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Manpower Employee | Alberta, VA | Sep 17, 2019
Missed Opportunity
A company who's put in place to provide a great service to clients and give opportunities to the unemployed and a new opportunity to those who need the next step, should be the best place to work as you are creating joy and connections on all levels. Unfortunately the mantra of 'people over profit' is not followed and the teams are pushed to make money in whatever way is needed. It creates a stress on the team which is unnecessary as they then make panicked and rushed decisions which might mean they miss the best candidate for the role, all to hit a figure which won't be reached with stressed employees anyway. Some of the management are disconnected and almost heartless when it comes to the contractors. It is rare to give someone the benefit of the doubt or understand that we are all human so instead if they show a sickness or anything they are immediately pulled from their assignment - even when reports show they are doing great. With the time and ways spent trying to improve the name and reputation of Manpower they are actually overlooking their main money makers and as a result hurting their own name. The people who care and work hard to add value are overlooked as they work with their heart and not bank account and as a result that 'family' feel they talk about is pushed out as they bring in more competitive and money hungry people who don't actually 'care' for the job they are doing but care about themselves and what others think of them.
Recruiter | Salt Lake City, UT | Sep 27, 2018
Corporate Employee
There are a lot of jobs to fill, and not enough people to fill them with. Manager is very relaxed and let's you do your own thing. He works really hard to see this office grow and he is doing a good job at it. Manpower offers a lot of good benefits such as 100% paid tuition at UOPx and a decent tuition reimbursement program after you've been working here for 6 months. You are eligible for insurance at day 30, good 401k, and stock option. They also offer several training opportunities through powerYOU, you can get ready for PMP test and SHRM tests using the platform. I don't see a lot of advancement potential in the Utah market, however, there is a lot of potential within the organization itself. You can transfer branches which makes relocation easy to do if you have to move states or cities for some reason. On the benefits side once again, you can get up to 8 weeks of your full wages for giving birth. They also have a gap program for people who are in the military meaning that if you make $50k at Manpower and you are activated but your military salary is $27k, Manpower will pay the difference. Overall, good company to work for, they actually take care of their employees and management, so far, has been great. The one thing I think they could really improve on is having better technology such as Windows 10 and a better ATS/Back Office program.
ProsBig Corporation = Good Benefits
ConsNot enough room for advancement in Utah
Data Entry Clerk | Portland, OR | Jul 9, 2018
Excellent agency to work for.
They are always professional, courteous, and give me the tools and information I need to succeed; I have worked with 3 of Manpower agents and I have worked for them for about 3 years and I am always happy with her work overall, especially their attention to detail and ability to place me according to fit and skill. All is required is do a good job, show up, follow simple directions, be a hard worker and boom! You get asked back to do assignments, get requested by past employers, and enjoy good relationships all around. As a staffing agency CSR Personnel WANTS to find people work, wants to help them to get into a job that, in many cases, can become a full time position. It is to everyone's benefit that the right people are chosen for a job, and CSR has always worked hard to facilitate that kind of quality experience for me. I take responsibility for myself and my work, and CSR respects me for respecting myself. When I see a review on here that is so drastically different than the experiences I continue to have with this company, I cannot help but wonder if people are taking responsibility for themselves and their work ethics, or simply expecting the world to hand them everything they want, wrapped up with a bow. You have to work smart and hard to get good work in this world, period. If you are a good worker, then CSR is the place for you to be and everyone there will help you succeed.
Production Worker | Fort Collins, CO | Oct 28, 2019
They take advantage of their workforce.
They will surely get you a job but they fail to mention they are being paid 2.5 times what they pay you. They lie about it to refuse paying shift differentials, they will put you in assignments that take years before you can be hired on, basically anything they can to milk the workers for money. When questioned about it they terminate your position for no cause and then ghost you like you were nothing to them. Their benefits are a total joke. You don't even qualify for a paid day ever. You'd need to work 96 hours per week to even hit the requirement to get a measly 5 days off. Basically, you work more so they make more and they will reward you with 5 days off that must be used before the new year starts. If you work 40 hours per week good luck ever getting PTO even after years of being with them. I believe you must work something like 5000 hours in a calendar year to qualify. To me that's just total abuse to work somebody that much and then reset their time to day one in new year. They set it up so it's impossible to ever hit that cap ever. Total sleazeballs that work there I'm amazed they can even sleep at night doing what they're doing to people. My advice is avoid them. You're nothing more than a paycheck to them. Doesn't matter how long you make them money the second you stand up for yourself you'll be thrown away like the trash they think you are.
Business Manager | Boston, MA | Mar 18, 2019
Worst Company Ever
Management at Manpower is terrible, which is probably why senior management positions in the company completely overturned 2x in my tenure with Manpower. In my particular position my manager was the most unethical person I have ever worked with and the worst part was that senior management that was based in Milwaukee never visited our site, so this guy got away with everything. Manpower never backs up or stands behind its employees and there client is always right, which is why Manpower clients can treat the temp staff any way they choose. Finally, Manpower is the rock bottom, lowest paying staffing company out there. They pay nothing more than minimum wage for any position and rarely hire anyone as an employee, even in management roles for Manpower they contract people. Save yourself the grief, frustration and headeaches and steer clear of any employment with Manpower. One of Manpower's bragging points is the they were voted one of the most ethical companies to work for, in my experience they were easily the most Un-ethical company that I worked for and treat Employees as well as contractors like disposable units- Steer clear of Manpower at all costs.
ProsThe work was steady
ConsPay, Fair Treatment, Benefits, Management is awful, Company management structure is horrible
Staffing Specialist | Sioux Falls, SD | Nov 1, 2018
Great hours nice office, but hard to get a permanent position
Answered calls, returned email messages. Set up interviews to prescreen as well as administrating assessments. Filing all employment paper work running background checks and scheduling drug screens. Kept regular contacts with all associate placed to make sure everything was going well at their position. Kept in contact with clients to make sure their employee pool was full and to handle any problem before it became a disruption. Sometimes the nearly impossible was expected. I always did the best I could and kept moving forward. This position didn't always allow you to keep moving forward if doing everything you could didn't get you were you needed to be. Uncontrollable factors came into play. People who needed work wouldn't qualify for various reasons and companies needing employees could become very critical of who they would hire. I learned how diverse people could be. I loved helping someone who was really down and out find a job. It was giving them the ability to care for their family. This was a feeling I can't describe, to see someone coming in to my office so down on themselves, to being on top of the world by the time they left with a job.
Operator | North Kansas City, MO | Feb 2, 2019
Over rated
It's a temp service overkill on drug testing that's a waste of time and look how long it takes for the pothead to complete the computer based testing thing ..which is a waste of time. Spent most of my time on it waiting on the computer and staff ..I felt like my IQ dropped during that experience. 20 minutes that's how long it should take but no it's drawn out. Now ..staff coordinator this is how it should go..especially if you haven't ever done the work you are assigning.!! 1. Don't talk like you have or pretend you have (you sound dumb telling people the pen is blue when it actually neon orange survey paint in a can) 2. Just assigne by the stupid (meter) computer test results finish the paper work and sit behind the desk answer phone (optional) and hold your body. (Temp)a ture roughly in the 90's. . Thank you. Other than that. Solid work assignments no pay issues (my experience) overall good place just . Maybe a little better pay and higher moral would complete the package. Just saying. And I never met the CEO of I can't approve someone I've never met... see (that's a dumb question.) MHH!
ProsAfter passing the drug testing. You can apply for NASA.
ConsDRUG AND COMPUTER TEST WASTE A LOT OF TIME FOR A $10/hr.'s not rocket science.
Manager | Portland, OR | Feb 10, 2020
So thankful for much of the experience.
It was through Manpower that I was finally able to land what could have been a role with great pay and career potential. It is a recruitment agency, and I was placed as a temporary contractor at a large company with much potential for eventual direct hire and growth. Due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone's control, I basically lost the job, which was not really the fault of myself or Manpower (hospitalized right before and continuing until after my contract's end). Very thankful for my recruiter's help in getting placed. When it seemed that nobody else would give me a chance, she went to bat for me in a huge way. That being said, I encountered much confusion and miscommunication in regards to the administration of my benefits, which left me without healthcare in a time when I absolutely needed it. I feel that this is not necessarily the fault of my recruiter, but inconsistent information on the part of the corporate entity itself. All in all, though, it was an okay experience. The work was good--I was learning new things, and my paychecks were good.
Customer Service Representative | Baton Rouge, LA | May 9, 2018
Usually pretty good.
Generally, Manpower where I was living before always kept me in work between 2 offices and my only complaint would be they didn't get me hired directly. Down here, the customer wasn't ready for employees in the department I was in. They didn't have their computers systems up and running. They were very lack in training since the systems weren't up in time. Manpower itself was ok. In most positions I learned all new systems and enjoyed the jobs themselves. The workplace culture at longer positions were half and half. Half of the workers were nice and helpful, Half were nasty and went out of there way to obstruct or hinder my position. The hardest part was being in charge of the files when everyone had direct access and a few loved to mess them up or actually miss file papers. The most enjoyable part was the jobs were interesting and I usually kept a friend or two from each longer position.
ProsTwo jobs had a lot of free merchandise and meals rather often.
ConsThere was usualy a "bad apple" at the larger companies where I stayed the longest.
Line Assembler | Williamsport, PA | Mar 21, 2019
Interesting and Fun but not very good for jobs or employment
Interview ok and mostly managers call you in for jobs but always Temporary, I didn't work for Manpower in Business, But did in such of employment opportunities for finding work, but with all and even this one employers will higher and even train they won't offer you better paying job, as they tend to loose documents of were you worked and history of work that you might have gone after for employement most work is easy and some employers and employees can be difficult with Temporary jobs placement, if you put full time you will be waiting for job opportunity as employers Temporary more then full time. Not bad place to work for but you gotta remember one thing, with one's don't listen, Credit report documentation follow up on them as this is Required by law of all employee's who use there Service.
Proscan be pleasant place to work for sometimes work ready or available
Conslong waits for work, never any good jobs unless you speak up, unlawful holding back of jobs

Questions And Answers about Manpower

What is the interview process like at Manpower?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Easy & Educational
Answered Oct 17, 2019
Stupid. Will be working making change of Bill's only and tests on change. Told to count change up and even the supervisor doesn't know how to do this. The manager in the manpower office has no idea what the job is about. Listens to lead and not the employees version. As an employee you are wrong even if you have proff the lead is incorrect.
Answered Aug 2, 2019
Do you hire Felons?
Asked Mar 1, 2016
Yes they do
Answered May 17, 2019
Yes they do
Answered Feb 4, 2019
Was the first pay direct deposit or a live check and how soon did u receive it since you get paid every week?
Asked Nov 12, 2016
The first paycheck was a direct deposit. I received the dd deposit the following Friday. In other words I started my job on 14th Jan. My first paycheck was deposited on or around 25th Jan.
Answered Feb 11, 2019
My direct deposit has been delayed 3 weeks because the MP-NA Carefusion team has to manually input the hours and expenses. Would have been acceptable if they would have let the employees aware of this situation.
Answered Dec 31, 2018
How did you get your first interview at Manpower?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
They called me ina good place to WORK
Answered Jun 28, 2019
They called me
Answered Apr 16, 2019
How does the drug testings and background check go?
Asked Apr 1, 2016
They'll send you email info to the closest lab to your home with a # and info to either print out or show on your phone to them. It is a 10 panel test and generally give you a few days to go and get it done.
Answered Jul 23, 2019
Temp Agency gives your form with a Drug Testing Facility nearest you. You schedule Day & Time. Arrive at Drug Testing Location Sign In. Once called into Exam Room give Valid ID & sign paperwork. Lab Tech gives you specimen cup explains what to do. Some drug testing facilities time you and other don't. Facet water is turned off and toilet bowl water has "Blue Dye" so you don't try to use sink or toilet bowl water. When you are done, you give Specimen to Lab Tech. Wash your hands and sign off on Specimen. Lab Technician gives you copy for your records. Results are given to your Temp Agency. Meanwhile, Temp Agency uses a specialized agency to conduct Background Check regarding previous employers, any gaps in employment, etc. All you do is sit back and wait for results from your Temp Agency within five working days.
Answered Jul 28, 2018