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Overall Reviews at Kroger Stores

Referee | Martinsville, IN | Feb 4, 2020
Union was not helpful. Sided with company not who they were supposes to represent
Co workers were inviting. Lots of cross training if desired. Not impressed with raise amounts. Loved the customer's. Love helping people. Fast paced and very physical work in the department I was in.
Utility Clerk | Los Angeles, CA | Nov 29, 2019
Its an ok job to begin with
they do have a variety of hours you can work the only bad thing is that your days off are always different you never have a set schedule so you always have to pay attention to see which days are you going to have off
Sanitation Worker | Cincinnati, OH | Nov 23, 2019
I’ve been employed at Kroger for over 20 years. The company is a challenging and mentally stimulating place to work. I am proud to work for this company. The culture is uplifting and there is a healthy balance between work and home life.
Employee speaking out for the others who are afraid to be honest | Chubbuck, ID | Feb 18, 2020
Manager has very poor qualities as a team leader and unfriendly not helpful acts like he is god
Management stinks. Leaders afraid to stand up for department and fellow employees. Most think only they can be right and get away with it. What is good for them definitely is not the case for newer employees
Front End Manager | Arlington, TX | Dec 21, 2019
Working for Kroger is a lot of fun I get to meet a lot of people daily I’ve made a lot of friends with all the customers would love to have moved up within my position
Front End Associate | Milledgeville, GA | Dec 4, 2019
This place is a good place to work but they don’t give you enough hours. The people that work there is nice. The management could be better. This job is good for college students.
Cashier/Stocker | Paducah, KY | Oct 17, 2019
depends on the manager
The Kroger experience depends upon the manager, and how each individual manager gets along with you. It's pretty hard to be fired once you are out of probation, though. So if you make it through your first couple months, it doesn't really matter how much the manager wants to fire you.
Human Resources Generalist | Cincinnati, OH | Jan 17, 2020
Great people, great place, bad leadership
Middle management positions are overworked and underpaid. They "Talk" about work/life balance, however their actions are opposite of what they say.They have let go of most everyone in the corporate office that had decent salaries and replaced with younger, cheaper executives and doubled their normal workload. Store Managers are expected to work 60+ hours and manage a bare bones staff and budget. Advancement comes down to who you know, who you are related too, not performance.
Front End Manager | Indiana | Dec 19, 2019
Poor Management, misdirected rules, Great fellow employees
I had my wage raised and lowered a total of 3 times by working to advance myself in my career. Constantly were given minimal hours in the pharmacy to supply a great demand of customers. Lines from the time you walked in to the time you closed the gate. No one seemed to want to fix concerns with the lack of labor other than add more from up above
Cashier | Royal Oak, MI | Oct 30, 2019
Kroger Review
This is a union based company which provides job security. The store level management at this company is unwilling to work with your personal life as far as work schedules are concerned. They expect you to meet incomprehensible deadlines and/or time you no matter what your position is. Store management and Kroger Pick-Up supervisor uses intimidation techniques and micromanaging. Luckily management changes every few years but district management does nothing to remedy the situation. Turnover rate of employees is extremely high.

Questions And Answers about Kroger Stores

Why did you leave your job at Kroger Stores?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I was getting harassed at work by this guy in his late 30s you been working for the company for years. He started a argument with me I spoke up for myself and he assaulted me kicking my coffee out my hand. Fired us and been covering up everything . I have paperwork they seen it on camera. I been avoiding him and went through the chain of command. To avoid everything they using policies they failed previously before this happened. They did nothing. I been telling them for months . I was looking for a location to transfer to . It was so sudden. I was there for over a year they still owe me money .
Answered Mar 30, 2020
Stepped down due to mitiating factors.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Kroger Stores? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 29, 2016
2 weeks after they said I was hired and they never got back to me
Answered Dec 27, 2019
Not long at all because they are not treated fair. Most of the younger ones just don’t stay. So it is easy to get hired but how long they stay is not long. The management does not care except for certain ones.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Kroger Stores?
Asked Aug 3, 2017
Apply somewhere else. They'll lie about hours and wages to get you, promise you full-time status you'll never get, hours they won't schedule you.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
Demand more money and more hours!
Answered Dec 31, 2019
What is the interview process like at Kroger Stores?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
I applied online and I put at the bottom of my resume it was very important for me to start my first job before next month. I never called them but a few days later I got a email for a phone interview. Phone interview was very easy he asked what do I know about Kroger, tell me about a time you made someone’s day better (I suck at these questions I gave a not so good example) and then he went over store location and position and set up my interview. I went in and the interview was EXTREMELY relaxed. She asked me what do I know about Kroger, my work experience (I have none and she understood easily) my availability, and do I know what the position entails. It was very fast maybe 8 minutes. Then she just told me orientation time. She sent me a email for background check and said she would probably get it instantly because I have no work experience, like she was excited for me to start. They ask very basic questions from what I’ve experienced and heard. She had a list of easy questions.
Answered Oct 26, 2019
Interpersonal for the most part. They ask a few questions about your experience. You're hired relatively quickly.
Answered Jul 20, 2019
What would you suggest Kroger Stores management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Be a manager, stop believing egotists who brag on themselves and bad-mouth everyone else, use tools created by main office to assign work fairly and measure performance correctly like time sheets, allow employees to make direct complaints without supervisor in room, take harassment and bullying seriously.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
Management needs to be trained properly how to management and care for employees actually working! Stop believing bullying, rudeness ans berating behavior works. Treat employees who actually give a care like they matter - a voice - listen to their concerns and wants and not be dismissive and ignoring them! If you don't, come off as abusive, uncaring and bully boss. Associates get your people too but you made the choice to be a manager not the other way around. Lastly having a HR who is also your manager or comanager can't be trusted!!! They will only protect management, supervisiors and their favorite associates.
Answered Oct 1, 2019