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Life Time Reviews

Overall Reviews at Life Time

Personal Trainer | Henderson, NV | Jul 7, 2022
Has good and bad like any job
The environment changes often, and everyone's experience is unique, so if you're interested in working here, go for it. Each club is different because the overall vibe of the club is ultimately going to be set by the General Manager. My only advice is no matter what role you have at Life Time, you HAVE TO BE flexible, and be able to roll with the flow. Anything and everything - policies/rules, product and program offerings, tools used to carry out your job - is on the table and fair game when it comes to changes, and they're often done without prior notice to the employees who will be expected to deliver/enforce those changes to members or fellow employees. If you aren't that type of person and you felt a pit of anxiety open up in your gut reading that, I'd advise you to seriously consider looking elsewhere.
ProsFree membership
ConsBenefits were pricey, No longer offers members the in-house tests and assessments that made them stand out
Program Coordinator | Houston, TX | Aug 3, 2022
Fun place to work but can be stressful at times
The team was great and I really enjoyed what I did. I got to work very independently and determine my schedule in general and there were a variety of things I could do. However, it is a competitive environment and you have to make friendships with your coworkers because it is a commissioned based position. So there can be some tense moments when team mates don't agree with a contract. I think it really depends on your fit at the specific location and the people who make up your team.
ProsFun and supportive team
ConsCommission based can be stressful.
Swim Instructor | New Jersey | Jul 31, 2022
Confusing, inconsistent, flexible
At first it wasn’t bad but the main managers are all over the place. There’s a lot of passive aggressive just straight up petty behavior from them, and they’re really unorganized. The swim instructors are never consistently shown their classes or even what’s going on for the most part. And you basically get paid by class, not by hour. Id like to mention each class is around 180-200 dollars and the instructors get paid 15-18 every 2 classes. While we’re the ones in contact with the parents.
ProsFree gym membership
ConsNo breaks, Underpaid
Manager | Gainesville, VA | Jul 8, 2022
Toxic Work Culture
Life Time is an amazing place to be a member but, toxic from the top down for managers and team members on a club level. If you are a rule follower and like being micromanaged, this is the spot for you.
ProsBeautiful facility. Members, club managers and team members were very kind.
ConsToxic corporate culture, All talk no action, nearly impossible to find doctors outside of Minnesota who accepts the insurance offered, C suite and Area Directors manage from 30, 000 feet.
Member Services Representative | Bloomingdale, IL | Jun 14, 2022
Encouraging and fulfilling workplace culture
Management does a great job of making every employee feel important and needed within the company. Although tasks can be somewhat difficult, repetitive, or inconvenient, the culture with coworkers and managers in your department is very team-based turning these tasks into small sacrifices that are worth making for the sake of the team. Great balance of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.
Assistant Manager | Woodbury, MN | Apr 24, 2022
Very poor employer
Nobody here talks real here I noticed employees using jokes to down members they simply dislike, Using jokes as a tool to down reality isn’t good They also have terminated members only because some employees dislike them I never thought people could be this ignorant to facts and live and operate in only lies They smile nonstop when it’s clearly wrong or bad Overpopulation With it’s homeless members Keeps it thriving
Conci | Minnesota | Aug 6, 2022
Life Time Can Be Fun For Young Crowed
If you are a recent college grad, or in college Lifetime could be the place to be. However, if you are further along in your career Life Time falls short of expectations. Minimal PTO, horrendous health benefits, no 401K matching (considering how much money this company has, this is ridiculous), and the hours are awful for the pay. Ever since they got rid of sales, there is no incentive to work hard to make this company money.
Member Services Representative | Indianapolis, IN | Jul 19, 2022
Fast paced and lots of customerContact
Great place to work if you are athletic, Outgoing, Competitive, friendly, fit, interested in people, health conscious, want the physical and fitness benefits of working, and utilizing a great gym.
ProsFun, meet a lot of people, Access to all kinds of fitness avenues including swimming
ConsAbove average pay but not great. Benefits of the gym help compensate for that.
Fitness Instructor | Romeoville, IL | May 8, 2022
Once you become busy, you’re able to set your own schedule. Very laid back, with great leads and long term clients(once you find your groove).
The key is, stay consistent with building your business. If you want to move up, you have to connect with the right manager. It’s a great company to work for. It’s just that… people are people. And there’s some hard people to work with anywhere.
Member Services Representative | Austin, TX | Jul 24, 2022
Fun workplace great people
I really loved working here as a young college kid. A lot of fun, free gym membership, Greta co workers, positive environment. Not a ton of opportunities for growth - however. I was passed up serval times for a promotion, and I truly felt I deserved it. At times it could feel like a popularity contest. Overall great job though.

Questions And Answers about Life Time

How often do you get a raise at Life Time?
Asked Jul 5, 2022
3 times in 10 years
Answered Aug 8, 2022
only when you ask for one
Answered Aug 8, 2022
What is the best part of working at Life Time?
Asked Mar 3, 2022
The friendly environment
Answered Jun 29, 2022
The People
Answered Jun 28, 2022
Is there any position at Lifetime Fitness where you make your own hours?
Asked May 19, 2017
Kids Academy Team Member
Answered Sep 30, 2019
Yes, personal trainer
Answered Dec 4, 2018
Do you have to already be fit in order to get hired?
Asked Sep 8, 2016
No but it definitely helps at job placement.
Answered Aug 27, 2019
No but there is literally only one person at my location who is not in good shape and during my interviews both managers asked if I lead a healthy way of life. No company can straight out say they will not hire people based on their looks because they can get sued, but they definitely do factor in your looks.
Answered Aug 28, 2018
Do your employees get childcare for there own children in the kids academy?
Asked Jul 27, 2016
NO you get the 2 hours, unless you Work in the Kids academy
Answered Jun 18, 2018
Yes, unlimited time during shift if you work in child center
Answered Jun 15, 2017