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Driver (Independent Contractor) | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 12, 2019
Lyft Express Driver in Pittsburgh PA. ( HORRIBLE )
ONE star because YELP made me!!! I would give you guys a Double -0 rating. So Ive been a LYFT EXPRESS DRIVER since OCTOBER 2018... The program seemed great at first, one they offer you a rental car with HERTZ you can use for making money and as personal. You do not have to worry about maintenance because the Pep Boys takes care of all of it!! Sounds Great Right! Not!!!! The rental is $289.66 every single Monday!!! That's not even real Hertz weekly rental prices.... Then they give you these Peak time rental reward ride requirements thats absolutely impossible to meet. You have to have a 20 ride requirement every week to continue driving the car. My problem is there are nooooo rides here in PITTSBURGH, PA!!! I was online for 4 hours and i didnt get not one ride. I dumped $50 worth of gas in my car which btw only takes $25 to fill the tank.. Not one ride.. I called lyft and explain there is no demand.. A Manager said and i Quote " There are more drivers on the road then there are Riders" How is that even possible!! Im a full time.driver i can barely meet the $289.66 every week because there is no rides!!! I cash out at the end of the week $50-$70 in my pocket because LYFT platform makes sure you can earn the cost of that rental.. But once friday- sunday hit its like they disable your account or something because no rides will come.. Your guaranteed a ride from the airport if you wanna wait 2 hours the portable bathrooms are disgusting... No one cleans them... But LYFT EXPRESS D...more
ProsPep boys maintain the car
ConsThe whole rental price system..
Contractor | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 2, 2018
Rip of now scam for drivers
Lyft used to be good but since july 2017 they chage there way and become uber jr the ceo has low rating of below 50% and still has a job but if your a driver they cut you off under 4.7 now there new way is we love new drivers so the good old drivers are getting cut out and we pay for everything and put up with low class people kids and drunks who are cheap dont tip and scam free rides but lyft is owed by uber now so both are only it it for the money and soon they will be out of bussiness since that the way the old cab company have done only keep people doing thris short term and not making any money know during peak time is good but the big spenders who want to go to circle k and home cost the driver time and money to they dont tell the drivers or passger that a 1-3 mile ride is 6+ dallors and the driver get 2.62 only since the want from 80 to 75% now since jan of 2016 dont like to pay bouns keep chage them rasie the ride total and more most people dont care about that but can work 8 hours for 75 - feul cost to but they dont care the ceo is a joke like ubers is waste of money when everything done on an app the phoenix area is so bad nothing but drugs drunks rude people who dont apprtion the serice no more just lazy want to pile in your car to go down the street and dont tip but they make more money on that then the driver and some give you a bad rating so they will give them a free ride the goverment needs to clise down company like these say you work for yourself and treat...more
ProsWork when you want to
ConsEverything above
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Chicago, IL | Nov 26, 2019
Less than minimum wage
Lyft is extremely controlling in many aspects of the job that you perform as a driver. You are presented with ride requests in which you are told an estimated time to arrive at the passenger’s location, and the name of the passenger. You are not provided any essential details of the job such as where the destination is, however once you accept the job, you are obliged to complete it. Passengers are given the option to rate their rides and write a review, a review which is an essential part of your permission to participate in the platform. This essentially means that should your rating fall below regional thresholds (based on the cumulative average rating of others in your region) you may be removed from the platform based on a negative review or a safety concern a passenger has. Some passengers take advantage of this, making false claims in hopes of gaining refunds and credit for their future rides. Generally this gives the passenger full autonomy over the route taken. Decisions such as what is played on the radio, climate control settings, whether to have a window down (on the freeway on a rainy day for instance) are decisions for the passenger to make, as the passengers have the authority to rate you off the platform. There is a prolific problem of passengers making new accounts once they become delinquent in payment or should they be kicked due to assault or unsafe behaviour while in a ride. Passengers are not authenticated with the same level of scrutiny that a driver i...more
Owner Operator Driver | Indianapolis, IN | Sep 17, 2019
Costing more than I can make.
Half the money I make goes back into gas every day. Today I worked 7 hour made $60 and spent $50 refilling the gas tank. It is getting harder every day to make money. Too many drivers. Over saturated market !!! I had a pickup at the zoo and the guy said thank god your American, Said I was the third driver they called because the first two didn't speak English. Damage to inside of vehicle Lyft can't pay for, because I have no ides what passenger broke the seat belt, tore the trim off the bottom of the seat ... Some times you get another ride before your finished with the ride your giving at the moment. weather you want it or not. When a ride come up in the app you only have 5 sec. to accept it. The only way to not accept it is to let the 5 sec. expire, then you are penalized for it. I had ride's that the pick up was in a dead end ally with no lights. Cancelled that ride and got out of there. And when you cancel the ride there is only one reason "Ride to far away". You can not put in a explanation "Passenger start cussing me the moment they open the door", "They try to rob me", Yes had to one happen, I carry my gun at all times I driving for lyft. And people will order a regular lyft and have 6 or 7 passengers to keep from paying for the lyft XL because it cost 1.5 times the price of a regular lyft ride. Had that happen. Lyft never return anything on that email. They don't care. I will start refusing them from now on. Other than that I have replaced all 4 shocks and spring...more
Prosget to meet all kinds of people
Consno money, bad traffic, no benifits, no serice for workers or customers ..... Could write another chapter here.
Driver | Detroit, MI | Nov 23, 2018
The Amway of Rideshare
First of all, the idea that you're making money driving for a rideshare company is deceptive. The salary numbers you hear about are based on a small percentage of drivers who work at dangerous levels of road fatigue that are nearly impossible to maintain. You see the grand total going into your bank account every week, but how much is coming out? A lot more than these companies will tell you. I figure I spend about a quarter of my profits on gas. I've been lucky that gas prices have remained relatively low. Aside from that, your regular auto expenses will incur at a rapid rate when you drive around like a taxi using your own vehicle. That means more frequent oil changes and auto repairs such as brakes, headlights, etc. As an “independent contractor” who receives tips (if lucky), you’re in the worst tax bracket imaginable. You will need to set money aside every quarter, if possible. You are also more likely to drive when traffic is thick and dangerous--as a Lyft driver, you will be incentivized to drive when profits are the highest, which means in the dark, during bar hours. Lyft will decline to tell you how dangerous your job will be. Where I drive in Detroit, a driver was shot and killed; at least three rideshare drivers were kidnapped at knife and gunpoint for ransom money, in a separate incident. I was never told about any of this. My personal income driving Lyft has decreased significantly since September. The foremost goal for Lyft and Uber is to push as many driv...more
Prosflexible schedule, virtual boss, great way to get to know your city
ConsYou will sink in the end, no benefits (other than a variable Shell gas discount), can be dangerous
Driver | Coachella Valley, CA | Sep 10, 2019
FT=No Life and PT=Tool
I was driving only for LYFT for about 2 and half months when I realized it is not a sustainable job and is totally rigged. Flexibility means you turn on the app when you want to drive and turn it off when you don't want to drive. My very first ride was approx 25 minute drive from my hometown to the Airport in Palm Springs. I made $30 on the ride alone without tip and deadmiled back home. As the weeks passed, I was receiving less and less airport rides and the airport rides I was able to accept, I was making $20-$23 without tip on one ride sometimes with multiple passengers. I realized I was topping off more often on a HYBRID than normally would working a regular job. Gas and other maintenance eats up your profits regardless of type of vehicle. Pick up times were getting longer or you end up in a part of town where there's NO demand so you have to deadmile back home. I observed and did research on other Drivers and learned that one town with high demand and low on Drivers would be better than waiting for airport rides that may or may not be dispatched to you via LYFT algorithm regardless of Star Rating or Ride Acceptance Rate. This town had high demand because the Riders were being provided with transportation by their insurance company. Simply, doctor appointments. Some were short rides $3-$10 and others were somewhat long. These "Insurance Rides" then became less and less common for me and I learned that LYFT lost the contract with the insurance because too many iss...more
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Santa Barbara, CA | Aug 5, 2019
PT job with typical pros and cons; hard on my car
LYFT is a PT job for me. The best part is I make my own hours. I feel it's grossly underpaid. Subtract 2/3 of ev. paycheck for vehicle expenses. I like people, and I like driving, so that part is good. If there is ever a problem with a rider, Lyft will take the side of the rider. My account has been disabled before for no good reason, other than miscommunication. There is no way to easily contact the company to get support. So it's a double-edged sword to be on my own. There are lots of problems with the app, and often I get shorted because of it. I dislike that Lyft throws new riders into my cue while one is still in my car. Then they will bounce to another driver if one is closer. It's confusing and stressful. Often I have no choice about accepting it or not. There are some neighborhoods and some riders with low ratings I will not pick up. It should be my prerogative whether or not I accept a ride. Lyft has never made up the difference, or reimbursed me for lost wages, returning lost items to riders on my own nickel, or making incentives more than I would make anyway. If you're NOT trying to make money, it's ok. An avg. 1-mile ride yields $2.35, no tip. 95% of people do NOT tip. I make a little bit of money, but it's very hard on my car, and I am responsible for all fuel, car washes, oil changes, tires, all repairs, LYFT annual vehicle inspections. They must be raking it in, since LYFT takes 1/2 of every fare, just for drivers using their app. I would be happier if t...more
Driver | Richmond, VA | Nov 10, 2019
Lyft Does not care about their drivers
After 6 months of doing Lyft I have come to the conclusion that as long as everything goes right all the time you have nothing to worry about. But if you have an issue Lyft will be quick to point to their policies to deny any claims or resolution of your issue. After 3200+ rides and a 4.99 to - 5.0 average review you would think they can look up one's record and make common sense determination that the issues being reported are not fictitious. Here are the 3 I experienced where Lyft just ruled against me without resolution 1) Got a call during rush hour. Normal ETA without traffic would have been 5 minutes, instead I found an alternate route that got me there in about 7 minutes. When I arrived and clicked "Arrived" the customer cancelled. I did not get a cancel fee. When I called Lyft, they said I arrived 1 minute and 40 seconds too late to receive the cancel feel. It did not matter that it was in the middle of rush hour at 5pm. 2) Responded to a call (which coincidentally was a scheduled pickup). The drive was 9 miles. Upon reaching I called the customer and was told that she wanted to cancel. I waited my 5 minutes and clicked "no Show". I did not get my entitled cancel fee. When I called Lyft they said there was a system glitch and 3 people got the call and 1 of them got the cancel fee. But wait, I was the one that was physically there. No one else showed. How is a system glitch my fault? 3) A customer spilt their drink in the foot rest and got all over my mat w...more
Driver | Las Vegas, NV | May 26, 2019
Lyft is so cheap its bad
Ok so I've been driving for 3.5 years on and off, and currently I drive in Las Vegas. My God it's a disaster, u driver everywhere all over the city and the strip is a disaster, ex. U make 3 dollars driving your "expected clean" car from one end to strip to the other. It's so cheap and affordable for riders that drivers can't make a penny. I've seen earnings decline fast. They are actually trying to get rid of drivers with this new aptiv autonomous driving. They partnered with a company driving BMWs, and the money basically goes directly into their pockets making drivers obsolete(their ultimate plan). It's become so dangerous driving around trying to make a buck and stressfull, more than you would know, the expectations that people have are unreal for what we get paid(if they only knew)... It's not worth the great risk you put on yourself, your car and other people in your hands. If u get past the fact that u use your car for everything when it comes to Lyft, then your own phone, customer service, sudden gps changes that throw you off for no reason, I mean everything it's so costly to drive, brakes, tires, gas increasing. If it wasn't for tips there would be no way it was worth it (luckily I'm good at it) They pay me less than a dollar a mile, like significantly less. Then they take a huge cut like 25%. It's gotten so bad. I'll literally drive sometimes 25-30 minutes to make 7 dollars. Lyft takes no responsibility, it's all up to you and all the liability. You have to have two...more
ConsToo many too list.
Driver | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 29, 2018
The Worst Customer Support I've ever Seen.
I started driving for Lyft on August 27th 2018. I rented a car via Lyft from Hertz and paid a required $250.00 credit card deposit. My first week I gave 38 rides, but after paying almost $280.00 for my rental car plus taxes, I only netted $70.00 for the week. My 2nd week, I gave 42 rides and still don't know how much I took home. On the 14th day of driving a rental car, I was in Scottsdale trying to buy a car, when I became very ill. Unable to continue with the purchase of a car, I drove to the nearest hospital ER. There were no parking spaces and I was feeling very faint, so I pulled up in front of the ER entrance and made my way inside. I told every staff member that my car was illegally parked and needed to be moved. Although the lobby was full of people, the Triage nurse called for a wheelchair and immediately had me taken to an ER room. I learned later, that she took my blood pressure, which was at 50 over ?? and considered life threatening. Still, I kept mentioning my car but was told "Don't worry, your car will be fine". Soon after that, I was admitted overnight for observation. The following afternoon, I was discharged and taken by wheelchair to the ER entrance, only to find that my rental car was gone. After learning what had happened, I took an Uber ride to Sky Harbor Airport, where my rental had been towed to the day before. After spending many hours in chat with Lyft's driver support. Then agent, (they don't identify who they are in chat) Told me that he had close...more
ProsWork when you want
ConsCustomer Support

Questions And Answers about Lyft

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Lyft?
Asked Dec 31, 2018
It is production based so please don't expect hourly wages
Answered Mar 4, 2020
You don't interview. Everything is done online.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Do Lyft drivers make more during certain times of the day?
Asked Jan 16, 2016
I have found that in Chicago and surrounding areas you can make between $15.00 and $20.00 per hour not including drive time back home. The biggest problem drivers face is going way out somewhere you don't want to be at the wrong time and driving back to a hotter area. There is a "destination mode" that you can use to alert Lyft you are only going one direction and they will try to get you a ride. 50% of the time it works. You can make a living. Usually 3 hour blocks of time are best to keep it fresh.
Answered Sep 10, 2019
I’m new to Las Vegas area I drive full time with lyft average 1300-1700 a week plus get 179bonus for 124 rides but I do work 70 plus hrs a week
Answered May 28, 2019
What is the best part of working at Lyft?
Asked Oct 12, 2019
The flexibility and diversity, the different people and trips are fun
Answered Apr 3, 2020
You meet a lot of new peoples and you can choose you own hours
Answered Apr 2, 2020
Does Lyft supply a car if you don't want to use your own car?
Asked Aug 17, 2016
Yes you can but please don't get sick
Answered Sep 5, 2019
Yes they will rent you a car, but it takes about 25 hours to pay for it... then another 10 to get even on fuel. Only positive cash flow if you work 50+ hours and when you work out how much you make after taxes you are lucky to break even. If you want to work 50+ hours a week to make lyft money go ahead!
Answered May 9, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Lyft?
Asked Dec 13, 2019
Having to calculate enough rides to break even on gas money
Answered Mar 4, 2020
How much they take out of your pay. Could be 33% or 50%. Should be a set amount.
Answered Mar 4, 2020