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Senior Customer Service Representative | Mansfield, MA | Mar 23, 2020
Fun workplace
Medtronic is a generous and accommodating company for services and resources. There are good times when people work together to fulfill a mission which is contribute to human welfare. Paternity time is extensive, the benefits are amazing, and the security is tight as a drum. Although politics and favoritism is inevitable, there is the dark side which can only be known by sheer endurance & observation. Particularly with customer service. Some managers can seem supportive and encouraging, but when a hasty generalized conclusion is drawn by those above them, they can make you feel your not worth what you believe to be or qualified to go for it, nor support any advancement due to their documented & correlated performance reviews on mundane errors. They can rupture your self esteem, bully, fill your mind with doubt, and compare grown people to animals in anger or teenagers that should be put in their place. There is more maturity in a dive bar kitchen than what I have witnessed head on sitting among the management and so much denial in their defense that it's hard to breathe. I don't feel safe around higher ups with sinister dispositions, stories of engaging of road rage while cackling, ignoring a rep's benefit of the doubt, and bestowing condemning attitudes to non favorites behind their backs. Let them defend themselves with twisting logic to it's knees just to retain power though words but the truth is that how those will maintain overindulging lives. I will pray for them! ...more
Marketing Specialist | Northridge, CA | May 15, 2019
Great employees, remote work available, hard work, lack of advancement
Great employees with good benefits including pensions, stock options and winter shut down. However you have to use a week of your PTO to cover your shut down. Gain lots of knowledge on projects and tasks that will be helpful in future career. Employees are extremely great at their jobs but lack of advancement and stressful work causes them to leave. You work many hours to meet unrealistic deadlines and goals. No resources. You have to manage up vs managing a team to move up in the company. Hierarchy mentality. Lacks true career development and pay is horrible. Degree focused versus experience focused which causes problems because some employees don’t have the skills to do the work. Easy to work with higher management depending on your role. No transition plans when others leave and you’re expected to take on other employee’s roles when they leave the company without any compensation even if the role is 3 levels above your own. Politics run the company, not work ethic. Not an ethical company, can’t complain to HR because you’ll get fired. They’re extreme supportive with family issues and flexible schedules as long as you meet the deadlines. Overall a good place to work or to start your career in biotech.
ProsGreat employees, flexible schedule, and experience
ConsLack of career advancement, low pay, and too many work politics.
Machine Operator | North Haven, CT | Feb 19, 2019
A decent place for a "starter" job but not good for long term career advancement
Management at the manufacturing floor level is poor. They are not really competent, intelligent, innovative people generally speaking. Workplace culture is easy-going, yet there is a lot of uneducated, petty, childish people that makes the place seem more like a high school than manufacturing plant sometimes. There are a lot of nice friendly people though. Professionalism and hard-work is definitely not universal in that place and it comes down to the individual a lot of times. Don't get me wrong, certain departments (e.g. mechanics, upper management, quality assurance) are very professional and dedicated. However, there is a lot of incompetency, low morale, and professionalism which probably is due in part to machine operators not getting paid enough for the value of work they do. Hardest part of the job is the constant physical labor of keeping the machine running, including minor trouble-shooting and maintanance. The most enjoyable part of the job is when the shift is over... no kidding.
ProsEasy-going work environment, a lot of friendly people, the place (including the machines) is well designed and maintained, decent break times
ConsToo many immature, uneducated people who like to gossip, tease, fool around, Poor mid-level, and floor-level management
Territory Manager | California | Aug 13, 2019
Epitome of Corporate America.... Very corporate, very structured, and little to no loyalty or value of the individual
There are numerous positives aspects of working at Medtronic, but unfortunately the negatives far out weigh the value. Medtronic training is impeccable, and competitors know that when they recruit you away. The most enjoyable aspect of my time at Medtronic were the relationships with my physicians and staff, as a Medtronic rep, is not just a rep, but part of the valued surgical team. On that note, the culture is one of committed hard workers, willing to help each other out at a moments notice, and all very team oriented, but to a fault. With this high level of commitment, comes a price of peer pressure that everything comes second to Medtronic, including your family. But after years of 70 weeks, and annual double digit quota increases, you realize the corporation does not share the same level of loyalty that you and your co-workers share. Understandable, it's your typical "what have you done for me (Medtronic) lately". It can be especially challenging, when you have new management every single year, and feel you have to re-educate your new manager, on the challenges and issues you face everyday.
Senior Manufacturing Supervisor | Brooklyn Center, MN | Nov 28, 2019
MECC - A Difficult Place
It's hard to gain a foothold in the culture. I was brought in during the 1st round of re-establishing a supervisory position in 2016. The group of incoming supervisors received 2 weeks of training and discussions about expectations. We were expected to be team leaders and change agents. This was great but the reality was that, in my case, the team initially consisted of 30 direct reports that quickly grew to 55 (including temporary workers. This quickly became a difficult leadership experience requiring the use of multiple new and difficult to use electronic systems including a time clock system that took employees months to get comfortable with. The supervisors were also required to sign-up for many non-value added, culture enhancing events that took us away from our primary jobs. We were also required to drive changes to increase efficiency of our lines. Unfortunately, I did not have the time because of the many reports and change was very difficult do to already establish and a deeply entrenched culture of "this is how we do it". I hope things have changed but based on what I currently know about the state of management, I don't think they have.
Senior Compliance Officer | Mystic, CT | Mar 22, 2019
We did team building by going out for lunch with the manager.
A typical day at work: Every morning, I going to a SCRUM meeting to ensure that my job task for the whole week have been prioritized and set. I typically, organized and prioritized my work by using a schedule planner. I have learned to be an expert in the design processes to collect and analyze data using statistical analysis using Minitab. I was responsible to all Quality Engineering deliverables required within the product development program. I was also responsible in implementing risk assessment using PFMEA tools, TMV, Control Plan, CAPA, Audit, KAIZEN, Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma (Lean Methodologies), Deviation, Non Conformance Investigation, Customer complaints, and Supplier Quality Requirements. The workplace culture was great and learned to be a great team member. The hardest part of the job was doing 10 projects at once. But by prioritizing them, it was not as bad as it looks. The most enjoyable part of the job is when I completed all my tasks in due time and also when the customer are happy.
ProsLearned FDA Regulations and a better Quality Engineer
ConsHealthcare was not that great.
Customer Service Representative | San Antonio, TX | Oct 26, 2018
The most okayest place to work.
When I first started working at Medtronic in 2017 it was the place to be but with the many changes in leadership since I have been there it has really become a place to stay away from. The pay rate is decent and more than most call centers I have worked at but it comes at a cost. They spend more money on feeding everyone every month end and weekends than on raises or bonuses. They beg you to work overtime because the processing teams doesn’t do anything all day but walk around and play on their computers while my department was the “face” of the company and we get paid less than they do. Management is horrible and most have no idea how to do certain things that representatives are required to do. All but one or two have been hired outside of the company so what does that tell you about advancement. If you choose to work here stay to yourself because HR will fire you without proof of anything wrong happening on your part.
ProsEvery month end you are fed, plenty of overtime offered and early morning schedules.
ConsNo room for advancement, you will be fired for no reason at all if someone just mentions you did something wrong.
Quality Engineer | Minneapolis, MN | Jul 2, 2019
Great Mission and great history but has lost its soul
Inspiring corporate mission, very dedicated employees, deep technical expertise that is constrained by penny-pinching, immature management and a culture or arrogance. * Personal agendas of managers and senior people trumps processes, principles and best practices * Motivating Mission statement about helping patients, society, employees - but unrealistic schedules and corporate profits come first! * Great products that help millions of patients, but arrogant belief that "We're better/smarter/richer than all others" is an obstacle to continual improvement and leveraging industry best practices.
ProsWork here looks good on a resume, opens doors to jobs in more progressive companies, employment and promotion quotas (gender, race) create great opportunities for identified classes.
ConsHandicapped by strong "We're better than anyone" mentality, industry best practices are dismissed / ignored, almost totally run by accountants focused on free cash flow and Wall Street expectations, current environment challenges fulfilling the inspiring founder's corporate Mission.
Engineer | Northridge, CA | Jan 20, 2020
Great stepping stone with a lot of career development opportunities
I'm going to preface this review with this: your satisfaction and experience here will largely depend on your manager and team atmosphere. Overall, there are a lot of opportunities to learn and advance your career, as there is always work and new projects to get involved with. Being that it's such a large company, you also have the ability to transfer internally to other departments which is a huge plus. One consistent theme I've found pretty frustrating is that management often is not on the same page with priorities. There is high employee turn over, and it's pretty common for someone to leave within 1-2 years. I've seen people on my team come and go within 4-6 months (talking about FTE employees, not contractors). Management does very little to address the issues, although they will pretend they care about your feedback when the employee survey comes around. This is a great place to work as a stepping stone, but I couldn't imagine staying here in the long run.
ProsBenefits, development opportunities, internal transfer
Conshigh and unrealistic expectations, poor work culture
They changed my title too many times to count! | Northridge, CA | Jun 1, 2019
Worst Management ever-full of yes puppets and NO room for growth sadly
Medtronic is a corporation that once had a vision but now seems to be fueled by greed. If you're planning on being promoted from within unless you work in a Texas zip code, I recommend you look elsewhere for your future career otherwise you will be treated like you are dispensible. Management is nothing but "yes" type puppets instead of true leaders and they will make sure you know your place or else! Forget intelligence, experience or talent...its like the dumber you are the higher you will go. They have zero strategic direction; they just try things n when those things don't work they try something else that's ineffective and just repeat! Good luck Medtronic! If you actually valued your employees you'd follow through with your promises instead of act like they never existed. I encourage ALL of you prospective employees to reconsider this job placement and look elsewhere where YOU can actually make a difference!
ProsHealth benefits
ConsWorst management ever! They don't value their employees, or promote from within

Questions And Answers about Medtronic

What benefits does Medtronic offer?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
None to contract regular employees - vacation, medical, dental, vision, stock options, etc
Answered Mar 6, 2018
Great health benefits, 401k ( match only 50%), tuition reimbursement.....
Answered Jan 25, 2018
How are the working hours at Medtronic?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
Work mandatory saturdays. Take your sick time or vacation if you do not show up
Answered May 12, 2018
The working hours are very reasonable and work especially for working parents.
Answered Jan 8, 2018
What is the interview process like at Medtronic?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
It has dragged in forever. No follow up, no feedback. "we'll call you" but they never do. And then a month later, "can you do one more call?"
Answered Oct 8, 2019
I interviewed with two leaders within the company, both managers for the department I applied for. The interview started with introductions, then they brief you with what to expect. They give you an overview of the company and position and then move onto the questions. They were two parts, one was mainly about you and your skills and history and the other part of the interview was all behavioral questions. The behavioral part was about 5-7 questions. I interviewed on a Wednesday and they told me they’d have results by the following week on Friday. Then they offered me the position a week after my interview and I accepted.
Answered Feb 18, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Medtronic? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
I applied online January 14th, they emailed me the day after to set up an interview for the following week. They offered me the position January 18th and told me the start date was February 19th. All in all the process took about a month and a half.
Answered Feb 18, 2018
About 2 months
Answered Aug 14, 2017
If you were to leave Medtronic, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Career Advancement
Answered Aug 7, 2019
The MECC location does not promote career development from within, they rather hire people from outside based on a referral.
Answered Jan 25, 2018