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Overall Reviews at Maxim Healthcare Services

Healthcare Recruiter | Akron, OH | Jan 7, 2020
Never work here as a recruiter. Worst job ever.
I searched this website in hopes of helping me make the decision on my offer to work at the maxim akron office as a healthcare recruiter. There was limited reviews and i decided to take a chance and accept the offer. If you are looking for help on making a decision, DO NOT WORK HERE! It has a terrible work/life balance I was working 55-60 hours a week, plus on call during the week nights and weekends. Nurses would call of last minute, and you would have to back fill right then and there as well as document who you called, what time and what they said so that maxim knew you tried all avenues. You would also need to switch nurses schedules around on call to try and get the call off covered, sometimes at 2-3am for a morning shift spending 1-2 hours changing the schedule. They would make you stay as late at 8-9 at night to make sure the patients were staffed and bothering the same 10 nurses again until someone would give in and take the shift. Pay rates are inconsistent to nurses based on how last minute they would take the shift. This job made me extremely depressed, the internal staff was all extremely rude and impatient to each other. management would yell at internal staff and external staff. Concerns about changes and improvements were never taken seriously by management. The job was not the same job they say it is during the interview process. Overall, a terrible place to work. I believe the culture of the akron office is way worse then any other office. Bad training, they ...more
Behavior Technician | Sacramento, CA | Dec 6, 2019
Unfriendly culture: disorganized management, high turnover, poor compensation, deceiving hiring practices, delayed paychecks and glitchy time card app
The employees at the staffing office do not care about you. You are a number to them and will either be placed in a position for less than your worth or you will be terminated. The job description is also deceptive: I was hired as a "Registered Behavior Technician," but the job ended up being nothing more than a classroom assistant/paraprofessional position where I assisted teacher who treated me very poorly. I requested to be placed on the substitute list, and landed a temporary position working at another school that was much friendlier, but still the problem remained: I was doing the work of a paraprofessional, and not an RBT. There was no Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to perform, and after leaving the company and having them contacted as a reference, they stated that I was not a Registered Behavior Technician, simply a Behavior Technician, despite what they hired me as California is very expensive, and they paid me $18/hr. (the pay scale for this position was $14 to $20, depending on experience), which I was happy with at first, since the recruiter said I would be able to work in the same county of my residence. It was later revealed, however, that I was assigned to a position 30 miles away with heavy traffic on the way to work. Furthermore, management at Maxim is poor and submitting payroll time is a nightmare. The app Maxim uses crashes and freezes frequently, and time cards are often denied for unclear reasons leading to delays in being paid the meager pay rate ...more
Home Health Aide | Albany, NY | Mar 9, 2019
Dont waste your time
Maxim dont care about their aides. They take your hours and give them to other ppl that just started,the schedulers lie so much its terrible! No matter how good of a worker you are they will treat you like you’re nothing.your check will be messed up every week then they take weeks to fix it.the managers dont care about nothing. They laugh and talk bad about aides,they’re so unprofessional.terrible attitudes,i’ve reported to them a client was being negected they did nothing about it just so they can keep the will never get a raise,low pay,poor benifits,you only get 8-16 hours of vacation pay a year depending on how much you work Which is hard to get because you never have hours to work most of the times.this place need to be shut down i dont see how its still up and running,they get audited so much its not funny.they have a high turn over rate because of all these issues. I know they called a lot of ppl asking them to come back to work for maxim. Lol the nerve of them! If they would just treat the aides right and pay us and listen to us when we tell them something they wouldnt have this problem. You have to take so many inservice hours then they take for ever to pay you for them.i have notice that this office treats the men aides better then the female aides maybe it has something to do with all the schedulers being males. Something need to be done this isnt right!steve,and jeff are so disrespectful they talk to you like you’re their child i bet they treat their dogs ...more
ConsLow pay, take hours away, schedulers lie too much, poor benifits, very stressful place to work
Patient Care Technician | Winter Park, FL | Dec 13, 2018
This company, from the office staff down to the employees, are over worked and under paid!!!
I have obeen working since 2008 . Then reapplied 2012 . and have seen soooooo many people come and go over the years. I have seen this company change ownership and management every other year. Its new management down to new office employees. I get so frustrated when im laid off for a few months due to low census/NO Cases!!!!!! After about a month i call and no one in the office know who iam. 😮 !!! This happens when new employers and staff take over. Its very unperfessonial, when i have been a very loyal, dependable, and highly experienced in healthcare degrees wich means i am a very vulnerable employee for over 2008.. smh.... Its a revolving door. This place should be out of business soon i hope. Low pay!!! Unprofessional when they dont even know, their own employees thats been working for them for 10+yrs. Just this month of November 2018. The office staff QUIT JUST LIKE THAT QUITE. they found out new management was taking over AGAIN. The whole H.R Department QUITE!!!!!! NOW THE WHOLE H.R DEPARTMENT, OTHER STAFF MEMBERS AND SEVERAL EMPLOYEES, ALL QUITE WITHIN A MONTH🤔 THAT should tell you alot about this company/Staffing /Agency located in Orlando Florida on Lee Road winterpark , Florida. LOW PAY, VERY VERY FEW CLIENTS/CASES. WHICH MEANS HOURS WILL BE REDUCED. BENEFITS. Their benefits policy: is based format. Your HEALTH. DEPENDS ON HOW MANY HOURS YOU'VE WORK . Even if your full time applies to all employees. Benifits are determine if you c...more
ConsRead my comment explains it all.
Coding Specialist | Remote | May 17, 2019
Horrible Communication
I've worked here for just over 3 years and have received one raise, that I had to request. When I asked about the raise last year I was informed that they are only giving raises every other year and that I should've received an email, but I never did. That was a common theme here, I would be told I should've received an email that never came on multiple occasions. I had an assignment that was ending and wasn't told until the week before because they thought they had sent me an email. You work for clients of Maxim's who can be incredibly difficult to work with. The way it's set up I have several people a day telling me what to do and often giving different direction. There is no one I feel I can trust to ask questions and everyone takes forever to respond, but I definitely get reprimanded if I make a mistake. The company doesn't give paid holidays and expects you to still work 40 hours the week of the holiday. I can't work four 10 hour shifts because of overtime laws in my state, so I'm forced to work on the weekend to makeup the hours. Any required training, such as annual compliance, is paid at your states minimum wage, NOT your actual hourly wage, which is almost a $20/hr difference for me! I've had my wages entered incorrectly on several paychecks and have had to contact someone to get it corrected each time. Because of my specialized experience it's been challenging to find another job, but I am definitely looking and hope to be able to leave this place sooner tha...more
ConsNo holiday pay, no annual increases, no opportunity for advancement
Licensed Practical Nurse | Tucson, AZ | Jul 23, 2019
Very responsive and supportive Clinical Supervisors that want you to succeed in your assignment. Office manager is very responsive and motivated.
Pediatric HH nursing comes with it’s own unique challenges because there are so many involved in the team. I think Maxim has the administrative aspect of providing this unique care down to a T, so to speak. Recently they have implemented a novice nurse program which makes me very happy because most nurses do not receive clinical training for dealing with our fragile and unique population. It is not an environment to place a nurse in who has never had experience with individuals with unique needs. So kudos to them for having this program. No employer is perfect so I have had ups and downs but the current office staff are very supportive and available which I appreciate. A typical day at work will vary depending upon your patient but you will stay busy during whatever shift you are assigned. Not as busy as a hospital, of course, but busy nonetheless. I’ve learned a lot about trachs, vents, and respiratory problems in pediatric patients. The hardest part of the job for me is being in someone’s home and their family’s personal space but I LOVE working with the children. It’s a job that to some degree is what you make it and put into it. I love to help my patients progress as much as they can. Whether it is finding a way to communicate without a “voice” or become more physically able.
ProsSchedule flexibility, Benefits at 30hrs for a single person at a very reasonable cost, Salary is competitive, Pretty extensive discount program.
ConsNo PTO benefits until 5yrs of employment, pretty much have to ask for a raise.
Licensed Practical Nurse | Knoxville, TN | Nov 19, 2018
The Knoxville office will stab you in the back asap.
I went to work for Maxim at the request of my friend she wanted me to be her child's nurse. I jumped through all the employment hoops to get hired. I went to work full time at my friends house. In about a month the nurse that I replaced wanted to come back. I was left w/o a case. I was moved from case to case for awhile. I was given another case. I worked there M-F. From Nov. - May. I was warned that this family was very (different). I was told that they were mean to the nurses. I finally was given a good case in June. Wonderful family , great patient. I was contacted by management the there was an investigation going on but it was nothing to worry about.. they would contact me if needed. Never heard anything else. In Oct. I went to the office after my shift, to deliver some papers and pick up some others. My supervisor want to ask me some questions. I answered her questions honestly. She assured me it was nothing to worry about. I was injured as I was leaving. I had to have help to my car I was put on workman's' comp. the agent did not contact me for over a week.In afew days the agent contacted me and said my claim was denied. After 3 weeks out I asked the doctor to let me go back to work. he released me .The day I reported back to work., management called me and informed the due to the investigation they were severing their relationship with me. Don't trust these people.
ProsSome great cases
ConsManagement will throw you under the bus No holiday pay, no paid time off jOnly the office staff gets these benifits
Registered Nurse | Pittsburgh, PA | Dec 12, 2019
Mostly Pediatrics and Train Wrecks-little patient selection available for adults, unavailable nursing management
Advertised for home health private duty, but had few adult cases and mostly sick pediatric cases. They had regular staff on many cases that were the desirable patients and scheduled you for cases hard to staff or difficult patients or families. The actual number of available cases were much less than I thought, and many were quite a distance from metro Pittsburgh. The interaction with nurse supervisors was minimal, and you dealt with non-clinical recruiters for most issues. Most of the private duty cases were train wrecks, and the less intensive cases had regular staff who were scheduled to care for them regularly--they advertise aggressively for nurses-especially school ride along with nurses, but never seem to get enough. This should come as a warning that this company has a lot to be desired and few satisfactory cases to retain nurses. There was almost no interaction with nursing management or case managers, and many cases were far away from metro Pittsburgh. This company takes mostly complicated cases of the trach, ventilator, G-tube and behavioral patients that are mostly peds and they have referrals they can't hire nurses to take the cases. Some of the families are unreasonable and forget a good selection of adults. The private duty side of this company is complicated peds intensive with little nursing management support.
Nurse | North Carolina | Jun 18, 2019
Totally focused on profits, not on employees or clients. They say: Caring. Serving. Enriching Lives. My question: for whom? The stockholders? Their supposed mission is to be the provider, employer, caregiver of choice. Hah! They treat employees terribly. Office employees come and go continuously. Those of us who have to work with clients are treated without respect. Because it's all about the money. That they make. And me, if you overheard office meetings, they talk about clients in terms of how much money they make on each client...not about the care. I've overheard so much. Corporate management does not care about the local offices - they set sales goals and hold the poor office staff's feet to the fire regarding those goals. And when reimbursement rates go down, they immediately force local staff to cut caregiver pay rates....Because they have to make the money at the corporate level. I've liked some office staff - but the good ones always leave because they are treated badly No regard for innovation, creative thinking. You better follow their rules or else. But, the supposed leaders of the company break the rules all the time....sleeping with each other, promoting friends rather than qualified individuals, encouraging recruiters to do nothing but force caregivers to work....promising the moon, but never delivering.
Conslousy benefits for both office employees and caregivers
Clinical Supervisor | Memphis, TN | May 27, 2018
Scalping the poor
Maxim has a high turnover of all staff which creates little continuity for patient care. Upper management frequently uses intimidation tactics with field staff in salary negotiations and other workplace issues. I couldn't believe some of the things field staff would tell me but then I overheard a few sessions of "employee Counseling" and it was a real eye opener. they have not adapted to the technology very well so a typical day could easily overloaded with home visits, data entry and hard chart maintenance requirements. There was no streamlined process or person for dealing with hard charts and patient load was always changing. most of the office is made up of recent college grads who think they are getting their first big corporate job and a few long term people to manage them. None of them have worked in the healthcare environment and someone is always crying that the nurses weren't nice to them. Eventually, most of them get it and you can see the light go out of their eyes as they realize they are chiseling nickles and dimes from poor people taking care of poorer people. Office staff turnover is also high and turned over twice almost completely in my 3 years there. Medicaid world is tough and this company is so far from best practices but probably one of the less sleazy operators in this arena
ConsHorrible below market pay

Questions And Answers about Maxim Healthcare Services

What's the pay for a cna2/ med tech
Asked Aug 25, 2016
11.00 to start
Answered Sep 4, 2019
Its agencies that do pay on the higher end I made 19.50 today doing a double through one
Answered May 2, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Maxim Healthcare Services a better place to work?
Asked Feb 26, 2018
I would want to focus on current client instead of trying to bring more spreed to the table without coverage.
Answered Mar 22, 2020
Look for more jobs to provide for health care workers
Answered Mar 17, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Maxim Healthcare Services? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Found them on Craigslist started the same day I went in
Answered Nov 23, 2018
Very disorganized & unprofessional setting. No identifiable leader. RNs are in demand & they waste your time 2 months waiting. What a joke. Took job elsewhere - hospitals directly do per diem who knew! Best wishes. I do not recommend. It’s like teenagers trying to run a business.
Answered Nov 18, 2018
What is the interview process like?
Asked May 16, 2016
Took approx one week for physical, ppd, orientation,online courses to be completed. I was employed at 32 hrs/week within 7days which I was grateful. I didnt match with first case but offered another right away and Ive been there since. Staff helpful and very nice.Great to receive weekly paychecks.I had previously signed on for maxim many years ago and it did nt work out. This time there is much more organization.It just seems to be working this time.
Answered Mar 29, 2019
My hiring experience was great at Maxim. Everyone is nice and treats me with respect.
Answered Mar 29, 2018
What would you suggest Maxim Healthcare Services management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
The office staff needs to take responsibility for their actions. When they don't have coverage for their clients call and explain that to the client. It should not be the employee's responsibility. GET ORGINIZED IN THE OFFICE PROFESSIONALISM GOES A LONG WAY. PAY A NURSE AND CNA WHAT THEIR WORTH. YOU HAVE YEARLY EVALUATIONS WITHOUT RAISES. IF A PERSON WORKS FULL TIME YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WORK 5 YRS FOR VACATION TIME.
Answered Nov 5, 2019
Pay competitors wages atleast, allow some vacation time since the cap is 20 hours for sick.
Answered Apr 26, 2019