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Inventory Coordinator | Michigan | Aug 22, 2019
Unprofessional arrogant managers, rude customers, and no respect for hardworkers.
As an Inventory Coordinator, your job should be simple. Scan holes in your assigned aisles, check the backroom for those items, and work your backstock. Sounds straight forward, WRONG. Here's what actually happens on a daily basis, there were countless days I was the only one scheduled. You start work at 4 am, you then have to help nightshift stock the liveload from last night, they never finish it. The night managers will constantly pull you away from your aisles, pallets of backstock are left all over the place in aisles and in front of coolers. Customers shopping think it is your fault they can't shop around them, at least 3 times a week someone will complain about it like you are at fault. You also have to put away all of the backstock nightshift left out or didn't finish, basically you clean their mess up which can take 1-2 hours easily. Once all of that is taken care of, and nightshift leaves around 6 am, you think you can start your work, WRONG again. Finding any holes you scanned will take FOREVER, very messy and impassable backroom. Around 7-9am the store managers will walk in. Expect to be pulled away to do completely random incoherent things for a few hours. They never give positive feedback when you do good work, they only look for problems and belittle you about them. The management is overly strict for such a mediocre job, they absolutely refuse to hire any help, very understaffed for months and years even in a lot of areas, very stressful b...more
Retail Sales Associate | Maumee, OH | Sep 25, 2019
Awful Management, Best Coworkers
Worked in electronics, photo lab, and stationary. Never had a set schedule, and couldn't print out a schedule of my own, so I was forced to take photos on my phone (with management's approval) or copy them down by hand Management scheduled me incorrectly numerous times, but I was at fault when I notified them. I had to notify them 2 weeks in advance, though schedules were released in an odd fashion. Basically, you'd be getting this weeks schedule 2 weeks ago, so I would have had to tell them immediately. That being said, no member of management was ever available to speak with in terms of scheduling when I needed them Instead of hiring cashiers, the store would call all available cashiers to the front when things got busy. When I asked another employee if they could go up since I was instructed to unload stationary stock, and had walked past electronics to get to the back, he was sent right back. He told me they had it under control. No less than 5 minutes later, a member of management came to my department and belittled me, saying "you can't avoid going up to the front forever". I was called out and yelled at by a member of the staff in front of customers many times. One customer made me feel extremely uncomfortable, but I couldn't do much about it. Regardless of the company's "open door policy" I felt very much shut out when I tried to voice any of my concerns. Worked my rear end off, paid union dues, but didn't get help from the union when I was wrongfully...more
Prosco workers were kind
ConsShort breaks, seniority rules, management plays favorites
Produce Clerk | Oswego, IL | Jul 19, 2018
Not a job for everyone
I was hired as a Produce clerk at Meijer. I applied as a part time employee specifically mentioning I was a college student. I was hired the same day and it took over a week to go through the background check. Orientation was a span of two days, about 3 hours each. I received my uniform but was not given a cooler coat for the job (red flag). I was told I was to spend about 8 hours doing computer based training before I worked. Instead, I worked the same week doing on the job training and did not do any CBT (red flag). Also I came into work not knowing where to go or who to talk to to tell them that I was training. Management just told me to show up to work. In my opinion, the workload for this job is not easy at all. I give so much credit to the people who work in this department, they work so hard and do a great job. It is just not for me, and it's not for everyone! I do not think this job pays enough for what you have to do. It is so much more than just "cutting fruit and making sure everything is stocked". Keep in mind you are working by yourself in a cooler for 8 hours straight. I later found out from others that management was not aware that I was a college student and moving away for school. They were excited for me to get to work but apparently were not aware that I was only going to be there temporarily (when I specifically told them in person, on my resume, and on my application that I was a college student moving in the fall). Maybe if they remembered I wou...more
ProsFriendly coworkers in other departments, Good trainer
ConsManagement, Nosy coworkers in your department
General Manager | Springfield, IL | May 11, 2019
Unorganized with Zero Communication
At first, I was excited to start this job. Everyone seemed nice and I enjoyed shopping here. On my first day of work, the person who was supposed to train me showed up over an hour late. They then passed me on to another associate, who was working on something independently. So, they basically told me to go find work to do. I started facing isles, not even knowing what I was supposed to be doing. I was a little upset, but I understood that things happen! I figured it was a bad day, and my next shift would be better. Well, they both failed to inform me that I was already on the schedule, and show me where to find them. In result, the following day, I received a call from the manager asking why I was not at work. I was so embarrassed and upset. .. Continuing onto my following shifts, still, no one had trained me or let me know what my job duties were in the store. I would ask every person I spoke with for help on clarifying what I should be doing, but I never got answers. The managers were never there for my shifts, as they had me working evenings, so I basically walked around the store for hours trying to find something to do. There were a few times, other employees would get mad at me for not knowing how to do certain things, and act childish and annoyed about it. Not to mention, I was constantly at work as a part-time employee. I had next to no time for school with this job. I ended up quitting to focus on my schooling. This was the most frustrating job I've ever had...more
Photo Technician | DeWitt, MI | Dec 27, 2018
It’s not worth it
There is very little opportunity to become full time. I think they get penalized or something if they give you too many hours because then you are entitled to health benefits and such. They would not let me take a full time position in another department because they didn’t want to deal with training a new person for mine. They also wouldn’t give me more than an average of seventeen hours a week splitting that between four days. 25% of my check went to gas spent to drive to work. The pay is not competitive compared to other stores. Every other grocery store starts at at least a dollar more. They cut managers for electronics and none of the remaining managers understand how to run the department and all the responsibility was given to a hard working employee (not me, thank god) who they continued to pay basically minimum wage and gave no title increase or even an offer to become full time until two other people quit. Most of the managers are fine but sometimes they don’t treat you like an adult (you have to ask to go to the bathroom). Two managers in particular will talk to you with an unsettling amount of cheerfulness and condensending tone they tell you you’re doing something wrong or giving you a task, as if you are a child. Also if you drink anything but water a manager will make you throw it out. Because they cut all the electronics managers, older team members have to teach you what to do in the photo lab which is an extremely poor way to run the department. Only two o...more
ProsI’ve never been denied a request for time off. Coworkers are mostly friendly
ConsMost parts of it
Produce Clerk | Midland, MI | Jun 10, 2019
Really not worth it
They say a lit of things to make it seem like a great job, like three breaks if you work a full day and a pay raise every so many hours worked, and some benefits and a level system but all of those things were not what they seemed like. Yes, they did offer three breaks BUT I was told many times that I cannot take any breaks if there is too much work to do and I have been stopped on my way to clock out and told that I need to get back to work. I never saw any pay raises even though I was working 40 or more hours a week. I didnt get any benefits because they wanted me to pay 75% of my paycheck to cover those benefits. And the level system didnt benefit us at all. The point was supposed to be you have so many strikes before they fire you but they dont accept doctors notes so an employee got fired because he was in the hospital for a week and had to call in. Another employee has been here for 7 years and has received a single day of paid vacation. I personally know 6 employees ththaththat walked out just from my department within two months. They are extremely understaffed but they don't want to hire more people because 'everyone is working more efficiently now' which is not true. They also bribe the sanitation people by buying them food so they spend ten minutes actually looking at the store and they dont mark down any of the violations. When I started they told us to not bother actually doing temperature checks and to just make up the numbers. When the coolers would break dow...more
Pros3 breaks. 40 hours available.
Systems Administrator | Belleville, MI | Jul 2, 2018
Meijer Central FIll
At first this company seems great. However, after you work here for a few months you feel the life being sucked out of you each day you walk into the building. Typically you walk in thinking you will finally have a good day, but as the day progresses you slowly start to feel the weight of the facility fall on you by the distress from management and the complete disgust they bring, They are unorganized and unsuccessful in day to day operation. Guessing as the day goes on because people lack proper training and the complete lack of motivation from staff to complete the days tasks. You hear the slogan "work as a team", while that seems great it will not be achieved when the staff is divided. Management only cares about how they look and how they will achieve greatness only for them not for team members. You will be blamed if the fault ultimately falls on the manager, they will find what every way they can to find an excuse for their actions. Also, hope that you are in a position where you are considered "important" otherwise good luck trying to get your voice heard. * A typical day at work begins with the hope of completing the day by your scheduled shift but be prepared to stay an hour or two after you should have already left * No training and you guess as you go... ask a question and you'll get different responses when you go around to ask or someone just won't know... day to day confusion * Workplace culture is divided so find a friend or you won't have one.... high...more
Prospays decent
ConsHORRIBLE environment
Order Picker | Pleasant Prairie, WI | Jun 6, 2019
Great Co-workers, Disorganized, awful management
Look ANYWHERE else 1st. HR will hire ANYONE, sell you the stars. But here's the truth: You will work 14 hour days or more. You will never see your family. Sometimes 1pm start shift will not leave until 4 or 5pm because management cannot get it together. Hasn't changed after 5 yrs. Outdated processes, way beyond most warehouses. NEVER report getting hurt (and you will, because they do NOT care about safety) for 3 reasons. 1. They will find any reason to fire u if u do report it. 2.The supervisors will talk badly about your personal business w/other supervisors and your co worker's 3. It will not be your fault because equipment is outdated and every forklift is broken , dock area is a chaotic mess and too many selectors just rushing with NO regard to safety. I witnessed some horrible treatment of women in warehouse too. The pay is WAY too low, turnstile type hiring. So experienced fork drivers do not work here. Incentive rate is a joke. You must check your pay stub every week because they WILL short your hours and pay. This is the ONLY DC in the Meijer Company that is not Union. So protections ONLY go to the Company! Favoritism goes to certain few that will select at highest rates If u go to any upper management for an issue, nothing will change except u are labeled a trouble maker. Just do not trust HR with what they tell u in HR because if u buy what they sell u, TRUST ME you will have wasted your time. Urine DT only. Background check but will hire felons. Must do a ph...more
ProsCo-workers get along, 2 15 min paid breaks
ConsHours, must stay til work is done, expensive benefits, no true leadership
Unloader | Fairborn, OH | Feb 3, 2019
Hard work, decent hours, and managers who don’t communicate with eachother.
When I first started at Meijer’s, our recieving/truck unloading crew numbered in 5, and for a while my “part-time” position was actually part time, but around the second month of my tenure, we had lost two people in our crew (One quit because management wouldn’t work with his physical therapy schedule, the other was moved out of recieving) without anyone to replace them. Our “part-time” 20-30 hour weeks quickly turned into “full-time” weeks where we would always scrape by with 40 hours on our paystub. The trucks we would recieve would either be almost perfect or an absolute hellhole, with various factors like piece count, ramp height, and if the items were on skids or in the floor load (floor load is when every item is stacked on the floor instead of being wrapped on top of a skid) contributing to our long hours. The pay wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t amazing either. This job would be great if you need money, but it’s terrible for a young person without any bills or for a college student that needs time to go and do other things. Our days started at 9:00 AM and would usually stretch anywhere from 1 PM to 6:30 PM, there was little to no consistancy in the time it would take to unload the trucks and there was even less consistancy with the item counts and amount of trucks that we had to complete. Management would never know what was coming in until it showed up, which was terrible because we had days where two people were scheduled to complete 2 full trucks. Overall, the job is...more
ProsDecent pay, plenty of hours/overtime. Decent breaks.
ConsInconsistant work load, schedule, and hours.
Sales Associate | Jackson, MI | Oct 8, 2019
Job is simple enough, but high-end management is borderline abusive
The problem with working at Meijer isn't so much that there's much difficulty with the job. I personally had a pretty laid-back direct team lead, too. However, the demands from the top management at the store increasingly grew more intolerable as time went on. Not to mention, they constantly promote the idea that unless you're harassing a customer with greetings, then you're failing the company. No lie, the top person of our specific store said she would follow customers and greet them over and over until they were annoyed. Somehow this was supposed to be her bragging about how friendly she is. (She wasn't) On top of that, she bullied my managers about things that the workers did wrong, even though we often did exactly as we were told. She changed her mind constantly about how things should be run, and would have us run wild when "Corporate" was gonna visit (They never visited). Pretty much the entirety of your work day is going to be comprised of roughly 4 hours of work to do your actual stocking job, then the rest is doing some nonsense that is supposed to make management look like they're doing a good job. I was a part-time worker on paper, but they consistently would force (Not ask) me to stay 8+ hours to do things that didn't actually NEED to get done. At the very least, you can call in rather willy-nilly. In fact everybody on my shift would regularly take days off so we could de-stress ourselves, and nobody else would really be offended about it.
ProsThe job is easy, if we actually did what it says on paper we are supposed to do. The call-in system is very abusable, and you can get days off easily with help from the union.
ConsYour expectations are constantly changing, thus making for a frustrating and non-fulfilling work experience.

Questions And Answers about Meijer

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Meijer a better place to work?
Asked Mar 6, 2018
I would definitely be more picky about the hiring process. Although I like that Meijer is an equal opportunity workplace I feel like they hire too many people who can’t perform the basic requirements of the job which means more work falls to the other employees. Why hire someone in the produce department if they can’t lift more than 5 pounds? Every produce stock box weighs more than 5 pounds. So often that employee just walks around spot mopping all day.
Answered Apr 4, 2020
Reorganize the way employees are trained on working on the sales floor or their supposed department(s).
Answered Apr 2, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Meijer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
At the Meijer I shop at, there are not enough employees to help people in any department, which slows shopping down. I used to work there, so I know how it used to run, smoothly with the amount of employees they had then.
Answered Apr 21, 2019
Poor Everyone has a kliq Some people are rude to newbies and others expect you to do the job of others who slack off
Answered Apr 11, 2019
How much does cashiers make hourly
Asked Jun 10, 2016
$13.60 for bakery
Answered Sep 26, 2019
The store manager told me that they base it on what and how much experience you've had prior to working there.
Answered Sep 24, 2019
Does meijer drug test of any kind?
Asked Aug 27, 2016
No I wasnt drug tested
Answered Oct 27, 2019
I was hired as a truck unloader and operated a forklift. There was no pre-employment drug test for the store I worked at in IL, however if you are injured or badly damage product/equipment you have to take a urine test.
Answered Jul 19, 2019
If you were to leave Meijer, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 18, 2017
Issues due to being grossly understaffed. Then management expecting the 3rd shift to work overtime and not properly utilize the fresh batch of bodies that come in on first shift. They end up doing other tasks instead of picking up where 3rd shift leaves off. It’s more, typical short sighted Meijer thinking. Why are we sticking around until 10:00 in the morning when our out-time is 7:30? This isn’t a $13.90 an hour job. It should be so, so much more.
Answered Nov 22, 2019
The management claim to be open to your schedule yet threaten to fire you when you have to change your availability or they never review it no matter how much you persist. I’ve personally never seen so many people quit a job at once and it tells you to get out of there as well.
Answered Jun 5, 2019