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Overall Reviews at Mariano's

Produce Associate | Buffalo Grove, IL | Jul 24, 2015
Total Chaos, clueless management, bad workers
I got hired before the store opened in May. I had no grocery experience and was hired as mid level, level 3. that was because i worked for the federal govt and was responsible employee. Majority of those people with no exp. would have been hired 4 or 5. level 1-2 are management. The store was a mess, produce what Marianos is known for, by far the worst management in that department. They hired all these people, picked a location not big enough for their business, former dominicks store. Location made money, but was not booming like locations where they built the building for Marianos like in VH/Libertyville. So they cut employee hours to make a bigger profit margin for the store. All those people basically quit, because lack of hours or none at all. Produce was the worst department, second shift was a bunch of millennials or high school/college kids. They had no supervision, so they pulled out produce, bullshitted around, did no work, did not put their stuff away and left a big mess fro third shift to put away just so they could do their work. First shift worked but, made the freezer a mess, so everyday you had to clean it up and reorganize again, just so you could do your work. Doesnt matter how many times and how nicely you asked they would keep messing it up. Produce department is the hardest to manage since fruits and vegetables don't last forever. Had four mangers over 2 months, kept hiring guys who decades with grocery experience, but had no clue of what th
Prostrain and work your way up. can get health ins etc...
Consway too many to name, top one is expected to do 16 hours of work in 4 hours
Front End Associate | Chicago, IL | Sep 10, 2021
Favoritism, horrible management, inconsistent training
It was pretty good at first, tiring but not too bad. I didn't believe when other coworkers said it's horrible. Worked for a month and realized how bad it is. If you put availabilities as all they are going to make you work closing shift every time. Dont even try to change your availability online since they will decline it anyway. They put it as a part time job but give you up to 40hr a week. No overtime pay. If the managers don't like you, every problem you face they will blame you for it. And if they do like you by any chance, you are luckily going to be treated with actual respect. The training of newbies are inconsistent, some are being put on register by themselves on their first day and was taught to do everything within a week while others don't even get a chance to be on register until a week later, not to mention they will probably not going to teach you anything else until much later, and will make you feel incompetent because they don't want to teach you anything new. Actually, they barely teach you anything themselves and just let other coworkers teach you instead. Many of the managers will get annoyed when you ask for help ex: machines not working, difficult customers, override, etc. It's to the point where employees would rather ask their coworkers for help than the managers. And the problem with difficult customers is just to give what ever they want. It's the "customers always right" mentality, which means the employees will always be wrong when deal
ProsKind coworkers
Cons15 min break, horrible management
Meat Carver | Chicago, IL | Aug 29, 2021
Its not a bad job if you’re looking for part time other than that if you’re Looking for full time this is not the place to be
Working at Marianos at bucktown was a good and bad experience. The company has gone downhill.When I started there was alot of problems but there was some form of professionalism compared to the state it is currently. Management believes in going by the book but clearly going by the book has only resulted in the loss of many great workers. The meat department here in particular is a joke. They want to cut our hours yet they call us when there is no one. I understand the company has a set a rules on the amount of hours to give but whats the point of wanting to have someone work if they have to do the work of 4 to 5 people let alone the department is big in comparison. Its not a hard job its actually easy but management makes its a problem where it’s difficult to do.If you are trying to go to school or just looking for part time temporarily its not bad job for that. An issue is just the understaffing and the constant yearn of workers to do the work of someone else who doesn’t get disciplined and gets away with not doing their work and leaving without checkout. But someone who works hard and refuses to do extra work thats not even in their job description gets disciplined. My biggest issue was the constant struggle of guaranteed hrs I was lucky enough to get 30 sometimes but it was frustrating because they barely put anyone to close . For closers you had to endure the mess like Garbages filled up that daytime workers would leave or the butchers one in particular who got paid for
ProsGood for part time if you are fresh out of high school, benefits, good coworkers and etc.
ConsManagement is a joke, Full time not guaranteed, Favoritism etc.
Stocking Associate | Chicago, IL | Aug 30, 2021
A decent entry level place to work, but overall a mess.
The Bucktown Mariano's location has been an interesting place to work for the last 5 years. The workload for back-end employees is consistently overwhelming and often demoralizing because the compensation doesn't come close to matching the level of physical effort one has to put in to actually complete all of the necessary tasks. This is mostly a result of store being very high volume and the overnight stocking crew consistently failing to finish their task, which has been an issue for the entire 5 years of my employment. The goals set in place by upper management are impossible to reach with the current amount of man-hours so almost every day consists of stocking the freight that was supposed to have been finished the night before. Then the middle management questions you about why all of their goals aren't met even though you are putting in insane amounts of work for the lowest possible compensation. Another massive issue is the training system. The online lessons literally do not cover the necessary content and even go totally off topic. I was forced to sit through about 3 hours of a dry, poorly executed tutorial video for a particular web application, only to find that the "exam" I was to take afterwards had absolutely nothing to do with the 3 hours of videos I sat through. This applies to most of the training, so essentially you just have to get a manager to tell you the answers at the end for certain courses, which literally defeats the entire point of the curr
ProsSecure, Good culture, 10% discount on store brand and household items
ConsShort breaks, Unfair rate of compensation for the workload, Favoritism
Fryer | Chicago, IL | Dec 30, 2013
Overnite shift baker/donutfryer
Overnite Donut fryer/baker Marianos - Chicago, IL December 2013 to Present Responsibilities Upside: overnites no ones really hounding you everyone has their flow and does what needs to get done for the nite without being babysat. Pretty fast paced unless you get stuck with someone whos slowwwww. Sunday premium pay gets $10.60 per hour on overnites. Regular overnites gets 9.20 per hour. I have been getting overtime pay bc my parttime shift is too short to complete all tasks. Day to day basis came in broke down boxes from both freezers of muffins and donuts for the days production sorted everything on racks proof fry/bake decorate. Refill equipment. Alot of heavy work on your feet luckily im in culinary school so im already somewhat accustomed but still draining. On the second day with only one day of "training" i was scheduled alone because the girl hired w me had already quit was stuck alone frying racks of donuts with no foundation on the quantities. Very unorganized needed to ask for help and no order to a standard things are run. A kitchen needs a system or an order in order to run smoothly and i feel here like everything is up in the air. The numbers constantly change in quantities especially when orders come in ontop of your production. Just makes me feel really scattered....Scheduling also awful expected to take on large productions and never finish on time in a part time 5 hour shift and also clean after expect to never be out on time. Will most likely quit once
ProsNo constant supervision
ConsShort breaks if you even get the chance to take yours!
Front End Associate | Oak Lawn, IL | Aug 13, 2019
A good job..if you're in high school or just looking for some extra money.
Was never a fan of the uniform...wearing a tie as a woman who was not used to it isn't comfortable, although they do look nice and professional to customers. Scheduling was inconsistent and given out, I believe, a week prior. Training for the job itself is good. It covers most points and different occurrences that an employee might come across. For the most part, customers were great. They were primarily pleasant people who would offer light conversation while having their things checked out unless they were in a hurry. The supervisors for the most part were great and responsive, but the managers above them I've worked in customer service for a long time and have NEVER had a customer make me emotional. The one time it happened in front of the one manager who always somewhat disliked me for whatever reason I was never aware of, she did nothing! This customer took some unnecessary digs at me, and I know how to handle difficult customers because I understand every one has bad days, but it was completely humiliating! Not only because she was verbally attacking me in front of other customers, but also my manager! I was speechless the entire time until I actually teared up a little. My manager was standing two registers over and watched the entire ordeal without moving over to help. Then she has the audacity AFTER the customer leaves to come over and offer comfort before asking me what happened...even though she saw the entire assault unfold! The only person wh
Produce Clerk | Elmhurst, IL | Jun 9, 2015
Mariano's Fresh Market is fast paced working enviornment with customer focus, a place where customer care always comes before your task at hand.
A typical work day for me would be setting up anything that I would be using for the day, before beginning my task at hand. Some days I would have to work on the sales floor, and prepare the displays. A usual day for me would be me having to come in and be a juicer. My duty would be to provide customers with freshly squeezed juiced in a timely manner. I would have to often take customer request and special orders on how they wanted their juices made. If a customer needs assistance finding an item I will walk them over to the the item, I never point and direct. The main thing that I learned is that customers are always right no matter what, and that I always have to put them before anything else. Once that customer is taken care of; i will then go back to completing my duties for the day. I learned that good communication helps that day run a lot more smoothly. when my co-workers and i are on the same page and cooperate, then things get done a lot quicker. The management can be very unprofessional. They tend to use unsafe language for any work environment. They usually have negative things to say about employees as well as other managers in the store. There is always a lot of micromanagement. The managers at Mariano's will take off work for consecutive weekends, which are the busiest days in this type of business, but they are unwilling to give employees days off that they request. My co-workers and i get along very well. The majority of the people that I work with get along
ProsJob security, This is a union employer
ConsNo discounts, not many benefits for part time employees.
Manager | United States | Jan 17, 2017
Don't be fooled by the reviews that are obviously posted by Corporate. You are nothing but expendable and a work horse
It USED to be a great place to work and they cared about you as a person. Fun, exciting and new. Just before Kroger took over, hourly budgets were cut, Corporate Management always pressuring Store Directors, Assistants and Department Managers to work their employees harder to get more done with less hours/pay. What hourly employees don't understand is that the Senior Management that reports to Corporate comes into the store and rips into the Store Director and Assistants. At meetings they get yelled at, told they are all doing a horrible job and then give them another lengthy list of things to have their hourly employees do, when they are already overwhelmed with work. They are given little or no support to help hire or staff the departments. The turnover of employees is horrendous due to being overworked. They require unreasonable and impossible tasks to be done with no help or staff to do it. Senior Management are REQUIRED to work a minimum of 10 hours a day and most work 12-14 and ALL holidays. You can't call in sick and if you do, you are on the chopping block and you get phone calls on your days off or if they schedule a meeting on your day off, you have to go. This company does NOT care about their employees and there is absolutely NO work/life balance allowed. If you try, again, you are on the chopping block. PLEASE, do not waste your life at this company or ever think they have your best interest at heart. They will suck the life right out of you and spit you out like
ProsYou get benefits if you are full-time. Union for hourly employees only
ConsEvery single aspect of this company, especially now that it is owned and run by Kroger
Replenishment Associate | Lake Zurich, IL | Apr 17, 2016
One of my worst jobs ever
So,I got hired to work 3ed shift....that was cool but after being hired my 8-month nightmare started. Training, Let's talk training Or lack of training. I was given a list of courses I had to do via the PC. Was given no time to do any of the training, Then also was handed a sign off sheet that the head of the department had to sign off on that I was trained on. He never signed off or EVEN TRAINED ME! My first night was Mis-communication via Managment, No one knows where I was to be placed. So I was trained in the wrong spot. The next night. I was trained by one of the two Other overnight people in the right department. But I was really not trained at all,It was a simple. This goes here, This goes there...Now shut up and get to work...And I'm not joking. It took me close to 3 months to learn where everything went, Due to no one would tell me things till I'd do something wrong. 4 month's into the Job one of the overnight Quit, So we were down to 2. only Pro was I got more hours for a little bit....then 2 months later,I was the only overnight as the other was fired for theft. They only had me down each night working 5 hours, But I'd end up there for 8 Putting things away. And each day the department manager complained I was too slow, And told me to take short cuts to get my job faster...With I did not do. The last straw was when they hide product on me that came in. When I left after 8 hours and gave all the info of what was done and not done to the Department people Like I
Deli Associate | Frankfort, IL | Jan 5, 2019
Not worth it
There's a lot of cons bare with me. First off, the pay was way to low for what your asked to do. Number #2. They did not promote from within. And to even get promoted was impossible. Only the favorites were given time to use the computer during the day. The others had to use it at night after an full shift of hard work. They would also bring a person out of the blue to take your job instead of promoting from within. They played favorites with whom they promoted. They would promote workers who did little to no work as opposed to the people who actually worked the hardest. They would promote these managers out of left field wondering where did they get this guy from? Where did he earn his stripes? They didn't care about your health. Your were harassed if you were going to get a drink of water or use the bathroom. If you got hurt, they would try and rush you back to work like your playing in the NFL. Managers would harass you and try and rush you back to work even if you weren't healthy. You can't switch departments like they claim you can. They would switch certain people but other's were discriminated against. At the end of the day, if they didn't treat their employees like cattle they might be able to run a successful company. Also, there is no such thing as seniority. You could work their your whole life and your still doing the grind it out work when you started. If they pay was higher, the juice would be worth the squeeze. Also, its a rigged system as Donald Trump would sa
ProsThere were no pros besides the laughs you got from they way you were treated.
Cons30 minute breaks

Questions And Answers about Mariano's

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Mariano's? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 29, 2016
I apply and a few days later I received an E-Mail for a Phone Interview. The next step was an In Person Interview, in which I received a Phone Call to set up the very next day. The In Person Interview was scheduled for 2 days later. At the In Person Interview, they had me fill out some Paperwork and was told that once they received my report for the Background Check, I would be receiving a Phone Call to inform me whether or not I got the Job. It took about 4 Business Days to receive the Report. I began Orientation 2 days later. After orientation they said they would call me with my start date. They never called me and just sent me a letter saying I was terminated.
Answered Apr 13, 2020
Once I submitted my Resume, I received an E-Mail for a Phone Interview. The next step was an In Person Interview, in which I received a Phone Call to set up the very next day. The In Person Interview was scheduled for 2 days later. At the In Person Interview, they had me fill out some Paperwork and was told that once they received my report for the Background Check, I would be receiving a Phone Call to inform me whether or not I got the Job. It took about 4 Business Days to receive the Report. I began Orientation 2 days later, on Thursday, April 2nd and began my Training the next day.
Answered Apr 9, 2020
How often do you get a raise at Mariano's?
Asked Oct 28, 2020
Answered Nov 15, 2022
Every year
Answered Nov 14, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Mariano's?
Asked May 2, 2021
Answered Nov 14, 2022
Everyone gets the same promotion
Answered Nov 13, 2022
What is the best part of working at Mariano's?
Asked Dec 3, 2019
Having returning customers and socializing
Answered Jun 27, 2022
The atmosphere
Answered Jun 18, 2022
What is the work environment and culture like at Mariano's?
Asked Jun 12, 2016
HORRIBLE CULTURE. The technology department is full of toxic people. dont even think that you would progress. one can only expect STRESS ; even to think of attending the meeting is a pain.
Answered May 19, 2022
Very cranky employers, horrible management, sweaty people,
Answered Mar 12, 2022