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Supervisor | North Little Rock, AR | Mar 5, 2019
L'Oreal USA is a good company to work for. L'Oreal has great benefits and they take care of their employees
A typical day for myself at L'Oreal is meeting up with my manager to receive the objectives for the day. I then go over the objectives with the employees in my department. I supervise my department by reviewing safety, quality, productivity, and performing onsite coachings in order to motivate my team. I have learned how to use Microsoft Excel and SAP. I have also trained in successful self-management, emotional intelligence, and how to "know your audience." Management at L'Oreal USA in the North Little Rock Distribution Center is average. The workplace culture in L'Oreal USA has room for improvement. The hardest part of the job is trying to implement new changes with little or sometimes no thorough training. The most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with the employees.
ProsGreat benefits
Conslack of work/life balance
Forklift Operator | Melbourne, FL | Oct 13, 2018
not worth it.
Some really great people on the shop floor but everyone looks miserable, staff are treated like idiots even sent to breaks by a bell. Follow growing list of made up rules or be dragged into the office. Unrealistic KPI's,constant pressure. tight working conditions that are often over crowded due to poor communication, planning and management. Could be sent home after 4 hrs or pressured to work 10. Management like to put on a show for visiting guest. The culture is horrible due to management pitting staff against each other, bullying those that are deemed to " not have the Loreal culture" and threatening or terminating for minimal made up offences, such as talking then allowing others to have 1hr personal calls daily or break all of the rules repeatedly with no repercussions at all.
Prossome great people on the floor
Retail Assistant Manager | Bloomington, MN | Jun 8, 2018
Worst job
I loved my coworkers and I made lifelong friends but the company pays poorly and they’ll pretty much hire anyone who walks in the door so nobody knows makeup except for a select few. I had no issues with my management in store, but my district manager and corporate were absolute nightmares who made my managers and coworkers cry constantly. I think corporate wouldn’t know talent or a good idea if it hit them directly in the face. I was operational manager and key holder at my store and they still payed me very poorly. Work life balance? What’s that? I worked over 40 hours a week sometimes because turnover was so high we had nobody else to run the store. Horrible work experience. Wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy to work here.
ProsGratis, coworkers, good discount
ConsLong hours, no talent, no sympathy, made everyone cry constantly.
Sales Representative | Sugar Land, TX | May 23, 2019
Customer Satisfaction
I love working as a sales rep for L'Oreal.A job that keeps you on your feet, really faced paced especially during the holidays. You have to a be a friendly person and I think that is the best part of it. Its all about giving the customer the best experience treating them with the utmost best service. A typical day at work is normally greeting customers, asking them if they need any help. Also, using stragetic selling skills by first relating with the customer etc sharing experiences. When the conversation is going well and the customer feels comfortable than you can persuade the customer to buy your product. A customer leaving satisfied and thanking you for the service is the best part. I would not really say there is no difficult part of my job as I am pretty confident in what I do.
End of line | Dallas, TX | Dec 20, 2018
Low pay for work done
Check this out, managers watch your every move and snitch if you stop and break. Feet be hurting, no phones, management complain about how your not working, but every new day they start the day off with how much greater we done than the last day. Hypocritical. They don't want you talking and passing time basically having enjoying your time while you work till your time is up. If they could they want you quiet and saying nothing for a full 10 hours and be bored. OVER SAFETY for the work done, have to wear goggles and steel toe for boxes that weigh no more than 4-5 pounds (hair spray packages). They are strict if you dont have them (fired). $10/hr w/ a check every Thursday round 320-350 after taxes and working Tuesday-friday
ProsQuick cash, open campus
ConsHard labor, little breaks
Marketing Manager | New York, NY | Mar 27, 2019
Fun Work Environment - Low Salaries
The company encourages cross functional collaboration and the stresses the importance of working in teams. Because this company falls under the underpaying consumer goods sector, its very hard to get a high salary. This environment consists of students from middle to low tiered schools who lack natural curiosity and strong motivation to take ownership. Due to these employee traits the company has realized its the cheapest source of labor which alludes to the low salaries throughout ones career at L'Oreal. If you are looking for a stimulating environment, upward mobility and high salaries I suggest looking at other companies who focus their recruiting efforts at the top schools.
Packager | Little Rock, AR | Feb 18, 2019
Incredibly loud. All of the time.
I highly enjoyed my work at the Maybelline Distribution Center, but that work was cut short by an untimely lay-off. I felt as though I was one of the best at the tasks I was given, but when my time for a twenty-five cent pay-increase came... I was cut short. Although the room I worked in was unsafe for normal eardrums, and they made me pay them for hearing protection, it was still a great job that gave me many hours of work (Sometimes 55 hours a week), and the best hourly wage I've ever received in the state of Arkansas. Now, I'm looking for something better. I am seeking to better myself, and to better any company willing to take me in to their staff.
ProsRelatively-high pay and hours.
Forklift Operator | Walton, KY | Dec 12, 2018
Coworkers are awesome. Strive in safety first
Couldnt ask for a better company to work for. Benefits are awesome!! Pay could use some work. Atmosphere is awesome. If a person has any questions that cant be answered immediately then management will find the answer. Accomodate needs as much as they can. Love working for this company. Benefits range from medical, dental, vision, 401K with up to 6% company match, vacation, PTO, free goods, and vacation buy up to 2 extra weeks a year. The benefits start the day you do. Couldnt find a better place where you can actually enjoy working with others so well.
ProsBenefits, vacation buy, free goods
ConsHarldy any overtime offered anymore
Accounting Clerk | New York, NY | Aug 22, 2018
My typical day at work, with updating the sales numbers from our retailers and stores. Then I collect all bills and expenses and create a spreadsheet so I can see what has or has not been paid, track employee times for those working in stores. I've learned many things such as: handling monthly, quarterly and annual end closings.Handle budget, P&L and trends. Management is great, they allow me to be assertive with many things, value my opinion with marketing and financial tactics. The hardest part is being patient with other departments to respond to my request. But honestly, L'Oreal is a great place to work. Everyone is nice and helpful.
MMS 2 | North Little Rock, AR | Mar 13, 2019
The Work/life balance is garbage, benefits are awesome
They cuckold your days off with their policies by forcing you to work overtime or spend vacation days on days you don't need off just to get the weekends you do. Then, when their policy limits how much you can work in a week, they get a waiver to work you as much as they want. I really enjoy my coworkers and some management. Work is often poorly organized and communication is atrocious. The benefits are also really really good. Basically, if you have a high tolerance for bull mess, you'll do fine here.
ProsGreat benefits, friendly coworkers
ConsWork/life balance sucks, poorly organized work assignments, bad communication

Questions And Answers about L'Oréal

What is the vacation policy like at L'Oréal? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Sep 22, 2016
I had 5 weeks, and 7 personal days. I worked for L'oreal for over 30 years until retirement. Had my ups and down, but overall it was the best job I ever had. Piscataway NJ.
Answered Aug 21, 2019
Only aloud 2 people off a shift lots of mandated work year round.
Answered Jul 6, 2018
What is the most stressful part about working at L'Oréal?
Asked Sep 22, 2016
Meeting the quota that they raise constantly when it is met...the bar gets harder every year to reach.
Answered Mar 26, 2019
I don't consider the job stressful at all, I love the environment and the people I work with.
Answered Jan 7, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of L'Oréal about how to improve it?
Asked Nov 8, 2016
Give more opportunities for individuals aspiring to establish their careers.
Answered Jul 22, 2019
Listen to the troop on the group on the ground, they see and know. Then look at the data collected and make improvements. You cannot please all the employees, however, if the majority notice improvements they will stick around. Really know your people!
Answered Jun 23, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at L'Oréal?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
Customers treat you like slaves and it’s very stressful.
Answered Jun 9, 2018
Really good and encouraging
Answered Mar 21, 2018
How often do raises occur at L'Oréal?
Asked Feb 10, 2017
Never, They never even gave me a yearly review.
Answered Aug 14, 2018
They don’t give raises at all or promote you within the company. First thing they promise you “growth” and it’s definetly not what you get
Answered Jun 9, 2018