman Resources SpecialistQuality Assurance ManagerShipping and Receiving ClerkSupervisorQuality Control InspectorScale OperatorStackerPallet Jack OperatorMaintenance PersonOrder PickerPullerTruck DriverMaintenance SupervisorOperatorWarehouse WorkerBox MakerLoaderProduction SupervisorQuality Assurance InspectorRefrigeration TechnicianRehangerShipping SupervisorAccounts Payable ClerkHuman Resources AssistantProductionQuality TechnicianShift ManagerTrimmerDriverInspectorInventory Control SpecialistKoch foodsLead PersonLoader/UnloaderMaintenance MechanicClerkFactory WorkerLine AssemblerLine OperatorMaterial HandlerMonitorParts ClerkPayroll ClerkPoultry WorkerProduction ManagerQA TechnicianQuality Control SupervisorSaw OperatorTeam LeaderTrainerAccounting ClerkAdministrative AssistantBox roomCrew MemberFloormanFood Preparation WorkerGeneral WorkerHandlerHuman Resources GeneralistLead MaintenancePackage HandlerPackaging OperatorProcess ManagerSanitation SupervisorAssociateBaggerBreederChicken plantChiller RehangerDock WorkerElectricianFloor TechnicianHangerHelperHousekeeperLabelerLeadmanLinepersonLocal DriverLong Haul DriverMaintenance ElectricianMeat CutterProduction LeadQuality Assurance EngineerReceiverReceiving LeadRegional Sales ManagerSafety SupervisorSalesSecurity OfficerSorterStack OffStockerTeam MemberWarehouse AssociateYard Driverhangermarination2nd Processing3rd Line Support EngineerAccounts Payable SpecialistAdminAdministration ManagerAll RounderAnalystAnonymous for fear of retailiation.Assembler/PackerAssembly TechnicianBabysitter/NannyBatcherBig Bird HangerBig BridBig portionBoiler OperatorBoxerCUT-UPCatcherCertified Medical AssistantCheckerChicken HangerChicken factoryCleanerCombo dump OperationComplex Care Case ManagerComputer OperatorCone lineCookCustomer RepresentativeCustomer Service RepresentativeCuttingCutting wingsCvpD BoneD-BoneDCPData ProcessorDcpDeli AssociateDepartment LeadDepartment LeaderDibonerDiesel TechnicianDistribution AssociateDump lugsEnvironmental ManagerEnvironmental leadEverythingEviscerationFacilities TechnicianFactoryFarm HandField SupervisorFilet sizerFinancial Reporting ManagerFlipping TendersFloor PersonFloor WorkerFloorhandFood processerForklift LoaderFranchiseFranchise 2GatekeeperGradingGrinderGroundskeeperHanging chickenHatcheryIT Project ManagerInspector/PackerInspector/a de calidadIntern ManagerInventory AssistantInventory AssociateInventory ManagerKillerKoch 'sKoch Food'sKoch's food tote washLaborer/OperatorLarborerLeg QuartersLeg lineLeg quartersLicensed Practical NurseLine HangerLine TechnicianLine supply meatLogistics SupervisorMaintenance PlannerManagement AssistantManagerManifestorManufacturing AssociateManufacturing TechnicianMarinationMaterials TechnicianMeat WrapperMechanicMixerNoneNugget LineNugget lineNursery Room LeaderOperario/a de producciónOrder FillerOrganizerPackagerPackoutPlant SuperintendentPlant WorkerProcessingProcessing plantProduction AssistantPurchasing ClerkQuality Assurance TesterRe-Hang TableRe-HangerRe-hangerReceiving ManagerReceptionistRehangRehange tableRepair TechnicianReworkRoll TenderRoom ManagerRoute DriverSafety CoordinatorSafety TechnicianSalvage RoomSalvaged WorkerScalerSenior Quality Assurance TechnicianSkinnerSkinner MachineSmall Bird HangerSprayerStackoffStaff AccountantStore ManagerSuperintendentSupervisor AssistantSupply Chain ManagerTalley personTally PersonTally PersonellTechnicianTenderlayerTig WelderTire TechnicianTranslatorTransport DriverTransporterTrimTruck LoaderTubroomUn - NamedWarehouse Assistant ManagerWarehouse ClerkWarehouse SupervisorWaste Water OperatorWelderYard ManagerYellow Hatchiller Rehangercvpdraw hangerdsi. pulling chicken breastdumperhang backhang linehanging chickenslive hangmaranation workerndjsnsnsnsnsjenreprocessingstackingtally persontrimerworking with chricken

Overall Reviews at Koch Foods

Department Lead | Gadsden, AL | Dec 6, 2020
Koch foods offeres a wide range of specifically different duties, tasks and titles. Hard work is noticed.
As soon as you step out of the car and make you're way through the doors to the plant. You notice that, "these people are more than just acquaintances." All employees at koch foods share a fellowship. From the highest title, to the new hire in orientation. At not many companies will you find that a supervisor, superintendent or operations manager would speak to you and inquire with genuine concern as to; how are you, what do you think of you're job, what can we do to make working here better for you? etc. Out on the production floor the culture, as you will see, got it's very roots right here. Being productive and emerged in your work there is still no shortage of the hospitality and fellowship you where first greeted with. Leads and supervisors are with you right in the middle of it all. Working at koch foods we stay busy, ordinarily but being busy, with people who support, encourage and make you smile, makes for a fast day. The hardest part of working at Koch Foods, is your first few days on the floor. Same can be said for any job. Not just learning what to do and how to do you're job but understanding the purpose of what you're job does for the company as well as for the clients and customers of Koch Foods. The most enjoyable part of any job to me, is finding time to address other issues, move around and help other people and watching all the hard work pay off and completed. In the end having the chance to receive more responsibility so that I may spend my cr
ProsTwo 35 min breaks, bonus(s) eligible to new hires. Free lunch you're first week.
ConsAt Koch Foods we do work in a cold environment.
Factory Worker | Chicago, IL | Jan 15, 2013
Chicken Galore
A typical day of work starts out with a cold blast of chicken fat stimulating your nasal region as soon as you walk in to swipe your worker's ID card. After that, you wash your hands thoroughly, as you should, and suit up (hairnet, plastic smock, work gloves, plastic gloves, earplugs, and goggles, unless you have prescription glasses). You go into the job site and wait for some manager to give you a random errand to run (this includes picking fat off of chicken, filleting chicken, making boxes, or working on the assembly line). The catch is, you don't know who your manger is until a week later. All of my co-workers spoke Spanish (only 4 people I knew of spoke English, broken English at that). This wouldn't be a problem had I known how to speak Spanish. Great thing is, you don't have to learn through spoken language, I was taught through a series of pointing and watching. I learned a lot about people there. The hardest part of the job was the temperature, it's 40-45 degrees at all times. Now I, being the Chicagoan that I am, am quite used to this type of weather, but when you're putting your hands into a pile of chicken meat they do have a tendency to get frozen up and numb. By the end of the day I would have to put my hands over a candle to melt them. I'd say the most enjoyable part of the job was making boxes and lunchtime. This job will be good for you if you are fluent in Spanish, don't mind cold hands, and don't mind the smell.
Proshalf hour lunch
Cons15 minute breaks, no union
Crew Member | Morristown, TN | Aug 19, 2020
● Work-life balance This place is very unfair and demanding. I have a few medical problems they were made extremely aware of seeing as how I have lung issues as well and they still hired me. However that dont matter they still expect you to do things that's clearly stated even in doctor orders that is not in your capabilities. There is absolutely no lead way for being sick. The pay starts out at 12.65 which is not bad at all and you get paid weekly but if your looking for a descent respectable job where you can actually breathe without getting a write up or suspension just keep scrolling its not the job for you. But if you like bs and drama and extremely unfair treatment, than by all means proceed with applying ● Pay & benefits The pay is great you get paid every Friday however the benefits aren't so good that's why I gave it 3 stars. They charge unreasonable amounts to receive benefits ● Job security and advancement They do promote within the company however its done by bids and there is lots of favoritism so it's very hard to move up or forward and training is very brief ● Management Most of the supervisors and line leads are hard to even deal with or talk to and than some dont even speak a lick of English ● Overall In my opinion they are not worth working for at all. Even with good pay this job just is not worth the trouble or hassle and it certainly is not worth the disrespect and drama that go with it as well as the favoritism
| Gadsden, AL | Jan 18, 2018
Not the best
I go in at 7:20am every morning and I don't know when I'll be getting off, and that is every day, I wish I had more of a schedule.. They depend on me, in my opinion way too much by tossing me here to there, etc, they won't give me a SET job, even though I have a set title. They barely taught me how to operate my job equipment, so I basically taught myself. The management is not the best, they do not allow cellphones on the "work floor", yet supervisors are always walking across the plant using their personal phones. The SUPERVISORS see employees SPIT tobacco on the work floor and do absolutely nothing about it, and that's not only disgusting, but that plant deals with CHICKEN that WE eat. They do not care how you're treated by other co-workers, either. They have a "point system" and if you reach 7 points, no matter the situation, you get fired. Some people HAVE to miss work, because we work Monday-Friday (sometimes Saturdays) 7am-Dark. How're we supposed to take care of our sick children and ourselves if they do not offer sick days, and they point you, even if its an absolute emergency. The pay isn't too bad, but it is not the best for all the work employees put in. The insurance is pretty good, though, but I can't use it, because I can't miss work or else I MIGHT GET FIRED FOR REACHING 7 POINTS.
| Morristown, TN | Jan 6, 2015
Terrible Management, Rude, trashy people at Kock Foods
Koch Foods COULD be a great place to work, but the management make sure to instill that you are never good enough, and that you can and will lose your job at anytime, and even tells people they don't have to give breaks. The supervisors and shift leaders will sabotage anyone they don't like and force them out the door. They have a "Lighthouse" employee reporting hotline, which is a JOKE because it just goes to HR, and if you are reporting any wrongdoing by management, they just excuse it because they all clique together. If you are Hispanic, you have JOB security, but the drama, and turnover among the whites/blacks is astounding! The "Long Time" employees will sabotage new hires to keep the turnover rate flowing, out of fear of being replaced, and eventually get promoted. Profanity and harassment is rampant throughout the plant, and they tell you, it's a chicken house, get used to it. Management and Shift leaders have a Slave-Driver mentality and thrive on authoritarianism because they get a power thrill, being most of them are felons, so at Kock Foods, they get to "be somebody"
ProsOvertime usually needed
ConsShort breaks, bacteria, salmonella, ammonia exposure.
Deboner | Forest, MS | Oct 25, 2020
It's a job
Work-life balance You can not plan anything working here. You might have planned something important but they might put the sign up on Friday that you have to work Saturday. You are there Monday thru Saturday mostly guarentee. The company does not care that most of us are single parents, so when it's your child you have to be there. The company do not realize that sometimes you might have to see a doctor instead of going to an ER but that's the ONLY way not to get a point or if you wait a year you can get on FMLA. They do not care that its ALOT the ER can not do. Pay & benefits There is no retirement savings plan(401k) Management They talk smart to you but expect nothing but respect from you. If you want to know anything about your points you have to put your name on a book and wait a whole week. Like why when it's a computer right in front of them and it's a few buttons and there you go... but noooo not Koch Foods. Overall Each Koch Foods have their own rules and their own ways of doing things but it's going to all fall under company rules. The company do not care and that makes management not care about the employees. They do not sit back and realize why they can not keep workers.
Team Member | Pine Mountain Valley, GA | Oct 13, 2016
horrible management shows unfair favortism
Koch foods is a horrible place to work pay is great and they do have health benefits but management is horrible they do not train well co workers are more concerned with you than the production of their own job the hardest part of the job is working in a cold climate and not properly knowing your job because of your trainer the most enjoyable part of the job is the pay it advances rather quickly but a typical day at work you will put on your gear clock in go to the back and work well past the time you are supposed to get off the line will stop periodically due to things being backed up its just awful you get harassed by supervisor monitoring you just looking for a reason to write you up because they have nothing else to do i would not recommend this job unless you like the uncertainty of not having a job but all that given i did learn quite a few skills for the chicken plant industry given i was not properly trained i learned how to roll wing's saw wing's cut shoulders hang birds make boxes grade the wings split breast and package them.
Proshealth benefits
Conslate breaks poor supervisors
Boiler Operator | Chicago, IL | Apr 15, 2020
Bad hours, bad environment, lots of illegals
I left because of bad work hours. 5am-130 am and Monday was my only day off. Left no time to enjoy my personal life. Had instances where my manager would literally scream at me and I was still in my first month. Lots of illegal immigrants so it makes it rough for the union to make any ground because the illegals will accept any sort of unfair treatment by American standards as long as they don’t get sent back to their country of origin. Lots of rule breaking going on. You’ll have production supervisors trying to do mechanic work and messing things up and getting hurt. Many of the mechanics are lazy and practically worthless but they don’t get fired because they play the race card. Stabbings and fighting happen cuz they hire people out of the jail. Just a weird place to work but it is a decent stepping stone on you’re way up.
ProsLocated right off the 90 on Montrose so its an easy commute. A
ConsLow pay, employ many illegals, bad work hours, no weekends off for maintence
Production Worker | Ashland, AL | Dec 7, 2018
Dead end Job unless you in good with Managenent
I worked at Koch foods for 8 yrs and it was by far my worst job experience in life. You can not move up within the company no matter your work experience or Seniority. I was threw under the bus twice when applying for a job that I was well qualified for which was higher pay and better benefits you would think that after you gave a company 8 yrs that would as least st and for something..... Not at Kochs. I applied for the same job position twice the first time I lost the position to a Work Release worker.. Second time to a lady that had only been with the company a couple of mths and I do mean a couple. So unless you know someone in upper management don't expect to grow in this company. They are the creators of the "buddy" system. I would rather pick cans up then to ever go back to this HOLE!!! Also with the made up position that they have for new hire trainer beware of him too.... A snake in high grass if he grows to not like you for whatever reason then you can be prepared to be harassed. Fyi... Thank me later❤
Analyst | Flowood, MS | Aug 23, 2018
My favorite job
A typical day at work is pretty laid back. It is a very flexible environment. I learned a lot about the food industry and trucking. There are detailed and result oriented managers just like anywhere else. The culture there is laid back with a few people that are hard to get along with.The hardest part of the job like others is learning to deal with people with different viewpoints and tough personalities. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was that the work fit well with my interests and personality. The work is enjoyable if you like analyzing and problem solving.This position is best fit for someone young, immune to drama, with a high school diploma who is willing to eventually get a CPA license to move through the advancement chain. This was a good job for me, but some struggle if not patient with problem solving. This position is like being a detective looking for clues to solve a mystery.
ProsEnjoyable work, laid back environment
ConsSome people are hard to work with.

Questions And Answers about Koch Foods

What is the best part of working at Koch Foods?
Asked Apr 10, 2020
The environment
Answered Jun 22, 2022
Home every day
Answered Jun 4, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at Koch Foods?
Asked Mar 17, 2020
Quick and easy just hard labor and a lot of standing in one place .
Answered Sep 16, 2022
Very productive eager to run a smooth shift. Make sure co workers are safe and machines are running
Answered Sep 11, 2022
How often do you get a raise at Koch Foods?
Asked Jul 5, 2022
Answered Sep 27, 2022
Every few years
Answered Sep 26, 2022
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Koch Foods a better place to work?
Asked Mar 21, 2018
Have weekly workers and weekend part-time workers. People will not stay long term if that do not have any form of down time to be with family and recharge. Weekly workers can put in a full 40 hr. Week but they MUST have a minimum of 2 days "in a row" off. Keeps employees from burning out and seeking different employment.
Answered Aug 10, 2021
I wouldn't just leave the team hanging.
Answered Nov 18, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Koch Foods? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 9, 2016
I put a application in online same day got a call and went in next day for interview pasted drug test and start orientation this Sunday night pretty fast very impress
Answered Oct 15, 2020
The hire process depends on the location. Typically from start to finish, a qualified candidate can be hired within a couple of days.
Answered Jun 13, 2019