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File Clerk | Philadelphia, PA | Mar 4, 2019
Most Heart Breaking Goodbye of my Life
My time at Marshalls can never be duplicated, forgotten, or replaced. How they are not among the Forbes top 10 places to work is beyond me. The freedom provided and dedication shown by the managers is awe inspiring. The commitment to the craft of "making the sale" has truly changed my outlook on life for the better, I can honestly say that without Marshalls I wouldn't be alive today. This job was there for me during the darkest days of my addiction to huffing paint thinner. The delicacy shown toward me when I embarrassingly arrived to work clearly inebriated, can not go without mentioning. Any other employer would fire that employee on the spot, and prior to this occasion I would fire the employee as well, but to let a man come back to work after urinating and defecating in the fitting rooms is incredible. This is after the incident were I was clipping my toenails under a female mannequin, chanting "we're newlyweds, and comfortable! You're jealous of us!" The memory of this tragic relapse still haunts my dreams to this day. The team that I was privileged to work with became family. A family that I would say is stronger than that of the military unit that endured enemy fire for two days only to prevail against all hope. That is how my unit handled the holiday rush every year. Like a Navy Seal group that was sent to infiltrate the enemy so as to make sure Santa arrived on December 25th, for every red blooded American that knows Jesus is the true light to salvation. I'm surprise...more
Sales Associate | Murray, UT | Oct 19, 2018
Easy, but stressful job
A typical day for me personally, was coming in, getting the run down of the day and being pressured to sign customers up for our companies personal credit card. Customers, keeping the front end clean and asking every customer, every time about the credit card. I learned about retail, never did and it was an experience for sure, this is the place where I learned to be tolerable of people and positions. Management was good for the most part, they had their on and off days, as does everyone, but it was different here, management was very much a two-faced and flip of a coin deal, you never knew what kind of attitude you were going to get with them. Management was also very diverse, meaning that each manager had a different way of doing things and how they acted, there were specifically three head managers; one was very nice and outgoing all the time, one was very blunt and straightforward and then there was one that was both of those things when she wanted to be... It was very stressful most days because you would get them all most days and never knew what to expect or how the order of attitudes would make you feel. The hardest part of the job was getting everyone to like you and have them stay liking you, I know that sounds weird, but it was very stressful, because you never knew with certain co workers and customers. I know being liked isn't the most important thing, but it was for me, because that's how I thrived at Marshalls and sometimes it wouldn't be like that and th...more
ProsCo workers, flexible schedule and easy work
ConsNot a set amount of hours, pay, and management
Sales Associate | Schaumburg, IL | Jan 8, 2019
Great co-workers, poor hygiene and strenuous conditions
Working in the stockroom involves a wide range of tasks that need to be completed including but not limited to: processing merchandise from truck deliveries, sorting, stacking, attaching security tags to, and hanging apparel. When short of available staff, expect to put out merchandise on sales floor. Experienced co-workers assist in training new employees by explaining and demonstrating customary methods of completing the respective task at hand. Strict workplace regulations (arriving late, calling in sick, and requesting days off are strictly controlled and followed by consequences if allocated amount of days off are surpassed.) Expect to use your brain to solve space related issues (gets crowded and sorting paraphernalia run low). Management is actively involved in all affairs of the workplace. It would help if they encouraged associates outside of the stockroom to do their job instead of making more work for stockroom associates. Almost all associates are extremely courteous and a pleasure to be around. Very inclusive and respectful environment. Standing long hours is quite exhausting and may cause soreness. The stockroom is not suitable if you cannot lift heavy boxes or stacks of clothing. Lighting and bad quality music in the stockroom negatively contribute to fatigue both physical and mental. The stockroom is also quite unsanitary and continuous contact with accumulated dust is a given. Skin on hands will also show a lot of wear and dryness if you don't incr...more
ProsAssociates treated by managers often for hard work (i.e. lunch or snacks provided in break room), great associates, nice break room
ConsShort breaks, not very clean, insignificant employee discount
Retail Sales Associate | Gahanna, OH | Dec 1, 2018
Good Opportunity- Bad Management
The opportunity of working at Marshall's is a great one! The pay is automatically above minimum wage, and they offer good hours. You can work part-time or full-time, and if you work more than one job the managers will coordinate a flexible schedule with you. The break and lunch schedule is very fair for minors and up, and there are multiple positions to apply for. I've learned a lot through during my period of working at Marshall's, including how to deal with the best and worst customers. You get great customer service experience at Marshall's, and great team-work experience also. The management is most likely the worst part of this establishment. None of the managers are on the same page, and they all have conflicting views which makes the work days very uneven. They strongly value the customer's mindset over their employee's, always reminding you that "the customer comes first". Yes the customer should come first in many situations, however when an employee's comfort zone is breached there is a problem. The hardest part of the job is probably the amount of work that I am personally expected to do, I am able to work many positions and am expected to do so in one shift. I would not recommend being a closer also, because if the day's work is not finished by closing time you are forced to stay late and finish it before leaving. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with your fellow employees to finish projects, or being able to work with amazing customer...more
ProsGood pay, flexible hours, good breaks+lunches
ConsPoor management, long closing nights, rude customers
Merchandising Associate | Wilmington, NC | Jul 16, 2019
Stressful and poor work environment
I did not mind the actual labor, I actually enjoyed it because I was able to assist customers and organize products. The work environment is what made going to work almost unbearable. I think that it is an issue when you dread going to work because of the management. My managers were extremely unprofessional and often chose favorites. I was one of five people to quit within the same month and there were others who quit months before for the same reason. Most times when I worked I worked from evening til close. We were short staffed on cashiers because so many people quit so I worked up front by myself. On more than one occasion I was swamped with customers and two of my managers came up front with me and gossiped about some of the other employees without offering to help me. They would often point out that I had people waiting in line and that I needed to hurry up but they would never actually help me. There actually has to be at least two people up front checking people out so I should've had help. My managers were two faced and made me feel uncomfortable. There was actually only one manager who was actually fair and nice and everyone enjoyed working with her. The rest of the managers and most of the coordinators took advantage of their positions and made other associates do their work for them. Although I had gone to my trusted manager about my concerns and issues, it is a little difficult to confidently voice your concerns when they are with the people in charge. There we...more
ConsPoor management, inconsistent working hours, poor work environment
Cashier/Sales | Kenosha, WI | Dec 7, 2018
Friendly customers and staff, horrible management
I loved working at Marshalls until we got new management. Our employees were constantly stressed out and miserable because of the workload. The managers displayed alot of favoritism. Senority and dedication meant nothing to the managers. People were promoted after a few months or a year, while employees who worked hard for years were never considered for promotion. The managers didnt seem to care about store presentation, they just needed the merchandise put out. The store was always understaffed, and salesfloor associates were always called to cashier, leaving noone but one manager on the salesfloor. They pushed the store credit card too hard to the point it was annoying and would bribe us to get TJX applications. They threw employees around where they needed them and the hours were inconsistent. One week you could work 25 hours and the next you would only work 8 to 10 hours. They rarely had full staff meetings so noone was on the same page or knew what was new for the store. You were never able to do the jobs you were originally assigned because of being understaffed or too much merchandise had to be put out. The fitting room was always stressful and overflowing with clothes and the fitting room associates were treated very unfair. They couldn't take their breaks when scheduled a majority of the time. I was rarely praised for my efforts. They used employees who benefited them in TJX and overworked them even if cashiering wasn't their job title. The turnover rate was the wor...more
ProsFree lunches, 401K, paid time off, flexible schedules, friendly staff
ConsMinor benefits for part time, favoritism, understaffed and overworked
Sales Associate | Auburn, NY | May 20, 2018
Low Wages, High Expectations
Let’s get this out of the way: if you are looking for a job you can support yourself on it’s best to look elsewhere. Unless you are coming in as a member of management you should expect to be paid minimum wage. The raises are laughable at best. During back to school or the holidays you’ll get a decent amount of hours each week. Outside of those periods you could go down as low as 8 hours for the work week. Despite the low compensation and virtual lack of any benefits for the part time associates you will be expected to deliver high end service to each customer. The company wants you to go above and beyond for the customer but will gladly pay the lowest possible wage and give you the lowest amount of hours it can legally do. They put more emphasis on getting applications for their credit card than customer satisfaction. If you’re register trained be prepared to be hounded about getting applications. Oh, and you don’t get anything for the applications you get. No commission, just a “great job, now get another!!” Then there are the customers. They act like they are fashionistas because they buy brand names for 70-80% off of regular retail. They will often try to nickel and dime you and get additional money off the ticket price or return used or worn merchandise. Oh, and if you’re closing you will find they treat the store and the merchandise with zero respect. Recovering the store at night is infuriating. Bottom line: if you’re a teen, college student or someone ...more
ProsWilling to accommodate class schedules/other jobs
ConsHorrendous pay, hilariously high expectations, demanding customers
Store Manager | Florida | Feb 7, 2020
Read before you accept!
That salary might be tempting but you should consider: 12 hours a day/6 days a week minimum regardless of how efficient you are as a leader because the resources never support the initiatives. You will be expecting 4 pallets and receive 10 in one day. You could expect 16 a week and receive 30 with no additional payroll. You’re expected to have a certain customer satisfaction rating with specific regard to “wait at checkout” but only allocated 2 cashiers. Programs and processes are created in good theory but expected to “just happen within the budget.” Loss prevention programs conflict with operational programs to the point that they’re losing more money than protecting loss. As opening MOD, you perform a two hour audit EVERY MORNING instead of helping your three associates break down, sort, and push the 10 pallets you receive because “AUDIT POINTS.” God have mercy on your burnt out soul if you fail an audit. You are publicly shamed for your lack of “control of your building” when it could be perfect one day and destroyed within hours. The auditor knows exactly where to pass or fail you if they decide they like you or not and expects you to purchase them lunch and snacks while they destroy your career. Every visit is a beat down regardless if you’re doubling comp sales or visually compliant. The minimum wage staff is held in a higher regard than the 70+ hour a week dedicated salaries manager. If you still accept your offer after reading this, my final advice to you is TRUST A...more
ProsAnnual bonus (if you survive)
ConsEverything else.
Sales Associate | La Verne, CA | Sep 6, 2019
Room For Improvement
Hours were scarce and sometimes you were lucky if you got two four hour shifts during the week. I would receive constant phone calls about shifts they needed covered (of course I was grateful) but sometimes they did get annoying as they would often call me twice a day on my day off if I didn't answer the first call. The pay aka minimum wage at my store was 14.25 when I left but making barely 20 hours a week, taxes took quite a bit out of my paycheck. But I enjoyed being paid weekly! My coordinator did the absolute bare minimum work, and definitely took advantage of me..which made me not want to pick up their calls and take shifts. A typical shift consisted of being told how much there was to do and then being asked to cover front end when it got busy (which meant you could be up there for a good hour at a time or being the only one on the sales floor they call to help), then being told enough was not pushed out/accomplished. Which didn't seem fair as our store was constantly short staffed and scheduling was already horrendous. The managers, however, were awesome to work with. I felt like they really appreciated what I did even though my coordinator did not. I loved working with the CECs upfront, they never got impatient if I had a 'stupid question' and dealt with some of the worst customers. I became super close with my coworkers as many of them were my age and it made me look forward to working. I really did enjoy the work itself, yet the environment was often drama filled ...more
Front End Associate | Port Orange, FL | Aug 1, 2018
Great if you're looking for a part-time sales associate position without advancement
I have worked for this company at one location for 5 years. I started off making minimum wage and now i make $11 an hour. I became an FEC (Front End Coverage) associate and cash office associate almost 2 years into my employment. The job of an FEC is the same as a Coordinator except without the weekly meetings and audits. There has been a Coordinator position opening twice since I have been an FEC, but I have yet to been advanced. Long story short I have wasted my time going above and beyond at this particular Marshalls store and haven't got anywhere and make the same amount of money that current 5 year employees that currently work there make. I am a dependable (have only called out twice since I have worked there; both due to hospitalization), trustworthy (have never had an issue handling the company's money or private information) and experienced FEC. I was never given a reason as to why I didn't receive either position and the people who obtained the positions worked there for less time than I had. The store that I work at is extremely busy at all times (we have 12 registers) and the job is extremely stressful, not because of the job duties or the customers, but because of the people you work with (mainly certain Managers and Coordinators). If you want to work for this company, I suggest you mind your own business and don't ever expect to advance unless you have all Management and Coordinators in your back pocket.
ProsExtremely flexible with your schedule
ConsNo advancement and most of the Management is terrible to their employees

Questions And Answers about Marshalls

What is the interview process like at Marshalls?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
Interview with 3 managers. Need 2 to 3 references, great company
Answered Aug 14, 2019
You meet with hiring manager
Answered Apr 10, 2018
How are the working hours at Marshalls?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
Although the managers do work with your schedule, the part-time hours are incredibly unpredictable. One week you could work 8 hours. The next week you could be working 20 hours.
Answered Sep 12, 2019
It depends on the situation of company because Many times company needs more time
Answered Feb 24, 2019
If you were to leave Marshalls, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Associates who want to work don't get the hours. The hours go to ones who are either favorites and call out much of the time or ones who hide in their comfort zone.
Answered Jan 24, 2020
Low pay over work you
Answered Nov 13, 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Marshalls?
Asked Dec 30, 2016
The Marshall Company is an amazing place to work. The owners of the companies are two older brothers who basically run a family operated business. They treat you like family and always look for your best interest if you have theirs in mind.
Answered Sep 19, 2019
Our customers loved our store but our staff was miserable and overworked. Overworked and underpaid. Horrible management!!
Answered Dec 7, 2018
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Marshalls?
Asked Oct 21, 2016
4 to 5 hours a day, backroom , more hours, fitting room, 12 to 16 hours a week per employee
Answered Aug 14, 2019
5 or 10 hours per day
Answered Aug 4, 2018