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Overall Reviews at Michaels

Replenishment Associate | Selma, TX | Dec 10, 2019
An art store
Typical day's here were filled with tons of customers coming in trying to find they specific art supply they're looking for. It was usually busy most of the time and the store required heavy upkeep and detailing to look presentable to customers. The job to me was only seasonal and was filled with crazy hours and heavy expectations.
Customer Service Manager | Quakertown, PA | Jan 29, 2020
Horrible Place to work
The store I worked in was filled with jealous, back stabbing employees. Hostile atmosphere was very hard to work in. They discriminate against people with disabilities and upper management is a joke. They promise things and never follow up or come through. bring on Hobby Lobby!
Replenishment Manager | San Jose, CA | Dec 2, 2019
When we began work at 5 am things were good, but productivity decreased when we had to start at 3 am. I did not have an issue starting at that time, but most of my coworkers could not handle it. Being covered in glitter was not pleasant. I enjoyed the replenishment process and building the different sections (including displays)
Customer Service Manager | Stamford, CT | Oct 30, 2018
Good place to work if you only need part time
The customers are what make Michaels. The pay is low for the amount of work you do. Very hectic, especially during any given holiday. Interaction and helping with customer's projects is very rewarding.
ProsAssisting with customer's crafting projects very rewarding
ConsPoor pay for amount of work.
Cashier/Sales | Plano, TX | Apr 11, 2018
Fun place to work, but don't expect to get paid.
Working at Michael's was fun and all, but the business side of things was horrible. Your hours are good one week and then you don't get scheduled the next. They are flexible with your hours, but if you aren't available all the time you won't be scheduled. The manager I worked under was an idiot and was oblivious to his worker's needs. You are forced to work holidays, and if you cannot you have to have someone cover you, yet everyone is scheduled. You are forbidden to have drinks with you on the clock. This is difficult for cashiers especially because they cannot leave the registers whenever. Even though floor associates are walking non stop for hours, drinking water if viewed negatively. BUT, the managers can sit in the office and eat and drink at their pleasure when they feel. There are no full time positions or really any advancing in the company. You stay where you start. It is great high school job if you are looking for a little cash, but as soon as you can run, sprint.
ProsCo-workers are fun
ConsPay, hours, expectations from management, workload, no drinks, barely any breaks, no benefits, no advancement in the company.... list goes on
Retail Sales Associate | Plano, TX | Aug 28, 2019
It’s okay to work at! Don’t get much for how much you put in
over all it’s just okay l! the people are good. Promises are not fulfilled.. hours are okay, but not if your trying to pay rent.. it’s a good teen job
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Hawthorne, CA | Feb 8, 2019
Fun Place to work.
I loved working at Michaels. Everyone there treats everyone with respect. The managers are very understanding and work with your schedule. Communication was always good.
ProsEmployee Discount
ConsNot enough hours
Customer Service Manager | Machesney Park, IL | Oct 22, 2018
Make Creativity Happen
The most enjoyable part of the job is helping customers make their ideas a reality. As a Michaels employee you encounter a lot of customers with a lot of very unique ideas. The ideas you have from one customer could help a different customer in the future. I loved this job for that reason. You could make a person's day better by being helpful to them. Those customers turn into repeat customers who will always ask for you personally when they need help. When they ask for you specifically it's such a great validation that you did your job above and beyond. On the flip side the customers could also be the least enjoyable part of your job. Some people will have bad days and when they come into the store and the trip didn't go as planned (their final straw that made them not able to hold in their frustration anymore) they will sometimes take out their anger on the cashiers and sales associates. They will get extremely frustrated with coupons, deals and items not in stock. You just have to stay positive as best as you can, try to solve the problem and make sure they leave satisfied.
ProsGreat Atmosphere
ConsNot enough hours
Office Specialist | Augusta, ME | Apr 24, 2018
Great advancement opportunities.
I was cross trained at this company to do multiple jobs. It was fast paced and team oriented work place. I started as a certified custom framer and did receiving and register duties as well as all office duties. Answering multiple phone lines and customer resolutions. This was a key holding position with alot of responsibilities. I most enjoyed working with the public and learning new things daily.
ProsTeam oriented, fast paced, dependable work.
ConsLittle benefits as far as healthcare.
Support Specialist | Fayetteville, NC | Nov 4, 2019
Good First Job
Learned cash handling and cashiering. Coworkers always tend to have a great sense of humor. Needs work with consistent training, one person may work there a year and not be taught something basic. Compensation is great for a first job, but you could never live off of it. Wouldn't want to get into management there since they get a lot of grief from corporate and impossible demands. A good place to use for experience to get a better job.
Pros30% discount, fun coworkers, employee's kids get free craft classes.
ConsLow Pay, Bad AC system, inconsistant training, high customer theft.

Questions And Answers about Michaels

How did you get your first interview at Michaels?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I applied online and about a week later after not receiving a call, I went into the store to ask if I could talk to a manager to follow up on my application. A manager came out to meet me in the store and asked if I'd be willing to do an interview on the spot. We went into the classroom where I answered a few easy questions and I was hired.
Answered Nov 21, 2019
I filled out and application online Sunday, I had gotten a call on Monday to set up an interview for Tuesday. I went to my interview got a call the next day, and I was hired, and started Sunday.
Answered Nov 4, 2019
How are the working hours at Michaels?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Shifts are typically 4 hours. They're always cutting back on hours so you could end up working only 4-8 hours a week.
Answered Jul 25, 2019
Unless your a framer or a manager your work shifts are 4 hours typically and hours vary by the week so don’t expect if you work 24 hours one week you will work the same amount the next week because you will not,
Answered Jul 10, 2019
Why did you leave your job at Michaels?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Very poor management. Very little training, huge expectations and very little support when encountering a problem.
Answered Mar 21, 2020
A big reason as to why I'm leaving is because of managers flaunting their favoritism. You can be an employee that calls out regularly, barely has any schedule availability, and doesn't know anything about art supplies, and be promoted as a framer--awhile the employee working on their masters degree in art is declined the opportunity to become a framer. Blatant favoritism in the workplace is truly disgusting.
Answered Feb 12, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Michaels?
Asked Sep 6, 2016
Seek better employer
Answered May 2, 2019
Look for better employer
Answered May 2, 2019
What benefits does Michaels offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Yes so many opportunities for the job seeker and benefits for the worker .
Answered Feb 19, 2019
Yes it’s a good company .
Answered Feb 19, 2019