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Overall Reviews at LA Fitness

Membership Sales | San Marcos, CA | Mar 8, 2020
Overall Poor company to work for.
Employees, benefits. the opportunities, made the job not worth it for me. Overall I had a poor time working for this company. I did not have the motivation to work here, other than a paycheck, due to no advancement opportunities or chance for growth.
Customer Service Representative | Norco, CA | Feb 10, 2020
Management Nightmare
Management was a complete nightmare. The manager i had when i worked with this company made me feel on edge every shift i worked. The hardest part of the job was getting through the shift without having the manager belittle me.
ProsFree Gym membership
ConsManagement and the Sales employees
Administrative Assistant | Hialeah, FL | Mar 5, 2020
Its OKay
An okay job for someone looking to work a part time in the front desk. There is little room for advancment and it is more of a side job to work in for most of the time.
Receptionist/Clerk | Brandon, FL | Jul 22, 2019
i like the job
over all the receptionist job is easy once you get the hang of it. mostly being able to answer any questions a member has and fixing the accounts if need be are the responsibilities. the only way to make more money than you’re getting paid is by making calls to members whose card had declined and updating the new card to the account but the commission is only $5 and sometimes people dont answer thw ohone or they dont want to put a new card on file. and if they do update the card but ita doesn't go theough them your commision gets taken away
Prosfree membership
Consminimum wage and being ok the phone all day
Assistant General Manager | Stamford, CT | Jul 18, 2019
Great staff to work
Amazing work environment And they build you to be successful, just have to apply the knowledge given. Must be able to multitask under pressure. Team training and manny other fun activities to better employees at
Personal Trainer | Miami, FL | May 27, 2019
a learning step
Working at LA Fitness for me was a true experience that I will never forget, reason being is that it is a place that the time I worked there it was like a bunch of kids were running the show.
Activities Director | Louisville, KY | Jul 3, 2018
Managers Have No Awareness of Member Needs and Disrespect Employees
Management took on the Midwest with no clue of the culture and needs of clients. They don't want a cookie cutter group fitness program where the schedule is exactly the same across the country and not based in local school schedules, needs, etc. Corporate management wanted me to push people into roles for which they were inexperienced and would've provided a terrible customer experience such as teaching class formats in which they were untrained. Management does not want employees networking with one another, creating a sense of community among employees. Atmosphere was not conducive to being a team and working with one another to provide the best customer service and gym experience possible.
Front Desk Agent | Hollywood, CA | Jun 25, 2018
Easy Job
It's easy to work here, management is just very inconsistent. The employee's are hypocrites and are very rude. Everything would be fine if the managers weren't rude and the schedule's were flexible, no one ever wants to cover a shift.
Personal Trainer | Staten Island, NY | Sep 27, 2019
Will work you until you drop
Fulfilling place of work if you sincerely love the gym culture and it is your calling to help people workout or become healthier. Not for you if you aren't ready to work 50/60 hours a week.
ProsFree membership
ConsLow pay
Front Desk Agent | Baldwin Park, CA | May 23, 2019
Fun, great people
Working front desk at La Fitness was cool. The hours were good and so was the pay for it to have been a minimum wage job. Commission was a bonus. Loved having a free membership and being able to bring in 2 guest as well.

Questions And Answers about LA Fitness

If you were in charge, what would you do to make LA Fitness a better place to work?
Asked Jan 9, 2017
Why are we asked for Our advice to the CEO? Is something going to be changed or is this just to appease our venting our opinion. Is anything going to be changed? Okay with the chances that this is going to be read my opinion I feel some of your employees who have been there for over five years should get an evaluation and if is positive they should be given a raise. If there evaluation was not satisfactory they should be transferred to another department or let go. There are employees there who are there ONLY there for the paycheck or insurance
Answered Mar 30, 2020
Better pay plan
Answered Mar 26, 2020
What is the interview process like at LA Fitness?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
In Chicago quick and easy . I was asked a few questions about my profession and how can I improve my classes and my future goals as an employee. I had to give a introduction and performance as if I was in front of a class. And was asked when could I start. In Taxes where I have relocated and had my records of back ground transfered to the regional director. She sent me a video to watch, told me to contact her back if I decide that if I thought it would be what I want to do. I did that the same day and they never called back. How terrible with all the foot work and open communication line that I had between here and Chicago going to make sure I would be rehired to one of the clubs here. It what I love to do and I'm dam good at it.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
It was a joke , the guy seemed nice , but the job title and the actual duties were completely different . No way to actually be able to make the money stated , seems to be a high turnover, no respected job .
Answered Mar 14, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at LA Fitness?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
It is a culture of take as much money from the customer as possible. Lie, cheat and mislead so that you make your sales. If you’re a trainer it is worse because you’re severely underpaid. You are micro managed by people with zero management skills and are only threatened never rewarded for your performance. In summary, the culture throughout this company is horrible.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
There is no workplace culture. There is no sense of belonging. No appreciation for employees. In fact, there's a high turnover rate which tells you something about the employer.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at LA Fitness?
Asked Feb 15, 2018
Be yourself, respect others, and put in your all effort.
Answered Mar 10, 2020
Do yourself a favor and pick a different company to work for.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
How are the working hours at LA Fitness?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
In Chicago I was part time, a group staff instructor. I didn't want to come in a manager position. I wanted to start off at entry-level to see the true whole scope of how the employees were treated and then make a choice to move up from there. So my hours were flexible. I was able to work four different locations two subers two inner city locations; which allowed me to be more diverse. I loved it. And when I gave up some locations. I found replacements first by attending their class or inviting to my class and was able to train others to jump start and take over the classes and keep the members interest in the transitioning to make it easy for the instructor and members transition as an Aqua Fitness instructor.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
Oh I would love to answer this I'm supposed to be Club Pride supervisor which is supposed to be 8 hours no matter what city you're from what country you're from that's what I was working when I first began and now I'm not I'm not happy neither is my team and pretty soon we're all going to quit there was things promised to us that didn't happen it was a lie very sad I used to be so happy they're I never wanted to leave I had a great crew team and now nobody's happy it's super sad this gym will keep the people as clients but the crew will always change and the clients will see that and the clients will notice that cuz they already are very sad very sad the brand new place I should stay nice and clean and they're not caring anymore makes it real hard to take care of myself
Answered Feb 23, 2019