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Stocking Associate | Kapolei, HI | Jul 29, 2019
Depends on your job placement
Interview: I originally applied for three different positions because I wanted to try new things out considering this was going to be my first retail job. I had a scheduled interview for the "Seasonal Customer Helper, Early Morning" position. I understood how the hours worked and the expectations, which I was looking forward to. I was given the job on the spot right at the end of my interview. I was told that I would be working in different departments considering I was seasonal. I was under the impression that I would work early to help set up the store, do some stocking and then when the mall opened I would ring up customers and assist them. Training: Now on to the training (this is important), it was a 4-day training program where I simply was on the computer for 2-4 hours each day. It was extremely boring honestly, but I was learning how to ring up transactions through a simulation. I never actually got to practice ringing up like they say you're suppose to, but I thought "Oh when the time comes I will". That time never came by the way. So I am thinking I am doing all this register training online because I will be doing a lot of that since the holidays were coming up. First day: This leads me to my first day. In the training I was shown that we could wear black flats and business casual attire with neutral colors. I came to work with a long sleeve black dress that was not snugged and black flats. I was told I couldn't wear that and needed to wear pa...more
Associate | Ventura, CA | Jun 23, 2019
Not impressed
1. I'm severely disappointed after having worked for Macy's for only two month's. After always hearing about how "great" Macy's is & how it was a great company to work for....I'm sickened with my experience. A. I worked for Macy's in Ventura, California. It's a town where it's approx 85% Mexican. It's not an issue for me, but I would soon learn that it turned out to be an "issue" for the customer's of Macy's AND the management of this particular Macy's. B. This particular Macy's falls in with the corporate structure of "magic" selling. It's a great strategy, but as I learned the management here at Macy's #494 it's a "do as I say, not as I do" atmosphere!!! C. I was told I was being hired for the "At your service" department, Macy's equivalent of a "customer service" dept. Little did I know that really meant absolutely nothing!! You are required to do everything that a traditional customer service dept. does (Returns, exchanges, online orders, go-backs, etc.) AND ALSO EVERYTHING THAT ANY OTHER DEPT. IN THE STORE DOES, I.E. PURCHASES. In other words we are required to do everything, but the other areas aren't required to do everything we at the "at your service" section does. 2. I had numerous "run-in's" with management (NEVER MY MANAGER, IT WAS ALWAYS ONE PARTICULAR MANAGER OF THE JUNIORS SECTION) because when I would be the only person assigned to my section and had three or four things going on with a line of four or five people deep, I would let any customer...more
Logistics Supervisor | Houston, TX | Dec 6, 2018
Unprofessional First Impression
After applying, I received an email about an hour later stating, "You're invited to interview with Macy's/Bloomingdale's!" and to use the link provided to schedule an interview. After scheduling my interview, I received another email a few moments after stating, "Appointment Confirmed - Macy's Logistics - Distribution Center Houston". Two days prior to my scheduled interview, I received another email with, "Appointment Soon - Macy's Logistics - Distribution Center Houston" confirming the appt. I thought it was a great process because of how convenient the scheduling was and the constant automatic communication. The day of my interview- I arrived 15 minutes early and had to figure out by asking an employee in the parking lot how I was supposed to enter the building. There aren't any signs of where to park so I had to go around the block a few times to figure it out. HR should have provided that information in the email, honestly. After locating the security office, I should have immediately left out. The man advised that they were not doing any interviews and I asked to speak with HR as I had confirmation. He sighed and closed the window. I thought to myself if this is how a person is greeted than I don't want any involvement. I have a full-time position and this was for a part-time supervisor position on the weekend so I sucked it up and waited as I was looking for extra cash. I wait until 9:45 am which was past my appt time of 9:30 am. 3 more people came in and waited behind...more
Security Guard | Springfield, VA | Oct 22, 2019
Horrible a.P. Program
I am a very accomplished Asset Protection Investigator with over 5 years experience in AP, 6 years experience in Private Security, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and my ORC Investigators Board Certification. I wanted an A.P. Detective position but they just did a full recruitment and filled all of the positions. As most retail establishments are doing, they terminated the AP Manager and placed an Operations Manager to run the Security program who knew absolutely NOTHING about retail security. I got hired on as a Security Guard. I was supposed to just stand at the front of the mall entrance and communicate suspicious shoppers. Think about that, report SUSPICIOUS shoppers!! 🤔 Only behavioral indicators can deem a person to be "suspicious," NOT how they look!!! You have to FIRST open up an investigation on a shopper by watching their shopping behavior, you observe any alert signals they may give off, THEN deem them as acting SUSPICIOUS. TRUTH #1: Macy's racially profiles shoppers! TRUTH #2: The newly hired Ops/AP manager hired 6 new Detectives, ALL whom had ZERO experience in Asset Protections and Security. The Manager ended up telling ME (a Security Guard w a lower salary than everyone else) to train them all since she, and them, did not know anything about A.P. work. TRUTH #3: Taking into consideration the Manager knew nothing about A.P., she hired a bunch of ghetto rejects as Detectives. Numerous times they came in drunk and/or hungover from a previous night of part...more
Sales Associate | Melbourne, FL | Feb 25, 2020
Maybe for a short time
If I were any of you I would only plan on working at Macys for a couple of months just to get your feet on the ground or get some experience under your belt but as somebody who has worked there for a while, I can’t take it anymore. Working at Macy’s, or maybe it’s just the Macys I work at, it’s so mentally and physically exhausting that you dread going to work every day. At any given time you’re lucky if there’s one person in each department But more times than not, one person will be responsible for three departments. And then at the morning meetings managers get on you and get mad about how the customers aren’t happy, that they feel like they’re not being taken care of, yet the managers neglect to remember that they are making one person do the job of five people. And the managers, at least most of them, are absolutely useless because instead of being on the floor helping because we’re understaffed they just walk around doing nothing. And forget about asking for help, there is one female manager there that talks to you like you are a child and not a full grown adult. And you can forget about taking fifteens, I don’t think I’ve taken one in months because there is no one to cover them and if you ask a manager to cover and actually *gasp* work, it’s like the biggest inconvenience for them. They’re have been times on multiple occasions where I have been alone and a manager walks by and I have a long line of people and they don’t even stop to help for five seconds. There ...more
ProsThe people you work with (other than management)
ConsWorkload, understaffed, bad management
Customer Service Representative | Bakersfield, CA | May 3, 2019
Hire a Lawyer Before Agreeing to Working Here
From beginning to end, you will see loads of red flags warning you "Do not work here". I was interviewed at least three times until finally, someone threw me a bone and it really was not worth the trips. I did my best with the little training I received and immediately started to get hazed by another worker. This person, within my second day of employment, started mumbling horrible things to me. Telling me to quit if I couldn't handle it and discouraging me from taking my breaks. Yet they encouraged staff to leave and go on break with them at the same time and leave me alone with an endless line of customers to attend to. I felt like I was in jail with a hostile person because they deprived me of my rights. In moments I was truly terrified of them. I tried ignoring it and it only got worse. They started micromanaging every single aspect of my work day. I couldn't talk to the customers without being pulled aside every few minutes and being scolded by this venomous snake. They even started blaming me for the actions of others. It escalated to a ludicrous point where they actually began being physically aggressive with me. They started furiously throwing things at me and yelling toward the end of their shift. Ironically, this was due to me listening and following their god awful advice and it backfiring in their face. I couldn't take it anymore so I contacted HR and the situation became even worse. This person immediately started fuming and talking about me right in front of ...more
ProsThe occasional sweet-natured colleague
ConsRotten apples spoil the barrel
Sales Associate | Friendswood, TX | Oct 18, 2019
Two sticks for every carrot in a modern slavery
I was a sales associate for one year and eight months. I had a regular 20 - 28 hours work week and was a student. I was quite reliable and productive for them. There was an "attendance" points-system in place. That system wasn't reliable with frequent technical errors affecting attendance times, and they recently removed it and restructured organization and management - this a for profit organization, and it is not for your profit. The attendance system is currently regulated as a "percentage" out of your locked set of hours, and you continue to be the one who picks the hours. Make no mistake, it is NOT as flexible as it appears. The HR still controls releases of shifts, which you can see as available and pick-set for weekly schedules in the system. Other employees may release and swap their shifts with you, however, HR ALSO controls it. Now, they do BAIT and SWITCH JOB ADVERTISEMENT. They will give you nothing in writing, except an email announcing a "phone interview" at a "soon" time. They will completely ignore your job application and offer you the lowest job and pay. They will try you very low with shifts, hours, volume and pay completely other and way lower than your application. Have you an idea why? No need, run! AND if fall for it for a while and then they terminate you first, before you do, they will hang something in your termination so that you won't be eligible to receive unemployment, which is funded through unemployment insurance taxes paid by employers and co...more
ProsCheap China clothing at premium prices
ConsSweat shop with permission and knowledge of secretary of state and labor department
Specialist | Mason, OH | Jan 21, 2020
Sucks the energy, hope, and life right out of you. Just stay away.
MCCS in Mason is a sad place. Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this company. There are many incompetent managers who have ZERO people skills. You are lied to about hours, job duties, policies, and pay. Systems are unstable and crash or malfunction multiple times daily. For a company that relies on technology---the internet, the ordering platform---they have incompetent, uncaring people in charge. We can't figure out how to have a chat window pop up as an invitation to chat, then when the customer declines, have it minimize and hang out in the lower right hand corner of the screen like every other company. NO, we have it continually pop up in customer's faces so that they get annoyed and shop elsewhere. No manager is there to assist you with problems, no escalation lead will deal with angry customers, few managers work the weekends, though they are required in almost every department. Training and resources are a joke! It's fend for yourself with no life preserver. Our job descriptions (and all the jobs posted this year) say "4 out of 8 weekend days." Don't believe it. You will be scheduled for 3 or 4 weekends in a row, and if you have plans, family obligations, other jobs already and call off, you will lose an attendance credit AND be made to make up the weekend day. Everyone in every department has been made to work the phones--even if that was not in out original job duties-- and do store support, which means you are talking to ANGRY people who think they ar...more
Signing Lead | Okemos, MI | Jan 8, 2019
LOVE IT - but it's exactly what you can expect from a job in retail
I've been working at Macy's for 2 years now and have already advanced twice! I started as a part time seasonal support team hire and had many tasks to my job - unloading truck, signing for sale sets/down, merchandising, markdowns, fulfillment picks and packing. After one year I became the omni lead and started working full time mostly doing fulfillment during the holiday season (and got a raise). Then a couple months after that position ended I became the signing lead (and got another raise). So now I still help with all the other tasks listed above but I am in charge of leading my signing team during sale sets. If you work at Macy's and want to advance, ASK. Remember, people can't read your mind and know what you want. I decided I wanted to work full time so I went to my manager and told her. We discussed several different advancement options and agreed on one together. It wasn't hard at all. And there is ALWAYS a way to advance at Macy's. You just have to ask. I spend my whole day on my feet, constantly moving and doing things. I also get to work at 6 AM (because I am part of the support team, not the sales team) so we can get more work done while the store is closed and there are no customers. I don't mind going in early though because it means we get to leave early too i.e. 6 AM - 12 PM for part time employees and 6 AM - 2 PM for full time. The hours do change weekly and you may not always work those particular shifts. You also have to be willing to work weeken...more
ProsPaid breaks, benefits offered for full time employees, coworkers, teamwork, flexible hours, paid vacation, room to advance, never boring
Conslow pay, busy hours during holiday season
Specialist | West Covina, CA | Feb 12, 2019
A culture that realistic regarding fair work, fair pay
I have worked in retail for most of my working career and, when younger it was okay to make 0.50 above minimum-wage and have 20% discount but, I also lived with my parents or had a roommate. It's impossible to enjoy a quality life as an adult paying more than half your earnings in rent, with the other half going to other necessities such as utilities, food, transportation AND the expectation to be well dressed and groomed for work. I am an unmarried male 53 years old with no children which, I don't know how I could afford a family on what retail pays. I haven't had a vacation in several years, not even a weekend in Las Vegas that I could drive to in four-hours because of the cost of fuel, my car is in need of repair for such a drive, hotels require a credit card which I don't have and, overall I just can't afford it so, even a day at Disneyland has been out of reach. It makes me ask myself how this is possible for a person who works full-time and, how do other's manage it? to earn less than 25K and have no company pension or retirement offering available means, I very likely won't be able to retire, certainly not at 65-67 or even 70 years old. So, I imagine if I'm in reasonable health I'll be standing on my feet all-day at that age, working all weekends and holidays just as I have been, sacrificing quality-time with family and friends, who make much more and sacrifice less for it. I'm NOT motivated by Donut-day, Pizza-parties IF I/we make goals, that may excite yo...more
ProsLarger employee discount because without us shopping they would sell even less
ConsWorking major holidays-Thanksgiving, New Year's day

Questions And Answers about Macy's

What is the interview process like at Macy's?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was asked a few questions only based on the paper the manager was holding. it was situational questions or scenarios. I was asked also of my previous job.
Answered Feb 14, 2020
They asked me if I knew how to shop online and how would I sell a credit card and other basic questions about customer service. She said she would call me for my second interview and hasn’t called yet i’m still waiting for the call lol
Answered Aug 30, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Macy's?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I applied online then I received an email regarding my application. I was given a link to schedule my interview as to what day which is convenient for me. You'll just have to choose the date and time.
Answered Feb 14, 2020
I walked in for an interview. I did my on-line application right in the store and the receptionist told me that after they review my resume, they would call me for an interview. But then the receptionist saw that I had on an all black suit with a white collar shirt, and tie - professional attire. Then she told me to stay, called a manager, & I was hired that day!
Answered Aug 27, 2019
What benefits does Macy's offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
They give benefits only if you are hired on as a permanent employee. More hours you would you get more benefits.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
Med, dental, vision 401k, etc, the medical you will have to pay out of pocket before they even pay.take the lowest deductable
Answered Mar 23, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Macy's about how to improve it?
Asked Oct 25, 2016
Macy at Somerset Collection is a big mess from management to the entire store looking like a flea market very disgusting.Drop by the store unannounced and see it for yourself! The management starting from the top is unprofessional without any work ethics, It’s a shame such a beautiful mall with a store like Macy in it.
Answered Jan 13, 2020
The makeover that Macy's downtown Brooklyn has gone thru is superb! The new attitude of most of the managers is excellent! MAGIC has been renewed in a fabulous way! However, the underbelly of Macy's as far as equipment has to catch up to the cosmetic make-up it has gone thru. We need new scan guns, we have prehistoric scan guns from the nineties. For the fast paced environment that we work in, those scan guns cannot keep up with the pace. This makes our customers frustrated because they are professionals, & they want what they want when they want it - and they want it now! In closing, I like the total overhaul that Macy's has done as far as the infrastructure, the cosmetic appearance, the improvement of manager and employee attitude towards each other and the consumer all we need is new equipment. So, please Mr. C.E.O., all we need to have is new scan guns in the Women's shoe department, and we won't only achieve our YTD sales goals, we will literally smash them! Thanks.
Answered Aug 27, 2019
Why did you leave your job at Macy's?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
It was only a seasonal..and i believe its enough for me. the managers are very bad keep giving orders in rude way and want you to finish them quickly. I worked on Fulfillment department, picking merchandise is ok when you can find them, but they get mad when its not their, they want you to keep looking over and over all the store thats crazy. and most of the time i had to pick clothes from the floor. and they don't care they just want to ship it to the customer asap. this is not fair the customer paid to get something new and clean. Not trashy and someone try it hundred times. Anyway that make me stop buying anything from Maycs especially online. NO HONESTY at all.
Answered Jan 10, 2020
Iow hours. I work part time .not fair for me if else work part time too ,but they get hours as full time I just got work one day ,I need at least three days .what I do for getting weekly $54 in big company like Macy's .I like to work there but unfortunately I'm not single i have family .
Answered Jul 1, 2019