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Front End Associate | Somerset, PA | Oct 7, 2019
OK-ish Job, nice people to work with, customers are mixed bag
As a cashier, I just basically stand there all day, wait for people to check out, and the more people you get, the faster it goes. You are not allowed to sit at the front end cash registers (technically not at all unless you have a medical accommodation), but you can weasel your way into a chair down at Lumber or Outdoor Lawn and Garden registers, where you're pretty much by yourself, employee-wise, and head cashiers/managers aren't looming over your shoulder about it. The benefits they offer are usually many. They offer a form of healthcare, life, dental, vision, etc. insurance. Most of my coworkers or nice, or at least decent to work with. A few of the guys, depending on personality and age, could be a little flirty/creepy, though (one of them was recently let go), and I don't date coworkers, so... But most of the ladies are nice if a bit blunt, and want to say about 80-90% of the guys are, too. Customers are one of the main reason I'm giving it three stars. However, I will say that this is not exclusive to Lowe's. You see the best and the worst sides of humanity when you work ANY kind of retail or fast food place. At their best, customers are patient, understanding, friendly people. Most are indifferent, just want checked out, which is fine. I do get social anxiety often from customers who are difficult, or demand something or information from me that I cannot give them. These people will often expect you to wait on them hand and foot, but if you are the only person in...more
Driver | Oklahoma City, OK | Sep 16, 2018
Working at Lowe's
My day at Lowe's would start at 5/6 AM every day. I would print out my delivery manifest and survey the route I'd be taking as the first (or second) truck out. I would create my route, pull my appliances, and then place them in order of delivery. I would then grab the keys to the Lowe's box-truck and perform my daily inspection. After filling out the first portion of my DVIR, I would tally up my total miles (I've driven over 468k miles accident free for Lowe's within a year). I would bring the truck around and pull it into the loading bay. After reviewing the appliances for damages and ensuring they were tagged with proper model number, I'd begin loading and strapping them into the truck. When done, I'd dial 4000 and page a manager to come sign off. I'd provide the loading tickets to my manager with my signature to show that I'd checked the product I loaded and they would provide another signature to authenticate my check. I'd leave the store after closing up the truck back door and proceed to fuel my truck. While fueling my truck I call my customers to provide them an ETA and proceed with the day. A day could be as short as 4-5 hours but typically, due to the nature of the routes provided to us at my store, we worked 12+ hours, often into 14 and even an occasional 17 hour day. I've learned a lot from Lowe's. To be frank, for people who have not gone through an educational system and in particular have no idea where they want to land, Lowe's is a good s...more
ProsDecent pay, 401K, Stock program, benefits
ConsImmature management, disfunctional open door policy that works against employees.
Floor Supervisor | Seaford, DE | Jul 15, 2019
Over worked and understaffed
In my 5 years I had 4 different store managers and ASMs rotated almost as frequently. The company has changed greatly and is more sales and customer focused then ever before, which is good. However they refuse to hire more then a skeleton crew for every department. So it's impossible to provide great customer service when you have a flooring detail your trying to help a customer put together for their home while other customers have product questions ,needs carpet cut and then management expects you to have your department completely organized before the store closes. This is while you only have yourself in the department your entire shift and still breaking adjacent departments and taking on their customers as well. The customers suffer because of the poor service due to the employees being stretched ridiculously thin. When management is asked for support they are sitting in their office or walking together around the store saying they are to busy (being a manager who tried to change that I can say that they were not to busy but didn't want to work or didn't know how to do the work). If you are lucky enough to get a manager to your department the manager says that they don't know how to perform the work they are supposed to oversee their associates doing. How can you manage something if you don't even know if its being done correctly or efficiently??? They also now have a program that we can not do anything but walk the store and help customers between 10am-2pm which if its ...more
ProsSales Experience and genuine good people to work with (most upper management excluded)
ConsNot enough support to perform up to job expectations, Being held accountable for not reaching unrealistic expectations based on working conditions.
Sales Associate | Cleveland, TN | Nov 18, 2019
Confusing, frustrated, overworked staff, unrealistic expectations
After a year and a half of working at Lowes, I came to realize that the organization is either designed to lose money or isn't managed effectively. I spent about 6 months in the Appliance Department where I felt as if I was doing five different jobs. I took incoming calls and dealt with customer complaints on sales that weren't mine, I retrieved products for customers who were purchasing appliances for carry away, sold appliances to customers in person using an antiquated MS-DOS based computer program with a steep learning curve; as well as assisted customers in other departments I had not been adequately trained in. Lowes starts with a good training program, but expects that it will do a good job of educating their employees, and then expects their employees to know everything based upon a generalized computer presentation. It fails to tell you everything you need to know about how the departments actually function, and every department - depending on who runs it functions somewhat differently. I later moved from Appliances to a Night Stocking job - which is an utter mess of inefficiency. Lowes receives product from one of their distribution centers, product arrives in cardboard 'totes' where it is just thrown into the boxes. 1 box might have a dozen different products inside it. I had to sort through 3-5 pallets of product a night breaking it out into shopping carts to be put on the sale racks or placed in top-stock; through the use of a latter or narrow-aisle lift equi...more
Installation Manager | California | Feb 5, 2020
Terrible upper management
I worked for Lowes for 4 years, one of them as a department manager. I loved my job. And then I got a new manager who new nothing about the department. She would break rules by giving her Genesis user and password, asking my office to do her reports. She would get mad if I told her we had our own work to do, and make us do her work anyways. Then when I was unable to get my work done, she would tell me I was a poor manager and needed to work on my time management. I was a full time employee working 40 hrs. One week my schedule was changed to show I was only working 24 hrs. When I asked HR why, they told me that this certain manager got in to the KRONOS system and changed my schedule to a how I wanted to be off for those two days as being unpaid, which is something you have to go in and request if you want that , and I never had. Unfortunately, that week that she changed, another manager had given out my phone number which was a personal number to a customer, and the customer called my phone, crying because something was not going right. I too, tried to get ahold of the store but no one answered. This lady needed help, and even though I was off, I was told as long as I don’t run over 40 hrs, I could help people off clock and it could be added in for the week. Since I only had 24 hrs scheduled, I didn’t think it was a problem to help this lady out. She had cancer and it resonated with me. Anyhow I spent 5 hrs between her, and phones calls to her other people to fix the problem. ...more
Administrative Assistant | Pooler, GA | Jul 10, 2019
Do Not Apply!
I normally don't do reviews, but this is serious! My main duties included drug screenings, pushing candidates through for hire, screening applicants for interviews, setting up interviews, processing I9's, checking background checks, scheduling and conducting orientation and onboarding, time keeping, scheduling, and attendance. Make sure drivers and associates are compliant. Now that a new transition has happened which went into effect July 1, 2019, all the ASA's job description has been changed. We are no longer in a office. We have to work in the training room with all confidential information exposed, which will lead to a HIPPA investigation. We no longer have keys to the filing cabinets or office, yet we still have to handle confidential documents and have no where to put them during the day. We no longer terminate or transfer associates, help with position postings, conduct orientation (which the new hire will access the digital New Employee Orientation presentation on the training computers) while we input their I9 info into the system. We no longer have access to over half of what we use to. Every task that was been taken has now been placed on the TA's, ASM's, and SM's, as if they don't already have enough to do with little time we have in a day. If an associate has an issue or concern, they have to email or call HR about it! They have just started using self scheduler for candidates to schedule their own interviews. That was my job. This company think they are doing b...more
ProsThey give back to the community
Technical Support Specialist | Dover, DE | Aug 5, 2018
Customer Service Desk Seasonal Employee
I attended the March, 2018 job fair at a local store. The human resource manager placed me as a seasonal temporary at customer service desk based on my experience. A mandatory drug test was required at the job fair. I did not receive subsequent communication so I sent an email to the HR manager for status. An offer letter was sent with position and hourly rate information. One day of orientation was followed with computer based training for two to three days. One needs to be red vest certified to earn the privilege to wear the red vest. Training with an employee in the assigned area is how one learns the job responsibility. The weekly hours are assigned by a manager and are not consistent. Each week hours differ from days to shift time. Shift swaps are permitted but need approval. The position at the customer service desk requires an outgoing and patience individual. Job duties are (in no specific order): process returns, in-store orders, internet orders, phone inquiries, credit card applications and payments, settle all customer complaints (which are numerous), return all items to departments, fill water cooler bottle display, move all damaged items to receiving area placing on pallets, bring in outside carts and shopping carts, trash removal, and carpet vacuum at entrance. One can be expected on some days to do all this work solely. Employees frequently call in and do not report to work. When employees do not show up, expect to be called in to cover the open shift by a supe...more
ProsStore Discount Card
ConsNo Advancement nor permanent placement
Returns Manager | Kalispell, MT | Dec 28, 2019
Employee barbecue twice a year.
Lowe's is a great company with a full package of benefits, including dental and vision. You have an accrued sick pay but trying to use it is hard. You need a doctors slip most of the time. Paid vacation, but you need to request ahead of time and if anybody asks before you in a dept. you will be refused. I believe there are three jobs that have weekends off. Receiving and the RTM and the rest of the store works all hours and days. Safety in the building was first. We went through several managers in my 14 years. The front end management and workers have their own boundaries and most of the time, hard to get along with if you were not part of their crew. I was the RTM and had an office back in receiving. All the folks that worked in receiving and the back room were tight and family oriented. It took me 14 years to finally break into $13 dollars and hour. There is no encouragement handed down from the management and most of ours was never seen as they were busy having pizza parties etc. in their offices.Back in the day, you could not date coworkers and when I left management and coworkers were dating and living together. The statement that most coworkers made was the store was ruled by fear and if you asked for a raise you were always told you could be replaced. Of course with the shortage of jobs today, that might have changed. I liked the corporate side of the company but the store took a huge dive when they cut off all dept managers and fired them all with no announcement o...more
Paint Associate | Puyallup, WA | Sep 13, 2018
Do not apply unless you're prepared to work for a disaster
And I mean it. This place is a disaster. Let it be noted that I have worked several terrible jobs before. I would go back to almost any of them instead of working here again. Management: Mostly rude and and elitist. Accuse you of not doing something instead of asking what happened to it. Thankfully my dept manager is not too much like this and was very understanding of how I was feeling. Coworkers: Nice for the most part, but nothing but negativity. On my store walk, no one even lied and said it was an okay department. Everyone hates it here. I can't even have my breaks/lunch in the break room because all people do is complain. Also many people just don't show up for shifts (especially in my department) Scheduling: Never took my availability into account. All I asked for were evenings off in September so I could work another job, and then after that just Tues/Wed evenings off for club meetings. Both requests were ignored. Breaks: Full time gets a full hour off for lunch (unpaid) and sometimes 15 minute breaks every two hours. I do not like this system, but this is more subjective. General: - EXTREMELY understaffed. It's bad. The paint department is bombarded almost daily but at most we have four people working at the same time and that is very very rare. - Barely trained me. On my second day I was left alone for TWO HOURS, no one had told me how to even call for help. Third day same thing happened but now I actually knew what to do, and shockingly ...more
ProsMostly nice coworkers and dept manager
ConsManagement, scheduling, lack of staff, negativity
Customer Service Representative | Dublin, OH | Jul 9, 2019
Understaffed, Underpaid, Unappreciated
Easily the job I regret giving my time the most. I walked into a hiring event and told the HR Manager about my previous job as a production furniture maker, and that I would benefit the company best in either lumber or tools/hardware. Sorry, we are only hiring for Millwork right now. Not a big deal because I can learn. Unfortunately there was no real training. I spent a few hours clicking through a computer simulation where I'm at the desk and customers come up and ask me questions. It wasn't apparent I had been thrown to the wolves until a contractor came up and told me he needed a 3-0 door. I hadn't been in my role a few months when one of our two sales specialists became ill and took an extended leave. Lowes did not hire anybody to fill his shoes, and expected me to absorb his duties - with no increase in pay. This put me, a newbie to windows and doors, making $12/hour, largely in charge of thousands of dollars of orders and installations. And as if this wasn't enough stress, I was still the only one available to stock all the doors and windows that came in, while still manning the desk, and covering for our lumber department next door when someone was at lunch or called off. With a grand total of three people employed in the Dublin, Ohio Millwork department, myself included, I expected help from the stores numerous assistant managers but received little. They could sense the stress and avoided Millwork like the plague. And with so little help, my schedule was er...more
ProsDesigning the perfect door for a customer. Many of my co-workers were awesome..
ConsPretty much everything else.

Questions And Answers about Lowe's

Why did you leave your job at Lowe's?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
I left Lowe's for multiple reasons, but it was a health incident that forced me to leave rather immediately due to my mistreatment and the lack of consideration for my disability. I have only issues with the Management at this time, particularly in the front end and at the top rung of management. They expect us to function like machines and not people and expect too much. Micromanagement is a major issue, and yet somehow in other ways management is lacking in action when it comes to Real Problems, such as gender based harassment, hate slurs (which are often dropped casually with no penalty), and even ridiculously specific harassment scenarios, such as when I had a coworker learn of me having PTSD and then proceeded to assail me with aggressive questions intending to set off a traumatic attack quite purposefully. He recieved only a brief lecture and being told to avoid me at work. I wear knee braces often for my chronic hypermobility, this was eventually forbidden without a doctor's note for some reason that wouldn't be explained to me, even though for several months I'd already been wearing the brace off and on after a severe injury to my knee unrelated to work, and to support my other knee occasionally, as hypermobility affects every joint in my body constantly. I was told to not wear it without a note, and that a single note couldn't last me forever even if specified by the doctor to be chronically necessary. Any other job I have ever had never has any issue with my brace, exposing that this was a problem the management invented. I was profiled based on my disability whether intentional or not. I was passively dismissed about my disability, and when I asked for help understanding how to get the insurance they talk so proudly about, they'd always be busy, yet my more able bodied co-workers all had their own. I worked here for two years trying to get that insurance because I needed it, and my needs weren't met because I'm young and no one wanted to teach me how insurance works even when asked despite claims of open door policy. The management is completely unapproachable unless they've decided they personally like you. Further, despite the claims that they rotate outdoor employees once an hour, this was almost never upheld. Working in Garden for approximately the last year of my employment, I was outside at my register for 5 to 9 hours with only a rusty old fan that looks older than I am to keep me cool. I had one heat stroke that went undiagnosed until later, returned to work almost immediately, asked for them to rotate me as they're supposed to, and it just wasn't enforced. I was told and I quote "well none of the other cashiers want to come out here because they have allergies." I also have allergies to pollen, but that's the least of my concerns in 90-100 degree weather. I had a second case of severe heat exhaustion approaching stroke, and I never returned. I wanted to love my job, I loved some of my customers, I loved the plants, I enjoyed conversing with many co-workers on my level of power in the hierarchy, and I felt so conflicted making the choice to give up on my two year job because they'd failed me and risked my health to a degree that I couldn't allow to happen again. Unsafe, uncompassionate management. Maybe able bodied people can work here just fine, but I had no such luck. Would not recommend working at this specific location.
Answered Mar 17, 2020
I’m leaving Lowe’s it was very disappointing the management are all social misfits most of the associates are nice except for the lifers who are robots and love kissing butt, the pay is a joke for the work they want you to do and the shifts are not worth the time you lose in your life , Lowe’s is good for mindless people who are led by dysfunctional managers, and training what’s that??
Answered Mar 11, 2020
How are the working hours at Lowe's?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
These hours are so random that you cannot have a normal life. And full time employees get one weekend off every two months.
Answered Feb 26, 2020
I am an unloader and nigh stocker, the night team has been on 10 hr shifts 5 days a week for over 3 months. mandatory overtime and graveyard, low pay, is getting old.
Answered Dec 3, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Lowe's?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Mixed. Upper management always emphasized finances and how that impacted our standing with the community, which I found to be kind of annoying. Mid-management (i.e., head cashiers, heads of departments) I generally got on well with, and head cashiers at my Lowe's in particular were very efficient, hardworking, and encouraging. Those were some of the people I genuinely enjoyed working with.
Answered Dec 2, 2019
Cold but real big spaced out and clean
Answered Oct 17, 2019
What would you suggest Lowe's management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Be upfront with employee about the duration of the job and be more helpful with customer concerns
Answered Feb 16, 2020
Have people in all departments...hire people ..its really embarasing to have multiple departments being covered by one person...all staff on sales floor can't be 3 people on regular basis.....for gosh sakes certify people on forklifts and power equipment..again its embarssing when people have money want to buy something....wait let me track down someone to drive a reach truck, picker, or fork lift....people don't wannna wait 15 minutes for you to find someone often they simply leave with cash in hand to spend at the competitor
Answered Feb 16, 2020
If you were to leave Lowe's, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Better Pay. Here in CA Lowes has not kept up with minimum wage going up every year. A brand new cashier makes as much money as me.
Answered Oct 1, 2019
Unfairness and management
Answered Jul 4, 2019