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Overall Reviews at MTA

Division Manager | Baltimore, MD | Dec 17, 2019
MTA is a company that you can have longevity with. The benefits are good. You have the ability to pick a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle. There are plenty of positions to choose from to meet your full potential.
Para Professional | Jamaica, NY | Feb 6, 2020
Could improve work culture!
Ok work environment but not so great management. Could improve work culture! The benefits of scheduling is great! And job security as in having the job even if your not always able to be there!
Program Manager | New York, NY | Oct 20, 2019
Intresting place to work
Had a nice team environment as everyone in the group worked well. People were friendly and the work life balance was nice. The projects were very interesting.
ProsStandard work hours
Customer Relations Representative | Long Island, NY | Aug 29, 2019
Hostile and high pressured environment not conducive to the desire to remain working there for long
It was a very high pressured environment. You were on the phones all day long and had to ask permission to use the bathroom. When you wanted to take a day off although you had sick days, your job was in jeopardy by management. When you called in sick, the deputy director demanded a dr.'s note although you had sick days.
Customer Service Representative | Queens, NY | Mar 4, 2020
Great learning experience
This was a great learning experience. It helped me gain a greater awareness of the medical transportation system. I am passionate about being of service to others; and this job facilitated that.
Signal Maintainer New York City Transit | New York, NY | Jul 6, 2019
The best every
I learned alot .. and meet alot of great people ... job is not boring. Learn something new every day. Stay up to date the your jobs . Knows what going on. The best job in the world
Technical Specialist | New York, NY | Jan 24, 2019
if you are just looking for a stable job with good benefits.
if you are just looking for a stable job with good benefits this is the place to work. Don't expect to work with latest technologies . Nothing much to say about MTA since I just started to explore.
Temporary Bridge and Tunnel Officer | Brooklyn, NY | Mar 28, 2020
Work as temporary employee for the bridge and Tunnel
I work at the verrazano bridge as a temporary Bridge and Tunnel officer for 2 months...It was a very fast pace location, however, I did enjoy working because the senior officers were very helpful and I was able to add another experience to job description.
Bridge and Tunnel Officer Temporary | Queens, NY | Nov 29, 2019
Bridge and Toll
The job is pretty good and relaxed, you are always busy and no breaks when the cars come. Great pay, you just can’t have thin skin and not let little things get to you.
Database Administrator | Brooklyn, NY | Nov 6, 2018
Great Benefits
Great Benefits, Dental and Vision. manageable copay for prescriptions. Coworkers were very good and friendly and helpful. Good pay. Overtime available when needed. Halal food and gyro food available.

Questions And Answers about MTA

How did you feel about telling people you worked at MTA?
Asked Sep 25, 2016
Working for MTA NYC came with a lot of respect, benefits and recognition from the company as well as ridership with certificates of excellence and other awards thanking me for a job well done. The salary is one of the highest in the USA. I retired in 2013 @ 27.00/hr My son is now employed there and the salary is $34.00/hr
Answered Jul 23, 2019
I feel good and proud for being part of the big family with a decent and affordable salary, a lot of people look at you with respect for knowing that you work for the MTA.
Answered Aug 17, 2018
When u apply for a mta job through their website and you application passed the pre screening. How long does it take for them to call you for an interview?
Asked Sep 19, 2017
I have several jobs that have said "passed pre screening" for a year or more. I have never been called or emailed by anyone. Granted these are all LIRR jobs, don't know if that makes a difference.
Answered Jan 25, 2019
It all depends on their "cycles". You might land on their immediate cycle on will call you within a week or two. Or, they'll save your name for the next cycle and will get a call within a month or so. As long as you're clean from drugs and don't have an outstanding background, it's worth the wait. Don't ever think that they'll ignore your application unless you gave them the wrong phone #/email address to contact you. *Yikes!*
Answered Jul 12, 2018
What is the training for bus driver like?
Asked Aug 11, 2017
A ghettofied boot camp. Very strict rules on attendance, timing, and cell phone prohibition during class. First 5 weeks is class(textbook)/driving, and the last 3 weeks is driving with a variety of mentors with their assigned routes so you can get the understanding of the job. Once you graduate, your job will get easier as time goes and you will love being out there on the road. *You must have very thick skin and mental focus to endure the training. Some instructors have a way to get on your nerves. But get pass thru the noise, and you'll be alright!*
Answered Jul 12, 2018
Intense. Never a dull moment
Answered Dec 8, 2017
Are there MTA work at home jobs?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
None that I know of. Even if it's computer work, or engaging with customers, it's hardly or rarely any home work assignments. They will always have a "place" like the union station or by any other rail stations to do light work if you're not going to be driving.
Answered Jul 12, 2018
No MTA work at all jobs are for driving the bus
Answered Jun 16, 2017
How long does it take to hear back after completing the drug testing part of the mta stock warehouse position?
Asked Jul 23, 2016
It takes about 2 months.
Answered Jul 15, 2019
It takes a month to hear back after completing the screening
Answered Mar 28, 2019