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Lloyds Banking Group
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Lloyds Banking Group Reviews

Overall Reviews at Lloyds Banking Group

Summer Analyst | New York, NY | Jan 12, 2020
Great work/life balance; friendly culture; issues with management and advancement
Direct managers were extremely approachable and encouraged a learning environment for interns. Hours were less than those of comparable IB programs, but compensation was slightly less as well. Very British culture and most upper management were British ex-pats, making it more difficult for Americans and others to be promoted. Lay-offs were infrequent and my observation was that most full-time employees felt secure in their positions. Overheard issues regarding upper management's lack of transparency.
ProsGreat work/life balance; friendly culture; exposure to all areas of the front office
ConsIssues with upper management transparency and advancement for non-British employees
Customer Service Representative | Newport, RI | Sep 2, 2019
Good place to work if you can adhere to targets
Although the managers stress that it isn`t a target based job, it is in sorts. You have a certain percentage of time you have to have on the phone, you have to have the perfect amount of time on calls, if you are on the call for too long or too short you get picked up on this. Benefits are good, they offer bupa if you can afford to pay the excess however the union does help if needs be. Really strict on sickness and have plans in place for those that have lots of time off. Management are good and supportive and really by the book. Further career prospects are hard, can take years to become a manager but if you was a manager in a previous job you'll have no issues. Job can be very stressful.
Analyst | New York, NY | Jul 18, 2019
Not what I thought when working for a "Coorporate" entity
The bank is now "restructuring" AKA SHRINKING, which leads to little room for growth. HR gossips, which is the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Don't try using the "speak up line" because those same people will talk about your problems. A Lot of feuding in the depts. A lot of new faces ALL the time. People are not lasting.Workloads are increasing and given to the same few EA's and PA's or Fresh grads with no experience. Some people tend to be nice, but I cannot stay here due to the culture. NO GROWTH.
Prosgood location
Consstressful environment, bad culture, too much gossip, a lot of feuds.
Director | London, OH | Aug 31, 2019
Great place that declined
I was brought in by a great management team, but a restructure and refocus of budget meant that over the 5 years I was there this slowly deteriorated. Moral went down, and a lot of really talented people left. I should point out that I worked in Financial Markets and my opinion does not represent other parts of Lloyds Bank.
Personal loan advisor | Fife, WA | Jun 6, 2019
Fairly easy job made stressful by bad management
The job itself is easy however the attitude of upper management made it an uncomfortable place to work. Most focused on sales than customer service and very inflexible with working hours and shift swaps.
ProsOkay wage. Easy job.
ConsBad management. Lack of customer service
Vice President of Operations | New York, NY | Jul 10, 2018
Good place to start off career with
Lloyds Banking group gave me several opportunities within the department to grow and improve my knowledge. You get the opportunity to showcase your talent and also get recognized for it.
Business Systems Analyst | New York, NY | Oct 30, 2019
Great work environment
Great work place to exhale your skills and improves work culture and managable work environment and great place to learn more new skills and develop new technologies and most enjoable place
Product Owner | Newport, RI | Sep 18, 2019
A people and customer focussed organisation
Excellent place to work for with great and capable people. Colleagues are empowered to make decisions and take ownership to deliver what they are responsible for.
Teller | Miami, FL | Sep 30, 2018
Great work place and great place to grow
This private owned bank was great to learn customer service experience. I definitely could of grown in with this company but unfortunately the bank was bought from someone else so the workers had to leave.
Customer Service Representative | Newport, RI | Nov 5, 2019
You do not matter
Rushed through training. Business with a revolving door policy. Horrible management. Culture of fear. Money looks good at first but it isn't worth it. Without a doubt the most horrible working experience of my life.

Questions And Answers about Lloyds Banking Group

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Lloyds Banking Group a better place to work?
Asked Jul 16, 2017
I would move senor manage off the call floor as I feel having them their is off putting when on calls. I would also make team managers take breaks at the same time as the team. I would also give staff the time even if it was just once a week to respond to and clear emails. As inbox fills up way too quick with stuff you don't need to keep. I would make sure all managers are able to reset passwords if you forget them. Their are way too meny to remember. I would also add more lockers for each department. I would love for each team to have their own set desk be side one and other.
Answered Oct 13, 2019
More professional staff at HR Dept Better employee benefit packages, not only in London Less feuds and judging
Answered Jul 18, 2019
How is innovation managed at Lloyds? Do people have the power to make decisions without going through their managers? How important is it to talk to your peers vs talking to your manager? And are you well recognised for improving things rather than just following your processes?
Asked Jan 13, 2018
While I was there no there was no one you were able to talk to about any improvements you can think of or issue that are on going.
Answered Jun 6, 2019
Very Competitive
Answered Feb 7, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Lloyds Banking Group?
Asked Jul 16, 2017
Be yourself
Answered Aug 31, 2019
Interview is great and the environment.
Answered Jul 16, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at Lloyds Banking Group?
Asked Jun 6, 2019
Stereotypical of a call center environment.
Answered Jun 6, 2019
What is the interview process like at Lloyds Banking Group?
Asked Sep 7, 2017
Common interview process with HR, and stakeholders that intend to enagage with the potential employee
Answered Sep 7, 2017