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Overall Reviews at McKinsey & Company

Executive Assistant | Saint Petersburg, FL | Apr 19, 2019
Not the experience it's billed to be but not a terrible job either
Don't believe the videos they send you to watch before you interview, this is NOT the most fulfilling and empowering job of your life! You will spend your day mostly scheduling and rescheduling calls and meetings, unless that's your calling in life prepare to be unchallenged. The people you support will vary from nice busy folks who genuinely appreciate what you do for them to prima donnas who enjoy blaming other people when they drop the ball. Your coworkers are mostly nice, the screening process weeds out most of the people who aren't sharp enough for the job but the lack of management presence means the younger EAs are free to roam around socializing at their whim, so sometimes the person you really need to speak with is at her friend's desk shopping online while you're trying to set up a call with an unhappy client. Managers (team leads) seem to be chosen more for how much their coworkers like them than for leadership abilities. Some of them are helpful and knowledgeable IF you can find them, for upper management seems to schedule frequent "meetings" that keep the TLs away from their desks. Training is uneven at best; you are expected to rely on the people who sit near you more than on your TL or on training and since there's not always a set process for handling issues, this is a problem. As mentioned above the lack of TL presence also means some employees spend more time talking than supporting their executives. The benefits are the best part of the job an...more
ProsFree food, great health benefits, time off easy to get and PTO time is generous
ConsWay too many very young coworkers, EAs are expected to manage their own time who just aren't mature enough to do so, managers with very uneven leadership skills, the people you support are bounced from person to person often and are bitter about it, pay does not adequately compensate for the workload nor is it really keeping up with the local COL
Management Consultant | Washington, DC | Jul 15, 2019
Accelerated work environment with demanding performance expectations which position you well in long term career
McKinsey is a very competitive company to work for with well brand name in the industry. The firm is putting a lot of effort toward improving work life balance which is probably the toughest aspect of the job. Expect to travel extensively will staffed on an engagement with typical scheduled being travel from Monday from Thursday every week. Depending on industry focus and office location travel can be reduced if clients are locally based. Your experience in the firm can be quite variable given the staffing structure. Your experience of the firm will be greatly structured by the teams you work with, so making the time to develop deep relationships with teams you enjoy working with is very important in your progression at the firm. The firm is also experimenting with many additional career paths from the traditional generalist consultant. Job security/advancement is unique to the firm/industry. Opportunities for advancement are plentiful and expected. However, it comes with a steep performance curve which is also expected. Falling from the growth expectations will eventually lead to "counsel to leave". Turnover is very high compared to other industries. On the flip side, the experience gained from working in McKinsey should lead to great employment opportunities outside the firm
Coach | Chicago, IL | Nov 29, 2018
McKinsey Implementation: a different kind of McKinsey consultant
McKinsey Implementation (MI) doesn't look for the standard Ivy league undergrad or top 5 B school applicant. Instead, since MI focuses on driving real lasting impact with clients (as opposed to traditional high-minded strategy problem solving), it looks for candidates with real work experience (generally at least 6 years) that know how to get things done. As a result, MI consultants have an extremely wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, the learning and development opportunities are immense. My initial training was better than almost any training I received in the military (and was located in Santiago, Chile!). Most importantly, while MI strives to provide the greatest impact possible for each and every client, it does so with a mind toward a sustainable lifestyle for its consultants. Each study begins with team members stating their lifestyle goals and boundaries, and the team works from there. Overall McKinsey Implementation has been a great career choice for me coming out of the Navy.
Prosdevelopment opportunities, wide industry/function exposure, sustainable lifestyle, driving actual impact for clients
ConsNew aspect of McKinsey (value prop not well-known among partners)
Coach | Kentucky | Oct 21, 2018
Work with the best people on interesting, high impact problems
McKinsey is a fast-paced, high performance workplace where the demands are high but the work is extremely rewarding. Some key benefits include: + Amazing people - you will be surrounded by brilliant and personable colleagues. The work is challenging, but there is a pervasive attitude of being in it together - I have found everyone to be tremendously supportive and I continue to be amazed by the caliber of all those I have worked with + Unparalleled opportunities for growth and development - the pace of learning is unlike anything I have experienced outside of the firm, and there are great opportunities to explore new industries and functions + Work with clients on to drive change at pace on interesting, high impact problems - the name of the game in consulting. In all my experience, I have found McKinsey's approach to be highly effective in driving impact and seeing fast results. The firm is also committed to building client capabilities and helping them actually make the changes they need to succeed long term; this is a specific focus of McKinsey Implementation
ProsLearning and development, interesting work, people, benefits, compensation
ConsLong hours, extensive travel (great for some, not for others!)
Executive Assistant | New York, NY | May 26, 2020
McKinsey is a Toxic Place for EAs
The longer you are at McKinsey, the more your skills continue to plummet. Most of the EAs at McKinsey don't know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word. I was told by both partners who I support, to tell my manager that I am doing much less than I am, because they thought she was jealous of me - I think this perfectly describes the culture and the dynamic between EAs and the managers. Favorites get the time off, and the non favorites get reprimanded for taking a sick day. The EA pool is a revolving door - I've been at McKinsey for five years, and have met over a hundred EAs who have come and gone. The chief complaint for those who don't stay is the EA managers and the company culture - it's us and them. EAs are often talked down to, they support partners who don't offer any background or input into their calendars, but will yell at you, cuss at you, and flat out call you stupid if you don't read their minds correctly. If you continue to complain about partners who are abusive and go to HR, the manager will retaliate and say your insubordinate and have a bad attitude. This place is toxic and a dead end job.
Project Manager | Tampa, FL | Jun 4, 2018
Love the company but Big Brother MGMT is outdated
This is for the Tampa office, only. I really enjoyed working for McKinsey. My actual manager was awesome, and really strived to make my happy. However, the office management at Tampa is very outdated. They are mainly concerned about your timesheets, which are ridiculously confusing to fill out. Personal and sick days must go through them and your manager, even though the office MGMT has no idea what you do. You're given laptops, but you cannot work remotely no matter what. It's just bizarre. The pay is below average for the area, and they hire people who are over-qualified for the positions. Wouldn't be so bad except promotions are as rare as unicorns. People who apply within and have worked there for years are often told they don't meet the qualifications for the next level.
ProsFree Friday lunch
ConsPromotions are rare, everyone is over-qualified
Executive Assistant | Houston, TX | Jul 31, 2019
Highly professional. Good rapport with every level.
Never a typical day. I learned so much. It is a huge asset in my current job search (I am returning to workforce after 20 years). Great work culture, aside from one of my managers that was eventually asked to leave. Difficult travel arrangements. Had to organize International arrangements for off sight events for Executives all over the world. Connecting flights, private planes, ground transportation and hotel/housing arrangements. Most enjoyable part were the daily challenges and satisfaction of completing them. Loved all co-workers who I continue to associate with today. In fact, I’m comfortable calling past Executives for advice, references and support during my current job hunt (and have been offered positions.....just not the right one).
Learning and Development Manager | United States | Dec 10, 2018
Heavy investment into Learning and Development. The snobby culture is unfortunate.
- I absolutely loved all of the resources for learning and development. The company really cares about employee growth. - The culture is unfortunately very snobby. Everybody is a "leader" and there is no hierarchy which ends up causing a ton of "churn". In other words, you'll have thousands of meetings with people disagreeing constantly and adding "scope creep" throughout a project cycle. Implementation was painfully slow. - The HR department is horrendous. Problematic employees are not dealt with after numerous offenses (Thousand strikes you're out). They have no structure and they take weeks to respond. And when they do respond, they could care less.
ProsExcellent Benefits
ConsSnobby culture. Very bureaucratic.
Product Technician | Chicago, IL | Feb 18, 2019
Opportunity to be a wonderful place to work and grow if...
Management did not operate in a way that saw everyone advance, it was partial and divide. Very limited opportunity to advance without exposure to projects. Although, there is an enormous opportunity to develop your analytical and assessments skills if given the chance to work on projects and not be minimalized. Not much micromanagement, but guarded interest are visible. Minorities in the company are few.
ProsGreat opportunity to learn definitive practices to understand analysis.
ConsPolar attitudes, unfair/unclear management protocol.
Executive Assistant | Summit, NJ | Sep 9, 2018
Incredibly heavy workload, but you work with incredible people
A typical day as an EA at McKinsey is mostly scheduling and rescheduling meetings, booking and changing travel, doing expenses, and working on additional special projects. You either "get" the job right away or are let go, so in that respect, it's a tough place, but the other EAs are an incredible resource for one another. You are treated like a second class citizen though. The consultants are clearly the stars of the company and we are treated as replaceable cogs.
Prosgreat benefits
Consfeeling unimportant to management; high pressure

Questions And Answers about McKinsey & Company

If you were in charge, what would you do to make McKinsey & Company a better place to work?
Asked Jun 28, 2017
Replace the EA managers with professionals who have formal HR training and experience
Answered May 26, 2020
More competitive salaries.
Answered Oct 1, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at McKinsey & Company?
Asked May 7, 2017
Dynamic, open-minded, group-based
Answered Sep 5, 2018
Answered Aug 12, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at McKinsey & Company? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 24, 2019
A couple of weeks.
Answered Oct 10, 2019
I was offered the job the same day of the interview.
Answered Aug 24, 2019
How often do raises occur at McKinsey & Company?
Asked Apr 19, 2019
Annually, that is to say, once a year. What more can I say?
Answered Aug 19, 2019
Not sure, reviews are twice a year for my position
Answered Apr 19, 2019
If you were to leave McKinsey & Company, what would be the reason?
Asked Jan 3, 2019
I left due to other professional opportunities at the time.
Answered Feb 14, 2019
Moving purposes
Answered Jan 3, 2019