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Lululemon Athletica
Lululemon Athletica
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4.2Work-Life Balance
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1818 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1C7, Canada
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Overall Reviews at Lululemon Athletica

Inventory Manager | Albertville, MN | Feb 11, 2020
Typically, management focuses on the advancement of their bonus and could really care less about the bonus of the employees. I have worked with a manager who cared more from the bottom up. This time at my job was amazing and I would never change that aspect. My current manager is not great
Visual Merchandiser | Tucson, AZ | Dec 30, 2019
Great Place to Work
lululemon is a great place to work! I resigned because I developed goals to return to school while working there. Now that I’m finishing my degree, I would go seek employment with the company again in a heartbeat. Good hours, good pay, good environment.
Sales Leader | Torrance, CA | Oct 30, 2018
fun, amazing company!
working for lululemon has been an eye opening experience not only in the work field but your own personal life. they give you tools to advance as an individual and as a team as well.
Community Manager | Winter Park, FL | Dec 2, 2018
LOVE Lululemon
The most amazing company to work for with a motivating culture and work life balance. I have learned a lot about myself, drive, ambition and how to own who you are and be proud of that and take responsibility in it.
Merchandising Associate | Torrance, CA | May 24, 2018
Fun exciting workplace
A typical day at Lululemon is never the same. Each day is different and comes with its own set of challenges with product and guests. While product comes in we must scan every piece of product and it must scan into our in-store system. If this does not happen, it will not show all the product that is available in the store causing the store to loose out on sales. Which translates into the challenges with guests as they come to the store looking for the newest and greatest product. Some guests are understanding that we do not have some product and others are are not happy. The typical day is full of new adventures. I have learned so much about people and how being nice to someone, even just a smile can really change there whole attitude for the day. I also learned if you see something wrong do something about it do not just turn a blind eye to it.
ProsPositive work environment
Consinconsistent scheduling
Service Associate | Sumner, WA | Dec 29, 2018
Weak Leadership
There are cliques everywhere, management doesn't care about anyone beneath them, and management is manipulative. They motivate with aggression rather than praise.
Educator | San Francisco, CA | Oct 7, 2019
Retail Marketing sale
Educator of clothing products in the Lululemon store in Westfield Center in Union Square. Work the retail floor, man the dressing room, restock products to the front end of store, organize the back room and work the checkout counter also do retail Marketing sale putting clothing on sale. I work the cash register that when guest come in with cash or a debit or credit card.
Inventory Control Specialist | Columbus, OH | Sep 17, 2019
The absolutely best experience
The atmosphere was laid back they played music which made the time go by fast and while I was there my coworkers really where my family. I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.
Social Media Specialist | Seattle, WA | Jun 20, 2019
Fun work environment, difficult to grow in
A great work environment with peers, although management was often dysfunctional. It is a difficult company to grow within; despite advertising an environment of personal growth, most movement is lateral.
Conshigh turnover
Assistant General Manager | Albany, NY | Mar 20, 2019
best part of the job
getting paid to sweat! working with like minded people. feeling valued and part of a team. collaboration. high value placed on development and goal coaching.

Questions And Answers about Lululemon Athletica

I applied at lululemon about two weeks ago. How long does it normally take to get a call back for an interview?
Asked Jan 27, 2017
I got a call 2 days later. My advice is apply to many stores not just the one you want to work at. Once you’re in the door you can pick up shifts at any store
Answered Nov 9, 2018
For me that's what's the fastest hiring process I've ever been through, the management team was helpful thoughtful concerned and genuinely interested in getting you hired. Thank you Lululemon
Answered Sep 12, 2018
Do men work at Lulu or is that weird?
Asked Aug 29, 2016
Yes! It’s not weird at all and you won’t feel excluded. Sometimes people think that only gay guys work there, but that is not true. Having male team members really helps our male customer base, and it helps ladies looking for their dad, male pals and boyfriends.
Answered Sep 9, 2018
Yes!! not weird at all.
Answered Jun 4, 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at lululemon athletica?
Asked Sep 23, 2016
It depends on you stores volume
Answered Sep 11, 2017
Moderate pace.
Answered Aug 22, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at lululemon athletica? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 30, 2016
You go into a group interview and if you are hired they ask you to come back, after completing the two initial meetings then they set you up with an HR meeting and schedule you for four days of training, you are then set to go after the 4 days of training.
Answered Dec 3, 2018
For me that's what's the fastest hiring process I've ever been through, the management team was helpfu, thoughtful, attentive and genuinely interested in getting you hired. Thank you Lululemon, Groveport Oh.
Answered Sep 15, 2018
Looking at your staff photo, everyone appears to be very fit and attractive. Is this a prerequisite to being hired into this company? If I am overweight, do I stand a chance of being hired, or should I not waste yours or my time?
Asked Aug 6, 2016
You can most definitely apply and get hired if you’re over weight, they don’t hire based off of the they hire based off of work ethic.
Answered Jan 7, 2020
Yes, everyone is welcome to apply
Answered Sep 5, 2019