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Loss Prevention Manager | Florida | Apr 29, 2019
Don't Work Here!!
I have worked retail loss prevention for many years and have held various titles. I worked for Kohl's last year as a loss prevention supervisor for a short time. This was my experience : - The company has a quota for external apprehensions they call this HPA. The quota is around 2 per week. Which is harder to get than you may think considering that the ones you do stop usually run on you. -The store is dead half the time. Literally 3-6 people in the store at a time for hours. -You will be called out on conference calls if you do not make your quota and have to call the DLPM for every 3 days that you don't make an apprehension and create an action plan based on how you are going to increase your numbers for the following week. -Law enforcement for this particular store will not assist you or back you in apprehensions. -Store employees and Mgmt will talk to you about work related business while you are on your lunch break. -YOU DO NOT GET RECOGNIZED FOR DETERRENTS OR RECOVERIES!!! ONLY IF YOU CAN GET THEM BACK IN THE STORE!!! No other retailer that I am aware of does this, as they recognize you for deterrents and recoveries because in the end you protected the companies assets and assisted in saving your bottom line in doing so. -The level of micro managing is incredible. It feels more like you are working as a car salesman and continuously being pressured to make sales -The training program is a joke. You are rushed from day 1 to hurry and make apps ...more
ProsFull PTZ store, Friendly operations staff, upper mid range salary
ConsExtremely micro managed, Quota on external apprehensions, Store is dead for at least 4 hours out of the day, Law enforcement refuses to assist with apps, Training program is a joke.
Beauty Consultant | Wilmington, DE | May 6, 2019
Productive and customer focused environment
Good company to work for based on their ethics and values and how they treat their customers. The focus of Kohl's is the customers. They try to say "yes" to every customer to make their shopping experiences the best that they can possibly be, even if the customer isn't necessarily entitled to certain things. The work environment for my particular location was fun. I had a good time with the co-workers I had. I made some good connections there. Volunteer and community service opportunities were almost always available for the employees to participate in, which was great for people looking to add more things to their resume. After working there for the better part of a year, I was promoted from point-of-sales associate to Beauty Advisor because of my licensing as a skin-care therapist; also because there was an opening to replace one of the women who worked there. I would have like more pay for what I did for work, because on our off seasons, the scheduling was usually set up for me to run the department on my own for my shift. My responsibilities included more than just stocking shelves and making sure the sales floor was maintained. I had to send recall items back to vendors, manage and organize stock and inventory, handle the graphics for displays, and countless other things. Moving from point of sale associate to Beauty Advisor did garner a pay increase but it wasn't enough to satisfy the cost of living. If I were able to have been there full-time with a little more pa...more
ProsBenefits for full-time employees, part-time benefits offered once you reached a certain number of hours worked with the company, volunteer opportunities, special events and employee recognition, energetic and collaborative environment
ConsPay was only okay, extra hours available when help was needed
Seasonal Retail Sales Associate | Fresh Meadows, NY | Jul 1, 2019
Working in retail is an ok experience.
I worked in one of the departments, and most of the time I will be the only person working in that said department. My day at work usually consists of me: going around the department checking if there are any item misplaced and take them to their original shelf; restocking the shelf if they are low on stock; help answer customer's questions and help them find things that they need. When I was working there I learned that most of the customers that come to shop at Kohl's are elderly people and adults who are above 40 years old-ish. I learned that working in retail is a pain in the butt because you have to work while standing up for long periods of time, constantly restocking and recovering the misplaced products from the shelves, help answer customer's dumb and annoying questions, and getting scolded from my manager to work faster (even though I was the only person working in my department and I was already working as fast as I could). The management was ok. Most of the managers are good people and nice but some were annoying and grumpy. The way they schedule your work time is different each week and you constantly need to pay attention to the schedule that was on the breakroom tables. This kinds of annoy me because I hate having to constantly check what time I have to work next week instead of having a fixed time schedule where people would know when they work. The workplace culture is something I barely participate because I'm not really much of a social person. I think ...more
Pros30 min. lunch break and 15 min. rest break
ConsUnderstaffed, overworked, and annoying customers
Sales Associate | Hidden Valley, CA | Apr 23, 2019
Neglectful management and pretentious customers
i worked for Kohl's for about 5 months and i cant say much about the pros for working there. Some employees were nice but a lot of them were quiet people who just came to work did their thing and left. My main beef is with the management and how they run things. I left because i didn't like the atmosphere they created surrounding the credit cards. if you didn't sell credit cards they basically threatened to fire you. I would be polite to every customer, ask every person if they wanted those flippin cards and most often they said no, either because they already had one or because they didn't want one. i was even forced to walk around the store and bug customers while they were shopping to try and get them to get the card. the managers were sour and blinded by what little power they possessed and were rude to the employees and were never really helpful, almost always ignoring me if i had a question so i'm left standing there with an annoyed customer while also being ignored by my manager. You were often yelled at for "not doing anything" if there are no customers. If there are no customers you're supposed to fold clothes in your area but if you've done the ones closest to you then what else can you do? god forbid you go fold clothes slightly inside the aisles or else you're abandoning your post. The managers were also unorganized and relied on you to go on break on time but somehow you're supposed to coordinate with your fellow cashiers as to who goes first,but if you yourself ...more
Prosdiscounts and sort of nice coworkers
Consliterally everything else
Loss Prevention Officer | Hodgkins, IL | Jan 17, 2020
Fun, besides cut-throat management
I like this job! Catching shoplifters overall is a ton of fun and gets the adrenaline going for sure. I would stick around this position longer if it weren't for the managers being so passive-aggressive and intrusive. That is what killed my love for the position. When you catch a case, you are to put it into a system that keeps track of the subject and the merchandise you recover. If you word something they perceive as "incorrect" in the slightest, they mark your case as uncompleted and then you have to go through again and try to fill it out to the manager's liking. On top of that, you are expected to meet a quota every week. This doesn't include run outs and it does not include deterred cases. To me, this does not seem productive for LP officers or supervisors. As you can get 10 deterrences one week and no cases in which the subject actually proceeded to walk about with merchandise. Very backward if you ask me and an outdated way of managing loss prevention officers. Another thing to mention... Don't even try asking for help because they act ambiguous about the problem which is extremely unhelpful. Not to mention, if you slightly mess up some kind of protocol but make it right (this is excluding bad stops) you will still get chewed out. EVEN IF you call your manager up and explain what happened and how you went about making things right again. They don't want to hear your side of things they just want you to follow protocol to an EXACT T. No more, no less. Which is hard...more
Sales Associate | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Jan 21, 2019
Good job for students
Where do I start? I worked here part time for a few years while I was going to college. They were pretty good about giving you the days and times that you want to work whether you're a student or not. What sucks, which is just a part of retail, is that hours vary depending on how busy the store is. After December, hours drop. Hours sucked so much during the holidays when the store closes at midnight or stayed open 24 hours a day for like a week. They're really pushy about getting people signed up for rewards and credit. It sometimes felt uncomfortable soliciting credit because of all the personal information I had to get such as customer's SSN. I got a raise every year, which was about 25 cents or less. They're REALLY customer oriented, meaning that if a customer was truly in the wrong or fussy, managers would completely forget about store policy that's taught to us sales associate and give in to what the customer wants. I understand the customer has to pleased, but some situations were just ridiculous. This would make me feel like an idiot when I'd explain policy to customers and then my managers will do the complete opposite just to make the customer happy. Sometimes the workplace felt like it was high school drama. Managers have favorites and some are really rude, condescending, and unprofessional. Some coworkers seemed to love to stir the pot and cause drama/ make a scene over petty things and treat each other poorly. The good thing about working here is that you're tra...more
Prosbreakroom celebrations, employee discount
Consmanagers, unprofessionalism
Cashier | East Peoria, IL | Dec 3, 2019
Workplace Culture
As with many other employers, there are pros and cons to this one. On the positive side, I greatly enjoy the interaction with many of the customers who come through my. Not only do I assist them with product information and discounts, but I also have learned many things from them that have helped me with my job as a cashier. That being said, there are also some things that greatly concern me regarding the management team. While many are encouraging me with their compliments and assistance with the various tasks I perform as a cashier, there are some inconsistencies with the various processes as to how things should be done. This can make performing my job and taking care of my customers very challenging and confusing. I also have some concerns about the person who is the store director. I understand that his duties are many and varied, the choices he makes at times in dealing with the non-management associates have at times been inappropriate and completely out of line. For instance, I was recently trying to remove a security tag from a perfume product for a customer but was unable to do so. I asked other cashiers for their assistance, but they were also unable to do this task. Seeing the director walking by my register, I then asked him for his assistance. Instead of saying something to me like, "Sure, let me see what I can do," his response was, "Why did you ask me?" This comment may not have been meant to be rude, but it in truth was. Not only was I not...more
Merchandise Manager | Spokane Valley, WA | Jan 4, 2019
Hard working team members dedicated to customer experience with the lowest wages & benefits, dedicated store leadership, Senior company leaders joke
The in store environment has declined over the past three years with significant cuts to the number of store leaders and staffing a store at the line level is very difficult and rare company wide due to poor wages, no raises for part time and full time team members. The Company's tag line for recruiting Supervisors and Salary Managers is work life balance, the reality is they are over worked and under appreciated. Staffing has been incredibly challenging industry wide but Kohls has not responded or made changes. They blame it on store leadership and refuse to listen or accept feedback. It's not just a low hourly wage but a lack of benefits for full and part time, the labor cuts are aggressive and having a loud impact on store efficiency, presentation, and service. When the economy took a dip Kohls handled it in a responsive way that allowed them to stay competitive and profitable. The economy has rebounded along with sales and profit. The employee expectations, responsibilities, and knowledge continue to rise while team size, benefits, and moral have gone the opposite way. The store leaders work to fill in gaps daily and often represent the five employees they are shorted for the day on top of their responsibilities. The only turnover numbers that remain unchanged at Kohls are really District, Regional, and Senior Leaders along with the corporate employees. The employees that are in direct contact with the customer stores, call centers, and distribution centers are treated po...more
ProsThey always have open positions, High likely hood of promotion short period of time, You get new store leaders all the time, Senior leaders rarely visit the stores and will never ask you for your opinions or experiences
ConsHigh turnover at store level in all positions, No support at the store level, When there is a problem they will not change anything fast, They lead the industry in lowest percentage of labor spent compared to total sales
Cashier | Suffolk County, NY | Jan 13, 2019
Only work here if you are ready to be stalked by what seems to be the FBI.
Okay, so I was put on to work at kohls for a seasonal position only, and my first day of work was roughly two days before Christmas eve. So needless to say it was pretty busy in the store. Due to this I did not receive ANY proper training. I think I shadowed another employee for like thirty minutes and that was it. I did not watch any videos or anything like that, and basically taught myself everything which was fine because it was relatively easy. Quickly I was one of the highest credit card sellers in the store (which you get a ONE DOLLAR incentive for which is insulting), but that doesn't matter. Since I did not receive proper training I was never told that I could not take kohls cash customers offered me, well I mean I am always given kohls cash by family and friends so whats so wrong? I often had a very friendly way of talking to costumers that they felt so welcomed to even offer me kohls cash, and I had plenty of costumers even say I was an ASSET to this store. That did not matter. I also never worked for a big corporation before or retail (safe to say this was the last time). So anyway a nice costumer sweetly told me to take her left over kohls cash because she did not want it to go to waste, and this happened quite often but normally I gave it to the following costumers (which is also apparently wrong? doing nice things is wrong.. Even thought they 'value' costumers so much LOL). So I decide to buy a gum pack with the kohls cash the lady gave to me not knowing this w...more
ConsThey do not properly train employees and watch your every move.
Loss Prevention Officer | San Antonio, TX | Jul 3, 2019
Worst job I ever had...
Like my title implies, this was the absolute WORST JOB I ever had, and I emphasize the word job. This is not a place you can have a career in. I worked for their LP department. This job is better suited for people with absolutely no experience in the industry. They start off paying little to no money for your experience, education, training, or industry knowledge. I was told, "It is not in the budget", and was offered chump change. The pay starts at $13.50 an hour, and goes upwards of $25.00 per hour. (Don't get your hopes up., The guy making $25.00 per hour, has been with Kohls for over 20 + years) There is no direction for LP or support from any manager. The ONLY thing you do is sit in an office, stare at computer screens for 8 hours, and try to catch shoplifters. LITERALLY THAT IS IT. They also want you to make apprehensions on people in the fitting rooms and bathrooms. (Every other retailor is hands off when it comes to this, and for good reason...they don't want to be sued). Kohl's and specifically DLPM's, want you to make apprehensions for people taking one tiny item, like a hair band. My first day of training the LPS made a bad apprehension because he thought a lady stole hair ties, when they were found discarded in the fitting room. I don't understand how there isn't a dollar threshold in place, or at the very least, requiring multiple items before making an apprehension. Don't get your hopes up if you want to work internal cases, or anything outside of catchin...more
ProsIt's a job
ConsToo many to name

Questions And Answers about Kohl's

If you were to leave Kohl's, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
No respect for availability, cutting hours for not meeting your credit goal
Answered Mar 3, 2020
I generally like it. The people are pleasant they are flexible with hours, BUT like others have said the pay is not good, for me it’s a minimum wage.
Answered Jan 17, 2020
How many hours are part rime?
Asked May 2, 2016
Depends. Some weeks will be 4 hours. Total. Some weeks will be almost 30 hours.
Answered Aug 5, 2019
4 hour days unless you het a lot of credit card applications. The people with the best surveys and who get the most credits applications get the most hours
Answered Jul 20, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Kohl's?
Asked Aug 3, 2017
DON'T DO IT. Over worked and underpaid. Stay away. The high school environment is not worth the stress.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Be aware that you will be tailored to work in more than 1 section/job or task that they give you. And that your schemas change over time
Answered Jan 10, 2020
What is the interview process like at Kohl's?
Asked Aug 4, 2016
A joke...I understand it’s retail, but still there should be a process of weeding through the horrible applicants. The process was very informal, and basically everyone that got hired had open availability to work.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
Got offer letter about 1 hour after interview. completed all tasks. submitted for background check and now just waiting for next step to proceed.
Answered Nov 21, 2019
What benefits does Kohl's offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Answering for the corporate side, since I worked there for a decade. Pretty good benefits for the corporate offices: comprehensive major medical, dental, vision, HSA/FSA, short term disability with option to buy long term disability, life insurance, adoption assistance, relocation assistance, tuition reimbursement, 15% employee discount. Additional options for legal assistance, some kind of commuter thing were also available, as well as corporate discounts on cell plans. Kohl's also has a partnership with the Wisconsin Athletic Club. After the employee pays for the first month of membership, as long as an employee goes a certain number of times in a month, Kohl's picks up the cost. If the employee doesn't go, it is a payroll deduction. 401K with 100% match up to 5% and a small annual bonus (a couple hundred bucks for individual contributors) Vacation policy was changed from 2 weeks to 3 weeks to start (after I'd earned 3 weeks) for corporate staff, with the option to buy up to 2 more weeks of vacation after a year of service. There is a healthcare clinic, gym, and 2 daycares on site (no comment on that, as I don't have kids). Bartolotta's does the catering for the corporate offices. Quality ok, not nearly as good as their restaurants, and their prices went up quite a bit before I left. Imagine they went up more in the last year. They did have a wide range of options every day: soup, giant salad bar, sandwich bar, freshly made pizza, burgers, fries, plus Indian, Mexican, and a couple of rotating featured entrees. They also made a great breakfast omelette, and had wonderful baristas. There were grab & go items, plus options to grab a ready made dinner to take home. They also did holiday ordering for Thanksgiving (which I always thought was funny. In IT, everyone was in the office. Haven't spent Thanksgiving/weekend with my family since 2007.) My absolute favorite benefit was the vacation buy option. (I was at Corporate for a decade. Not sure if this was open to stores. Pretty sure it was for the distribution centers), employees had the option to purchase a week or two weeks of additional time off. After I went from being hourly to being salaried, the hourly employees were given the option to buy different increments, starting from an additional couple days up to the two weeks. Salaried employees had options of 1 or 2 weeks. Be aware though, of the working expectations that go along with being salaried. There is an expectation of constant availability, even while you are 'off', since you get paid no matter what.
Answered Aug 17, 2019
Vision , 401k , Health Insurance , Long & Short Term Disability
Answered Jun 26, 2019