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Overall Reviews at McLane Company

Driver | Macon, GA | Nov 26, 2018
Its a paycheck
If your looking for a local job (up to one or two nights at a time) and a paycheck, that's the best thing I can say about this location. Safe equipment (did hear they are finally fixing stuff 9/18) and HoS is not a concern. Doesn't matter if it take an hour or three at each delivery, you'll be luck to get the standard hour and fifteen minutes. You don't get time for a lunch but you must clock out for one. You just are not given the proper time to get the job done. You are expected to drive in hurricanes or in Atlanta if the road freeze! There is no GPS, only how many miles they say it takes, Rand Mcrally isn't meant for this job. Depending on the issue, if you call in for help/problem on a route, you are told good luck. Simply things like you are behind on a route, dispatch will not forward it to the stores. That's your problem. Are you delivering to a mall or college and not sure where to go? That's your problem. You get sent out on a route and your going to run out of your 70 before you finish? Take a guess. You must scan over 95% of all item you deliver. Missing labels are held against you! The guy that loaded the pallet into the trailer dragged it on the wall for 20 feet and destroyed the labels, you get in trouble for that. Labels fell off frozen items because they were never meant to stick on them, your fault. I did hear if the scanner gets broken, it cant be held against you. Honestly, if they fixed the basic problems AND treated people not like trash, it is a o...more
Prosthey pay you
Consyou will figure it out
Driver | Lakewood, WA | Jan 17, 2019
McLane is a good place to get Class A experience
I started here 6 years ago (2013-2018) with zero Class A experience. This Division has improved a lot since then. Newer equipments like Tractors (10 Spd. Automatic), Trailers, handtrucks ect. Equipments are well maintained by Penske. I’ve gained a lot of confidence driving for this company. Hard work, local deliveries are longer than 16hrs. Delivered in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Not only will you be handtrucking groceries 99% of the load but you’ll be backing trailers a lot and driving through tiny/tight parking lots. DOT hours of service is strict using Electronic Logs. They have safety reps out, making sure drivers aren’t working out of the sleeper berth. Cameras installed inside tractor facing the driver and the road. Although drivers get paid well, drivers don’t get paid for pre/post trip inspections, cleaning off trailers, chaining and waiting for stores to open. Write-Ups happen a lot. Management make up rules on the way. Sometimes I feel safety really isn’t the priority. Still had trailers loaded to the very end. Bid packages (put together by management) for 85% of the drivers. The top 15-20% of drivers make their own weeks. Majority of the employees working here a good people. Having a good partner that you click with makes this hard working long hours job, easy. All in all, McLane is a good company. I recommend it, especially with no experience. No matter where you go there’s BS.
ConsAll about the numbers
Loading/Full Case | Jessup, PA | Oct 12, 2019
If you hate your life and want a job you hate, please apply
Where to even begin..if you want a job where you’ll make some money but never have a life of your own or see your family, this is the place for you. Very long days (10-12 hours minimum everyday), ok pay I guess, horrible benefits (had to pay extra $300 PER CHECK to add my spouse!) Their motto is Customer first, and it’s customer ONLY! They do NOT give a dam about Warehouse employees only drivers (bc they can’t keep any). Everyone is replaceable in their minds and will work you to the bone. Find any reason to write you up and get you in trouble. New DC manager there only cares about spying on cameras to catch people possibly not doing something, he doesn’t know anything. Management will fight you on giving you a break, that’s if you even see them (basically they just hang out with each other and are never available when you need them. you can find almost everyone outside smoking) You will never feel appreciated here, bc simply you aren’t. You are basically livestock to them, replaceable if something happens and they’ll just smile and wave at you. Where to even begin.. Very long days (10-12 hours minimum everyday), ok pay I guess, horrible benefits (had to pay extra $300 PER CHECK to add my spouse!) they do NOT give a dam about DC employees. will work you to the bone, find any reason to write you up and get you in trouble. New DC manager there only cares about
Forklift Operator | Northfield, MN | Oct 23, 2018
weigh the good with the bad
typical workday: 8-14 hours. WhatI've learned: how to do the work of two people. Management: Continually demonstrate bias towards themselves and see themselves as leaders. Going to college or getting promoted from within does not make one a leader. Solutions to poor employee employer relations, cannot be solved by adding more management or adding management loyalists to an already broken system( They are currently in the process of adding team leaders and more trainers). This approach has proved a failure in the past, Team leaders(as there called) trainers, supervisors and the like have a tendency to power trip. Culture: blame the employees for everything, get them in trouble and keep them in trouble. Heres an example: Initiative presented to take care of damages, if you are asked to turn in a pallet of consolidated damages they expect you to sign for it, nobody I work with is comfortable with that concept . Hardest part of job: In my experience, is showing up everyday and talking myself out of quiting, and holding on too hope that things will get better. Most enjoyable part of job: Co workers that are hard working diverse and are resolute in demanding better treatment, for we are the backbone of the company
Pros401k, health insurance, vision, dental, paid time off
Consspousal surcharge, Write ups, repetitive music, retention, injuries
Delayerer | Republic, MO | Jul 4, 2019
Excellent place to work
McLane Missouri is an excellent place to work if you have the right attitude. You must be positive and willing to learn something new, since cross departmental training is a necessity when the volume is high and the staffing is low. Upper management appears to not grasp what the consequences will be for warehouse employees if new customers are added to their current list of companies whom they service. Concerning workplace culture, a lot of employees appear to have made good friends. There are a lot of fun people to work with, but of course, there are those who wish they'd be somewhere else. A typical shift will consist of system failures, occasional downtime, and being needed to work in another department. Pay is great, but keep in mind before you apply, there is a pay cap. Also, McLane is SUPER strict with safety. The things you may have been able to get away with at your previous warehouse job, like riding with a co-worker on a pallet jack, you absolutely CANNOT do here. The most enjoyable part of the job was being paired up with fun guys.
ProsPay, low cost of benefits, lots of free food from damaged and overstock. The company buys food for everyone on holidays.
ConsVery, VERY strict safety, upper management seems to not understand how their decisions will affect those beneath them.
Delivery Driver | Colorado Springs, CO | Nov 3, 2018
Very physical, poor management, good benefits
Not a typical driving job. You have to maneuver full size trailers into some of the smallest or sometimes busiest gas stations to unload. 95% of everything in the trailer is delivered on a 2 wheel dolly. Most of the routes start at night, which isn't bad, but there is no continuity to your schedules. You'll work days, nights, and both on one route, all in a week. They guarantee you $1000 power week, as long as you do everything the dispatchers ask. It's not uncommon for you to be off for 6 or 7 hours and be expected to get the rest of your reset in the sleeper. All the routes are created by some of the most moronic equal opportunity hires the company can find in temple TX, regardless of where you work. The trucks are not well maintained, not even slightly. Same with the trailers. Don't ever report getting injured either. You'll get written up for it. Regardless of what happened, they'll find a way to put blame on you. This company also does what they call "safety 5-0". They'll covertly spy on you throughout your route and then throw you under a bus if you're not doing everything exactly as you are suppose to. There is money to be made. If you don't mind never having home time, or only being off long enough to shower and sleep.
ConsPoor maintenance. Horrible management.
Diver | Glenwood, IL | Jun 17, 2019
Hard Work, Its up to you
The management was fair and actually listened to your concerns. The pay can be rewarding but your going to work hard. Overnights and delivering in the city can be very stressful. The problem with Glenwood is its a revolving door with drivers, so that can mean there is always extra work but it also means their is a lack of good drivers to partner with since most of the senior guys stick together. If you do your job the Trans manager and dispatcher will never give you any problems but Glenwood is nothing but a toliet for Danville to dump their routes. You get out of it what you put in. Starting out can be very stressful because you'll be on the extra board or you will have a terrible route. Most days I enjoyed working there and the other drivers seem to have your back. You accrue vacation and PTO fairly quickly. The pay and benefits were great but the 401k has steadily declined. I miss working there mainly because of the friendship you develop with your co-workers. Your trailer is floor loaded with candy, heavy water, cups and cigarettes. You have to pick up totes, which not all drivers do. In the end its a good place to work; if your willing to work hard, however no matter how good you are at the job, Corporate has the final say...and to them your just a number.
Forklift Operator | Fort Worth, TX | Oct 20, 2019
I Worked at Mclane North Texas in south fort worth and I got to say it is the worst company I have ever worked for. It is so unorganized Mangement does not know what they are doing you bring up Ideas to make it better and they just brush it off. HR does not care about the workers being happy all they care about is hiring people to fill all the positions that are left empty from people quitting or being fired for small things. The customer will always come first which means you will be forced to work untill work is finished usually a 16-18 hour shift every day not a place for students or people who value family time because you will be here most of the time. Facility just onpened but have witnessed more accidents and people fainting or getting hurt then any other place i worked at the ambulance should be on stand by outside the facility. Only two holidays are off Christmas and thanksgiving must work all others and will get verbal warning if you call in on a holiday. Taking time off is a mess they really dont want to give it to you even if its important. High turnover rate for a new DC 6 supervisors quitting or fired in 6 months. Mclane is not for everyone you can make some good money but at the expense of having a life.
Truck Driver | Fredericksburg, VA | Jan 17, 2019
I love working at McLane Inc. it's the best job I have ever had. I recommend and refer people to work at McLane two or three times a week. I speak
I love working at McLane Inc. it's the best job I have ever had. I recommend and refer people to work at McLane two or three times a week. I speak to younger people often and explain the benefits of working with a company like this. I have only one regret with working with McLane is that I did not start working with them 10 years before. I love working with different type of customers, having responsibility that have an impact with customers. I take pride in being professional and representing the company well. I have been working there for over 5.5 years and there is never a dual moment. One of the hardest parts of the job is every 6 months we change routes that we deliver to and have to establish new relationship with our customers. It's also one of the most enjoyable part of the job as well. When you have a reputation or being a company that provide the highest quality service customer have the expectation that honesty and quality go hand in hand. Well, I try to add my personality to that so when they see me they have a great experience everyday we meet.
ProsGreat company good pay
ConsLong hours
Truck Loader | Hopkinton, NH | Aug 27, 2019
Look Elsewhere!
The culture is full of redneck simpletons that talk about racism and gun massacres all day long and no one there is really that friendly or helpful. It's all a competition for terrible pay. Like some higher-up administrators putting two chickens in a pen to fight and everyone is mad at each other. Good ol' 21st century capitalism. The compensation is not worth the backbreaking work. It's just a little bit above minimum wage for ruining your back, taking a bunch of bruises and cuts moving carts, and risking heavy equipment falling on you; which of course if you are injured and still competent enough to push a cart afterwards, they do not care. This job is of course fine if you have no intention of making anything out of your life or have no where else to go. I took a head injury from a 30 lb box falling on my head and was told to suck it up. Then was told my whole trailer fell apart because one of the old and outdated pieces of equipment to hold the stack of boxes, fell apart and unlocked. Meanwhile the rest of my coworkers went off and took a break. They had no qualms of staying over a 12 hour work day because no one there really has a family or anything important to do afterwards. So I left.

Questions And Answers about McLane Company

How are the working hours at McLane Company?
Asked Jul 11, 2016
Long hours, usually 13/14 and every wknd.
Answered Jan 7, 2020
Stay until work is done=14 hours a day
Answered Oct 26, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of McLane Company about how to improve it?
Asked Nov 6, 2016
Mclane doesn't care about their employees nor any potential employees.their Mane concern is making money and getting the product out the Warehouse.Lacking in customer Service & professionalism.need to improve a whole lot.
Answered Jan 27, 2020
Take better care of people and they for the most part will take better cate if you.
Answered Jan 7, 2020
What type of drug screen is used for order selector
Asked May 28, 2016
Urine test off site
Answered Nov 25, 2019
Urine test
Answered Jul 10, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at McLane Company?
Asked Aug 15, 2016
Just say you have a high school diploma or GED even if you dont have neither. Then they will hire you. Because they dont ask for proof of it so 40 percent of people who work there dont have neither a high school diploma or GED!
Answered Nov 15, 2018
Dont fall for the sign on bonus. Most drivers never get it
Answered Aug 10, 2018
Do they pay weekly or bi-weekly?
Asked Aug 12, 2016
No one pays thank
Answered Mar 5, 2019
Yes they pay biweekly
Answered Aug 10, 2018