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Overall Reviews at Lasership

Payroll Manager | New York, NY | Oct 15, 2014
Productive and tolerant workplace
• A typical day at work: Most days I get in early so I can get emails done and be ready to update corporate on any information upon their request form our working site/branch and the project team meeting if they are announced. On a typical day, I have interviews/screening or I am schedule with meeting new hired employees for their orientations—to give a warm welcome with a strong explanation of what are our expectations are as a company; training; verifying their schedules/lunch breaks and the rules and regulation that are implemented on their journey to success with us as new employees. Without any schedules or orientations daily I am out to research for any missing punch in/out hours from previous day to ensure all pay hours are coordinated daily and accurately along with uniform/Id’s/manifest spar check amongst our employees that are delivering company products. In addition, generating daily excel compliance report for attendance, lateness, and exceeding overtime hour cost vs productivity while controlling and maintained the records of proof of package acceptance. At the end of the day my office has an open door policy where employees can feel free to voice their concerns or challenges they might have. Then ask myself what was the learning Segment of the day to add towards my experience. • What I have learned I have learned seeing the person inside of the employees. We all hope to work with people we admire and respect. And we all hope to be admired and respected
ProsSometimes free lunch
ConsTo expensive to add my wife to health coverage
Independent Contractor | Maryland | Jul 8, 2019
Independent contrator- ok if you like overworking yourself to live paycheck to paycheck
This job has a lot of negatives. In order to make good money you have to invest your money in getting a vehicle big enough to fit as many boxes as possible. People work with their cars/ sedans however some boxes are heavy, especially food which will then mess up your suspension overtime. Either way your vehicle, whether you use your current one or buy a van, is gonna go through so much wear and tear and they don't compensate enough for this. In fact, the company pays for NOTHING, not even gas, and they still have the nerve to take out at least $40 from your paycheck to pay for THEIR INSURANCE. the insurance is for using the app (which is free so idk why it even gets deducted) and i guess insurance for the products if anything were to happen. But it's not really clear. They also pay per stop instead of per box. Not sure if this is how it is everywhere. So if you have one house that has 5 boxes you get paid your regular amount for the first box and for the remaining 4 the price goes down. You can make good money with this job, in fact I made the most money ever and you get paid weekly. But after paying all your bills, up keep for your car, and gas, you're barely left with anything and if you are that's money to use for gas throughout the week in order to keep picking up boxes everyday. you work 6 days a week and they've even started to have drivers work 7 if they choose. and of course we're gonna choose to because that's more money to maybe help with our bills. Management stink
ProsRelaxed, come in anytime and finish before 9pm
Delivery Driver | Cleveland, OH | Sep 23, 2019
Very Stressful Workplace. I would not recommend this company
I have been employed with them for about a year. When I first starting working they provided me a route and a manifest daily. They kept adding on deduction from my check. ex uniforms, map apps, software for payroll which doesn't allow me to get a full printout of my stubs. The mapping system they have us using only makes right turns so now they want us to pay monthly for another app that will show us our routes the correct way. Why should the drivers have to pay for a mistake that their software developer designed.( right turns only) I also requested to receive a copy of my stubs for a home I am trying to get to be told by the person that handles the human resource matters that she doesn't feel like giving them to me which is holding me up from purchasing/ renting me a home. If and when you go to upper management they will often redirect you to someone else that will then say speak to the first person that you contacted. which means you still never got any help. They are always firing and hiring new workers because of how the company is ran. The delivery trucks are normally late which holds your day up and they do not properly train their staff the correct way to even use the apps that they have us paying for bi-weekly. They also take out some sort of fee that was explained to me that its for any mistake the driver may make while delivering a package. So what that means is that we pay for the shipping or replacement of an item that a customer may not receive. When the driv
ProsThere are no PROS
ConsLong hours, extra fees taking from check without notice, unorganized, unprofessional and poor wages.
Delivery Driver | Chantilly, VA | Aug 8, 2021
Decent 1099 job, but it doesn’t feel like 1099
If you get an assigned route, you basically have to work 6-7 days a week no matter what. When you need time off you have to go talk to other contractors about covering your route so you don’t lose it. The master contractors who hire subcontractors make more and the subcontractors they hire make more money than you if you’re a single contractor. There is absolutely zero loyalty to the drivers. You can be there for 10 years and they will treat you as if you just started. No rate increases on the routes since I started there while, cost of living, gas, car parts/labor have all gone way up. And because they can’t cover all their routes they have people with small vehicles take small amounts of packages and pay the 2-3-4x more than the regular drivers just to get those packages delivered. So basically if you’re a hard worker and show up to work everyday and do your job right, you can still lose your route over a sick day, or family vacation that you tell them about months in advance, yet they give you no guarantees on money you’re gonna make, what size packages you deliver, where you deliver, etc. Overall it’s not a good business that expects massive amounts of turnover. They purposely tow the line the 1099 and w2 by controlling their contractors and threatening them with new policies every time they have an issue. They sent out settlement checks to drivers and never told us what it was for. It was for unfair overtime hours they weren’t paying their employees for. But I’m 1099, so
ProsShow up when you want for the most part
ConsNo paid time off, 1099 (yet you can’t take days off), rates for packages NEVER increases
Sorter | Township of Logan, NJ | Nov 20, 2022
i agree with others, managers make it a terrible place to work
a typlical day at work in logan twp sort facility is grueling. you will work until you sweat through your clothes. we are consistently understaffed. spanish language skill is helpful. management is terrible , high school educated, unheplful, petty, vindictive, ridiculous, and more. if you ask the operations manager about six sigma he'll look at you like you are crazy. lunch in your car is the norm. i have black/blues all over my arm from the machine backing up, black/blues all over my thighs from leaning over a sorting machine. i cant find time to even go to the bathroom. workplace culture stinks. its every man/woman for themselves. the best part of the job is clocking out. i have to say, management asked me to stay late several time... i always say "no" if only because the staff at that level is unprofessional and unlikable. personally, with good education, and as far as the supervisors go, i have never seen such incompetent management. the only thing i like, your ability to use tech (lasership uses ADP for payroll) to sign up for bennies, check the pay period, and more. the worker definitely has the ability to seek out his/her data , change direct deposit info, and more all without asking a soul. companies like this build in attrition which means they want you to quit... high turnover is the norm in my facility. i loathe the job but it is close to my home. given my work ethic, i was offered a lead position, i turned it down. no way im staying late and com
Prosyou control your data, direct deposit, health bennies
Conseverything about the entire company, the job is deamnding, the managers are like childern
Office Assistant | Richmond, VA | May 21, 2019
I would not wish this job on my worst enemy
I worked here for a short time. The work environment was completely insane. From head management all the way down the line. This was my first experience in such a high strung and hostile work environment . I remember the first week I was there the drivers were literally coming to me saying they hoped I wouldn't quit . At first I didn't understand why everyone kept saying that to me. Then someone came out and said it was because everytime they got someone half decent they ran them off with the craziness that took place. Aside from disorganization and questionable practices that went on, the main issue was the level of disrespect and vile behavior that went on there. People would literally get upset and throw phones, speak to the drivers crazy and speak about them in ways that (if recorded) would have surely cost them their jobs. I found it extremely sad and a clear representation the lack of respect they had for the contractors overall. There were even times when employees got into full blown arguments with each other INCLUDING the supervisors! My last straw was one day when I was pushed into a similar scenario due to the lack of respect from a newly hired, young, inexperienced manager who thought he would get away with speaking to me any kind of way. He did not. I left that day. I say all this too say , save yourself the headache. I literally wokeup every morning with an overwhelming feeling of dread before work. And in all of my 30 something years on this earth , t
ProsNone to think of
ConsHostile work enviroment
Warehouse Worker | Columbus, OH | Jan 22, 2023
Unstable Work Place
I was hired on at $18 hourly, 12 hours a day (12pm -12am, 4 days a week. However we're not actually given the full 12 hours. How many hours you work is dependent on how much work they have for you to do and if yall run outta work to fast, oh well. You don't get a full paycheck. Clock out. We never show up at 12. Heck, we never know when we're supposed to show up until the end of our shift when they tell us, so if you missed a day you don't know when to show up next. And its really easy to miss a day. They hire more people than they have work for us to do so if you're more than 2 minutes late then you don't get to work that day. Sorry. Not at all a nerodivergent friendly place to work. The hours aren't at all stable. They say its cuz its slow season but that doesn't change them fact you can pay bills if you're only working 28 hours a week on average. You're looked down upon and treated like a nuisance if you only speak English btw so if you struggle to learn other languages don't work here. Don't get me wrong the pay rate is fine and some of the team leads are great but there is no communication going on and if you struggle with remembering things than your out of luck. You can't even make a note of it in your phone because recording devices aren't allowed on the floor. So basically unless your a Nerotypical who can learn another language and doesn't mind a bit of chaos, don't work here. It's not worth it.
Pros1 singular hour long break, lots of different departments, some easy jobs for hard days.
ConsIrregular schedule, no way to contact the work place outside of work, unfair social expectations
Independent Contractor | Harrisburg, PA | Oct 7, 2020
Fast paced, tough job better have organization skills.
Having experience in this field, what Lasership pays is not enough. You have to work hard and I am used to that, but you are not paid enough for the miles you drive, expense of equipment and then trying to pay yourself unless of course you like the idea of earning less than minimum wage for the hours you put in. That is what it will be when you finish paying for vehicle maintenance, vehicle payment, Insurance, the "app", fuel, uniforms, taxes, eating on the road if you have time for a bite to eat. The average auto is not made for this type of work and its expensive to buy one that is. Your route can be taken from you on a whim, if you voice your disdain for pay or conditions they can and may cancel your contract and send you packing or just take your route and let you starve out. You must know how much per hour it cost you to run down the road for all those expenses and during the interview they are very discreet or should I say, not forthright enough about the miles you drive, average stops you have per mile or what the average is of packages per stop, etc. You have to know these things in order to make an educated decision on whether or not you should waste your time. I have found this to be a waste of money and time. Unless, of course, you don't mind running your behind off all day long into the evening and earning less than minimum wage after you take out all the expenses. Hope this helps.
ProsIf you like the idea of being "self employed"
ConsIn the end, after expenses, your making minimum wage.
Independent Contractor | Montgomery, NY | Jun 4, 2019
Don't Waste Your Time!
Approached by 4 different people to complete contract, total lack of management and can't close a deal, aggressively tried to get me on board before rates even discussed. Signed rate part of contract 1.65 per drop, told just to get me approved, negotiated more favorable rate 3.25 per drop showed up expecting to sign new rate page for contract, was told not needed by depot manager after being told it was required by corporate recruiter. First day, hadn't even been assigned a user id or password (depot blamed corporate) to log into app, was sent out 83 pieces, no LS shirts, no LS magnets for truck, no ACH form to get paid and no new rate agreement signed for contract. Took depot staff over 2 hours to get me set up on apps to deliver, requested this be done before I started, fell on deaf ears. Returned next day to drop off 13 packages not delivered, showed depot clerk where they were dropped, received a phone call from another clerk asking me if I delivered certain stops, total incompetence. Told company wouldn't return until they completed and lived up to their end of the contract, NEVER WILL HAPPEN they are crooks and liars, stay away unless you accept the lowball rate they offer. They expect people to run 200 mile routes at 1.65 to 2.75 per drop with no case count minumum. They ran a corporate sponsored blitz to hire new drivers and came up with none, just do the math!
Freight Coordinator | Taunton, MA | Jun 9, 2016
Slave labor
I worked at lasership Taunton, The company as a whole either does not know what is going on or just doesn't care. The management abuses their employees, I was threatened to either mop the warehouse floor or they would cut my hours. They provide absolutely nothing, no water, gloves, shoes, safety gear of any type. If an employee gets hurt its on them. or quote " do what you have to do" that was the response I always got. No regard for employee safety, exhaust fans did not work. no ventilation. always dusty and dirty. The manager pushed a lot of her responsibilities on the dispatcher. Poor thing worked 14 to 16 hours a day (no OT) Salaried employee, while the manager left 6 to 8 hours, then said worked a double because she answered a few emails at home and constantly called the dispatcher to get updates on what was going on in case a higher up manager called her. Cut rates on the drivers and switched their routes so they would have the lower rate. Manager was horrible. people left constantly just a revolving door. Supposed to do background checks, but they hired felons, drunks. The pay was terrible for the amount of work. Worked holidays with no holiday pay and they expected you to be there no matter what the weather was. They could care less about road conditions. Bad place to work. I would pass this job over.....
ConsBad management. Safety violations, Poor working conditions

Questions And Answers about Lasership

What is the promotion process like at Lasership?
Asked Oct 21, 2021
Answered Jan 23, 2023
Answered Jan 22, 2023
How often do you get a raise at Lasership?
Asked Jan 18, 2021
Once is a miracle
Answered Jan 27, 2023
Every 6 months maybe
Answered Jan 23, 2023
What is a typical day like for you at Lasership?
Asked Apr 3, 2020
Night Shift consists off unloading thousands of packages and scanning
Answered Jan 28, 2023
Answered Jan 1, 2023
What is the best part of working at Lasership?
Asked Dec 24, 2019
Independence; you determine your work hours and pay.
Answered Jul 3, 2022
I guess some people can make a career out of it.
Answered Jun 22, 2022
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Lasership a better place to work?
Asked Sep 14, 2017
Not charge for the app needed to do your job. It doesn't work half the time anyway. Provide actual pay scales rather than vague answers like "each route pays differently. Depends on how far you drive and how many packages you deliver" There is no way to tell if you are even paid correctly at all like that!
Answered Nov 17, 2021
Mogadore Ohio. Pay fairly and hire more people. Customers are being told there shipments are delayed due to weather when there isn’t bad weather and they are told it will be there next day but it won’t. They call angry. Everyone’s behind and overworked and it’s a mess.
Answered Dec 19, 2020