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Overall Reviews at McDonald's

Dishwasher | Monongahela, PA | Mar 4, 2020
Very horrible 2018
Most of all the male workers tried to make it hard on new people and treated me like a robot, For 1 I was not allowed on lunch break 98% of the time Iv worked there, Like I get hungry fast I told them that but they didnt care , My super visor would boss my boss around even since they were friends , they kept threatening to report and fire me because they kept saying I was doing stuff wrong even though I was not. For example I was the dishwasher and they kept saying dont put it in the machine just rinse them off and put them up and I was trying to wash them and they were telling me to stop or ill get reported because that takes up too much time so I start to just start to rinse them like they said then they get mad at me and say I said to wash them and put it in the machine so then I do that and they get mad at me saying are you trying to get fired? I said to rinse them only. It was very very stressful there and my super visor straight up told me 'I hate you" at least what i can remember, another thing was that this little guy that cooked food he would go out for infinite cigarette breaks and not to mention I went to go to the restroom I normally dont try in public places but I had to go bad so I walk in and there he is sitting by the sink watching videos on his phone while smoking a cigarette, I just turned around and when ever I tried to report anyone like that that they all just brushed it off and said well just get back to work. They all know each other there. I dont kn...more
Maintenance Person | Coldwater, MI | Feb 15, 2019
Very poor management
I started the job working as primary maintenance. I worked for a full year without calling off a single day. Around my first year anniversary, I notified the GM that it was too cold outside to be running second shift's trash from the day before and because I'm diabetic, it's not good for me to get my hands cold and numb. They did nothing about it. For 2 weeks straight, I've had to make 2 to 3 trips worth of trash every day at 5am in the freezing cold. I show up one day with a migraine, because I don't like to call off. I inform them of the migraine and tell them that I needed to leave for the day because of it. They considered it as a walk out, and gave my primary position to the secondary maintenance person. Instead of getting 2 weeks vacation, they only approved one, did not inform me of what happened to the second week i requested and are now saying I don't have that second week. I've reached my 2 year mark and they are giving me 2 weeks of vacation again and telling me I can't take last year's week that they owe me. 2 years I've worked here, with no evaluations besides one, which they gave me a zero cent raise due to me "walking out" without considering evaluating me based on my performance and attendance for my first year, as if to avoid giving me the max raise amount. As if losing my position and pay wasn't punishment enough. Now it seems they are finding just about any mistakes just to try to get rid of me. This job drained me of my confidence and mental he...more
ProsFree break meals if they give you enough hours to get one.
ConsMinimal hours, extremely poor management, store is only cleaned by barely 3 maintenance personnel (nobody else, which is why it constantly looks horrible), low wages, no appreciation, no raises, no advancement opportunities
Crew Member | Yorba Linda, CA | Jun 30, 2019
Good first job, no prerequisites, but not sustainable long-term
Pros: - Free meals for every 5 hours worked and a 15% employee discount on everything else - Great for gaining experience working with customers, interacting with the general public, working as a team, handling money etc. - Basically no prerequisites to be hired, easy to get it as a first job - Very difficult to be fired, they care more about how reliable you are (show up on time) than your performance - Very flexible scheduling, accommodating for student schedules - Varies from store to store, but coworkers can feel like family after a while Cons: Upper management: Corporate McDonald's likes to set quotas and goals for certain aspects of the store, and this causes the store's management to enforce silly rules that leave the customer and employee frustrated. For example- corporate McDonald's wants a certain percentage of sales to go through the slow and limited self-serve kiosks, so we often have to pressure customers into using them even though most people, including the employees, prefer the register. We sometimes get around this by just ringing up a drink on each kiosk and then changing it at the register, which counts as a kiosk purchase and boosts our numbers. Either way, it's a big hassle just to meet corporate's requirement for us. Management: Management can be an issue at my store and is my biggest complaint. There's sometimes up to five managers at the store taking the place of regular crew members because we're frequently understaffed, and it's ...more
ProsFree food, easy hire, good to gain experience, flexible
ConsHorrible management and working conditions, unrewarding, frustrating, limited room for upward movement
Team Trainer | Denver, CO | May 6, 2019
Company alone deserves a zero rather than one star
It's an okay job to gain work experience if you're in high school let alone college but not a great place to be stable when living on you're own. They'll hire anyone and I mean anyone, sex offenders, criminals, the list goes on, don't even do background checks. Prior service members with dishonorable discharges can even work here. You don't even need a high school diploma let alone a GED to work here, if they like you during the interview you're hired, high school dropouts and homeless can work here. The lazy ones always get promoted while the hard working ones get used and abused. Management gives you a bad reference for quitting even after you put in a proper two weeks notice. There's no opportunity for advancement and you don't get any raises especially after performance reviews after a certain amount of time that they don't do at all. A lot of the shift managers just sit in the back "counting money," and play on their phones. The hard working ones get frowned upon just for taking it easy not even for a minute or two. Ice cream machines are always broken and the food continues to lose it's value as prices goes up. Customers always complaining about those issues and give you more heat for not knowing the answers. Customers treat you like complete garbage and come back for more. Little kids are so picky with their happy meals where they take so long to order from their parents and complain about getting the same toy after each visit. People in drive thru never kn...more
ProsFree food
ConsBad management, low pay, terrible work environment
Cashier | Crestline, CA | Aug 9, 2019
Well. It was a job if anything.
Well I was pretty desperate for work at the time, there are next to no job openings where I live and I didn't have any resources to find work elsewhere and I was what it seemed like at the time very fortunate to find work in my area. The job itself was very challenging and tedious. No suprise when it comes to restaurants as I've worked In one before this it's always fast paced. When I first went in I was given the cashier position with very little to no prior training and had to manage everything on my own. I had some help from co workers but even then it was very limited same thing goes with the managers. Customers weren't bad for the most part but there were some really bad ones that stick out like a sore thumb. The managers and management was absolutely atrocious. They were always yelling if you didn't do something right or fast enough and expected way too much out of people who were genuinely trying their hardest with little to no training. It also didn't help that some of the people working there didn't speak English which isn't a bad thing but it just makes everything much more difficult with a language barrier. I've always treated everyone fairly and respectfully and never got involved with the politics there but despite keeping to my own business co workers started to talk behind my back and very likely said some pretty horrible things about me very likely because I kept to myself and didn't involve myself with their gossip. I showed up everyday for work and despite g...more
Crew Member | Window Rock, AZ | Oct 15, 2019
McDonald's Window Rock
Management is horrible. Do they have a kids working or Adults? When i work in the lobby. The lobby is always a mess from the previous person who worked lobby that day. Their dishes are not done properly, lobby not clean, restroom are dirty,and trashes are overfilled. If am lucky enough to hurry up and clean after their mess than again I have to. Some customers are regular customers they ask why the other lobby person will not do their job. One manger said "If the lobby person can not finish the dishes, it's night shift job to finish them." The same manger that said those exact words told me that it was my fault I left with the dishes undone. Not even that much to do honestly. She told me it was my fault she stayed til' 8 am washing dishes.It's like really you only a few dishes for you to do but yet it took you til' 8 am to do? To the next day when she told me this she tells me "oh, and the supervisor said to write you up." Another incident with the same manger when I was working grill she started yelling here and there over me and hovering over me. Still hovering over me, she tells me not to wash my hands after I handle the raw products that have blood on the quarter. I look at her to confirm what she said and she said it again "Do not wash your hands after you put that on the grill." Which i thought the both of us went to the Food Handlers's Training. But i guess i was the only one that attended and listen during the Training. Later on she told me that ...more
Food Service Associate | Jasper, AL | Dec 12, 2019
Not a good job unless you really need money and then you had better pay close attention to your checks.
You will never make over $9.00 no matter the experience or seniority. Only the general manager will make over $9.00. You have to just about beg to make over $8.00 Occasionally a check will be short around $100. No explanation will be given. If you do not receive paperchecks you will not get a paystub to explain your check. They will try and pressure you to sign up for their pay card or direct deposit. Anyone who does not recieve paper checks will find their checks short. So far the highest amount missing from any employee was a little over $150 with no given explanation. It's better than being homeless but not a job to keep. Days start by clocking in and finding out your register was often logged in before you even arrived (if it is short you are still accountable). Depending on the shift you may be expected t handle customers and maintain your area. For first shift you are only expected to handle the customers on front counter AND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MOVE FROM YOUR SPOT. No matter if the trash is overflowing onto the floor. As the cashier you are not allowed to leave your register in case a customer wanders in. You can not keep them waiting. All cleaning and restocking will either be done by another employee or will be done by you after your shift is supposed to end. Be prepared to stay up to an extra hour to clean and restock. Regardless of how slow business is you must always look busy and never leave your spot. That concludes the 6-2 morning shift review. Second shift...more
Shift Manager | Eynon, PA | Jul 23, 2019
good people to work with; a superb first job
I have worked at four different McDonald's restaurants during my lifetime. It was my first real job, which prepared me for the rest of life in ways I would never have imagined. You learn to follow the schedule, follow orders, be on time, account for your time and work, handle problems and problem people. It's where I learned to be more decisive and take control of a situation (when appropriate) rather than call a manager for every little thing. A person is trained to work in a position, and then cross-trained for other positions as they improve. Learning how to get along with other people is a great benefit of the job. Management are supportive and extremely helpful, and, because they work alongside you, they may even become friends. The better a person is at working with others, performing duties, and overall attitude, the faster a person could rise from crew to management. Very little training is done away from the restaurant, and schedules really are quite flexible. It is important to note that restaurants are individually owned and operated, so each one will be just a bit different, but the same principles apply throughout the corporation. Pay and benefits grow slowly, but there are several perks, such as tuition assistance and McD Perks. The company's website if a fount of good stuff for employees. the company also cares about the community just as much as the environment and the economy. They work hard for the proper balance. Oh, and many offer free break...more
Prosgreat first job, practical skills, fast-paced, supportive structure
Consfast-paced, low pay and benefits at first, high turnover
Manager | Amherst, NY | Jul 14, 2019
I was not compensated for my training. Horrible management and company culture.
I am a Manager in Training at McDonalds. It has been 2/3 months and I have not gotten my wage increase, despite nearly completing my training (I only need to be serv-safe certified at this point, that’s it.) The raises itself is only 50 cents. Hardly worth it for the amount of work that I have to do as a manager on top of acting as a crew member because the scheduling is just terrible; there will be an overload of people during slow periods and only 3-4 employees in the entire store during peak dinner time (aka, severely understaffed). It is common for me and other managers to run doubles at least once or twice a week because of the amount of call offs. Just today, I got called in 4 times by different people, despite giving personal reasons as to why I could not come in. Very disrespectful staff. Some customers are understanding of the store running slowly because of being constantly short staffed, but many customers will regard me like I am an imbecile because of the stigma behind a McDonald's employee. I’ve heard people call me incompetent, stupid, along with a whole host of other offensive, disrespectful things. I feel like an animal on display while working. Additionally, there is little to no training program at my location. I basically had to teach myself just about everything; everything was shown to me very briefly in passing only once. There was no time for clarification. I even had a manager not let me train on the computer system despite having time set asi...more
Crew Member | Mill Creek, WA | May 14, 2019
A Great Starting Point or a Place to Fall Onto, My Location was ILLEGAL
My typical day at work consisted of greeting customers, taking orders, dealing with cash accurately, advertising food the company wanted more sales on, putting together orders, serving food to tables, a lot of memorization and multi-tasking, and custodial duties. I learned that you shouldn't be sad if you suck at your job or if someone tells you that you suck. Don't take anything anyone says personally. Respect your coworkers and managers even if you dislike them. Be tough but stand up for your rights or when you are violated. Use your voice. Management was awful at times. I had days were when I was a minor and worked for 8 hours without a single break. You had to get permission from a manager to get a break which is ridiculous. They would deny my very much needed break because they didn't schedule enough people to handle the busy rush of McDonald's. Managers would talk behind other employees' backs. It was just so unprofessional. The culture was toxic. There was a lot of gossip and they really weren't accepting of new hires. Duties were assigned according to each person's abilities instead of rotating jobs so that everyone would get the chance to do different things. People who sucked at their job were given the job of taking the trash out and cleaning the whole place. And employees would look down on you if the manager assigned you those jobs especially if you have worked there for 6 months already. The hardest part of the job is when this is your first time working ...more
Pros$5 lunch, half off food outside of shifts, occasional pizza or taco days, good hours
Conspoor management, inadequate training, poor treatment by most customers, ill-fitting uniforms

Questions And Answers about McDonald's

What is the interview process like at McDonald's?
Asked Nov 29, 2016
Cool, collected information: giving and taken. smile
Answered Mar 21, 2020
I had multiple answers prepared for the interview and was nervous but the manager only asked me about my previous experience (its okay if you have none) and my availability. Then they sent me to a second interview that was really just orientation and I got the job :) Nothing to stress about.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
Why did you leave your job at McDonald's?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I moved out of state
Answered Mar 10, 2020
I'm currently in the process of quitting. I like all my coworkers but my store manager, everytime i'm at counter with her, she's always talking bad about me, i'm always a little far from her then she continues with it so I just got fed up with it. Another part being is I don't really enjoy the stress it puts on me. I'm still a student and balancing out work and school is a very difficult task, thats also another reason why I left it. I have really bad anxiety from this job it really wasn't for me.
Answered Feb 22, 2020
What would you suggest McDonald's management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
If a manager ever cut me down and put pressure on me everyday I would quit then tell the bosses very small wrecking ball that she was harassing me by calling me names and such and such nowadays they have these McDonald's with employees that wear beards which I think is wrong would any of you want hair to go in your food I think not McDonald's all over the world have to be checked by corporation
Answered Feb 25, 2020
Pay employees according to the work they put in and ethic. Not just according to them being able to work 7 days a week, even though there are usual scheduled days off every week and coming in a couple hours after usual shift start on two days won't make a difference....
Answered Feb 12, 2020
How did you get your first interview at McDonald's?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
For me they used an automated reply bot that asked me some questions and then scheduled an interview for me. It's called McHire, takes about 5 minutes
Answered Mar 3, 2020
No i did not receive a call about the job
Answered Feb 27, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at McDonald's? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I put my application in and got interview same day. When I went to my interview 3 days after applying I got hired right after interviewing on spot
Answered Mar 29, 2020
2 weeks for me.
Answered Aug 21, 2019