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Marten Transport Reviews

Overall Reviews at Marten Transport

Driver | Tampa, FL | May 11, 2018
walk away from working here, scratch that...RUN!
I can tell you this is an honest and truthful assessment of working as a driver for Marten. First, the turnover is at least 100%, that in itself should tell you something. There is a fair amount of nepotism at Marten........which is bad. Family members work there based on who they know and not their qualifications. The recruiters are not very knowledgeable. They talk a good game.....and that's about it. They are under pressure to get trucks seated. When a recruiter refers to trailer seals as "straps" and the refrigerated trailer as a "freezer" that should tell you they don't have a clue. I made it a point to talk to drivers that were quitting wholesale. More than a few said the recruiters were less than truthful. They were told they could pick what truck they could drive and the money they were supposed to make was not even close. Several drivers told me they were not making close to what they were told. New drivers were repeatedly assigned trucks that were broke down and waiting for repairs. Consequently, some sat around for days waiting for a truck. When they fire you, they will route you hundreds of miles and even thousands of miles to terminal that needs a truck. You are then on your own as to getting back to the terminal you were based at. There is no synergy here. No one works together. The shop, dispatch, management, dispatch............its a cluster f@#%. They run orientation and when the drivers are finished some are sent thousands of miles to other terminals to g
ProsNice equipment, when it works
Constoo many too list
Truck Driver | Carlisle, PA | Oct 27, 2018
Be a driver elsewhere
Issues with the company from the start of my employment. Signed on as a Northeast regional driver and to be home weekly. On several occasions I ended up well outside my region, and it was always a problem getting me home. Sat for several hours at a time. At one point I delivered at 9a, and couldn't get my next load until approximately 10p (per my dispatch). Went to a nearby truck stop and sat for approximately 18 hours because also stated in my dispatch was the next load was to be picked up at 10p, but the trailers to be picked up would not to be loaded until between the hours of 11p-2a. Had I started my clock to get the load at 10p I would've wasted at least 4 hours of my clock just sitting. I've sat for anywhere from 10-20 hours either waiting to deliver or pick up. You don't get paid to sit and wait unless you are loaded and getting detention pay. They do not pay deadhead miles. I've driven over 300 miles at any given point empty. I sat at a delivery for 19.5 hours (including delivery time) as I arrived early, and was advised by my dispatch that they would contact the receiver and see if they could move the appointment to an earlier time since I was already there. Dispatch never contacted the receiver, and I just had to wait and extended amount of time to deliver a load. After all the times I was forced to sit to take an extra day off my dispatcher contacted me one day and blamed me for a load arriving late after I had taken an 11 hour break. I had taken an 11 hour break b
ConsMarten Transport
Truck Driver | Chicago, IL | Apr 25, 2019
Wouldn't Recommend Unless you need semi-local, but Tolerable
Too much dispatch micromanagement at times, overzealous load assignments not workable in hours available on busy days, poor internal communication between departments, too much qualcomm spam, too much data collection at QC and fuel aisles, and very poor condition of Chicago Ridge drop yard make me inspired to seek friendlier shores. Trucks are run to 500k miles before age-out and the mean-time between failures is too high above 300k, costing drivers too many work days sitting at Zionsville terminal, Thermoking, or a TA. Zionsville terminal repair bays ate understaffed and overworked. Hourly pay for intermodal fleet is ok but just below average for Chicago truckers per Benefits are UHC and can be pricey -- lowest affordable deductible is @ $800 annual. There are some good things about working here, $75 monthly safety bonus, $150 weekly 6th day bonus, $150 layover pay for bad weather shutdown (but rarely granted, even in -30F temps last vortex), and work is steady. Dispatch mostly good about driver safety shutdown(fatigue, rest, etc.). Not enough time off for a life unless you want to slip seat (which is nasty). I think I would make a bit more in a .50CPM OTR job but only if the miles were there and steady. It is a decent job to have if you are juat coming out of a truck school contract or have need for a semi-local job. Marten currently runs 2800 trucks...terminals are nice unless you are a Chicago operator, no terminal here. They also forbid personal
Prosfree laundry and lounges/showers at terminals, APU on trucks, most folks are pretty nice
Conslocal is more semi-local with short-hop interstate runs, aging tractor fleet, trailers get frequent air leaks from railyard drops
Truck Driver | Tomah, WI | Mar 13, 2020
Look Elsewhere
Right off the bat, you will be driving one of the slowest trucks on the road. Trucks are governed at 65 (64 if you're being realistic) Limited speed = Limited miles = Limited earning potential My personal experience, plus the experience of a few others that I've talked to.... The truck I am assigned to was in a Marten operated shop and worked on by Marten employees. While it was in the shop, one of the mechanics stole something of MINE from the truck. I explained this to someone in the dispatch office and provided pictures and receipts of the exact thing that was stolen and thought it would be taken care of. Instead, three weeks later I was handed a cheap version of what was stolen from me and on top of that it was damaged. So should you decide to work for this company, it's advised that you either remove every single thing that you own from the truck while it's in their shop or set up cameras everywhere inside of the truck. Some in the dispatch office will sit and argue with you that you have more than enough time to run a load to completion when you know for a fact that you don't have the hours. If they hand you a load that requires 7 hours, and you only have 6 left on your clock some will attempt to tell you it can be done. I have also been told a few times to use Personal Drive time to finish a load if I'm out of hours, though this hasn't happened in over a year. I run out of the Walmart DC dedicated account, and while it's usually a fairly decent run
ProsNo one bothers me
ConsSome mechanics are thiefs
Truck Driver | Indianapolis, IN | May 27, 2013
Great career,
This over all is a good company. The 2 stars for Job security are there because of the CSA Scoring and the new rules from the DOT and FMCSA. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to see the country, and having rather easy to get along with dispatchers and driver managers. After a year of hard work I got on a dedicated account I loved, then another local position opened up which still got the miles, and a chance that if I chose, I could have been home EVERY NIGHT. Took that account and loved it! The only bad thing I can say is what lead to my dismissal from the company. I was informed by safety that I should get the speeding tickets from my personal vehicle fought down to no points, then my job would not be affected. Well come February 28th, I was called to the terminal in indianapolis to sign papers. When I got there on February 29, they were my dismissal papers and I was given 0 chance to fight for my job. Their case was made, and I wasn't even given a chance to save my job (which I loved and would never do anything intentionally or unintentionally to damage our relationship.) The director of safety was clearly not willing to listen to me and hear my side of the story. So that was the reason for the 1 star on management. It was the ill advice from the safety department I received that caused me to waste money on a lawyer to help me fight down the tickets, in the feeble attempt to keep a job that I absolutely loved. Though I take full responsibility fo
ProsPhenominal benefits, great pay.
ConsLack of detention pay (even when warranted to be paid)
Otr | Mondovi, WI | Dec 5, 2014
Marten wasn't a good experience
I started working for Martens Transport starting around The end of September 2014, and here's my experience as an OTR driver, the first few weeks were great! I averaged 3100 miles a week and went coast to coast, used to take loads from New Jersey to long Beach Cali, I used to average take home around $1600 a week, I was running like crazy I was happy, but all of sudden the freight dropped off the map! I would get bunch of 200 mile and 300 mile loads that didn't deliver the same day, ounce I was deadhead 200 miles to pick up a 15 mile load that took 8hrs to unload... The great thing about Marten is that they pay detention very quickly.. So every load get extra money ontop of that. Wether it's an extra 100 bucks or 10 bucks it's extra money for the load... Another issue I had was once Marten puts you in the North East your stuck there, ounce I was stuck there for almost 3 weeks... With a whole bunch of 200 mile and 300 mile loads.. My pay check was 600 to 500 bucks a week when that happen... And that sucked! Also Marten trailer equipment is brand new so you'll have very rare trailer issues, now the tractor is the problem, Marten gave me a truck that had an APU,which was great, but the truck had 460k and it was a raggedy frieghtliner 2010, that used to break down and have numerous safety issues... And they didn't want to give me a better, reliable truck, finally I couldn't take it no more, the OTR mileage wasn't there, the equipment was bad, and home time was suppose to be earne
ProsDetention, nice terminals
ConsNo miles, old tractors, rude Fleet Manager Supervisor, no freight.
Professional Driver | Colonial Heights, VA | Apr 19, 2019
Good company
Mega Carrier that has freight and will keep you busy depending on the account. Perdue Account is a good account however it depends on the dispatcher. First 2 months of working there it was great money was awesome and it seemed like the perfect job. They had that wow factor I have been in the industry only 5 years and I have seen the good bad and ugly in that short period of time. I would say their pay system is very good and they have great equipment like very good equipment my favorite thing about them. Their maintenance department is awesome especially the Colonial Heights VA terminal. Now night Dispatch and night Maintenance is horrible just plain bad dont expect much from them they really suck bad. My only gripe with Marten is the inconsistency of pay and it's only because of the routes. Some pay awesome and some dont and with the wrong mix of the donts during the week your paycheck will disappoint you. However when the routes are good you have a high smile on your face at the end of the week. They Guarantee 1k a week as long as your available to run and if they dont have a load for you then they pay you for that day/night. Benefits are ok meaning sub/par but still better than my other previous company's. Forward facing cameras but no driver facing which is fine with me. Alot of night runs which I love and pre loaded drop and hooks. If you hate the smell of chicken then dont sign up for the Perdue account but I love it. Governed at 65mph and they reward you f
ProsPay can be good sometimes, Equipment is awesome, Maintenance is great
ConsInconsistency in Pay, Night Dispatch and night maintenance
Driver | Wisconsin | Dec 29, 2017
Could be a decent company to work for but
In my 10 months there I can say that the equipment was excellent. They have enough terminals to meet a drivers needs. Especially in ATL. They give you the red carpet treatment until you get your first load. I was first told that I couldn't switch from OTR to regional because of an out of state license, then as I was about to quit 6 month later, they changed their minds. Stating it was red tape and who gets credit for me being hired yada yada. From what I'm told the fleet managers are capped at how much detention they can pay so I got it about half the time. Two other drivers have said that they dropped theirs to $10 or $15. Even saying that, because I shut down at the customers still with hours left that I can not get paid, all macs were correct, everything done(geotrack bs). FM used to try and bully me often, talking to me like I was some degenerate until I asked to speak with his manager or told him to send me a msg of what he was saying. Never understood how he kept a job there. All of them will call you while you sleep. Ultimately, I truly believe that this could be a driver friendly company if everyone that talks with the drivers was held accountable. Oh and don't be late. I was, once at 10 months. As the shipper was late loading me and they wanted to reroute me after I had shut down, about to go to sleep. I was givin the option to drive another hour to swap out a load with another driver and sleep at this drivers house( never met him ) or drive 2 hrs because of parking
ProsEquipment, terminals, paid on time, technology
ConsThe culture/people are
Truck Driver | Tucker, GA | Feb 22, 2019
local and regional have different Pros and Cons
Marten is mainly full load over the road or traveling truck driver position, they have some local but mainly OTR positions. For a bigger Truck Company the experience over all was not bad. They equipment is new and well kept,pay is competitive benefits fairly good. Trucking in general I think is more of a lifestyle and Over road is different than local but both have there downsides . But trucking in general is for someone that wants to get into a career with 90 days or less training depending on the company and there willing to train it is a good way to make honest living if you have no lifestyle or family restrictions and compliant. Trucking can be a good job depending on the previous statement but there can be travel with long hours and it is hard to have a set schedule with normal 40 hour work week or regular Lifestyle . So with that said I think someone living in Martens or any Carriers Terminal hiring area that gets cleared if the company has something you interested in and they are well balanced then you have to decide by what they have if it is your thing and the amount of availability the company allows and other hiring factors. Like I referenced trucking by nature has high burn out rate and highly regulated . So if you can get compliant then the only thing I think any truck Carrier has to do is have different shifts and days on and off to make everyone stick around but there might be long days and travel. But overall Marten is fair and good regional Otr Carrier de
Proswell balanced for OTR company, newer equipment pay as expected
ConsMostly travel positions and or long days
Owner Operator Driver | United States | Feb 21, 2020
Worst Company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with
1 Recruitment will lie to you. There has not been a single solitary thing said in truth. 2 orientation is a joke. Watch what you sign.. AND DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING unless your 100% sure. they go over theyre overly convoluted computer system ..on a dry erase board for about 30-40 minutes... but nothing in that will come close to what your actually doing. then theyll make you sign saying that your qualified to do it before you even see it. 3. your truck ( unless its new ) will NOT be up to DOT standards. you WILL get fines. i counted 8 dot write ups when they tried to push this hunk of junk on me. ( also stunk of dirty feet, ) i had to threaten the shop forman to get a new matress to replace the stinky, urin stained one that was left in it. also the truck is stripped down to bare minimums...feel lucky that you get a steering wheel. while your truck is in the shop, the entire time, dispatch is on you trying to get you on the road... where they can start screwing you... 4 Dispatch will screw you.. NOT A SECOND of integrity to show. these people are the rudest @$$h013$ youd ever seen and dont care about you even enough to make a beliveable lie. Theyre horribly underhanded and get ready for a LOAD of sneaky tricks. 5 you WILL be kept away from home for over a month and likely in a place thats the furthest from a terminal or your home. Ex.. you live in florida, theyll keep you in california for a month or longer until you figure out theyre computer system and find the request o

Questions And Answers about Marten Transport

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Marten Transport?
Asked Aug 5, 2016
Don't go. They steal too much of you're time for the low pay.
Answered Nov 20, 2020
Run fast as you can . I worked out of clarksville, ar . Extreme favouritism, the rest will be used and spit out. Lot of turnover. I gave them 4 years and now theyre blacklisting me. Never had any trouble finding work . Now its been a year and a half. At least 4 places have assured me i would be hired , then suddenly turned ice cold. Not even trucking jobs. Thats graditude for you.
Answered Jul 10, 2020
What is a typical day like for you at Marten Transport?
Asked Sep 27, 2020
Insulting my intelligence and minimizing personal needs
Answered Nov 10, 2022
Not good to much crazy stuff to deal with
Answered Oct 20, 2022
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Marten Transport a better place to work?
Asked Sep 28, 2016
Make the dispatchers go through a week of logging practices. Make the dispatchers stop driving the trucks from their desks.
Answered Jun 1, 2021
Treat drivers better. Listen to drivers. Get rid of driver managers that dont treat drivers right. Something other companies have already learned. Your drivers are the only ones making you money. The rest are just support staff.
Answered Jul 11, 2020
How often do you get a raise at Marten Transport?
Asked May 15, 2021
Only when you’re about to quit
Answered Sep 16, 2022
Answered Sep 2, 2022
What is the best part of working at Marten Transport?
Asked Dec 20, 2019
Respectful people
Answered Jun 2, 2022
The salary and maintenance for vehicle
Answered May 28, 2022