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Liberty National
Liberty National
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3700 S. Stonebridge Drive McKinney, TX 75070
1,001 to 5,000
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Overall Reviews at Liberty National

Coding Specialist | Addison, TX | Apr 10, 2018
Misleading job title
Worked 10+ days; no compensation while backgroind pending;.why not send extra background & person starts trainngs when done; or use TX licensing O.K.
ProsTeam-oriented, great learning atmosphere!
ConsShould so background BEFORE they work you for so many NON-PAYING days
Sales Representative | St. Louis, MO | Apr 30, 2018
Would Not Recommend
There is no typical day at work it is always different. Lots of driving, car maintenance and paying for gas yourself. Management helps you a lot. Management also lies to you a lot. I have learned a lot through my experience with them. It is a 1099 job that is all commission based. No employee benefits. No paid vacations. No time off if you want to make money. Only can make money at an enrollment. Enrollments are hit or miss, can be a waste of time and can make a ton of money.
ProsWork/Life Balance can be good
ConsNo Paid Vacations, Lots of driving-car maintenance, miles, paying for gas, No employee benefits, Commission only
Bookkeeper | Columbia, SC | Feb 18, 2020
Fun work environment and productive.
We call candidates and try and sell them life insurance. We make it into a fun competition and try to make our numbers. We are friendly and provide great customer service.
Everyone was pumped up to sell ans It’s a SCAM | Austin, TX | Jul 3, 2019
Just a solid no please dont waste your time
They’ll hire ANYBODY and suck your savings while you run around trying to build a business. And then, They’ll only pay commission and not pay on policies for a long while. Bottom line is you’re on your own and it’s a ginant
ConsA joke of a scam don’t even think of it
Insurance Agent | Huntsville, AL | Mar 9, 2019
Worst job ever
Con artists abound. Owners hire sex offenders as agents in lieu of pushing their license through regardless. Would NEVER work for such a company again
ConsAll of the above
Training Specialist | Austin, TX | Aug 7, 2019
Great Opportunity If You Have Lots of Savings Up Front
Everyone was kind. Everyone was nice. There is plenty of opportunity if you have enough money to withstand months of not having a paycheck. However, the hiring process is seemingly unethical. The supervisors and directors get paid lots of money to recruit people. And there seems to be no punishment for the attrition rate of those recruits. Therefore, supervisors have incentive to be slippery and round-about in their hiring process to get individuals to join. When talking with new employees, everyone seems to be told different things by different managers. With such a high attrition rate, this consistency issues makes sense due to everyone being relatively new comparably to other businesses and the recruitment pay. If you have the savings, a reliable car, then join! However, do so with the full understanding that EVERYTHING is commission and the systems they use to give "average pay" in the first few months is completely not true.
Insurance Agent | Chattanooga, TN | Jun 22, 2019
Not worth working when you have to pay yourself to benefit their company.
You only get paid if you make them money first. Then if the deal goes bad you pay it back out of pocket. You must have a personal savings account with a substantial amount of money saved up to afford to put gas in your vehicle be able to eat on the go and last but not least be able to afford buying catered meals and or presents for companies and their employees to help gain business. And this all adds up to draining your account with no chance of replacing it.
ConsPersonal cost to make their livivng
Benefit Specialist | Kennesaw, GA | Oct 9, 2018
Good people but poor income.
Good environment. I was able to move up rapidly. But even in management the pay was terrible and they just kept trying to get you to stay a little longer . They also pushed hard for personal recruiting and recruiting of any kind .
ProsI was around good hearted Christian people.
ConsPay was very small wit a couple good pays to keep you thinking that it will get better.
Independent Agent | Alexander City, AL | Jun 10, 2019
Do you like your family?
You can make loads of money if you work for it and follow the steps. Work/life balance is not conducive to real life. You work long hours, commission based but the sky is the limit
Bilingual Recruiter | Tampa, FL | Mar 13, 2019
A good place to work, regarding the workplace culture, co workers
Focused on the Interview Process, Face to Face, Pre screening, Insurance Talents. New Hire Orientation. Assisted to Trainings with the Insurance Agents, because I needed that knowledge in order to feed my knowledge and skills. I learned sufficient about the Life and Benefits Insurance Industry. Management Department to say hardly were there, they were most of the time in Conventions. The hardest part of my job, was the Turnovers of the Insurance Agents, because their Salary Compensation was based on Commissions, however all hired Personnel had fully knowledge of this. But once they were in the Job Field, they had the opportunity to encounter with the other Insurance and Benefits Company that way pass our only compensation package. As a Human Resources Consultant, Recruiter, Staffing, I definitely have to say that I'm blessed, just to know that I was able to provide employee to Human Beings that really need to feel employed as part of our society.
ConsNo benefits, short breaks, such as lunch. I was the only Bilingual Employee.

Questions And Answers about Liberty National

What questions did they ask during your interview at Liberty National?
Asked Sep 8, 2016
Why did I want to sell insurance
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Where did I work before. What interest did I have in working there. Was I willing to cut my hair for the job.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Does liberty national offer health benefits to employees and is it a commission only income
Asked Jan 28, 2016
I worked for Liberty National for 17 years was a top seller first 7 years was good then they started cutting pay in different ways . I got mad retired early and that so called defined contribution plan was a joke and all the lump sum renewals we were promised were phased out and some of us did not know!!!! I did a lot of hard work to be cheated out of retirement renewals. The only people getting money is those high paid owners. I hate the day I took the job!! When I left they were working on a commission based company . Do not work for this company!!! Do not pay to work! Advice from an old agent that had find it . Wore out 4 cars! Damaged my health !!!if you have no benefits or retirement or 401k why would you do this job!!! You take it you will be broke . In the early years you could make money but the last years of that job I wouldn’t get a check sometimes!!! I was at the number one on list when I went to home office school !!! I had 16 companies I worked every year and I would not get home till ten or even eleven st night. I would go out on weekends ! So I’m telling the truth so take this for what it is worth. It broke me!!!
Answered Jan 30, 2020
No. Yes, for agents.
Answered Mar 23, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Liberty National?
Asked Sep 3, 2018
Dress nice, remember what they are saying is not all factual. Do research.
Answered Nov 21, 2019
Be yourself, you will either feel really at home or not. But don't get in over your head they make it sound like a great deal.
Answered Nov 20, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Liberty National a better place to work?
Asked Feb 10, 2019
Try to coordinate all employees to assure work isn't duplicated making it easier for everyone to thrive
Answered Dec 31, 2019
Not lie to applicants would be a good start.
Answered Nov 28, 2019
Does Liberty National offer employees health insurance and retirement?
Asked Sep 4, 2017
He.ll no. You are merely a robot to them.
Answered Dec 26, 2018
No there are no benefits
Answered Jan 6, 2018